Win a free BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!!

Mrs. Clause wants to give you something extra sweet this year...
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Dec 2012 07:21 am EST

Mrs. Claus says login to CrackBerry and leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a BlackBerry 10 phone!

* Update: Last Day to Enter! New Year's Eve is upon us which means it's your last chance to enter to win a BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest! The contest closes tonight at Midnight PST. Good luck! *

December is here which means it's time for yet another amazing CrackBerry Santa contest. Last year we also gave away an IOU for a BB10 phone, thinking they would become available in 2012. Mrs. Claus isn't too happy that the winner from last year's CB Santa contest is still waiting for their prize, but at least this year we know the winner will get their phone soon into the new year, with the BlackBerry 10 launch event happening on January 30th, 2013.

The Prize: The winner of this contest will receive their choice of BlackBerry 10 phone - either the L-Series full touchscreen version which will come to market first, or the N-Series qwerty version that will hit the market second. And of course, we're CrackBerry... so we'll come up with a bunch of great stocking stuffer prizes for a few other lucky winners.

How to Enter: Just login to and leave a comment to this post. If you're not yet a member, just hit the Register link at the top right corner of the site. And remember, you can now easily login by connecting with your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft accounts. Please leave just ONE comment (if you leave more, only your first comment will be counted as an entry).

That's it. Good luck! And on behalf of the team at, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

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Win a free BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!!



Would love to show off BB10 to my co-workers on release (too many iphones in the office) - still a full year on my contract.

Would love to add this to my Playbook. Otherwise will wait another 16 months until my current T-Mobile contract is up. I can't justify buying a new phone at full price this soon just because I want one.

I hope I get this :P I have a feeling I might want to get both the touchscreen and the QWERTY BB10s. The wait is killing me and I only JUST found out about the release date 5 minutes ago.

I would love to win this phone so I could keep in touch with my children when they are out amd about plus they would think I am as cool as them then and not someone behind the times by not having bbm many thanks for this chance I know we all have the same chance as each other to win but if you don't give it a go you never go

I'm so ready for a new phone I still have an old Torch 9800 and I so want a new BB10 device. Please let me win.

Thanks for the opportunity to win! That would be so sweet!

Thank you CrackBerry and Mobile Nation. You guys are the best, and this would make the best gift to replace my 9700 bb.

I was thinking whats the point in commenting if there are already over 6000 comments but why not take the chance...i would LOVE to win the new BB. it looks incredible and i am sure it will only get better! all my friends have been switching to iPhone and they have been TRYING to convince me too also ever since and i am like nope! once a BB owner, ALWAYS a BB owner and i anyways cant seem to ever let go of my BB. i have had it for years! so again, i would LOVE to win the new BB. i am true BB lover. pick me pick me!

I wanna give this a shot. (: I'd give it to my brother or my godfather because I know they will LOVE this and it'd be a perfect gift!

My wife and daughter got new Galaxy 3s, not me. I refused to downgrade from blackberry! I 'm waiting for BB10

Blackberry 10 In Paris Lyrics

We're gonna BBM to one song and one song only

BBM so hard muhfuckas wanna add me
So I BBM so hard muhfuckas wanna add me
But first they gotta scan me

What's blackberry 10 to a muhfuka like me
Can you please remind me?
BBM so hard
This shit Ping-ing
Ya'll don't know that don't shit phase me
The Blackberry 10 Browser HTML5 can go 485-11 and I look at you like this shit gravy BBM so hard,
This sh*t weird
We ain't even spose to be here,
BBM so hard, Since we here
It's only right that we be fair
Psycho, I'm liable to be go Rim-ing
Take your pick, L-Series,N-Series, Limited Developer Edition, January 30th
BBM so hard
Got a broken apple, Iphoney that don't tick tok
BBMl so hard
I'm shocked too
If you escaped what I've escaped
You'd be in Paris BBM-ing it up too
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I'm definitely in my zone

I can not seem to awake from this Samsung galaxy 3 nightmare..
Hopefully when I do wake, this nightmare will be over and I will be back with
BlackBerry where I belong using the new BlackBerry 10 L-series phone.... Please help this lost soul....

I'm very Impressed with what I am reading about the BB10 and the technology under the hood!! It would make a great Christmas present no doubt. The only thing that would make this phone mind blowing is if it comes preloaded with HD video chat!

I'm a student in desperate need of an updated Blackberry. I lost my Torch 9850 while traveling over the summer so now I'm back to using my girlfiriend's old Bold 9000. Anyway...I'm super excited about BB10 and I can't wait to collect my prize ;-)

I would be quite happy to recieve a BlackBerry 10 phone. Things are looking good for RIM and having one of the new 10's would be nice!

awww. I really need to win this BB10 cause since i tried to enter the contest from my iPho**, it became mad at me, and now it wont let me do anything.

please, help me get rid of my old school phone, and start living in the real world.

Love the new BB10 L series posted today.
It would be a great Christmas gift if I win from Crackberry.
Merry Christmas

BB10, a revolutionary, stylish and exciting new look to RIM. I am excited to see all the tricks and gadgets this phone has! It will be taking a bit out of apple, unplugging androids and breaking windows ... Get ready for some good ol' ruckus!
T minus 1 month and 19 days until BB10 launch

I am wavering between all-touch and QWERTY--love my Bold 9900 but those photos....OMG that's it--I want the L-10!! Pleeeeeeeeeasssssee pick me!!!!!! Merry Christmas to everyone at CrackBerry!

My first Blackberry experience was the Blackberry Storm 9500 and since then there was no looking back. Since then I've owned a Torch 9800 and bought the Bold 9700 for my wife.

And now with BB10 coming, Its time for us to change again... Countless efforts from others trying to convert us to an Android or iPhone but failed. Because i believe in RIMpire and they definitely have Strike Back!

Dear Mrs. Claus,

Hi, I'm Marknel Pineda from Philippines,
Hoping I win one BB10 L-Series.
Thank you for this wonderful contest.
Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Godbless us and peace on earth :))

Marknel Pineda

Being a satisfied owner of a BB for a couple of years now, I should say that this abolutely perfect! Not only my blackberry help me coped up with my sickness being far from home, it also made my relationship with my family strong and steady!

Having this BB10 would really be a wonderful blessing!

Can you owe me this perfect BB10 Crackberry Santa?


Thanks a lot and More Blessings!!!

As a developer, I'd love to be able to get a free BlackBerry 10 phone to actually use, play, demo and show off my apps to other people with.

hi i would love a bb 10 as i love using bb from the first day i bought it, having a bb 10 would help my day to day life flow better.

Saw this posted and i said to my self;
"Self its not going to cost me anything to enter so why not"
Then I was Like;
"Self your absolutely right"
So Consider this my entry

Seasons Greetings

Looking at the latest pics of the "L" series, awesome! It is a "HANDSOME...SAUVE" phone. If it came out sooner it could have been in the latest James Bond movie! It would have matched the character to the T.

That would have set the stage for the phone...VERY CLASSY!!!

I can't wait to get this phone!!!

I never win anything, so I try this posts, perhaps I will have happiness... BB10 will arrive to Czech Republic ... nobody know :-) So it will be a great gift.

Hey all over! Santa look in my eyes, you will find the truth.
Pick me up an I show you the beautyfull christmas time in cologne/germany.

Here I'm, pip;
Here I'm, pip;

Here I'm, pip;
Here I'm, pip;

Here I'm, pip;

I've never felt that I'm the LUCKIEST PERSON in the world... hopefully this Christmas / New Year I will, by winning this contest :). Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! More powers CRACKBERRY. (from Philippines)

Long time No see crackberry.... Been in an area that has no internet connection at all... And now with all the tech... Especially this realy awesome oh mighty bb10............. Hope i can get this one as christmas give for my mom... Thx cb...

Dear Mrs Claus. Blackberry is awesome and I'm a little boy of 17. I sure can't afford a new bb10 and I really love to have one. Please make my wish come true santa. Thank you :)

I was/am waiting for the next BB10 device and suffering through my current Android. Pick me please, I can't stand it anymore...

it would be nice to win this blackberry 10 from dubai. websites in north america never pick a winner from the east :( all though they have alot of traffic from this side.

Upgrade my BB curve 8520...Socially I look ridiculous and people are not taking me seriously anymore...they think I am from the past…put me back into the future!!!

Dear Crackberry / Rim

Since my bold gave up the good working i'm stuck with my playbook and a damn iphone 4s...
I'm missing my bold That hard but would like to wait until the release of bb10 to buy a new BB.
So i'll be more than just glad to get one for free ;)
It wouldn't be my 1st one ... 9th i think...
Supported you guys through even all the hard times !

Blackberry by choice , BB playbook & iphone 4s

I'm sure that I could never afford a phone so wonderful and powerful, and expensive. Then choose me! (maybe my Curve would not agree ... but I love it anyway) Thanx Lol

Yes i would loved to be picked. My family wants to have the new Blackberry 10. They will be switching over.


"Very sexy!" like Kevin says!!! Much more than sexy, perfect!
I want one!
Dear Santa Claus touches the heart of the crackberry guys so much because I behave myself and announce the BlackBerry 10, will be able to take perfect shots, quickly navigate and access all my emails and information quickly with the flow!
This jolly old elf in his hands Mr.Claus

Dear Santa, I just want to let you know that I love and will always love RIM & BlackBerry. It'll be so awesome if you can give me a BB10 but still totally cool even if you don't. I know I'll be getting it one way or another. Can't wait for both the L and N series to be out before I decide if I want to stick to my keyboard or jump aboard to the world of touchscreen. 2012 has been so awesome but I think 2013 will be even better with BB10.
Ohhhhh... by the way, I LOVE CRACKBERRY!! Just letting you know! :)

BlackBerry lover from Italy!! Pick me, I'll take care of this beauty and I'll put it to work as only a bb does.

i would like to buy one but i think its better if i donate my money to the victims of the recent typhoon here in my country

Pick me and I will hang it on the top of the Christmas tree! Just kidding, but the BB10 would be a worthy new successor to my good old BB.
Merry Christmas everyone!

New Year, new life, new phone! I'm going change my life and change my phone will be wonderful, to start a new life.

The Blackberry is the best brand of phones in the all world, nothing compares her. I want, i need and I hope have a new BB10! Is the best! Number 1 in top 10 of universe!!!!

PLEASE.... Give me one!!! ;)

Dear Kevin/Mrs Claus/CB,
Well 2012 was a horrible year. It would be superb, brilliant, fabulous to win a new shiny L-Series BB10 phone. It would really help kick off a new year and a new start.

It'll go really nicely with the PlayBook 64GB that I'm hoping to receive Christmas day too :-)

Merry Christmas

My blackberry was stolen 3 months ago.
I Miss BBM the most.

Would be very lucky to have another one.
Thanks Team CB for the oppurtunity. :)

Been using an iPhone for the last couple of years but am coming back home to the Blackberry. The Blackberry 10 L-series is sexy as **** next to the Droid Razr (sorry, no daggers please). The mockup of the slider BB10 device featured a couples days ago is the hottest of all. Please enter me as I'd love to be sporting the L upon release.

Dear Crackberry Santa
I've been a good boy this last year please can I have:
1 Blackberry 10 Smartphone
2 Blackberry 10 Smartphone
3 Blackberry 10 Smartphone
4 Blackberry 10 Smartphone
5 Blackberry 10 Smartphone
6 Blackberry 10 Smartphone
7 Blackberry 10 Smartphone
8 Blackberry 10 Smartphone
9 Blackberry 10 Smartphone
10 A Big Yellow truck

Thank you
Don't forget to eat your mince pie and drink your glass of Cherry before you leave.

I am giving Blackberry the benefit of the doubt in saying that Blackberry 10 will put them back on top and the only problem they will have next year is fighting off claims from Apple that the L-Series is not a copy of the iPhone. I really think the L series is what they need to confirm they are still in the running as serious competitors against the likes of Apple and Samsung.

By the way, I want to win so I can get the L Series, it will last forever as I have no friend and nobody calls me. It will be purely aesthetic.

My BB10 is what I want for my belated Christmas
Ev’rywhere I go;
Take a look in the Black Velvet Gem
Glistening once Again
With a Hub and many Featured Lanes aglow.

It’s beginning to look a lot like a BB10 Christmas
BB10's in ev’ry store
But the prettiest sight to see
Is the smooth interface that will be
On the BB10's front door.

A pair of cameras to boot
and 3 silver frets a foot
I wish for the Blazing BB10;
Search keys that will talk, as you go for a walk
Is that I hope for a BB10, I say again;
And Moms and Dads can hardly wait
to get their hands QWERTY Real Estate

It’s beginning to look like a BB10 Christmas
Ev’rywhere you go;
There’s a Balance with Separate work and Personal Interface,
One that is 100% secure, all in One Space.
The sturdy kind that doesn’t mind to be on the Go .

It’s beginning to look like a BB10 Christmas;
Soon the sales will start,
And the thing that will make the cashiers ring
Is the interface swipe that is made by Rim
Gets you Right to the hub and Active Frames .

It’s beginning to look like a BB10 Christmas
BB10's in ev’ry store
But the prettiest sight to see
is the voice messenger that will be
On your BB10's front door.
Sure it’s a BB10 Christmas, once more!

"Merry Christmas everyone, a belated BB10 Christmas gift would be great!!"

Dear Santa

I've benn a good guy since I begin to use Blackberry ma long time ago - i'm a great fan of BB.

I will be glad to get this gift!!!

I will wait for the package!

I have been following the Blackberry 10 since day one and have been holding off buying a new phone because I want this one.

Owning a BB10 L-series device is my 2013 new year resolution. If I'm not the winner, I will still get one though. Cheer up RIM for the coming back!!!

JESUS!!!! u guys are just plain and simple the most awesome page i've ever been part of! u guys give away phones like there's no tomorrow, XD LOL, and THANKS keeping up the great Blackberry spirit! thanks for so many contest and chances to win awesome prizes :D!!!

My coworkers come to me for help with their Sam****, Ip*****, Win*****s and other cells. Why, because they are trendy or it's the "have to have" item. It's funny to hear my boss complain about email problems with a Sam**** phone.

Blackberry has been, is and will continue to be the workhorse of cell phones.

So please send the BB10 to this working man


I am the small, insignificant poster on page 27.
If you Crackberry guys even read this... Wow.
So, that being said, please pick me! It would be AMAZING! =D (I would want the L-series All-Touch device)


The guy with 7 apps on the Blackberry 10 Store,


Sent from my Blackberry Playbook

Are you kidding me? How did I miss this post? I feel so ashamed that I'm one of the 6000+ posts!! I'm still a Crackberry addict though . . . . . and winning a BB10 phone would be the best way to start the new year!

Dear Santa!!!

I love to touch things (not inappropriately) and I would LOOOOOVE to touch the new BlackBerry L-Series....

I want to shut the fanboys and fandroids and show off the greatest thing in tech world aka L-Series

Thank you

Holding onto my Blackberry Bold 9700 till the BlackBerry 10 arrives. Winning the BlackBerry 10 would be special!!!

Please reserve the QWERTY-BB 10 for me! I guess I'm the only one here who ever set afoot to Gifhorn, Thorsten Heins' idyllic birthplace - that should be reason enough for choosing me :-)
Merry Christmas to all of you!


Sent to you from my Torch 9810!

I want to get in on the BB10 action! It would be so cool to go from my Curve 9300 to a BB10 L-series. Pick me please!!! :)

Dear Santa,
i would kindly ask you for a qwerty BB10 device.
i was very good this year and I promise to be very gentle whole next year.

Thank you in advance,


As a BB evangelist, I need the best equipment possible. My friends were very impressed by the 9860, they had no idea BB had such a nice phone. Imagine if I had a BB10!!

I have been a good loyal Blackberry fan all year and well ever since I got my first Blackberry 6 years ago... Please oh please pick me :-p

Love the new pics of the L-Series, still can't make up my mind on the L-Series or N-Series, would love to have anyone of them.

Well my BB Pearl seems like it wants to break down on me so I would absolutely love to receive the new BlackBerry 10 phone.

I would be quite grateful to receive a BlackBerry 10 with keyboard. Nearly everyone I know thinks I'm crazy or in the Stone Age for retaining a BlackBerry. I don't care; I am committed to BlackBerry. I've typed a 22-page paper on my phone for a class. I have a 3-year old and my BlackBerry is invaluable!

Always owned a blackberry and always will, not a fan off the iphone haha and the blackberry 10 looks amazing if i say so myself! Would love to own one. This would just make me the happiest person alive to actually win something and would be a great beginning to the year, also my 16th birthday is in feb so i would take this as an early birthday present from you Crackberry hahaha, that would make my 16th special. Oh im all excited now! Thank you Crackberry and good luck to everyone entering, Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!

I'd love to win a Blackberry 10 phone! I'm down to one BBM contact from everyone leaving RIM and I want to show them how awesome your new phones are! Til then I'll keep telling them how awesome my Bold is :)

I am currently (not including co-workes) the last person I know that has a Blackberry. I want to keep it that way.


On a serious note, been a Blackberry loyalist forever-- pitching Blackberry 10 to everyone I know and vehemently defending it! I'd love a phone!!

Moved away from BB this year after the delays upon delays of BB10. Needless to say I came back even though I have an 8520 now. Loving the promises of what BB10 can offer. Hope to win this so that I can actually put my hands on it.

I can't upgrade my 9900 to a BB10 device untill at least a year.
Would be nice to experience BB10 a bit sooner than that, especially after seeing all the vids and pics.

Competition looks pretty fierce, for winning a BB10 device. I've been holding onto a Bold 9650 with its 6.0 bundle for a long time now. I almost made the decision to get either an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, until I found out BB10 is right around the corner. Daddy needs a new, a new mobile computing device!

Competition looks pretty fierce, for winning a BB10 device. I've been holding onto a Bold 9650 with its 6.0 bundle for a long time now. I almost made the decision to get either an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, until I found out BB10 is right around the corner. Daddy needs a new, a new mobile computing device!

The new BB 10 looks like it will push the other two powers in the fight for the smartphone market. I've always liked the way my playbook works and to have a BB 10 to go with it would be great.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. CrackBerry Santa

I hope you sent that Blackberry 10 L series to Indonesia, Especially to me, for that, I promise to recomended this crackberry site to almost 259 milliion peoples in Indonesia haha!!

Thx before.. Hail crackberry yeah



██████ ▄███████
██████ ███████▀
░█████ ████▀

Just in case PIN 33038803
Email :

My winner sense tinkeling haha!

im not going to post a long OBNOXIOUS post , but feel like im one of the biggest blackberry fans in NJ and would love a new phone since times are rough and moneys tight lol

All I want for Christmas is a BlackBerry 10 - forget my two front teeth - I will look so cool anyways with the Blackberry 10 device.

I believe Santa is throwing away his iPhone in favour of the 10.