will.i.am tweets from his Torch while carrying that *other* torch

By Adam Zeis on 22 May 2012 09:12 am EDT

Yesterday will.i.am made a quick run through the town of Taunton with the Olympic torch in hand. The London Olympics are only a few months away, and thousands of lucky people will be carrying torches throughout the UK. The Olympic torch wasn't the only torch in-hand however. will.i.am was also clutching his trusty BlackBerry Torch and managed to crank out a few Tweets along the way.

That was like, a surreal moment. You know I remember in 1984, the Olympics in Los Angeles, and me being a little Will, watching it on TV, wishing I could be at the Olympic Games, and I had that flashback when they handed me the torch to run through Taunton. So it's like a blessed moment, and a surreal moment, and an 'I-can't-believe-it moment' all at the same time," said will.i.am.

The Olympic torch will be making it's rounds for another few weeks until landing back in London for the start of the games on July 27th.

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will.i.am tweets from his Torch while carrying that *other* torch


As a Torch owner, I have always said this phone has not gotten its due...now Will.i.am is lifting high the Torch...a great BlackBerry Moment (oh, and an Olympic one, too). :D

BlackBerry People "Do"....

It sort of is the true test for one handed ease of use... can you walk with an (Olympic) Torch in one hand while texting and tweeting with your phone in the other.

Hey, I wanna test that out for myself ..... get me on a flight (from Sydney) and on the list to carry the torch (at any town on the route, lol), and I bet my trusty 9700 can do it too!!!!!!

The torch 'relay' was not introduced by Hitler. It was Carl Diem who was the German minister for sport at the time.
However the Nazi party were in power at the time so you can safely say that the torch relay is a 'Nazi' tradition. But get ur facts right.

I dont know so i googled him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Diem

Seems from this article it was his own legacy he was thinking of, not too bothered about impressing hitler as he was on the scene years before the nazis took power.. what dyou think?

I think sport and athletics are great fun but the philosophy and ethics of 'the Olympic games' is a joke.

I spent my early years trying to make it as part of the Romanian Olympic team (flat water sprint kayaking) I have medals in world and european championships but I never made it to the Olympic and now I'm glad, they are a huge waste of money and the athletes are nothing more than walking talking advertising billboards. The olympics are beyond a joke. Not to mention that only amateur athletes are supposed to take part, most of them, including myself at the time, were getting paid to train.

Is it just me or it looks HORRIBLE that hes walking with the torch while TEXTING...cool he's using a TORCH, but it just looks wrong that his head is down texting...who cares what he has to tweet

It's funny they would let an American carry the torch in England. Remember when Governor Arnorld Schwarzenegger carried it for the Vancouver 2010 games? It didn't happen without controversy.

A lot of people are outraged by a American carrying the torch here in the UK but I don't see the problem loads of countries compete in the Olympics so why shouldn't He be a part of it.

I didn't get the title untill I saw the thumbnail and remebered I saw wil-i-am on the news and remmebered he had a blackberry torch LOOOOOL

This is why I LOVE BlackBerry! They always do things with a purpose! The people that do still use BlackBerry devices are hanging in there for a reason. Carrying that torch to GREATER horizons!