Will we see these Gameloft and Halfbrick games on BlackBerry 10 at launch?

BlackBerry 10 games
By Michelle Haag on 26 Sep 2012 04:08 am EDT
Back in May at BlackBerry World, Gameloft announced they would have 11 games ready to go for the launch of BlackBerry 10. We saw one of those games, Shark Dash, demoed today during the BlackBerry Jam keynote as well as Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick (which was mentioned back in April), but what's also interesting is what we noticed in the video that wasn't mentioned or demoed.

During Alec Saunder's portion of the keynote he and Marty Mallick took a look through the new BlackBerry App World and while scrolling through the games we noticed a few gems that we can't wait to see on the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. As you can see in the screenshots above, three Gameloft titles (Let's Golf 3, Nova 3, Asphalt 7: Heat) and Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick are all listed in the future version of App World, so we're guessing these are some of the other titles that will be ready to go when BlackBerry 10 launches. While we know a lot of you are tired of seeing so many games, I think it's great to see these big name game developers committing to BlackBerry 10 and the future of BlackBerry.
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Will we see these Gameloft and Halfbrick games on BlackBerry 10 at launch?


Who would be tired of seeing so many games? People should be glad BlackBerry 10 is picking up steam.

I was gonna buy Asphalt 7 on my ipod touch the other day, but now I'm just gonna wait for it to come to the PlayBook or play it on my BB10 phone if it's there at launch.

I wonder if it's easier to make games or apps? These big corporations that haven't made an app for BB might find it pretty easy to do. I can only assume since I am not a dev.

no doubt in my mind this will be there for bb10 gamelost has been one of the biggest game devs for playbook they will not miss bb10

never wanted a tech item as badly as a bb10

BlackBerry By Choice

Any idea why some games have prices listed and others don't?

The reaon I ask is because this obviously looks like a mock up of sorts and we all remember the first shot of the PlayBook App World with Skype and other yet to be seen apps....

I do expect to see these games though since these devs are fully supporting the PB currently even with its small marketshare compared to the expected BB10 marketshare.

That was the first thought as well. RIM has shown us pictures before of App World, when the Playbook was launched, that featured Skype and MSN - both with prices - and we all know how that turned out. So as a general rule of thumb, I'd take any pictures that were shown with a huge degree of skepticism.

Having said that, when it comes specifically to Gameloft, given that they have already tweeted and commented elsewhere that they are going to be developing/supporting BB10 - I am confident that they will arrive.

The other app that I noticed as being on here, which I am hopefull pans out, given what happened to the Playbook, is the TuneIN Radio Pro app. TuneIN has most decidedly been anti-Playbook and refused to support the device after the fiasco of their initial launch/then pull of their app early in the Playbook's lifecycle. It's interesting to see them listed for BB10. Assuming that BB10 does come to the Playook, then this would mean that the TuneIN Radio app will finally be available for it.

Time to save the images; let's see if all this truely pans out.

I'm okay with lots of games, but we need productivity apps too! Port LibreOffice to BB10!!! With Windows 8 on the horizon, BB10 needs to step up and provide more beefy apps or Microsoft's Surface will start gaining momentum more quickly.

the bard tale's!

I bought it and it is very nice.

Wish there were more good RPGs out there.

But please no Free-2-Play, I hate games where I have to use real money to progess... One payment is ok.

I'm confused, since the PlayBook seems to be a gaming devise I would want to see more solid business apps on the phone that would then transition well to the PB.

I'm a bit apprehensive about all this. I recall when the Playbook was 1st introduced, Skype was also seen as an Icon in AppWprld. Here it is over a year later...no Skype. Been burned before...im just going to wait and see.