Updated: Win a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone and more in the first ever CrackBerry GooseChase! It's a BlackBerry Photo Adventure!!

Win a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone and More in the first ever CrackBerry GooseChase!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Aug 2011 12:32 pm EDT

* August 15th Update: OK folks, our first CrackBery GooseChase is done and what an event it was. Stay tuned to CrackBerry as we post the winners and best photos! *

* August 9th Update: OK GooseChasers, Day 1 is off to a pretty awesome start and we have a lot of users competing fairly for their chance to win in the CrackBerry GooseChase.  We've got a couple updates here from the GooseChase team, so just wanted to get theme out for everybody to read:

  •  For anybody who was experiencing an uncaught exception has been fixed and all users should download the latest build at crackberry.goosecha.se.
  • A reminder that all scores on the leaderboard are subject to review. People who cheat will NOT win this event, regardless of how it looks on the leaderboard at any given time.
  • Taking pictures of a computer screen is NOT allowed unless the mission explicitly calls for it (e.g. take a photo of their YouTube video, Poem Comment, etc.). Anyone found submitting an invalid photo (e.g. a picture of Jim Balsillie from the internet for J Baller!) will have their entire account deleted along with all of their photos. And we will actually do it.
  • Note that all photos must be taken from within the GooseChase app on your BlackBerry Smartphone. For photos that require you to take a photo of your BlackBerry then, you can either: get creative with a mirror, put a friend's BlackBerry into the photo (PlayBooks count as BBs), or in an absolute worst-case scenario you could make up a cardboard representation of your BB (make it pretty!) that we'll allow to pass for your BlackBerry.

See original contest post and details below.  Good luck!!

Original Post

OK CrackBerry Nation, Here it is... your first chance to win a free BlackBerry 7 Smartphone from CrackBerry.com. And instead of leaving this one up to luck, we're going to give you all the opportunity to earn your new BlackBerry by competing in the first ever CrackBerry GooseChase! Powered by our friends at GooseChase Adventures, it's a BlackBerry photo scavenger hunt. Once you install the GooseChase app on your BlackBerry Smartphone, you use the app to submit photos of completed Missions. Each completed mission will earn you points on the Leaderboard, and we've got awesome prizes for the top spots and best photos submitted! Note that some Missions are more difficult than others, so the points awarded per completed mission will vary. Within the app you can track your missions and Leaderboard status, and even see what photos other CrackBerry GooseChase competitors are submitting. This is going to be a super fun week on the blogs!

Head to crackberry.goosecha.se on your BlackBerry's web browser right now to download the CrackBerry GooseChase app, and while that's installing keep reading for more info on the contest (prizes, rules, etc.). And if you have any questions, leave them in the comments to this post and we'll answer them there. We've also setup an ffficial CrackBerry GooseChase thread in the forums so you can talk with your fellow opponents there.

CrackBerry GooseChase Official Contest Details

End Time/Date: The GooseChase starts now and ends at midnight ET this Sunday, August 14th.

Prizes: We've got a bunch of prizes to give away here, both for those who top the Leaderboard as well as bonus prizes for those who turn in some simply pure-awesome photos throughout the contest.

  • 1st Prize for #1 on the Leaderboard: Your choice of new BlackBerry 7 Smartphone & $150 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com.
  • 2nd Prize for #2 on the Leaderboard: $100 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com.
  • Prizes for #3,4,5 on the Leaderboard: $50 in accessories from ShopCrackBerry.com.
  • Best Photo Prizes: We're also going to give away a bunch of prizes for top photos that catch our eye on various missions. Think funniest photo, most effort photo, 1000th photo submitted, etc. So even if you're not leading the Leaderboard, you'll want to join in on the fun.
Elgibility: Open to everyone, everywhere*. You'll just need to have a BlackBerry Smartphone in order to download the app and participate. And make sure you have enough data, etc. for submitting photos (It goes without saying, but CrackBerry will not be held responsible for any data charges incurred!).

* Heck, since there's no luck involved here, this GooseChase will even be open to CrackBerry writers and forum moderators. However, if any of them manage to win a prize, we'll give away another prize so nobody misses out (so if Adam Zeis managed to top the Leaderboard, he'd win a phone but so would the next person in line).

Rules You Need to Know As You Start Completing Missions:

  • Each mission should be taken literally. E.g. "Take a picture with a zebra" means go to the zoo and take a picture with a zebra, not just print a picture of a zebra and take a picture with that. No shortcuts.
  • Points are awarded with the submission of a photo, but may be taken away upon review. If a photo is deemed insufficient and the points are removed, the participant will not be notified.
  • Leaderboard scores are unofficial and are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • If it is determined that a user is attempting to cheat, the user will be removed from the competition without notice.
  • All YouTube based tasks must mention the contest and the participant's username in the video description. Videos without these details will be considered incomplete.

Support: If you have questions, please leave them in the comments to this blog post and watch there for a response (if one person has a question, we're sure others will have the same ones too so we'll keep the support nice and public. Both CrackBerry and GooseCha.se will be monitoring.

Torch Owners please note this bug: Within the app, photos taking on the Torch are rotated by 90 degrees when taken in portrait mode. This is a phone specific problem that needs a fix from RIM to be able to handle both landscape and portrait photos properly (so don't worry about it... and RIM, fix it!).

HUGE Thanks to GooseChase Adventures: Huge thanks go out to GooseChase Adventures for partnering with us to run this contest. I met these guys during my recent trip to Waterloo and can't say enough good things about them. GooseChase makes team building fun again with real-time mobile scavenger hunts. Participants compete using their iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones, snapping photos to collect as many points as possible in the time allowed. It's perfect for rewarding, integrating or icebreaking a group of people. Head to GooseCha.se to learn more and get in touch with them. If you're looking to do some FUN team building, I highly recommend GooseChase Adventures. Be sure to tell them you learned about them on CrackBerry!

What are you waiting for?! Download the App and Get Started...

The CrackBerry GooseChase has Begun!!

Reader comments

Updated: Win a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone and more in the first ever CrackBerry GooseChase! It's a BlackBerry Photo Adventure!!


I don't think the people at GooseChase have thought this through. How can you take a photo with a BlackBerry with the Blackberry in the photo? Only possible if you have another one or working with someone else. Stupid.

Hey don't worry! A couple of solutions, outside of the obviously awesome choice of getting a friend in on the fun:

1) Create a realistic cardboard cutout of a BlackBerry and use that in your photos (note: one cutout per photo allowed, some missions actually require multiple blackberries)
2) Make creative use of a mirror

Feel free to give me a call at +1-519-590-8218 and we'll talk out a solution.

- Max @ GooseChase

You are so right! So stupid to come up with a fun game to give away a new device. You shouldn't play. That will show em...lol.

looks like fun sadly my bb doesnt have data - waiting for new bbs before getting data... why no pb app!

You don't have to use your CB usernames, but if you want to use them when you register that might make the most sense so people can follow along (if you have friends here on the forums, etc.)

You don't need to be a registered member of CrackBerry.com to participate.  

I'll setup a thread in the forums too so people can tell other people who they are, etc.

looks like im gonna have to borrow a camera to take some of those pictures with my blackberry in them especially the plugged in part - cuz i'll find anything at the hospital to hook up to lol

Provide specific details (device, carrier, OS version,etc.) so the devs can investigate. Our moderator/editorial teams did a bunch of beta testing for this so things should be pretty good, but there's always the potential that there's some specific device issues that need to be addressed. But need details.

Hi, I'm Max from GooseChase and I'll help answer some of your questions over this week.

The answer is no - you must take the photo from within the Crackberry GooseChase app to complete missions. That way we know you've done the challenges during the week!

How do I take a picture of my blacberry in any of the missions with my blackberry? Seems only possible if you have access to more than one device, (which I do not) so most of the missions are impossible for someone like myself to complete.

Hey don't worry! A couple of solutions:

1) Create a realistic cardboard cutout of a BlackBerry and use that in your photos (note: one cutout per photo allowed, some missions actually require multiple blackberries)
2) Make creative use of a mirror

Feel free to give me a call at +1-519-590-8218 and we'll talk out a solution.

- Max @ GooseChase

The Holy Grail of Missions...

So here's the two missions I really want to see somebody complete.

Mission: J Baller 25,000 points
Get a photo of you and RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie holding up his BlackBerry Smartphone or PlayBook with CrackBerry.com on the screen.

Mission: Pull a Lazzy 25,000 points
Get a photo of you and RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis holding up his BlackBerry Smarpthone or PlayBook with CrackBerry.com on the screen.

And note... we didn't have room to put this in the mission description, but I really want to see their other hand giving the thumbs up! Good luck on this one folks...

The person who is first on the leaderboard had almost 60,000 points, so I think you are going to get your wish Kevin !!!

So we need to use the bb app to load the pictues for the mission, and it needs to be taken when in the mission's "page"? How do we go about putting up pictures of our phones if the pictures need to be taken with our phone?

Maybe I'm missing something...

Right. There's a few missions that require your phone in the picture.  In that case there's a couple creative options:

a) make handy use of a mirror

b) get the help of a friend on these tasks. put their BB into the photo and snap the photo on your blackberry.

The goal of the Missions was to make some easy and some more complex... so gotta find your way.  Good luck!

The mirror trick would work. But I haven't found a way to upload a picture already taken into the app. Seems as if I have to go into the app snap evidence and use that picture. So the email way is out. I also found out I can only use the app on wifi. I'm in australia for a while on a bb pre paid sim card that doesn't allow certain things. Seems this app is on that list : ( so no luck for this competition unless there is a way to load up previously taken pictures.

Sorry. My Bad. You DO have to snap the photo from within the GooseChase app (no uploading from media card).

The work around here is to find a friend to help you on these tasks... use their Blackberry in the photo and take the photo on your blackberry that has the app on it.

But Goose Chase Max says you must take the photo from within the app. I don't see a place in the app that allows you to upload a photo any other way. This is gonna be pretty difficult for some of the missions!

See my comment above. You do have to use the app... in cases where you need a photo of your phone, work with a buddy... put their phone in the pictuer and take the photo on your BB.

where there's a will there's a way!

Hey Kat,

GooseChase Andrew here.

Max is right, we've made it so all photos need to be taken from within the app. If we allow photos to be uploaded from the memory card, people could download pics off the internet and use them instead of actually completing the missions.

It will be a bit more difficult, but I bet you'll find a way! We suggest teaming up with a BlackBerry-toting friend.

After all, this is BlackBerry 7 phone we are talking about here! It has to be a challenge!


Happy to help you out - can you provide specific details of the issue? Model/carrier/ect.

One item to note - try to avoid using the side camera button to take photos if possible, maybe this will solve your problem.

it says

uncaught exception: application goosechase(300) is not responding; process terminated

the BlackBerry Torch on Telus.

I managed to send the 1st one but now I'm stuck on this same issue.

Damn I can't keep "The CrackBerry" scenario I have for long! People might get the wrong idea lol.

EDIT: Battery pull worked where uninstall/reinstall failed. Go figure. Back in the game. I know I won't win. Living in Brasil excludes me from any PlayBook, CEO, CBK ones. :p

for missions that say take a picture of a blackberry at so and so place. Can the picture be of a playbook since that is still a blackberry.

It's too bad this is only open to current BB users. No love for people who may have strayed away but looking to get back to BB? Great contest but not worth reactivating my Storm for it - probably wouldn't be able to run the app anyway!

Hey QBert. We wanted to do our first GooseChase just on CrackBerry.  But they do now have apps for iPhone and Android, so look for us to do a cross-site Goose Chase this fall between AndroidCentral, TiPb and CrackBerry.  We just wanted to start with BBs on CB. I'm sure we'll learn a lot from this GooseChase that we'll leverage into our next one!

Thanks Kevin! Looking forward to a chance at winning a new Bold. Although "this fall" sounds a little too much like a carrier release date for the new BBs :P. But I understand that a cross-site contest could take some time and work.

It says not compatible for my Verizon Curve 3G. Come on we Curve owners REALLY need in on this! Thank god I have a Playbook...

Please let us know when this is fixed. While the rest of the devices are busy racking up points we are still sitting by waiting...I'd like to get in also but can't

Won't let me take the picture. When I select "snap evidence" it takes me to the camera and then asked me to allow, I allowed and it's on the camera function but it won't snap any pictures. It wont do anything at all actually, it won't even let me exit the camera.
Bold 9700 AT&T

Yeah but they're cheating. Just posting the same pic over and over. I'm sure the scoreboard will be fixed eventually.

yep, don't worry. I'm sure we'll have a few IDIOTS cheat and submit whatever... bound to happen.  Every photo is getting human audited so don't worry, they will get tossed out for cheating.  Cheaters never prosper.

Yep no worries about this - photos are subject to a review process that will happen periodically over the week.

So go ahead and snap AWESOME photos with the confidence the the cheaters out there will be addressed in due time.

- Max @ GooseChase

He joined the familya at Mikes invitation
New CEO, big celebration
Helped bring our berries to the masses
But Wallstreet on him still bashes
He's as enthusiastic as are we
He made mistakes, we all see
But love him less we shall not
For we know Berries will be back on top
He doneted money for charity and all that
So give him a chance, go easy on the blame bat
Just drop the argument on Jim Balsillie
'Cause really Wallstreet, it makes you look silly

lol, this was fun writing

For the love of me, the app crashes everytime I try to take a picture of this!

EDIT: Wow... Over 20 tries before I could ged this one in...

diegonei, my apologies for these issues. We are working on it as fast as we can!

If you don't mind helping us with the debugging, drop me a line at andrew@goosecha.se and I'll help you send in an error report from the phone. Once we get this we can get it fixed asap.

So how do i upload an emailed pic to the app? I'm having trouble with this - and no mirrors in the office.

It seems like I can't go to the website. I went to the browser and typed in:

but it stays on requesting..

I think you have to take the photographs while in the application; click on the mission you wish to fulfil and it says "Snap Evidence"

I have a unlimited data plan and yet I'm still getting network failure when I try to register.
Any word on what wrong. I doubt it as anything to do with my network tho


This contest works best with having another BlackBerry so you can take a picture and send it off immediately! looks like it will be fun! Good luck everyone.

I wandered,
lost in the data void.
"Who!", I cried,"Can light my way?"
In the cold dark lonely void,
a light.
A voice!
A Man?
The Creator, Jim Balsillie spoke,
"With this BlackBerry I bestow unto you,
the World."

I hope it is not "the first chance". I'm patiently waiting for the Sprint 9930 I won about a month ago. I would be the first and maybe the second if I win this too. :)

If i already have Kevin's autograph on something, can i take a pic of that? ... or do i have to take a picture of him actually signing?

Kevin, I just want to be 100% sure. In another response to a comment GooseChaseAndrew says we CAN use the playbook to count as the blackberry in the pictures that require a blackberry to be in them. Can you confirm this is allowed?

Wow, this is CRAZY! I love it !! I am going to try my hardest, I want that 9900 so BAD! I think I am going to try the Blackberry site on the screens at the apple store today, my boss has to go to the apple store and I am suppose to go with him.... (Evil Laugh) Well good luck everyone. I cant wait to see your progress! Let the games begin! Thanks CB for another GREAT contest!

To clarify - you cannot use the Playbook to compete (ie: view missions, take photos), but you can feel free to include a Playbook in your photos!

Hope this makes sense.

Kevin! Can I bribe you to let me take a picture of you autographing something for me? :) I make a mean Rib-eye steak! (raised the meat myself!)


That's really weird that it's not showing up in the app.

Just to confirm, you downloaded the CrackBerry App from crackberry.goosecha.se instead of our standard BlackBerry app from blackberry.goosecha.se?

We've had a couple people download the wrong version of our app this way.

If this still doesn't work, please drop me a line at andrew@goosecha.se and I'll do my best to help you out!


Jim Balsillie, RIM spokesman extraordinaire,
Hell no's to a Google affair.
For the Rimpire strikes back fast?
A year from now; QNX at last....

Born in Ontario, a Canadian hero
Hugely philantrhropic, donates tons of deniro
Some say he's down, and they talk tons of smack
But keep your eyes open, for the rimpire strikes back!

i downloaded andeverything works great. I already posted a pic worth 400 points, but jeffrey1027 really got a big lead did he get a pre advanced link before it went public, lol...... This app is fun one of the better photoscavenger hunt apps on the market. Look foward to the future and oh yeah we need BBM 6 intergration......

This is really awesome! Even though I probably wont complete as many missions as some people on here, this contest really makes us feel more like a community. I love that we can see other people's pictures.

This was/is a GREAT idea! Kudos!!

Good luck everyone!!

Thanks for the praise! But don't count yourself out just yet - you've got all week to take climb up that leaderboard.

Best of luck!

Lines of white powder??? I thought crack rocks were smoked using a pipe! ;)
Is this BlowBerry now? :D

Can't upload any photos. I guess any photos we have already taken and have not been able to upload will not be eligible for submission?

"Uncaught Exception Application
Goosechase (614) is not responding; process terminated.

Running a 9780 on OS6


You are not the only one with this issue and we are working to get this fixed as soon as we can.

To help us troubleshoot, please drop me a line at andrew@goosecha.se. I'll give you some instructions on how to send us the error log from your phone so we can get it fixed!

Thanks for your help and we really appreciate everyone's patience while we get it fixed!


Balsillie and Lazaridis have created a phone,
That makes all others look like a drone,
Of a company that is lame.
It puts them to shame.
But BlackBerry is above,
and when push comes to shove,
OS 7 will come out on top!

An innovator, and creative, you've always stood strong,
Never accepting the norm where Blackberries shouldn't belong.

Email on a device was unheard of as mobile communication,
But then you made it happen and captivated a nation.

With every step, you knew how to improve yet be diverse,
As we now laugh at the iPhone and bound to it's IOS Curse.

A tip of my hat and and a thank you Mr Balsillie,
Now let us sit back, and watch the masses switch to Blackberry.



Today launched the CB GooseChase
It's going to be quite the race
To all the other contestants I apologize
If one thing is certain, it's their demise
Because JB intends to claim first prize

Oh awesome, after everything running great for a while with the app now I'm getting Uncaught exception error: not responding (265) process terminated. BAH! Did a battery pull and still nada.
I'm on a Torch. LAME

Zipper & Jeffrey,

We are aware of the uncaught exception issue and are working as hard as we can to fix it.

Please be patient! We'll get it working as soon as we can!


Jim Balsillie
Charismatic, funny, and cool!!! Oh really!
Undisputed King of BlackBerry!
Rocking with the Bold 9900 while eating cherries!

I used the direct link from the Forum Thread before I even read this. I apologize. But WOOHOO! 7th Place!

Tears of imagination fall
From JB's eyes.
Clouds of creative gases spew
From JB's derriere.
QNX runs
From JB's brain.
Canadian flags form
From JB's red and white blood cells.

I let my little brother help me on this one (he provided the body parts :p)

Win or not, I think this contest is an amazing idea-Props to Kevin & the Crackberry tem.

This is the kind of stuff that the marketing team at RIM should be doing to get/keep people excited about being a part of the blackberry community. Again, great idea, guys!

And to Goose Chase, ofc!

You're right, RIM should be doing this. Location based (USA, Canada, Brasil, Argentina, Venezuela, UK, Phillipines...) Goose chases, just like the CB one.

If this is not good, fun marketing, I have no idea what is.

Thanks guys! The praise is much appreciated. We're pretty pumped with the potential our Adventures have shown to bring communities together, all over the world.

Really hope that we're making a positive impact on the CrackBerry community! Happy snapping.

Hi All,

Great News! We've got what seems to be a fix for all the uncaught exception issues!

To implement the fix, please download the latest build of the app. It can be found at crackberry.goosecha.se.

Again, thanks for everyone's patience as we worked on this. If anything else pops up or something doesn't work, please let me know and I'll get on it asap (andrew@goosecha.se).

Andrew Cross

GooseChase Adventures

I turned on my 8320 for the first time in months just to download this app and participate. That was a waste. I can't even open the camera within the app. It fails every time I try to.

Can you please drop me a line at andrew@goosecha.se with your device and carrier?

I'll try and help you get this figured out as a network error means the app isn't connecting to the internet properly. In a lot of cases like this, if you retry it a few times it will go through. Seems kind of odd, but that's what we've found.

Quick Announcement!

Since not everyone has access to multiple BlackBerry's, I've talked with CrackBerry Kevin and we've decided to make a quick adjustment to the rules so everyone can participate.

For missions where you have to take a picture of YOUR BlackBerry doing something (charging, at the mall, etc.), you are now allowed to create a cardboard cutout of your BlackBerry and use that as your BlackBerry. All BlackBerry cutouts must be made to look as similar to your actual phone as possible.

Note: This does not mean you can just stack up 5 pieces of cardboard for "Stack Up". The cardboard cutout is valid for ONE phone only.

Andrew Cross

GooseChase Adventures

Just want to say - my elderly father and I are having an abosolute BLAST doing this GooseChase! Not to mention.... seeing those gorgeous Marines at the recruiting center this afternoon! :)

Oh.... for the "Poem Comment" mission.....

The iphone is for those with a tiny willie.
Blackberry is for those with a big brain.
As proven by Jim Balsillie.

(Not a poet one in THIS house!)

Ok so let me get this right... U have to take the photo IN the app to upload it? I just got the mission brown (actuallly had to run and cchase him down) and got the pic BUT wasn't in the app. So now I have to chase down another ups guy? Wth!! :(

Oh no! Unfortunately, you are right - you MUST take the photo from in the app. It's the way we protect against people just loading photos from the internet or using previously taken picture.

It's not all gray clouds though. GooseChase believes in you. We know that there'll be another UPS guy who's slightly slower than you, and when he comes, boy will you chase him down. Good luck!

Just want to apoligize for my outburst. Just slightly frustrated and tuckered out. Those ups guys are quick! Also, sn is tishnicden on the app :)

Hey guys!
To whoevers judging the pictures for the contest for legit-ness i just completed the Berry O'Government contest but i forgot to tag the picture. The MP for Burlington Ontario, Mike Wallace is on the right. Thanks!

Just out of curiosity, how many people have signed up so far? Leaderboard only shows top 20 plus yourself... (and sorry if this was already announced somewhere and I just missed it)

Some of my photos are mixed up. My pic for "Stack up" is missing, in its place is the pic for "2B or not 2B". The mission "2B or not 2B has the pic for "Steve Jobbin' ". Also not getting the points for the "Steve Jobbin' " mission, its not letting me retake the photo. Is there any way to fix the weird photo mix up?

I have you with the pics mixed up but all completed.

Since the total sum is the same, just leave it as is and I'll make a note for during the review phase so they all get counted.

Keep up the good work!


since we are now allowed to make one blackberry out of cardboard are we also allowed to make 1 iphone out of cardboard? im talking about the tic tac to, i have 3 bb's and 1 iphone

Unfortunately we're going to go with no on this one, sorry. The only cardboard phone can be 1 BlackBerry.

However, I present a solution - hit up an electronics store and use one of the display iPhones in your photo. Good luck!

I feel like a legit competitor, i was 9 but then i had to take a break, now Im 16 hopefully can tear up that leaderboard tomorrow. Wondering if you guys are planning on doing another one of these in the future, they are great fun!

Months of blackberry darkness have gone by
Many wonder why Jim Balsillie is so shy
Today the sun finally shows us the Blackberry Seven
Once held, you feel like you're in heaven.

(This poem shows why I am not a writer hahah)

BlackBerry CrackBerry HackBerry WhackBerry
FossilBerry, that 71 hundred
Whose got the NewBerry? That 99 hundred
Jim Balsillie flow, rising to the top
Looking to take over Steve Jobs' spot

(I've been listening to Watch the Throne too much lately ha)

Can someone reset/delete the mission photo "plese sign here" I messed up, not done with it yet. Sign in name is magickal for goosechase.

And the app is closed down since time is up!

Great work everyone. We'll be reviewing the pictures as quickly as we can so we can announce a winner!

Overall, some awesome creativity by everyone involved. I was very impressed.

Much love from GooseChase!