Win a free BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!!

Mrs. Clause wants to give you something extra sweet this year...
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Dec 2012 07:21 am EST

Mrs. Claus says login to CrackBerry and leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a BlackBerry 10 phone!

* Update: Last Day to Enter! New Year's Eve is upon us which means it's your last chance to enter to win a BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest! The contest closes tonight at Midnight PST. Good luck! *

December is here which means it's time for yet another amazing CrackBerry Santa contest. Last year we also gave away an IOU for a BB10 phone, thinking they would become available in 2012. Mrs. Claus isn't too happy that the winner from last year's CB Santa contest is still waiting for their prize, but at least this year we know the winner will get their phone soon into the new year, with the BlackBerry 10 launch event happening on January 30th, 2013.

The Prize: The winner of this contest will receive their choice of BlackBerry 10 phone - either the L-Series full touchscreen version which will come to market first, or the N-Series qwerty version that will hit the market second. And of course, we're CrackBerry... so we'll come up with a bunch of great stocking stuffer prizes for a few other lucky winners.

How to Enter: Just login to and leave a comment to this post. If you're not yet a member, just hit the Register link at the top right corner of the site. And remember, you can now easily login by connecting with your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft accounts. Please leave just ONE comment (if you leave more, only your first comment will be counted as an entry).

That's it. Good luck! And on behalf of the team at, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

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Win a free BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!!



I'll keep it short and sweet.. here's the deal.. you will choose me because most of the time, we Quebecers are scorned and excluded in contests.. because we live in quebec!! Show me some love, choose me/moi?! I am a huge BB fan.. and me wanna BB10 #BELIEVE !!!

Please let me be lucky with a BB Z10!! HUGE BlackBerry fan.... just like everyone else here. =D

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Please Mr or Mrs Santa can I have a new shiny blackberry 10 touchscreen please pick me it will make an old man very happy

Hey Kevin, I'd like to think I've worked for BlackBerry, though unofficially, for quite a while cz I'm always defending the BB cause even when no-one else in Kenya really believes. atleast with this baby iI can show them BlackBerry is still the force to deal with. I've got the 1st Dev Alpha and it feels like magic after @blackberryluca upgraded it for me 3 months ago. now i just the real BB10 hardware to make it jump thru hoops. please pick me. thanks Ken and the Crackberry Team. you guys rock stones.

I never though I'd want a Blackberry but RIM has really stepped up their game.

Hoping this can replace my Nokia N9 :)

This might be one of the longest comment section in a while. To bad its all in vain nobody is winning but me

Thank you for all that have entered..but the phone is MINE!
I'm stuck in a contract for another 1+ year with my BOLD you see I NEED the new phone!
Though I'll be upgrading my Playbook(s) as soon as BB10 is available for it as well!

I wish a happy new year and a strong come back to the great success of Blackberry and RIM !

Polytan... BB9800 and Playbooks !

You know how to contact me, if needed ;)

Is this where I have to leave a comment? If so, count me in :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (in advance) to all!

What are the odds that commenting on this page will land me a new BB10? I guess if you don't enter, you won't win. So, here we GO!

I love these contests! I would love them even more if i won! I love the BB Z10! Please pick me! I will be forever greatful!


blackberry 10 features looks cool. if i have a blackberry 10 phone, it would be awesome. happy new year to the crackberry team btw

I want in on this... even though I won't win haha. Who goes threw these anyone to see who all responded??? How do i know my vote go put in?? I'm just curious

My odds are 1 in 10,000!
I think those are pretty I just need my name to be picked!
How simple is that?

please pick me, i am from Venezuela, percentage-wise we use more blackberries than any country on the planet!

Can't remember if I posted before, but I really want to win this phone!!!!!!!!!! Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!

Rooting for RIM, don't let me down, BlackBerry by choice.

So 31 days to go till the best phone on the market comes out, I did have a free upgrade offer from rogers here in Canada and I tried to get them to extend it for me so I could get a BB 10z phone for free but alas they couldn't do it for me. I have been a rogers customer for 15 years without ever upgrading through them, now they tell me I might only have to pay $200 for the phone once it comes out. I am also saving up to go to Toronto for Feb 2(my bday) to go see hadwell dj at the government. Maybe one of you guys or gals from CB will be there.Anyways, I love your site and I love all the reporters you have on here and especially the Monday Brief, but why isn't she in her Briefs? that would be awesome, don't ya think guys of the fandom of crackberry? also It has been a crazy year for us all, wondering if the world was going to end last week or if space aliens were going to show up. but it didn't and they didn't and now the only thing to look forward to is BB10 and GTA V(in April). now why would I bring up GTA V in a BB thread, well cause i am just as excited and it was made in Canada and well I've been harassing the poop out of take two interactive to bring the Rockstar collection t Playbook, come on email them guys and they will do it. So back to my original story, I had been trying to get the offer extended but no go on Rogers' part. so i will have to buy the phone if you guys dont pic me to win. Heck earlier the year I had to ask Ryan Block why engadget were so dead set against the BB 10 and RIM. I also asked him to tell the editors at Engadget to stop writing horrible things about RIM, even if it is just speculation, Opinion is not news nor fact. So just please pick me, I really would love to have the phone and I'll donate y old BB to anyone that wants and needs a decent BB. Please Kevin, from one Canuk to another, get at me Luh B'y. Oh wait I'm in NFLD, so give us a shout luh and hook us up with that nice bit of kit.

Pretty sure I posted a comment, but I wouldn't want to miss a chance to score a Sweet10. Been waiting a long time to get my hands on the all-touch version.

Hi CrackBerry, this is an awesome way to end off the year! Since I already have a PlayBook, I've got used to a touchscreen interface and if I were to win this contest I would be delighted to receive a phone from the L-Series. I wish everyone the best of luck and a Happy New Year!

I have a bold 9700 as my one and only phone. The screen on this bad boy has gone white so now I can only receive and make blind calls. I'm waiting on bb10 to be my next device so you know the wait is also a sacrifice. I use the bridge on my wife's PlayBook to get by with BBM, contacts, etc. If you think (and I hope you do) I deserve this prize, let me have it, ill be eternally thankful. At this point I'm loving the L Series / Z10. I have some friends who have wondered off to other platforms and want me to switch but for me it's the blackberry experience. I want to bring back to the blackberry fold and this device will do the trick

I love blackberry and I love crackberry. Now with that said...

I lost my job and wanted to get a new BB 10 device but can't until I get back on my feet.

Would LOVE to win. But wish everyone good luck.

Long live the best out there

Aww I'm actually register just because I want to share my own developed themes. But I see this post, duh I wish I can have a decent phone. It doesn't mean I hate my curve 8520, but this phone is already left by any update (sadly). Well happy holiday to you all.

This would be amazing to win as I hope to bring me Preemie Twins home on 1/30, 2013. Winning this would be the second greatest thing to happen that day!

Happy New year! Would love to have the BB10 full touchscreen. Been waiting for this baby to come out for a long time. Blackberry for life! Pick me PLEASE :)

Well since my four year old 9000 is near enough dead I suppose I could enter this and see how it turns out...!

I would Here is my chance to win a free device. As of now, my chances are about 1 in 9800, but hey, better than nothing.

Long Live the Rimpire.

I would love to win a new blackberry 10...very excited. Llove blackberry!!!!

Blackberry for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It would be nice to be the first Zimbabwean to own the blackberry 10. When it eventually touches down in my country watch them put a 70% mark up like they usually do for all high end phones.

BB10.... deep sigh.... I was reminiscing about my life with RIM, looking at my archived 8700, 8300, 8320, 8900, 9700, 9780 and my current 9810.... I'm ready for the next big move RIM and we've all been sooooo patient. Let's do this!!

Please PLease PLease help me get rid of this Stupid Piece Of Sh!t Galaxy! I knew within 2 days I shouldn't have let my BB go but I couldn't return it. Would love the Help!!

I want, I need, I must have the ALL NEW BB10!!! Been waiting, and holding out for the only phone I would trade my 9800 for!! On April fools day, I will have to give up my beloved for another. HELP ME PLEASE, I'M DROWNING!!

I want, I need, I must have the ALL NEW BB10!!! Been waiting, and holding out for the only phone I would trade my 9800 for!! On April fools day, I will have to give up my beloved for another. HELP ME PLEASE, I'M DROWNING!!

after seeing bb10 features of bb10 i had became a biggest fan of blackberry devices. now i have started developing apps for bb10.

Happy New Year to everyone and all the best in BB10. May all our waiting pay off. Peace on earth and a BlackBerry for everyone.

A fan of blackberry from the moment I was able to get a phone.
I really want this new step in phone technology so i can show
iphone and android users what BB can really do


No seriously, I could do some pretty wicked things with this phone, if you honour me with it of course :D

Quite simply: I need and WANT and desire and fantasize about the BB10.

More desperately: Yes I am that person that tweeted @Blackberry a marriage proposal (I'm still waiting on a response btw). I am also that person that defends the BB brand to DEATH against other brand users, all while beaking them :) So much so that most of my friends & coworkers think I should just get on board with the BB Communications team (where can I send my CV & resume?).

I started with a BB bold 9700 and upgraded to 9780 - but then I dropped my 9780 in a pot of dirty water (yes a tragic day of washing dishes) and then reverted to my 9700 which has a faulty keyboard BUT I HAVE PERSERVERED TO GAIN A BB10 (even though it was pushed back I have not cheated on BB)!!!! I have obsessively watched all the videos on the BB10 - Hey Vivekkkkkk

So basically,

I'm IN LOVE with blackberry, so could you please love me back with the BB10???

[was this desperate enough? and is it sad that it's actually all the truth... i'm on of those people who are in a long term relationship with my phone, and I'm ready for the new one :) :) :)]

I predict that 2013 will be the year Blackberry makes a huge history making comeback that will be studied in MBA programs for years to come.

Android will experience a big security breach that will taint consumer perception.
iOS users (and blogs) will continue to discuss flaws in their system and be snapped out of their "Apple is perfect" trance.

I think both BB10 and WP8 will chip away Android and iOS market share in 2013 only to accelerate exponentially in 2014.


Don't remember if I already posted a comment. No harm in being safe and posting again! Happy New Year 2013 everyone.

I'm counting down!!
There are 29 Days 22 Hours 4 Mins 13 Secs until BlackBerry 10 launches!
There are 29 Days 21 Hours 59 Mins 35 Secs until BlackBerry 10 launches!

Is calling my name! The smooth lines, the Flow, all wrapped up in a streamlined QNX software package we get to Peak at...BlackBerry For Life!

5 + 5 != 10

I still have two BlackBerry's running on OS 5, but two fives is much less than 10. I want a BB10.

please help this half prepared business man. I have a blackberry tablet but lack a blackberry phone to complete the business man ready to tackle the world wearing my RIM cape.