Win a free BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!!

Mrs. Clause wants to give you something extra sweet this year...
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Dec 2012 07:21 am EST

Mrs. Claus says login to CrackBerry and leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a BlackBerry 10 phone!

* Update: Last Day to Enter! New Year's Eve is upon us which means it's your last chance to enter to win a BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest! The contest closes tonight at Midnight PST. Good luck! *

December is here which means it's time for yet another amazing CrackBerry Santa contest. Last year we also gave away an IOU for a BB10 phone, thinking they would become available in 2012. Mrs. Claus isn't too happy that the winner from last year's CB Santa contest is still waiting for their prize, but at least this year we know the winner will get their phone soon into the new year, with the BlackBerry 10 launch event happening on January 30th, 2013.

The Prize: The winner of this contest will receive their choice of BlackBerry 10 phone - either the L-Series full touchscreen version which will come to market first, or the N-Series qwerty version that will hit the market second. And of course, we're CrackBerry... so we'll come up with a bunch of great stocking stuffer prizes for a few other lucky winners.

How to Enter: Just login to and leave a comment to this post. If you're not yet a member, just hit the Register link at the top right corner of the site. And remember, you can now easily login by connecting with your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft accounts. Please leave just ONE comment (if you leave more, only your first comment will be counted as an entry).

That's it. Good luck! And on behalf of the team at, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

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Reader comments

Win a free BlackBerry 10 phone in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!!



This is it, the new BB10 who could break or make RIM. Finger cross and a lot of praying from Indonesia one of the biggest BB market in the world.

Oh please! Me, me, me! I want to win one of these contests :/ My luck sucks (for real)

Anyway, best of luck, guys!


I can't wait for BB10! Been a loyal BlackBerry user for over 11 years, can never imagine using anything else. #teamblackberry let "the RIMPIRE strike back"!! Lol

I dont like my chances being that this is worldwide but what the goes my entry...keeping my fingers crossed for BB10!!!!!

I'm going to get a BB 10 phone one way or another, but winning one would be awesome. Crackberry is the best.

I can't think of a better Christmas present than a BB10 phone....well maybe a winning lotto ticket. But even with that I would still get a BB10 phone. Probably better chances on this contest though. Enter me please!

pick me :( i never win anything, i need a BB10 to show everyone that i know that BlackB erry is still good and not as poo as everyone thinks

Considering there will be no Christmas and Santa for this year,my Christmas will never happen without the releases of BB10.

Be Bold, it's old.

Be L, make others JELL! (Jell = Jealous obviously)

(Cheesy I know but come on people are so boring on these competition comments!)


OMG OMG OMG! Kevin wants a Blackberry 10 phone in his stocking! Well, shortly after, but still, you get the idea ;)

I gave my upgrade (AT&T) to my sister and blew off getting a new iPhone/Android/Windows Phone just to wait for BB10- it's only right I win this!! Thanks for considering me!

A BB10 would be great. It would also save me from buying one at launch.

BlackBerry by Choice.
Torch 9860, Playbook 64g

My Bold died 70 days up to the 30th of january. I'm patiently fall back to my Curve Javelin. Please pick me.


I'm visualizing and affirming that Mrs Claus will drop by in Malaysia and send the IOU to me. Thank you in advance, Mrs Claus.. I'm glad u made it to hot Malaysia.

Come on BB10, make it snow in SA!
Plus will be cool to phone everyone and tell them why the end of the world did not come.....It was postponed for BB10 launch......

Would be a real nice start to the new year, a brand new my favorite phone, new OS, almost a new start in life. Crackberry is tops!

Oh please, that would be legen... wait for it... dary!!! And my best Christmass after Christmass!

Hey crackberry, I'd love to get in on the action and be one of the first with the new bb. Everyone who knows me, knows I'm a decidcated and vocal BB supporter.
Seasons greeting to everyone and good luck
(Toronto, Canada)

Would love a BlackBerry 10 phone for Christmas. Would love even more to be able to update my Playbook to BlackBerry 10 on January 30th. Doubt that will happen though.

I've been patiently waiting for BB 10 for the past HOT 1yr. I can't wait for Jan. 30; I will be at the store when it opens so I can get one! I've never been so excited for any product than BB 10. BB rocks!

I concur!

Check out the bible ,not church,not people , but the bible ,it will blow your mind -you might just meet Jesus as He is.

How great a start to the New Year would winning a BB10 phone be!
Provided we are all here after the 21st! :)

Merry Blooming Xmas

Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme
Been waiting for a nice hardware/software combo for 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stuck with a Samsung Wave 3 which i borrowed from my uncle for the time being
Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme

BB10 FTW! - Pick me so I can tell every person I know that my phone is better than theirs!

....unless they also have a BB10 (of course)!

Kevin baby
Leave a little something under the tree
For me.

I've been an awfully good boy, Kevin baby
Bring a 'berry down my chimney tonight....

Too much? ;-)


Next year would be a great comeback for Blackberry and I would like to participate with a new BB10. So merry Chrismas to all BB`s..

Would love to win the Blackberry 10 L-Series phone as soon as they come out. Happy Blackberry user at the moment and can't wait to see what BB10 brings!

Merry Christmas!

Oh yes, I'd dearly like to win this.

My entry. Can we do this more than once??

EDIT - yes, just the once. Note to self - read the OP better, rather than getting excited and going off half cocked.

Thanks for the contest crackberry. I don't have to have a BB10 device I've got a great one now but sure wouldn't turn one down if I was lucky enough to win.


I would love to win this phone to show off to my coworkers. They are android lovers and blackberry haters. this would be a awesome birthday gift for me.

I am so looking forward to the new model.

I only started using a Blackberry in June of this year and I really could never go back
to the "android" again.

Hi everyone !

Waiting for BlackBerry 10 for almost one year now ! Can't wait to get one !
Thanks to CrackBerry to update us on every hot information about it !!
Let's hope France gets it real quick !

Still have my 9800 for the wait, not bad anyways.

Posting this from my PlayBook bridged to my trusty Bold 9700 (thats dying soon)...and my birthday next year lands on BB10 launch! Pick me pls!

It will be cool to win this prize . I can't wait for the 31st of January. I'll be a happy to test it with my playbook.

I am very pleased if CrackBerry give me BlackBerry 10 device for gift because Christmas is where Jesus born to world and close enough to BlackBerry 10 starts to born ! God Bless You Kevin and CrackBerry team :)

Hi there,
I just wanted to be part of this ;-)
I have never been to something like this and I'm so excited :-)

Marry Christmas and a Happy new Year…! All the best from Austria

Mrs. Claus is looking mighty fine this time of year! Winning a BB10 phone from her would make this Christmas really the most wonderful time of year!

Dear Santaberry,

I have been an excellent boy this year and definitely deserve a nice new shiny blackberry 10 N series.

Thank you

Blackberry for life...and then after that a little too.

What a deal? Can you deliver Christmas Eve under my tree? :D

What a Christmas treat that would be if I were to win :) Actually, it would be a treat for anyone of us.

Merry Christmas to all & good luck!

My BB9900 met an untimely death after it fell out of my pocket and was run over by my car. Instead of buying a new one now I am waiting for BB10. In the meantime my SIM card is in a beat up Samsung Galaxy Captivate. Please save me from this fate and enter me into this contest. Thank you.

As I type my entry, I can only think of how much I love my BB Torch 9850 and look forward to how much I'd love the BB10. Please consider my request and pick me.

From my BB 9850.

Would so love to win this for my wife to also enjoy the amazing advantages of a blackberry. Seen as I must work outside the country this would so help being able to talk to my wife during the 8weeks away. Pls pls pick me!!! ;-)

Im soooo down for this !!! Can't wait for Jan 30 ! I love the L series ! Thanks for the awesome contest !

seems like i'm being teased, i want a bb10 phone, no luck so far in these contests, hopefuly this one is the one, good luck to everyone else also

BB 9900

I'd love to win a new BB10 phone! The hardest decision would be choosing which!

Good luck and Merry Christmas to all.

oh please, oh please, oh please, this would be a great Christmas present. Just like a red rider pump action BB gun.

either way. Happy holidays everyone.