Twitter Contest: Win a FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone of your Choice!

Follow @crackberrykevin and Win!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Aug 2011 12:21 pm EDT

In addition to the CrackBerry's BlackBerry 7 Smartphone Contest going on now (where all you have to do is leave a comment to that blog post to be entered to win), I'm SOOO in LOVE with my BlackBerry Bold 9900 that I personally want to give another CrackBerry fan a chance to win a Blackberry 7 Smartphone.

So continuing along with the ongoing twitter contest I started a while back, I'm going to give away a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone of choice to one of my followers on twitter. To have your free shot of winning, all you need to do is follow @crackberrykevin and retweet the following phrase:

Follow @crackberrykevin and RT this message for a chance to win your choice of new #BlackBerry!

It's as easy as that! We'll let this run a few days, so I'll pick the random winner and announce it here on the CrackBerry blogs (and on twitter of course) on Monday, August 29th. Open worldwide. Start thinking about which phone you'd want me to send your way! Good Luck!!

Reader comments

Twitter Contest: Win a FREE BlackBerry 7 Smartphone of your Choice!


I would like to win this for my son. Got vodka/rockstar poured on his blackberry. Would be a nice thing to give him.

I just want you to know Kevin, this will be my first twitter post (retweet). I actually just opened the account recently.

i wish i win *O* i need a new a phone 'cause mine broke and i always wanted a BlackBerry but its really expensive :/ i love blackberry phones <3

It's absolutely awsome what you do!!!
I love it... I love BlackBerry... I love CrackBerry
(sorry for my bad english... I come from France)

Well I had to go into Password Keeper to find out my Twitter account details - not a heavy Twitter user lol. But I did it and managed to figure out how to retweet too! The things I will do for a chance to own a BB running OS 7 :)

Noticed a typo on the last paragraph "anounce" is spelled wrong. Just thought I'd let you know :) Good luck everyone!

I've had my eye on the Blackberry Bold 9900 (Dakota) for a long time having seeing all the leaked pictures and news ALL here on CrackBerry. Nothing can compare to the news I can get anywhere else online. I wish i could win this contest and have one of those Blackberry OS 7 device in my hands. :)

i really want 1 i am a big fan of bold 9000 and i jst love its keyboard and i want to continue the same with bold 4 9900

If I win this Bold 9900, I am going to give it to my mom as a gift. Thank you for the contest and I hope I win Bold 9900.

my 9800 stopped working (the 50th drop did it)

This would be nice, as I'm still under contract and would hate going back to a 8310...

already following both crackberry and kevin...RTing was all i needed to do..

wishing for this is taking forEVER to drop this device....

I love blackberry bold 9900...its just by dream phone....and m a big fan and follower of crackberry also... and kelvin m seriously jealous u get to use so many new devices of BB :) JUST LOVE BB AND CB :D

I just started a twitter account for the goosechase, so this is one of my few "tweets", and my first "re-tweet". Hope I win this time!

Gotta win the 9900 and give it to the hubby. He's waiting on the "playstation" phone to come to att. If I win a free phone he would take it in a second.

I want to jump a couple of notches on the OS side (from OS5 to OS7), so I went ahead and tweeted! And it felt good!!

I been following for quite a while now @jmjacksonF135 and I am addicted to the new 9900 and haven't even got hands on with one yet! Today just happens to be my birthday as well lol, Thanks Kevin and CB for another chance to be a lucky winner and Bold ower...I've had a 900 and have a 9700 currently...would be awesome!

Retweeting your message was my first tweet ever Kevin! Haha. I want a new Torch 9810 so bad I can't stand it! Thanks for all the great contests and news. Keep it up Crackberry Team!

I would love to get in on this contest but I refuse to use Twitter (I do not like losing brain cells just by viewing a site).

I really really want the 9900. My 8520 just died on me and I can't afford a new phone! :( Pick me! Pick me!

I would love to enter this contest as well, to further improve my chances of winning a Bold 9900! Oh how i want one so bad!! Unfortunately i do not have a Twitter Account :( but i feel like its my time to win something at! My post in the other Crackberry Blackberry 7 Smartphone contest ( There is my long hopefully WINNING! comment, around the middle of the rest of comments) be enough to get it! It's been a long time coming so i feel like this is the one! Good Luck to whoever wins this Twitter Contest... May your Blackberry wishes be fulfilled as i hope mines will on the other contest as well! Let's Go Kevin and the Crackberry team... Please Take notice.....!!!

That was my very first tweet. I beieve some extra points are deserved. If only how you knew how much I never wanted use twitter. It was a worthy cause though : )

I am looking forward to the Blackberry BOld 9900. My T-Mobile choices were lacking last go round. Had to wait thru the 3G phones to get to the 4G wooo-hooo!

I was going to upgrade September 1 but, since I'm confident I'm going to win this contest, it looks like I won't have too!!!

Mr Kevin please give it to me, i want the blackberry 9900 just like how much you love it but i can't afford it cause it's so expensive. BLACKBERRY 9900 ROCKS!!

Wowie! The possibility of getting a BB is always appealing! :)
Thanks Kevin for CB and these contests!!

BTW, re-tweeted! ;)

Kevin, i love you, and this forum very much! I want to win the Bold 9900, it's awesome!
P/S: i'm not gay, ok!!

Finally something I can use my Twitter account for. I created it many moons ago just to abandon it after a week or so. I find it pretty useless unless you're famous or a lot of your friends use Twitter.

I'd really want to win this. Great price if you know how to take advantage of this productivity device. Thanks crackberry to keep the blackberry spirit moving.

I so much love blackberry and have always wanted to one. With the Blackberry Curve 9370, i fall more in love with blackberry.

Followed and retweeted. Show us some BB love Kevin - 9900 will be the sweetest ever - Jebus /

Me Me Me haha I would really love to have a BB7... ATT is killing me hereee!! but regardless I love the work that is done on crackberry check this site like 50 times a day lol

I RT'd too, but the first time I RT'd without Kevin's name in, lol, so I deleted that, and RT'd properly :P

I'm also so in love with the BlackBerry Bold 9900, because it is a smartphone which stands under pressure and can handle it by the beauty, the charm and strength! ;-)

OMGOSH! I honestly have been waiting since they first started rumors of a bold touch months and months ago. i go online to ALL the BlackBerry websites 2 times a day just for word on when it will be released! i have the bold 9000 and just know that 9900 is the one for me! i have been patiently waiting and not renewing my contract for word on the release of this sexy phone. when i watched your video of the unboxing of the 9900 i got SOOOOOOO excited and even got a bit of an adrenaline rush from it as i watched it over and over! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! and wouldn't you know it......i am an AT&T customer! waaaaaaa..... so now i have to wait even LONGER and hear about how great and amazing it is. the waiting game sucks so bad. I WANT ONE NOW!!! i have entered every "win a BlackBerry 7 phone contest" known to man. i really hope i win! i would really be the gitty-est woman in the WORLD. you guys rock allowing us so many chances to get one of these phones, knowing how great it feels to share the feeling of unboxing that brand new 9900 and turning it on and staying up for a week straight with it constantly in your hand playing with all the new cool features! heck-maybe even sleeping with it for fear of waking up and it all being a dream! i yearn for that feeling.

Oh please Kevin give me a chance to win the BlackBerry Bold 9900 would be a great gift for my birthday in September, I ask you please give me a chance to win and sorry for my English because I'm using Google translator, from Guayaquil in Ecuador greetings

My Twitter is @darito30

Crackberry i need this phone since t-mo is not cooperating with the prices, (so far, rumored) 9900 on t-mo

My husband is in the USA currantly and his phone got ruined....being as he does business all over the country he needs a phone to call home to his wife. Being as phones are expensive it would be nice to have to have a phone to give him so he may contact his family.. sometimes we are unable to hear from him for days.

Is there any man who does not like blackberry Smartphone?Blackberry is Blackberry.Really its no need to description about Blackberry Smarphone.Dear Blackberry Committee,if you have some kindness of Blackberry lovers,You should give me my Blackberry Smartphone.Its my dream.Please don't break my mind.Thanks.