Win a free BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!!

Mrs. Clause wants to give you something extra sweet this year...
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Dec 2012 07:21 am EST

Mrs. Claus says login to CrackBerry and leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a BlackBerry 10 phone!

* Update: Last Day to Enter! New Year's Eve is upon us which means it's your last chance to enter to win a BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest! The contest closes tonight at Midnight PST. Good luck! *

December is here which means it's time for yet another amazing CrackBerry Santa contest. Last year we also gave away an IOU for a BB10 phone, thinking they would become available in 2012. Mrs. Claus isn't too happy that the winner from last year's CB Santa contest is still waiting for their prize, but at least this year we know the winner will get their phone soon into the new year, with the BlackBerry 10 launch event happening on January 30th, 2013.

The Prize: The winner of this contest will receive their choice of BlackBerry 10 phone - either the L-Series full touchscreen version which will come to market first, or the N-Series qwerty version that will hit the market second. And of course, we're CrackBerry... so we'll come up with a bunch of great stocking stuffer prizes for a few other lucky winners.

How to Enter: Just login to and leave a comment to this post. If you're not yet a member, just hit the Register link at the top right corner of the site. And remember, you can now easily login by connecting with your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft accounts. Please leave just ONE comment (if you leave more, only your first comment will be counted as an entry).

That's it. Good luck! And on behalf of the team at, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

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Win a free BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!!



What a fantastic prize! Whoever wins this is going to have the best Christmas ever! Good luck to all who enter! Thank you so much for the opportunity, CrackBerry! :0)

I would love to have the new Blackberry 10 especially the full screen one. I have the Torch 9800, and I'm lovin it. Imagine what I would do with new Blackberry 10! I'll cradle it! then show it off to everyone, then cradle it some more! :-D I hope I get it! I love Blackberry. CrackBerry thanks for doing this!

It's all Crackberry's fault, I read your articles every day and you made me very curious about BB10. I'd like to get my hands on a L-Series

This will be my first year making Santa's good list. This would be a good thing if he can actually give me the only present I want for this Christmas. #BB10!!!

Hi, I'm a long term Nokia user from Brasil looking for an alternative because Nokia abandoned keyboard models in its smartphone line. Blackberry is my top list but the most affordable BB (unlocked) here in Brasil is Curve 8520, an old model which costs R$ 399,00 (U$ 190.00). Curve 9360 costs about U$ 480.00, and Bold 9900 U$ 1,200.00. Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S 16 GB are both U$ 960.00. BBs are not popular in Brasil and a U$ 440.00 BB 10 would cost at least the equivalent of U$ 1,200.00 here!

I would just like to say I have never owned a Blacberry phone. Once I had my playbook I have been intrigued with it. I can only imagine what bb10 would be like. Totally in love with the bb10. Can't wait.

Just got a BB Playbook,it is my first experience with a tablet and I love it! Would be a perfect Christmas to have a new BB 10 to go with it!


wow great christmas contest, all touch screen for me and you will count me in your forums everyday.Thanks :)

Would love a new BB10 device to help me in my small business, plus I would love to show it off to my IOS and Android friends, so that they can see what they are missing ;)

Amazing Blackberry 10!!!. This is the best new years gift that everyone want to received. Blackberry 10 rock!!!!! this coming 2013...

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 to Crackberry!!!!!!

Blackberry 10 is the most awaited operating systems on a mobile for me as i feel that it will conquer the market and reverse the market conditions. The competitions now in the mobile industry will fade away after the launch of new blackberry devices and operating system.

For me Blackberry is something unique. unmatchable, uncomparable. It is meant for some one unique.

That is a Blacberry device for me. I own a Blackberry 9320 now as i cannot afford the high end ones. It is a dream for me to own a BB 9900 or BB10 device. I love my 9320 as well However i am collecting some money every month to get one new Black berry device.

All I want for Christmas is BlackBerry 10....(But I guess I can wait till Crackberry ships me one! Hah). Longtime Qwerty lover, but thinking a new L-series is going to be my next BB.

I wasn't going to enter as I thought I sould just whip an app or two and get a special edition....sadly I must admit a simple fact - I suck at developing!!!!!

To everyone who entered...good luck and to all a Merry Christmas!

I guess this will work. Maybe a little bit of another language? Мора да ми га поклоните Блекбери за зар! Македонија!!!!!!!

You know, a kid asked me, "is Santa real?", and I replied "yes, you just have to believe", though I don't think I'll win this competition, who am I not to believe? It would be an honor recieve a BB10. Thanks for the consideration. Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! I would love a new BB10 N-Series qwerty version so pick me. :)

<3 <3 I love all that is Blackberry!!! <3 <3

Thank you for all the great info on Blackberry love this site!

Sweet baby jesus, there are about 5,500 comments. Well at least one of us will be a lucky winner. While i'm at it, might as well post a joke :
"What are prehistoric monsters called when they sleep?
A dinosnore"
Well, anyways, I think blackberry is going to return to that golden #1 spot, very optimistic, but I believe. Get it? bb10believe. Also I think , Thor is going to be the next Steve Jobs.
If I don't win, no hard feelings, I'm suppose to be driving to work right now, i'll eventually buy a bb10 device, and then you know what i'll do with it?
I'll show it off to every single person at university, work, and all my friends, make em jealous, and then convince them to switch over to bb10.
Cool story, I know.

I think RIM is doing a great job, I can't wait to use BB10 and have a truly useful device, not just an impressive toy.

Self-Proclaimed 1st blackberry lover, supporter and user when blackberry was only still used for business people and not yet mainstreamed into common people. blackberry user from day 1 until the end of days :) please pick me!

I'm a Rogers customer and with their new hardware upgrade program it's going to cost me a fortune to upgrade so PICK ME!!!!

I'm so excited for BB10 already to come out. I can't wait... CB would make my day if they gave it to me for my B-Day :-).... sing me up!!!!

Loooong term BB users, frustrated by 9900 issues, would LOVE to have a BB10 to stay loyal.


Blackberry Playbook has made me a BB fan. If i win a BB 10 phone, I will trash my iphone. Happy Holidays, folks!

I want to thank RIM for not giving up on their product, it means a lot for me as a consumer to stay with a company who believes so much in their product. I, as a teacher, have used RIM as an example in the high school classroom, you invented the smartphone, had other companies take the lead for a while, sought after the best people in the field to improve the product, and now, you will win over the world again with BB10. I congratulate RIM and look forward to the future of the company and the products. I will also create a new lesson to teach my students, do not give up, change what needs to be fixed, and rise above the competition in the end.

I'm sure that Santa will be rocking with a BB10 as soon as even he can get it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy BB10 New Year!

It was the night before Christmas and i am ready to go.
Hurry and send me my Blackberry 10 so I am in the flow.
I know it will purty especially if it is a Qwerty !

In desperate need of a new phone, mine has just died on me!! had to resort to using my
husband's old sony erricsson!!! looks so bad when my daughter pulls out her samsung Galaxy!!
So pleaseeeeee pick me!!

after all that xmas shopping for everyone...would be nice to receive something for myself too!

if i dont' get it...merry xmas and happy new year to the winner in advance!

PPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how many times can i enter?
Merry Xmas x

I have been a bad a boy, but that never stopped Santa from delivering presents to me as a kid. So lets keep it up and deliver a new BB10 to my mailbox. I promise I'll be good from now on.

Been logging into EVERY day to see news and events about BB10. Looking forward to the launch event . . . and, of course, hope to be the winner of a free BB10 device!

Oh Blackberry! (using Oh Christmas Tree music)

Oh Blackberry, Oh Blackberry!
With the 10's the newest Blackberry...

Oh Blackberry, Oh Blackberry!
I've always dreamed of you Blackberry...

You've made me fall on you at first sight,
I'll hug you true to my heart with tight...

Oh Blackberry, Oh Blackberry!
Please be with me on January...

I graciously accept you choosing me to win this prize.

Long time reader, first time winner.

I would like to thank the people at RIM for my reward. Also want to give a shout out to the entire CrackBerry team and family for just being so awesome, without you guy's I wouldn't be here. Thank you and goodnight.


Llevo varios meses esperando la BB 10. Ya me han ofrecido en el trabajo el Iphone 5 y el Samsung Galaxy S III pero me he negado de dejar de lado la Blackberry Torch que tengo hasta la salida de los tan esperados nuevos modelos.
Considérenme y hagan felíz a un BB Fan de los de verdad.
Saludos desde México.

Regards from Mexico

Here is my official and winning entry for the BB10! Can't wait to win this and show it off to all the cult followers of apple!

I am such a huge BlackBerry fan, I think i would run up and down the street naked if I won one :) ( well maybe if it was

Blackberry 10
I wait for when
You release in 2013

Every day
I google your name
In hopes for a new update

If I were to win
I would brag to all my kin
That I have the number 1 phone

BB10 for me please. I need a xmas present, even if it's going to be an IOU

edit: sorry, got double posted

Well, I have been waiting for this phone since I joined CrackBerry. It feels like forever. So heal my pain, please pick me.


Crap... it was easier than I thought... Oh well PICK MEEEEEEE

This would make my life complete!! Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, & Happy Holidays to everyone!

Lets see if I win this one! :D. India gets everything last, so it would be so cool to get some blackberry 10 goodness before everyone else!

Just another comment in the 5300 range. Is it still possible.... yes, is it likely.... no. These comments will probably reach upwards of 10k before the New Years.


I would be most pleased with a BB10 device. I am starting to believe I am a physical keyboard kind of guy and I am stuck with my iPhone till September. Help me out Crackberry.

Glad to see you are almost done and ready to get back to business of battling competitors with top quality product. Good luck fellow Canadians!

As a long-time Mobile Nations READER i would really appreciate winning the BlackBerry 10 Phone, i have never won anything from mobile nations whilst i thank them for giving us this Giveaway!
Please pick me, i would really appreciate it!
Thank You

This would be a great change and way to end a year full of bad luck and hardships for me.

Merry Christmas Crackberry.

Please pick me!! I have been an advocate for BlackBerry since my very first one!! I NEED a BB10 phone! ;) thank you!