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Win an accessory bundle from ShopCrackBerry!

We like free stuff. Free stuff is cool.

By Michelle Haag on 22 Jul 2013 09:05 pm EDT

Whether you recently purchased your first BlackBerry, or you've been addicted for years, there are certain accessories that you should have in your arsenal at all times to keep your device ready for everything you throw at it. A spare car or wall charger is a must when you're on the go all day or at work, screen protectors help prevent scratches and smudges, and cases provide not only protection from all sorts of mishaps but are also the easiest way to customize your device. This week we decided to give one lucky reader a shot at winning not just one BlackBerry accessory, but their choice of a case, car or wall charger, and screen protectors from ShopCrackBerry! That's right, one winner, three prizes. Sweet!

To enter, leave a single comment below telling us what your favorite accessory is and why. The contest is open worldwide and will end Sunday at midnight PST. Please, one entry per person, and if we catch you spamming you'll be disqualified and banned from future contests. No one wants that, right? Good luck!

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Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


Love that Flip Shell Case for the Z!

Posted via CB10


I got it for my Z10 and I often took it off to change out my battery. The result was the snaps on the corners broke and it now can not snap properly on anymore. The end result is keeping my Z10 naked haha

Posted via Z10

Harrison Cole

You must have taken it off a lot. Haha

Posted via CB10


*Crossing fingers*
Pick me pick me pick me (this doesn't count as 3 entries, does it?)


I agree the flip shell case because it's thin, protects from all sides and can prop up the phone for viewing.

Posted via CB10


Got One too. Love it. Also the spare battery and charger is a must.


My favorite and most needed accessory is the charger bundle for my Z10. Keeps me charged all day.


I love a great case. Keep my baby protected :)

Posted via CB10


My favorite is the BlackBerry car charger. A BlackBerry cord for my phone and a USB for a friend's phone!

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10


Love the charger bundle for the Z10!!!!!! Bobba Booey....

Posted via CB10

Nishanth Peter1

I LOVE my Crackberry rubber case. Works perfectly with my invisible shield screen protector.

Posted via CB10


Favorite accessory is the charger battery bundle.

Posted via CB10


Wall chargers are great to have everywhere keep z10 and PlayBook juiced and ready to go.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Transformer case for the Zed 10! In all red! Minimal weight added with a good mix of body protection, functionality, and style.

Posted via CB10


Love my Q10's case I don't ever have to worry if I ever drop it!

Z Mohammad

I'd Love to win any of the items :)


I love my Seidio case with built in 2600mah battery. I can go almost 3 days between charges!

Posted via CB10


What model? I am trying to find this case and am having no luck. Thanks.

Posted via CB10

Kyle Kyleson

Moi aussi!
But at the same time I like variety and am constantly switching cases; so I treat cases like raisins, I scoop em up.

Posted via CB10


Would love to try the flip case for the Z10. I would love to see if it extends the battery life!

Michael Neubauer

The greatest accessory, though not the latest, is the BlackBerry Music Gateway II. Not only is it ultra portable and simple to use, it is not limited to a specific BlackBerry model (hell, even non-BlackBerry devices equipped with NFC can benefit from it). It is a great way to make the "others" jealous and is a sound investment. Pun intended.

Posted via CB10


Completely agree. The Music Gateway II is the best. Also like the car charger with the extra USB connection.


My favorite and most needed accessory is a car mount for my z10, I still haven't found a suitable one!


Ask Adam Zeis what he uses. Actually I think it's the one in the picture in Michelle's posting.

Posted via CB10


I like a case that's not to big so it doesn't interfere with the Z10 gestures but still offer some protection.

Posted via CB10


Favourite accessory would have to be the pocket case for Z10. It protects the phone, and also helps prolong battery life!


My favorite accessory is my incipient feather light case customized with a roughrider logo!

Posted via CB10


I like the bumper case... just enough protection especially around the corners... works well for someone with an active lifestyle

Posted via CB10


My favorite accessory is phone cases and headphones, I don't know why but I LOVE phone cases!!!

Posted via CB10


Those mobi cases looks mighty good!!!


Body guardz screen protector. It keeps my screen on the z10 smudge free

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10


the rapid car charger.......use it everyday.


The transform case for the BlackBerry Z10 is the best case on the planet. I'm so happy with its functionality and the way it is not noticeable. I feel like the case is part of the phone! Protection and perfection! The Rimpire strikes back!

Posted via CB10


I would love a holster for my Q10!


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell

The best one as it allows me to keep it on my bedside table and stand as clock!


Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-USB In-Vehicle Charger for when I drive back to school in my new car!


I need a charger kit...1 for home and 1 for work.

Posted via CB10


The blackberry charging bundle. After buying it, idk how i can go anywhere without it now, just in case


Battery charger bundle please :)

Posted via CB10


Case = Protection and longer life on my Z10.

Posted via CB10


I love the transform shell, not only because it's like two cases in one, but also because it's light weight and sturdy.


Gotta have a case. I have three already for my beloved Z. Maybe a holster would be nice.

Posted via CBZ10 baby!

Jimberry Storm

Car charger w/ extra usb. Can charge two devices at one time

Posted via CB10


Definitely the flip shell case, it keeps my phone protected so much!

Posted via BlackBerry Zed 10, Eh?


Can I has a free battery charger bundle for my Z10?

Posted via CB10


Love my case to protect my Z10 from damage.. definitely could use an extra charger for travel :)

Posted via CB10

Bryan Klass

Definitely has to be the Flip Shell Case. With the screen protector it keeps my Z10's screen pristine!


How can you go wrong with a case for the ever so wonderful Z10? The flip one looks nice. :)


Favorite accessory is battery charger bundle. When I take long trips on the harley, it comes in handy as I can't use a car charger.



Charger bundle please.... love the extra note at the end Michelle. one entry per person just makes sense

Posted via CB10

Nada Alorami

I love the new flip shell covers, simply because it makes the q10 look sexy,sophisticated and most importantly keeps my baby well protected.

Posted via CB10


Love the premium BlackBerry Wall charger for PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. Juices you up fast!

Posted via CB10


Bundle Charger for BB Z10


The White transform case gives a fresh simple but elegant look to z10s


I'll take that ProDock for my car. I'm addicted to my Z10 and can't put it down and out of sight. I would love to have that so I can display my Z10 for the world to see! (not because I text and drive because that just wrong and very unsafe!)


Extra battery is my favorite! After that are the many outfits (cases) that my Zeppelin wears.

Posted via Zeppelin!


A good durable yet not too bulky of a case to help my Z10 survive my 2 very young kids :)

Posted via CB10


Favorite has to be a car charger, it's a lifesaver.

Posted from my T-Mobile Z10, no longer on the Sprint Meh network.


I would love the charging pack because I can keep my Z10 charged while I'm working my two jobs

Posted via CB10


Fav accessory is definitely the case that keeps my Z looking brand spanking new

Posted via CB10


Charger bundle keeps my phone charged on the go

Posted via CB10


Battery charging bundle for my Q10. Always have an extra battery ready to go, and then can charge the other while I use the fresh one! Helps me Keep Moving!

Posted via CB10


Love my cases, have to use protection. Can't stand seeing my coworkers or kids with cracked glasses.

Posted via CB10


I broke my charger bundle, badly need it :/



I love the Trident (re) protective case. It protects from drops and covers the buttons and ports .

BB Z10 rocks.


Just need a hard case to use with the QuadLock Bike mounting kit!

nasi goreng

my fav accessory.. gotta be the hard case and holster combo the one that comes with the sleeper magnet


Love the pocket pouches!!

Posted via CB10


Gotta be the new and improved car charger baby! Wooooo

Posted via CB10


The flip shell is the first thing I bought after I got my Z10. It keeps my BlackBerry safe from the rain, scratches from keys in my pocket, and come on let's admit it, it looks hella awesome!

Posted via CB10


Loving my Seidio Active Case for my Z10!!!!

Posted via CB10


That would be so awesome! Love the z10

Posted via CB10


Car charger is the best ever. Wife and I can charge two Z10's at the same time without fighting.

Posted via CB10


Favorites accessory is the otter box commuter case! I need one for my Z10

Posted via CB10


Case mate tough case for the z10. I've dropped my phone a couple time from hip height while getting my phone out of my back pocket and it did the somersault roll where it ends up about 5 feet from you...and not a scratch and perfect working order. highly recommended!!


My favorite is the BlackBerry car charger for z10


My favorite accessory is the battery bundle for the amazing reason of having INSTANT power :)

Posted from My Z10 via CB10


Black transform shell case for the Z, maintains the sleekness...

Posted via CB10


NOTHING beats a good case to protect your BB10 device!

Posted via CB10


My favorite is the bedside dock. Unfortunately not available yet. :(

Posted via CB10


Has to be the black transform case........light and keeps my Z10 protected

Posted via CB10


Love my Z10 cradle charger with the slot to charge my extra battery. Perfect for the Z10's awesome bedside mode!

Z10, 32 GB PlayBook

Posted via CB10


Oh oh pick me pick me!!!! I have a couple of things I'm looking at but can't afford it all right now.

10.2 what's your 10-20?


I love the chargers, never can have enough juice.

Posted via Z10 awesome sauce CB10


The battery charger bundle. It's a life saver!


my incipio featherlight neon blue case, keeps my phone looking new and the colour makes it stand out!


My fav would be the case because I just had my first dent on my Z and I want that to stop

Posted via CB10


Flip shell is my fav.

Posted via CB10


The Charger bundle is by far my favorite :) Always have a fully charged Z10.

Posted via CB10


Got to be the screen protector. As a man I am not the most gentle person and the screen protector keeps my screen looking new. Just a peel and stick away from being new again.

Posted via CB10


Z10 car charger for sure.


BlackBerry car charger is a great accessory!

Posted via CB10


I love my otterbox, but I would love to have some kind of waterproof solution at the beach, boat, seadoo, or kayak. I hear overboard cases work pretty well which would be nice to have. Though a fresh battery door to replace the vzw logos would be nice as well.


Z10 transform case is the way to go!


The only accessory for my z10 that I've been tempted to buy is the official flip case because it adds minimal bulk, doubles as a stand, and automatically manages whether the display should be on/off.


The charging bundles are the best. Whether on the move, at the office, or hanging at home, why ever be tethered to a wire? I thought that is why we got cell phones in the first place, so we could avoid being tethered. With the charging bundles, I never actually charge my phone. I keep a bundle at home, one at my office, and usually another in my bag, and swap batteries as needed. Not only do I avoid being tethered, I also avoid wear and tear on the micro-USB port, which is more fragile than most of us would like. Swapping batteries does, perhaps, put a little more wear on the battery cover. However, check out the Crackberry store and you can always buy a new battery cover at a reasonable price. When it comes in the mail, you take off your worn battery cover and throw on the new one. Fixed. Try doing that with USB port. Not so easy.

Posted via a physical keyboard on a Q10.

Steven Lin

My favorite accessory for BlackBerry is the mini HDMI cable

Posted via CB10


This would be the ultimate give away. Great items.


Don't own it, but really want the charger bundle for my Z. Would be a great for when I'm on the road all day :)

Posted via CB10


My favourite is charger bundle and leather pouch for Z10 that I purchased before from crackberry shop. That was a perfect buy even it costs more than to ship to malaysia but im still happy with it. Love it

Posted via CB10


Love a great case.

Posted via CB10


My Seidio Surface with holster is awesome. Very snug and grippy hold.


need the charger bundle for my Z10, need to have the phone charged all day. as i use my phone a lot!


I love my Blackberry!


PlayBook folding blade charger for sure! Charges the Z10 in no time at all.

Posted via CB10

Anubhav Nagpal

Oh, I so need that charger bundle for my lovely Z.

Here's wishing I win the first contest at CB :)

Posted via CB10

Jason Goodine

I just purchased the case- mate rosewood case and I would love to get the other one. They first perfectly in the roots case.

Posted via CB10


Can't really get accessories in my country! Hope I win this

Posted via CB10


Would be a nice package from the greatest site on the Internet

Posted via CB10


Definitely the BlackBerry OEM Premium Car Charger. My truck only has one port up front so GPS and BlackBerry Q10 perfectly powered by it.

Posted via CB10


Holster baby

Posted via CB10


Battery charging bundle for the Zed10. Best accessory I've ever purchased..

Posted via CB10


Battery bundle charger for thé Z10. Hands down.

Posted via CB10


My favorite accessory is the Belt Clip Holster. It's very convenient for me to have my phone on my hip when I want to bang out a quick message.

Posted via CB10


If I could win a spare battery ans external charger it would be sooo nice


The rapid car charger is my favourite


Instead of a free accessory, can you PLEASE tell sprint to release the Q10, its starting to get stupid!


I like the charge bundle!

Posted via CB10


Pocket pouch. Been an addict since these were standard issue out of the box. Form and function.


Would love to have a desktop charging cradle and or either the favorite Blackberry battery charger bundle for my Z10 :).

Cheers' ^_^


Need a new car charger

Posted via CB10


Car charger, but I would love a dock station for my z10

Posted with my Z10


My favorite accessory, without a doubt, is the OverBoard Waterproof Case for BlackBerry Q10. As a family we go fishing and canoeing and to the beach. This protects my Q10 from getting wet and I can still use it when in the case. The only thing that would make it better is if it had the CrackBerry logo!! :P


The battery charger and spare battery is the best accessory for my Z10.. it keeps me moving for the whole day.

Posted via CB10


Official BlackBerry black leather holster for the z10, suave & professional

- @ZEDTROSPEKTIV / @VertigoStds


The Crunk case for the Z10, it keeps the BlackBerry Z10 protected in CrackBerry style:)

Posted via CB10


Seidio Surface case for my new Z10 is my current fav. because it offers good protection with a very thin profile.

Brian Hope

A Motorola •SF600 Wireless Sports Headphones would be my choice accessory for my Z10. It's the bomb......


Love me a car charger!

Posted via CB10


The Z10 charger bundle, as it helps keep me moving, as the saying goes.

Shabee Mahmud

Case is always important to me. A good one!

Posted via CB10


Love the charger bundle, love to win one for the gf. Love shopCrackberry

Posted via CB10


The flip shell case for my Z10.


Crackberry Crunk in orange is 2 bad ass for my ass. Love that case.

Posted on my Q10.......while on the can


A battery. Need to buy one soon. Verizon Z10.

Posted via CB10


A car mount would be nice for my Z10, i haven't found one suits my need.. :D

Posted via CB10


Flip up case for sure! It's solid, light, none intrusive and is very functional as a stand! Love the red one!

Posted via CB10


Battery bundle for Q10


Transformer case, for the Z10 of course, all the way. Makes my cellular device of choice look so sweet:)

Posted via CB10


Charger bundle, seidio surface royal blue, black transform case, premium car charger . . . O wait, you said only one . . . ;-)


Love the oem z10 flip case.

Posted via CB10


I love the transform cases, cos I've got all 3 of them I can just change the colour of my Z10's jacket anytime, but I do love the red one. Now I've seen the RED FLIP case that one is the " Shizzle Manizzle" and I want it do bad........

Posted via CB10


Screen protector I like my phone semi naked!

Posted via CB10


Ballistic case for the Z10...great looking case with the protection of an otter box!

Posted via CB10


Definitely the charger bundle. So handy!

Posted via CB10


I'd have to go with the charger battery bundle. The battery can be removed and replaced, but also augmented with the simple plug and go feature. It's a design masterpiece, in my opinion.

Z10-4 .4651 via CB10


Battery bundle for my z10.

Posted via Z10


Battery bundle is the most important accessory out there. Give me the juice.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

Drew Oswalt

BlackBerry transform case is pretty cool. Protects the Z10 very well and I like the "kick stand".

Posted via CB10


Battery charging bundle... cause its wicked

Posted via CB10


I love my crackberry Crunk case for my Q10 I have the white but I'd love a black or orange one..i just love how it feels and secures my phone slides easily in my pocket and it's easy to remove...

Posted via CB10


My favorite accessory is the BlackBerry Music Gateway. I have been a music addict since I was old enough to have my own boom box (showing my age), and the Music Gateway allows wireless streaming over Bluetooth that sounds so good coming through my home theater speakers, it's virtually impossible to detect any quality degradation. Plus, the freedom to hot swap music streaming apps on my Z10 is something you can't really put into words. BlackBerry has wireless music mastered.


Recently picked up the BlackBerry Q10 and I love it!!! What sucks is that no one around here has any accessories for it so this bundle would ROCK!!!

Posted via CB10


Love the BlackBerry leather holster

Posted via CB10


Charger bundle is a must! With the battery life now I can't make it a day or shift at work for that matter w/o recharging.


The flip-shell, protects and saves battery

Posted via CB10


Love love love the Seidio Active case in blue!

Posted via CB10 with VZW Z10 (STL100-4)


The leather holster - hands down the best accessory everyone must have!

Posted via CB10


I love my holster. It always keep my Z10 and Hub within reach. The spare battery is pretty awesome too for keeping it charge during long days.

Would love something a little more protective though when I take my phone hiking.

Posted via CB10


Does the future media dock for the Z10 count? Cause that could be the favourite for me. In the meantime, a holster wins for practicality, no matter how dorky it is, and I'd love to supplement it with a Casemate Barely There which is perfect for protection without adding bulk.


When you own a BlackBerry, a case is a must!

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

Xiaoyuan Wang

i want BBM on other platforms right now!!!Give me a backup battery and a charger so that I can show off to my dear iPhoners.

Posted via CB10


The best accessory of all is the battery bundle. Next to having a full battery is a battery on waiting that can charge phone battery without removing your drained battery. So, if it goes down while you're on the phone plug in and keep on talking.


My favorite accessories are definitely cases. I've got an obsession with having many options for good, durable device protection for my Z10. I'm currently using a Seidio surface case. :D

Posted via CB10

pol pot

The red one (drool)

Posted via CB10


Z10 holster for sure.... battery savings with screen touch disable and how it automatically turns on when taken out of holster.

Posted via CB10


My favorite is Z10 charger bundle

Go BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


I'll take a leather holster like it's my job.

Michail Karteros

Battery charger bundle keeps me moving.

Posted via CB10


I love the charging stand.

Posted via CB10


That's a nice bundle of accesories but the prodock is the best because I wouldn't have to hold my phone while using the maps app and trying to drive

74 Bronco

The elusive charging dock for the z10 with hdmi


I got the z10 battery charger bundle and I love it. I charge two batteries at a time and I never have to worry about running out of power or dropping a call when i really need it.
Still don't have a case though! Eager to try out a car holder for use as a gps!

Posted via CB10


The best accessory has got to be the spare battery charge pack.

Posted via CB10


Awesome deal. Need some protection for my nice new Z10.

Posted via CB10


Love my white transform hardshell. Keeps my Z protected.

Posted via CB10


I love the classic leather hip holster since you know....classic! I've been debating on the flip cover or the transform though...seems like that is getting popular!


I need an accessory bundle real bad. I wish my self luck.


A nice Crackberry case would be sweet!!!!

Posted via CB10


Car charger, do a lot of driving and work long hours, need to keep my Z10 fully charged.

Posted via CB10


Best accessory is a good bluetooth headset. Great being hands free to make calls!

Posted via CB10


Nothing like a great case to show off and make a few friends jealous of my Z10 and the Blackberry technology...! Thanks for the opportunity :)


Obviously charger bundle! All about functionality

Posted via CB10

Abdeali Qasim

I love the charger bundle for Z10, would love to have my phone charged all day when I'm out.

Posted via CB10


Definitely the playbook wall charger. Charges my Z10 in no time. Now that I sold a Z10 to my girlfriend she asks me why my phone charges so much faster ....


I love the 1.8 Charger for the Q10. Charges my phone fast and is a high quality piece of technology.

Q10, 9900, 9700, 9000, 8700g, Treo 650, Treo 600.


I require a very solid case. Wouldn't want to hurt my baby.

Posted via CB10


Love the quick car charger as with the legacy ones it takes forever to charge my Z10!

Posted via CB10


My favourite accessory is and always will be a charging pod! Negates the need to ever have an alarm clock and also allows for use of a great looking bb10 clock with bedside mode feature!


I would love to have thd flip shell case for my z!!!!


Always like having a cradle for my Berry. Waiting on the OEM one for my Z10!

Posted via CB10


Charger bundle is my favourite because keeps my phone charged all day and z10 flip case for protection..

Posted via CB10


Spare battery charger pack for the z10, by far!

Shahryar Jamshed

Best would be definitely the charger bundle for the z10! I can freely go to university/work all day without the worry to keep a charger with me

Posted via CB10


In it to win it!!!

Posted via CB10


Always need that extra battery/charger for my Z10. I'm also a case junkie always in search of that perfect case...

Posted via CB10


Would love the flip shell case for Z10 in Red please! Crackberry rocks! Thanks!


The flipshell case for sure! It's perfect for my Z10 :)

Posted via CB10


By far the otterbox, for the heavy duty on the go person, or clumsy one too.

Posted via CB10


My favourite is the leather holster for my Z10. Classy, protects it from my pocket, and I can rest the phone on top to put it to sleep when it's on my desk.

That being said, it doesn't protect the phone in my hands, which is the most dangerous place. Like my red Transform, but I was just thinking about getting a flip shell...

I've never been this accessory obsessed with my previous phones.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."


Please and thank you.

Posted via CB10


Great contest, could use another charger and case for Z10 and PB!

Posted via CB10


A BlackBerry case cause I can't go a day without dropping my phone.

Posted via CB10


Definitely the charger bundle. Without it, I don't think I'd last a day on a single charge. It's a must have!


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10
...I love watching and streaming movies on the go with compromising on safety

Posted via CB10


I know I won't win again this time, but still.. I'd love a transform case for my zed. :)

This signature was swiped up from the Z10's sexy keyboard.


My favorite accessory is a cape because it allows my Z10 to fight crime at night.

Posted via CB10

Carmelo Eleazar

Seido convert combo for my z10 will be a perfect match. Rugged yet elegant. I run around construction sites and this will really keep my baby in perfect condition. Im from manila philippines

Posted via CB10


I don't have any accessories for my Z10, but the charging bundle would be the one I'd take. Thanks!

Posted via CB10


I love the car charger, as I can charge my phone as well as my Palm (Yes, I said Palm, as my employer uses them to generate orders in the field.) using the USB port at the same time, as my other charger port is dedicated to powering my Sirius radio.


A single comment.

Posted via CB10

Mo Cat

My favorite accessory would be the battery charger bundle. Extra juice when you need it, is always a good thing to have.

CB10 - Q10


My favourite accessory? BlackBerry premium headphones. The only ear buds to stay in my ears ever. God sent.

Posted via CB10


My favorite: Bluetooth speaker brick.

Posted via CB10


Cool contest! Right now all I am using on my Z10 is a Skinomi full body protector and I love it. If I were to get anything else any time soon it would be the battery bundle because I am not getting great battery lift with my Z10. Too bad that doesn't appear to be on the table. Oh well. There are a few cases I would like to try!

Posted via CB10


My favorite accessory is the poetic border "case" (lol)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


By far the HDMI cable. I don't subscribe to Bold, but streamed the Calgary Stampede from Z10 browser to 50" TV

Posted via CB10


Can you have too many cases?

Posted via CB10


My favorite is the Seidio Active Case. I have one and sadly I dropped my device, everything is OK but my case is now scratched.

Comments made using my mind on a hybrid Z10 LE running on VZW.


Of course it's the wall charger! You never know when it's gonna be a life saver

Posted via CB10


I would love this!
Because I love BlackBerry ,
And got the cracking berry love too!

Posted via CB10


Love the protection of the other box. Now

Posted via CB10

Brandon Glasser

Otterbox for the z10 cause those Otterbox cases will survive the apocalypse...I saw a bold with one on fall 30 ft and it took it like a champ!


I love my Transform Hard Shell. It protect my Z10 with style.

Posted via CB10


The pretty red flip case, for z10. Been looking for a good deal on one since I bought the Z on release day.


black flip case for z10 please cuz its awesome!


The charger bundle for Z10 would be my favourite because my battery is always dying in the evening before I really finish my day.

Posted via CB10


I love the flip shell cases, since they provide screen protection while in the pocket and automatically unlocks the screen when flipped open.

My favorite accessories though have to be the pouches. They provide protection for the body and screen, feel and look sleek and sec, and also have the magnets that locks and unlocks your screen for you to save on battery! Yet when you go to use your phone, you still get to touch and feel the beautiful contours and sexy high end materials (glass weave or soft rubber) in all their glory! As BlackBerry designed them to be held and touched! Wonderful!

Posted via CB10


Love the ballistic case, since Otterbox didn't make a commuter line it was a great alternative. Keeps this great Canadian beauty brand spanking new! Purchased from crackberry too :)

Posted via CB10


The leather holster is my fave but would love the charger bundle if i had one ;)


Car charger for the Z10 cuz it's good on the go and fast charging!

Posted via CB10 ~ Follow me on Twitter @TheNewsHQ for all news as it happens ~


Would love a
Amzer Shellster ShellCase w/ Holster for BlackBerry Curve 9310
to protect and easily carry my BlackBerry when I go hiking


I love the dock chargers for the Z10! Those are sick! It would be pretty cool if Life proof made a case for the Z10.

Posted using CB10 on my Z10


My favorite is the Playbook charger. Charges fast and works with everything!


I would love to get the Charging Bundle for my Z10. Really cool solution

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Charger bundle for z10 will solve a battery problem all the day!!

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Flip shell case for the Z10!

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I love my thin leather BlackBerry slip on case. So easy to take around.

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I live my BlackBerry battery pack, cause I use my phone and don't worry about my usage!
Just swap out the battery with a fresh one and Keep Moving!

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My favorite accessory is (was) the iGrip Cradle for the Bold 9930. When I was travelling this was the must have accessory using it with BlackBerry Travel in unknown cities!! Its since broken on me, I wasn't careful with the usb port and its dislodged and haven't gotten a new one. Until the A10 comes to market, I'll need to still make do with my trusted 9930.


Fav is the case with belt clip :)

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Pocket Pouch! It is the only accessory that I can't live without. My BlackBerry has always had one and always will.

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I think the flip case fit the z10 looks cool.

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Love my microfiber pouch!

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Only the best is worth protecting !!

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My favorite accessory for my Z10 would be the charger bundle because it would allow me to "keep moving " throughout the day without having to stop and recharge. Recharge on the go.

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Car charger so I'm always ready for the long run. Even though it isn't as necessary with a Q10!

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