Will you continue to use Google Talk once BBM is cross platform?

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By James Richardson on 6 Aug 2013 11:21 am EDT

We've now known that BBM will be available for Android and iOS users for some time. One thing that was playing on my mind is that when our Android and iPhone friends do have access to BBM will I still bother to have the Google Talk app open on my BlackBerry.

As things stand at the moment I tend to have Google Talk open most days on my BlackBerry Z10. It doesn't get used much but it's handy to get hold of a few buddies instantly who use Android devices. Anyone that has used BlackBerry Messenger over the years will confirm it's by far the best instant messaging application on any mobile platform. I have a sneaky suspicion that as soon as BBM goes live cross platform everybody will jump onboard and use it. So, for us BlackBerry users will there be any point in even having Google Talk installed?

I'm leaning towards deleting both Google Talk and Whatsapp from my BlackBerry soon. With the best IM client available on other platforms I may just decide that if someone wants to 'ping' me they can do it using BBM or not at all.

I may be on my own here but the team at CrackBerry would love to know your thoughts. So, select a choice from the poll and let's see what's in store for instant messaging in the future.


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Will you continue to use Google Talk once BBM is cross platform?



Good question. I was thinking the same - although more along the line of what visit use for?
(Guess the ability is in the name)

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I see fragmentation in my circles this way:
1. Whatsapp
2. Skype/MSN Messenger
3. BBM
4. SMS/Text messages
5. Google Talk
With BBM going crossplatform i believe BBM can climb up to #1 easily!

Actually it is the OTHER WAY around. BBM will not be a serious challenger to Skype. It hilarious how all the BB users are QUICK to get excited and put BBM as the BEST platform ever ! when it has not even broken ground yet.
You guys are funny. Relax, when it comes out it will take years to compete and even then there is no sure thing.

Whatsapp is more of a challenger than Skype. Skype feels odd on a phone. Might be that it feels like a video first app chat glued on. Don't know many people who really use it.

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I have most of my friends on Skype and WhatsApp. As for Google Talk, I have never met anybody that uses that service here in Australia.

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BBM is better than both. However that is the full version which will not be cross platform

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I don't know anyone who uses GTalk

Will be using BBM and Whatsapp :)

will BBM add a feature to find contacts by phone number ?

I don't think that will be the case.
It's easier for WhatsApp since they send you the first test message (at least here), but BBM will be based on a BBID and that might pose some issues

Kik, Viber etc.. honestly don't see them competing against BBM cross platform or whatsapp whatsoever...

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Pretty much. The only Google service I use is Google Maps. Everything else, I don't touch with a 10 foot pole... all of Google's services are disabled on my Nexus 4.

+1 on my Nexus. I would like to try BBM but I just don't have friends on a Blackberry. I'm using whatsapp and don't think this will change any time soon.

Don't bet on it. BBM is huge among BBRY users but no one cares outside the platform. Whatsapp is cross platform and has a superior user base by now. Change is difficult. People tend to stick to what they know/use

Normally I would agree with your statement but if you told me, I can chat with all my iOS and Android buddies with something similar to WhatsApp but definitely more superior in performance and quality. I would be all over that.

I've used WhatsApp and IMO, it doesn't come close to BBM. Let’s just hope the BBM application being developed for both iOS and Android pertray the same great qualities we enjoy on BlackBerry.

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BBM is far superior, never said the opposite. What I am saying is that most people stick with what they know. Most of the peeps out there still use text messaging even when they get LTE support and are texting their colleague in the next room ffs!

One of the reasons I DON'T use WhatsApp is it being based on phone numbers. I chat with a LOT of people on different systems, and only my friends and family have my actual phone number. I prefer to have some semblance of privacy while chatting with people I've met on the internet.

BBM and Google Talk being based on email addresses is a little better, Skype and Kik being username based have been my preferred chat choices. I do believe with the features that BBM will bring, it will be quickly adapted and jump to the top of the list. Between regular chat, group chat (if it does go cross platform), and possibly voice and video chat capabilities, BBM will have features that only Skype will be able to compete with.

The fact that so many people have downloaded the fake BBM app (before it was pulled from Google Play) shows how much of an interest there really is in BBM.

exactly , Skype,whatsApp. Viber, and Google's Hangouts will continue to exist and BBM will carve it;s own niche in the market but NO WAY will it instantly become the Standard ! LMAO anyone thinking that is just crazy. Maybe for BB users it might, but not over all.

The thing is that my friends and family are split across multiple devices consisting of primarily android, followed by ios, and then blackberry*.

-Basic SMS is the most used communication tool (all my contacts),
-followed by having a conversation over email,
-then whatsapp (3 contacts),
-gtalk (2 contacts),
-and lastly, bbm (down to 1 contact).

The reality is there is a lot of noise in this communications segment, and people are already comfortable using multiple apps to communicate. I'd love for bbm to be the one sole texting/calling/video app, but it will take time and effort to break people's current habits of using what is already comfortable for them.

Tl;dr -> yes, I think I shall continue using gtalk if those contacts do not adopt bbm.

* examples used are of my own friends and family; and are not indicative of the market as a whole.

This is very similar to my experience. I currently have no BBM contacts, A few who use AIM, several on gchat, many I use Facebook messaging or email for, and many others I text.

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Speaking of crap, Whatsapp is terrible. Why the heck can't it find all of my contacts in the Contacts app? For whatever reason, the contacts in Whatsapp change every time I reboot my phone. I can't wait to delete this crap and go with just BBM.

If they disappear/change, it probably means that they're either removing you as a contact from their own contact lists or they're disabling their own accounts.

Actually this is a bug. If you have any linked contacts, this is going to happen. It totally acts out of whack when you have linked contacts to facebook, twitter etc. So, delete whatsapp then unlink all your contacts. After you are done, reinstall whatsapp again, and wait for the contact list to populate.

I do. My company just moved over to using Gmail and dropped MS Exchange so everyone now uses gchat all the time. It useful if I care to log in but since chat logs aren't synced it's not as powerful as it could be. I'll use it the same amount which is intermittently...

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I guess your company doesn't care about securing it's intellectual property by going to gmail for their corporate email. That just sounds crazy to me.

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Nope, not used by any of my (Google) friends.

Besides, BBM has much more to offer than the competition.

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I used to use it quite a bit but it slowly fell off my radar so I stopped re-installing it whenever I'd wipe my device. I have a few friends so far who've mentioned they're excited for BBM to come to their Android devices. Especially people who used to use BlackBerry devices; they really miss BBM.

I was an early mover to ios then android.(although, I remained a besadmin)
Absolutely hated losing BBM from my main device. I kept searching for a replacement starting with Google talk, tried ton go back MSN then Skype and so many other but was never able to get all my contacts on to one common solution.

Today the rest of the market it seems and friends have switched or are switching to iPhone or Android and I've switched back to z10 in feb and our entire organisation upgraded to bes10 this summer. I would love to have those glory BBM days back, but can't help thinking that it may be a little too late . I currently mostly use sms then whatsapp and just itching to dump it and use my BBM again.
It will be a lot hard work and preaching to get everybody on BBM, but I'm up for it.

They need to release this fast.

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LOL, so you say you do not currently use GT and would not join it when BBM is cross platform.
Good move.
Me to!

Hahaha! You got that right! Just means I don't use it and will not use it regardless.

The only other IM that I use is WeChat because of friends who are on iOS and Android.

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For most people it will be based on how many of their friends adapt to BBM. Myself I just use Text or BBM and for some reason never latched onto other messaging platforms.

I can see Google Talk remaining popular in the US, especially since BBM will not launch with voice or video. Outside the US, the only edge Google Talk has over BBM is a desktop client integrated with Gmail.

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I will mostly use bbm, but Google talk will always be handy for communicating to friends who are at their desktops. It isn't easy for some people to chat using their phones during office hours, but Google talk is a little less conspicuous!

Now if BBM also comes out for desktop use then we are talking!

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BBM should come with voice video and screen share... It will blow the competition away!! :)

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Yeah... I don't get why people keep asking for this... it was already stated when they announced it. These features will be coming.

I quit using GTalk a while ago. It was only used for one contact and it was an exercise in frustration. During the course of a work day I would get booted off at least 4 or 5 times and never be aware of it. The same thing would occur to my contact who was on a desktop. Compared to BBM it is a crap IM client. Cross platform or not, GTalk is gone for good on my phone.

Exactly the same thing happened to me, stopped and never restarted it's another half baked Google project

From the Zed of Rockivy

I will probably continue to use it. I have some friends (iPhone/Android users) who are dead set on never touching BBM, even when it goes cross platform.

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Never used it... furthermore once xp BBM launches I will delete WhatsApp and insist anyone who wants to talk to me get BBM... simple.

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The day I heard the news of BBM going cross platform, I informed my friends of it and also let them know that I won't be available on any other messaging app including WhatsApp, Google talk, this that...

BBM all the way, yes :)

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Google Talk is the basic IM. I think BBM & WeChat are the popular IM now. If BBM can built-in Pics share like WeChat , it'll be the best IM.

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I can't wait but I have a z10 but want to know if blackberry users will get extra perks or something???

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For sure they will. I can see bb giving incentives to bb10 holders and small fees for cross platformers! But no fees for the basics.

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I've never side loaded whatsapp and google talk on my z10. And don't want to download them even when they come to BlackBerry world..

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Fair enough, but whatsapp has been on BB10 for months (just an FYI :) ) - also, I don't use it myself, lol

I don't use Google Talk now so why would I start using it when BBM goes cross-platform lol

Never saw the point of Google Talk, even when I tried Android. Then again, none of my friends and family instant message anyway...other than on Facebook, so I doubt I will get to use BBM either.

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If BBM appears on the desktop, within my Google Apps Web page then maybe

BBM is a great way to chat, but my companies uses gtalk via desktop, Web and mobile to stay in touch

I don't see that changing soon

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That is a challenge for any IM program maker.

There has been a recent trend to have primary internet communication from PC (makers) to Smartphone and Tablets (seekers).

The maker-users are business users, academic, photo editing, etc are (still) trending toward PC's.
The seeker-users are trending toward Smartphones and Tablets.

I never really used Google Talk anyway. A Lot of my friends use it, but I'd rather not. Bring on BBM cross-platform!!!

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BBM has always been my preferred IM client. Once it is cross-platform, I will tell everyone that is the best way to reach me. :-)

The only instant messenger I have ever used in my entire life, no joke, is BBM.

Oh, wait, and Office Communicator for a few months when I worked for a large corporation, to chat with people I was supporting.

That's all I will ever use. If somebody wants to get a hold of me using some form of instant messaging, they have to own a BlackBerry or download BBM when it is available cross platform.

If they don't want to communicate using BBM, they can SMS or email me directly. Heck, they can even phone me, but I rarely even do that anymore. Voice calls are so 2012.

Anyways, the future is telepathy and prior to that point it's BBM.

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All of my friends have google partially because android nabbed, oh I don't know, 80% of the market. So just as blackberry users would support bbm android will support google talk. And seeing as how in the last 3 years I've had 2, yes you read that right, 2 bbm contacts, I don't see google talk going anywhere. As a matter of fact, here in the US bbm better be ready for a real fight for IM dominance, something that they actually still do well.

With the exception of my business friends and colleagues... I slowly watched all the rest of them drop off of BBM over the last few years. Looking forward to welcoming everyone back.

I never use Google Talk. I'm lucky enough to live in Canada where a large portion of people still use blackberry. I use BBM the most, text the second most and WhatsApp to talk to my brother when he is traveling with his iPhone. Once BBM goes cross platform, I doubt I will use much of anything else

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Ditto. Talk excels in that conversations on the desktop is replicated on mobile, so you can continue talks seamlessly. At least it does on android, not yet on the BlackBerry client.
That said, I still has lots if friends on BBM.

The only reason anyone may continue to use anything else but bbm is the user database he has.
I think Whatsapp may have an edge there as it automatically adds your Contacts, so does viber for that matter that can be a good and a bad thing... we shall see. Google talk ? a oke. drains battery accross all platforms. people hate it . BBM all the way for me !

I use whatsapp. Haven't used Google Talk since it stopped working reliably on my 9810.

At some point it started dropping the connection on my 9810. Then BlackBerry put out an "Upgrade" which

1. Didn't stop it from dropping the connection

2. Would NO LONGER TELL YOU the connection had been dropped!

So the upgrade was actually much much worst.

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I will be keeping Viber. (once it's on BB10) and then only initially, I will be doing everything I can to get my Viber contacts to switch over, & once most of them have, it will be bye bye Viber......speaking of which, I can't wait for Viber to come to BB10. I have been carrying a 4S around with me since I got my Q10 just for Viber! Ironically, when I had my 9900, I didn't need to carry the iPhone

I have never used Google talk or chat. I imagined the day simplicity was built into a messaging application that BBM has... I wish in BBM on BB10 I could tie contacts to the address book, or maybe I can and I have not investigated enough. Next I need a desktop version of BBM, maybe tied to BlackBerry id...

The people I know with Android phones are planning to switch to BBM so I guess I'll be deleting those apps from my phone

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I don't use Google Talk but only because the app sucks... Even once BBM is cross platform, I still really want a nice Google Hangouts app for communicating with those on desktops.

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I've never had it and will never use it! I just hope that when Bbm does go cross platform that the droid and ios user's have to give a lil $ to use the vid chat and voice calls, that being said can't wait to build up my Bbm contacts!!!

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MOST of my friends are on iOS.
MANY of my friends are on Andriod.
SOME of my friends are on WP.
ONE of my friends is on BBOS.
NONE of my friends is on Google Talk.
ALL of my friends are on Whatsapp.
NONE of my friends is on BBM (no also the BBOS user isn't using it-there is nobody left to talk to!)

So the relevant question for me would be "will you continue using Whatsapp....".

Answer: yes, as long as WP is not supported, I can't get rid of it. A PC/Mac client would also be great.

P.S. I will of course try and sell BBM to my friends, as soon as the new version is available. Won't be able to convert the WP users to change platform though.

Google Talk is not popular among my group of friends (I don't think It's popular here in Canada, B.C.). Everyone I know use Whatsapp or basic SMS text. My plan is to stop using Whatsapp once BBM goes cross platform and try to get them all to use BBM.

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Life is so much better without facebook or twitter too. Just me, the Internet I choose to view (crackberry.com), some video games, BBM, a handful of friends, work, and play. I don't need to know what people are doing via status updates, tweets, or any other kind of "selfie" or a filtered image of somebody's meal over and over again. No, I'm not "anti-social", I'm just "old-school social". I prefer direct contact, one on one, or in groups, or heaven forbid - face to face. BBM is the most socially acceptable means of instant messaging in my opinion, especially now with voice and video chat, as well as channels. It's an all in one solution that is almost as good as being face to face. It's like a more personal and direct form of digital communication and that's why I like it, as an "old-school social" type of person.

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Oh yeah, and my bike. I can ride all over the city, grab my Q10, and start video chatting with my best bud via BBM. Then maybe meet up or whatever, go for a ride.

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Once BBM goes cross platform I will send this out to all my contacts through WhatsApp: "by the time you receive this, WhatsApp will no longer be on my device. You can reach me with BBM ("mypin")... see you soon... or not... that's up to you!

I do hope there is a way to invite all the contacts in one simple way... instead of inviting them one by one...

From the Z...

Once BBM goes cross platform I will have no use for WhatsApp. I will send out a group message on WhatsApp and tell my people to find me on BBM. :-)

I don't use either Google talk or BBM. My wife, mother and landlord are on iPhones, and my sister has an android. SMS is just fine since messages are very few and brief. Between me and the wife are the only long chats that I'll have, and since we're on the same family plan - it's unlimited.

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BBM all the way, I've already deleted what's app and Google talk and only use SMS because anything less than BBM is a waste of time.

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Haven't used Google Talk, then NO

Actually just because my friends don't use GT so I don't use it. If majority of my friends used it, I have to use it to communicate with them. Same thing happens for Viber, WhatsApp.

I mainly use whatsapp. I use BBM for my one BBM contact. Lost 2 BBM contacts in just the last 2 weeks! (one to an HTC One an the other to an iPhone 5)

Stopped using gtalk after it stopped working reliably on 9810. It's started dropping its connection randomly.

Then BlackBerry put out an "Upgrade" which:

1. Did not stop it from dropping the connection

2. Stopped even reporting the connection had dropped!

The upgrade made gtalk much much worse as I didn't even know when I was offline anymore!

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This will REALLY depend on how good the BBM app is for Android, IOS and desktop. If it's crap, people won't use it and I will be stuck with gtalk...

I find that sometimes I use gtalk even for friends that have BBM simply because I am using a PC or I know they are.. If the BBM app allows me to be logged into a PC and also on a device, that would be a big step to acceptance.. otherwise it may remain a secondary communication choice...

Gtalk on BB10 is really crap too.. I suspect that was done on purpose.

Oversight on their part then. Even for SMS, we have things like Rogers One which is a way to send/receive text from a PC through your phone instead of dealing with on-screen keyboards..

Even basic BBM send/receive text data on a PC would be welcome... am sure porting it to a windows App would be trivial at best.

I will stick with Whatsapp! as my family and some of my friends are using Windows phone and other phones. This survey question will be misleading as it shows people are only using Gtalk or BBM!! while Whatsapp is the most popular cross platform messaging service which now is part in almost all smartphone platforms and all ecosystems, I wish there were an option "will stick with Whatsapp!"

Never used Google Talk, even if i use Android phones since 2010, but i will probably never use BBM, i communicate with SMS, emails and voice call with my family and friends and don't feel the need to have something else.

The thing is, I never really bothered with Google Talk on the BlackBerry at all. It was honestly not a very good app.

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I used Google Talk way back when I first got my 8900 and then eventually I stopped using it because it's kind of an hassle.

The beauty of Google Talk that differentiates itself is that it is usable when on the computer.

For people that work at a computer for 8 hours a day, it's not very convenient or professional to be picking up a cell phone every 5 mins to send a message. But to discretely open up a separate browser to quickly type out a message is perfect!

BBM needs to go to the desktop!

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Kik is the worst of them all. The fact that "randoms" can message you is still insane. I still get an email from Kik saying "we miss you and look at all these messages you missed". It's messages from people I don't even know...

That's like saying, "will you still use a landline considering cellphones is now available". It's another communication tool.

BBM is going to make me delete Whatsapp for sure. Don't use Google Talk or Skype but no need after BBM is released cross platform.

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Don't think people are really going to go for it when they've got what's app! What is going to entice them away from what they know?

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Lol i dont even use that application, no need for me to use it, got bbm, if not bbm sms, email,and whats app which i think needs to be eradicated

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"Cross-Platform" doesn't mean "More users". BBM on iOS/Android is only useful to me if the people I need to IM with download and use it.

+1 for the desktop BBM client. I'd love to be able to use BBM exclusively, but need a desktop version.

Right now Hangouts (Google Talk as its being referred to here) has a computer option so if im away from my phone i still have the ability to respond to messages. BBM a far as i know does not have this feature yet.

Definitely! The best part with G Talk is Hangout. Multiple video conversation up to ten most especially if you are using desktop or tablet. Now if Blackberry can do this I will convince them to give it a shot. As long as these Iphone and Android user havent seen the capabilities of BBM they would never give it a try.

Interesting how some are saying no way, BBM all the way etc.

That is exactly what is going to happen in the other direction when BBM goes cross platform.

All of my friends that are using other methods to communicate are anxiously awaiting both releases of BBM cross platform! As soon as it is available on both platforms I am deleting WhatsApp. If my friends choose to continue using other apps then they can contact me via email. Anyone that I have spoken to has said that they will be giving BBM a shot at becoming their primary cross platform communication tool. If the user experience is the same as it is in BB10, it will be a winner!

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I might have to keep WhatsApp. I really only use it to talk to my spouse when I'm without cellular service but have wifi.

But his phone doesn't have a new enough version of android. He's still only halfway into his contract so a new phone isn't a likely solution.

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I never have used Google talk. I only use Google services when necessary.

Contrary to what you've been told, Google is Not your friend!

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What if BBM on non BlackBerry devices have limitations? Like only limited to text messages, no media sharing, we'll still have to rely on other IMs or other apps

Everyone uses Google so I have to live with it. That is, until Google decided every single product they provide should be a part of Google+. I will be forcing BBM or its direct to the phone call. And Skype does not count.

Slight off topic but I assume Mr Richardson is rocking the new 10.2 OS on his BlackBerry and this makes me ask the same question for the millionth time:
Where are headless apps!?
Why must you have the Google talk app open all day when it should be running in the background by now??
Surely this is not going to be another broken BlackBerry promise......?

CB10 on my Z10

Don't use it now. Lol. Looking forward to a full contact list again,once bbm goes cross platform. I lost a ton BlackBerry users to ios and android because they didn't want to wait for BlackBerry to get its act together. Here's hoping it goes well.

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I only have a single friend who uses BBM. Some use Whatsapp and Skype, but most use Google Talk/Hangouts. No one cares about BBM or BlackBerry in Sweden. :/ (Well, BlackBerry isn't even trying to sell their stuff here, so it's understandable)

No offense , if your power messaging Google talk and Hangouts does not even compare with BBM / BBM Channels / BBM Money. BBM will be the best Social e-Commerce Enterprise Brand Messenger period !!

None taken... ;)

Honestly, I have no idea about BBM Money, but why is BBM better than the competition? No one seems to be able to say why.

Lets see what the competitiors have to offer:

* 300 million active users.
* Send pictures and movies in full size, even when the receiving part is offline.
* Officially supported on Android, iOS, BB7, BB10, Windows Phone 7.5/8, Symbian and Nokia S40.
* Unofficial client for Nokia N9/Meego Harmattan.
* The phone number is your account number.

* ~124 million active users per month.
* Send any type of files from and to the desktop clients while both parties are online.
* Clients for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, Symbian, Playstation Vita, etc.
* Desktop clients for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
* Call landlines.
* Chat logs are synched between all devices, but not stored on any server.
* Video and audio chat.
* Screen sharing.

Google Talk:
* Unknown number of active users, but Google+ (with Google Hangouts) have ~359 million active users.
* Open XMPP/Jabber communication protocol.
* Clients for _all_ platforms which have a XMPP/Jabber client (basically all, including AmigaOS).
* Users can use the web browser to chat.
* Desktop clients support end-to-end encryption via i.e. OTR (off the record).
* Video and audio chat.
* Logs are stored in gmail.

Facebook chat:
* Unknown number of active users, but probably way more than Skype and Google Talk together.
* Have most of the features of Google Talk, except video and audio chat.
* Same platform support as Google Talk.

* 200 million active users.
* Clients for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BB7, Symbian, Samsung Bada.
* Desktop clients for Windows and Mac OS X.
* Voice and video chat.
* The phone number is your account number.


What does BBM have to make it really stand out compared to the competitiors? They lack users and support for multiple platforms. No matter how good it is, it's of no use if it's not on the platform of your choice and lacks your friends and collegues.

I well only use BBM. All other replies well read. " to reach this person you must frist download BBM. insert this pin •••••••• to add contacts ". My friends well get mad put I stubborn and they will BBM me.

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This is a tough question, my company use Google apps for our email and collaboration system, therefore Google account are integrate throughout the system. I love BBM but with out the cross platform functionality, it will be harder to implement as a full enterprise communication solutions. I would love to ditch Google talk, but until BBM released the cross platform and pc version, I think I'll stick with gtalk as my secondary communicator alongside of BBM. Just my two cents thought, still love my BlackBerry.

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I use Gtalk for work when needing to chat to support teams that do not have access to our corporate IM.

Other then that, I rarely use it and don't use it on my Z10. I have a lot of BBM contact both work and personal, I hope to see that grow once BBM is cross platform.

FYI - converted 2 people to BlackBerry Z10's today BOO-YAH! :)

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I don't use Google talk. Plus I think ALL iPhone and Android users.. all smartphone users will switch to bbm over everything else if BlackBerry do it right.. I don't know 1 single person that doesn't agree bbm is the best messaging app.

Could even put skype out.. think this will be blacberrys joker card to get back in the global game tbh.

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If I can get my core friends on BBM, sure!

Google Talk takes FOREVER for me to log on, from a BlackBerry - does anyone else have that problem?

SMS/Text pretty much is fine in today's unlimited texting world. I've used other products, but there is always someone I want to communicate with that isn't using the app I'm trying to use.

Back when I got my first Berry, texting was limited by everyone's "plans" and an app like BBM was a great alternative. But technology has changed and most of the people I know now have smartphones, and those for the most part now come with unlimited texting.

Now if BBM were to allow me to compose and send and receive messages using either data (for those on BBM) or viva SMS/Text for those not on BBM.....

I never use Google talk or any chatting client on BlackBerry. Very rarely use BBM. Mostly I manage with text messages.

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There are many alternatives to Google Talk, such as FaceBook, email, Twitter and texting. I am okay to not have GT. I have enough ways to communicate without that mess on my phone.

I never run it. I think I may have run it once years ago. I should check to see if I have it installed. If so, I'll delete it.

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It really depends on implementation. Is BBM going to be an app that ios and android users will have to open and keep running or will it be more baked in and integrated into their existing texting experience?

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Die hard Q10 fan, but I'd still have to use some form of Google Talk to communicate with colleagues on laptops / desktops, also it's just convenient esp with Google Apps open in the browser at work all day. Unless BBM has a desktop client?

I use it mostly for desktop to mobile or mobile to desktop because it's integrated into Google Apps / gmail. These days though mobile to mobile most people I know are using Whatsapp, even on my Q10.

Google Hangouts (formerly Google Talk) gets a lot of use on my Note 2 and Nexus 7. From being able to have group video hangouts, and the number of people I chat with who use Android devices, I see Hangouts lasting.

I also play Ingress, and the local players use Hangouts to chat privately (and in groups) to strategize. With Ingress being a Google-based game, tied into Google+, and players using it for communication, it will still be relied upon for game play. One of the nice things is that I can have Ingress open on my Note 2 and chat from my Z10 via the Google Talk app.

As far as the number of people who jump over to BBM (once available), I think it will be a large number. How many people held on to their BlackBerry devices for as long as possible before finally giving up and moving to Android or iOS? BBM was one of the reasons they stuck around. It might not be the reason they come back to BlackBerry, but BBM will definitely be installed on their current devices. My BBM list doubled after the Z10 came out. I'm expecting it to at least double again once BBM goes cross-platform.

No offence, but that's like asking Android users if they're going to PIN message. Hangouts, the successor to Talk, isn't on BB at all, but it's great - the CB team themselves enthuse about it's use for video every podcast now.

I stopped using it a week after I got my phone. Reason being it drops and relays messages unacceptably often.

It sucks. Whatsapp is the goto cross platform messaging app right now. Which I hope to drop once BBM goes cross platform .

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I have never been able to really use BBM. When I got my first BlackBerry, which was a pearl, I had one friend that had a BlackBerry. The most friends I have ever had with a bb at the same time was 2. I have over 100 friends in my address book. I use what is universal, and that means sms. BBM on other platforms is great but will my Android friends use it? Not unless it doesn't touch their batteries *at all*. Will my iPhone friends use it? If it runs well esp on 3g/3gs phones and doesn't take too much space.

I don't use Google chat for the same reason my friends won't use BBM, it's not built in and it wastes battery (perception at least).

What BBM needs to do is find a way on their servers to allow bridging to google chat so that I can send texts to gchat users without them installing another program. Then for more advanced things people will have to install BBM.

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I just use Trillian to help me with the fragmented circles of friends/I'm clients. But now that the Gtalk interface is moved to Hangouts/G+ the privacy and customization is terrible. So I'm glad I won't have to use it anymore.

Trillian for web-based IM, BBM for cross-phone-platform. That is pretty much all I hope to need soon.

I use Google talk quite a bit when I'm deployed overseas since it offers free video chat that works quite well and my wife has an eye fone. (I use it on my laptop)

If BBM for eyeOS has video chat capability, it will be a win!

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If someone said yes is got 2 be because they never used BBM before!!

BBM is THE BEST messenger service in the World!!

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No!!! Google Talk for BlackBerry sucks on any OS. BBM makes what's app defunct ONLY if they allow larger file transfer (video!!)

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Google talk has its place for chatting with pc clients. Will be keeping it for that although I wish offline messages still worked.

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Non mais il serait temps que sa soit disponible au autres téléphones mais beaucoup disent si je peux avoir BBM, a quoi me sert de prendre blackberry? BlackBerry doit se démarque trouver une innovation quelques chose que les autres ne font pas! Ou qui ne maîtrise pas bien

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What is Google talk? Anyhow many ex and non BlackBerry user are looking forward to BBM. One friend who has an iPhone heard only android was getting bbm and was planning to sell her iPhone5 and get a sg4. A Lot of people are getting rid of there dated iphones but most are going to android while some are going to BlackBerry.

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The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heatThe starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat

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What's that?!!! I don't even use it now. Almost immediately after learning that my Gmail wasn't syncing on my Z10 I abandoned Gmail, etc.

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Will also keep wechat on, most of my contacts are in China, BBM not really known there

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