Are you in Nigeria? Fancy winning a BlackBerry Q10?

By James Richardson on 26 May 2013 12:49 pm EDT

We all know that Africa is a huge market for BlackBerry and in June the Q10 goes on sale in Nigeria. To celebrate the launch, BlackBerry have teamed up with Eku Edewor - a well know TV celebrity and true BlackBerry fan and they will be holding a speed typing challenge on May 31st at the Silverbird Galleria in Lagos. The finalists will compete in a typing race against Eku and will be in the running to win a BlackBerry Q10 smartphone and accessories. The word on the street is that she can type super fast without even looking at the keyboard!

The competition is running on the Bella Naija website from May 25th to May 30th, and via some radio stations (Rhythm 93.7 FM, Unilag Morning Drive, Beat 99.9 FM) and Twitter during next week.

Who's excited in Nigeria to get the BlackBerry Q10? Sound off in the comments.

If you are in Nigeria click here to enter the competition

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That girl is cute

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lol the nail polish job on the thumb is kinda messed up at the edge :P

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Who cares bout that lol

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Plazmic Flame

She reminds of that model girl, she's a judge on Next Top Model all the time... very famous... her name escapes me at the moment...


All you'll need to do to get the phone is to wire a large sum of money to a middleman so that they can pay the legal fees on your behalf.


+1 ... You beat me too it!


This had me dieing.

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Oh how do I like a comment from the app!:(

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Wow! A comedian with an original joke! Don't give up your day job, that is if you have one!


Awesome! Is there such a thing as a legitimate contest in Nigeria?

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F**king idiot. There's no call for these 'scam' jokes here. This is a very decent market for Blackberry, show some respect and stop being an idiot.


Geez, relax.

I heard the Q10 will cost $419, that's a pretty good price.


Someone's mad I beat them to it :)


Someone is off their meds.

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Danny Ocean

Actually, internet scams of the type he is jokingly referencing outpace Nigeria's GDP for economic revenue. So his joke is pretty spot on. Additionally, whether or not it's a decent market for Blackberry has no impact on the effectiveness of his joke. This isn't a Blackberry corporate site and he (presumably) isn't a Blackberry employee representing them as such. I think you should probably lighten up "texazzpete". Maybe find a sense of humor instead of looking for reasons to take offense to light hearted jokes based on fact that I'm going to go ahead and assume don't hit anywhere near close to home for you.


Lol. E no reach like that


Hello, I'm Nigerian and I approve this absolutely hilarious comment :-)

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Signing in from Lagos Nigeria I'm excited to have just picked one up today, sweet!! I had the Z10 for 4 days and my wife took it and so I went for the Q10, now this is the real BlackBerry, awesome!!


Z10 will always be better. YOUR LOSS!

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Uummm actually MY GAIN! Had the Z10 for 4 days, better for you maybe, not for me!

Michael Johnson8

What is the difference between. The Q10 and the X10?


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you mean z10, well the z10 is a full touch screen device while q10 is like an old blackberry with the keyboard

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I'm glad they didn't show all the pollution.


I am a Nigerian Prince. If you wish to pick me as the winner, please email me your bank information so I know this is not a scam. Please also include your mailing address and mother's maiden name.

R Field

Lol. Good to see the Nigerians getting a chance to win a q10 as well. I know BlackBerry has a big market there.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


lol this guy just wants your bank account. dont do it

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Simply sweet and effective promo. A similar promo commercial might do wonders in the USA market.

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Tariq Nasir

Haha ayekon

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Winston Loh

Great idea for a promo

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Nice :-)

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With my Z10, I'm sure to beat her outright. Q10 isn't a bad idea to have as well. Kelvin has both. I should too.

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Mohammed Shamma

Lucky me I'm going naija soon. Naija ade come ooo

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Finally some love for Nigerians. Wish i could get to Nigeria before d competition takes off.
(Proud Nigerian - White roger z10 owner)


Im not nigerian but still want to comment

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Plazmic Flame

Congratulations, you did it.

Brian Persaud

I'm not from Nigeria but I would love a free Q10

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jojo beaconsfield

Put her in the Guiness world record book,Hey,there you go !!!Another great promotion!! Just thinking ,could this also be an Olympic event,one day?


Silverbird is goin be packed

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this is great news. am in Lagos and am excited already! wish i could lay my paws on the Q10. :D


A little off topic but any Nigerians fans of Black Coffee, Black Motion, Zaleski Batwini, and Buci?!

I just love Afro House Music.

On topic, Good to see the contest goto Nigeria, on of the largest BlackBerry nations by users.

Hopefully no more spam jokes, they hit our emails in N. America far too often for anyone to see here.


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Na lie oh don't believe them true nigerian


If I were in Nigeria.... nevermind

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Yippy, if only I didn't have a z10

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Go ahead, go Nigeria, show the world your class

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Naija 4 life.

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Ojiako Kenechukwu

Am from Nigeria and I can't seem to find where I can comment on the post:( Sad

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It isn't possible to comment on the post on is that a way of limiting entries?

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we need one competition like this in Ghana too....there is a big blackberry family here too


BlackBerry should spread its market to other states in Nigeria. I was reading an article that says BlackBerry is focusing its smartphones only on Lagos State. Not so sure of that story. According to the story, State like Cross River, Port Harcourt and Ikwa Ebom States are few. Ikwa Ebom School of Technology is already inviting other Telecommunication Companies to invest in their educational institutions. These are eastern states as I read. Is good to know BlackBerry is doing well in Africa as a whole. Thanks James, is always good to know how BlackBerry is doing in other part of the world.


Wat an opportunity, blackberry for Life..!!!=


When I first read the title of this post I thought it was a joke - I should know better.

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Contest took place on Lagos already. 5 winners were picked of 36 contestants - I am one if the 5 and i'm getting my phone next Wednesday. P.s- I was. Faster than Eku Edewor

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Lanre Folarin

Oh yeah? Nice.

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Congratulations to you and congrats to Nigeria winning today in confederation cup in Brazil 6-1!! Well done

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