Will the A-Series go to market as the BlackBerry A10, Z15 or something different?

BlackBerry A10, Z15 or ??
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jul 2013 12:53 pm EDT

BlackBerry names - it's always been a fun guessing game. With the older BlackBerry OS phones, over the years the system for naming new models became a bit of a fragmented mess - Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm, Torch, Tour, Style became brand families and a bunch of model number designations followed the family name. Sometimes the name and model number progression made "sense." Sometimes, they didn't. While knowledgeable CrackBerry readers always knew what model they owned, more often than not I would notice BlackBerry owners would just refer to their device as their "BlackBerry", or maybe something as descriptive as "the new Bold." BlackBerry Bold 9780? Not so much... by that point it was just starting to get a bit too much more most.

With BlackBerry 10 phones to date, we've witnessed an attempt to simplify the naming of the devices, keeping the focus on the BlackBerry name, while combining the brand family and model into one. BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry Q10. BlackBerry Q5. BlackBerry Z represents the high end touchscreen line, while Q stands for Qwerty. 

Looking ahead to BlackBerry's next flagship touchscreen, which pretty much everybody has been referring to as the BlackBerry A10 now for a while, I can't help but think when it officially gets announced it will go by a different name. The first rumors of this device pointed to a specs sheet for the "aristo" and at that point we knew there would be variations of that model (for different networks), so it became the "a-series" and then I think it was CNet on June 5th who called it the BlackBerry A10, which has stuck.

BlackBerry A10 does sound nice, but if you look at the history of BB10 rumored names to date, there's actually no precedent for the A-Series to become the BlackBerry A10. The Z10 was the L-Series, the Q10 was the N-Series, and the Q5 was the R-Series. When the official announcements came, the name was always a change up and a nice surprise.

Looking at what BlackBerry did with the Q5 branding, keeping the Q but lowering the number to signify it's a lower end device than the Q10, it actually points to BlackBerry naming the A10 the Z15 at launch. With the Q5, BlackBerry could have picked another letter for it - the R10, the B10, etc. If they would have done that, then the 10 in these names simply would have represented the BlackBerry 10 operating system, with the letters changing up for each model. Then, when BlackBerry 11 eventually came out, you could do it up again - A11, Q11, etc. It doesn't seem like that's going to be the case though of course, and I think it's going to be a while before BB10 goes onto BB11 (we're at BlackBerry 10.1 right now with 10.2 probably rolling out next on the A-Series - I *think* we have years of BB10 ahead of us).

Following the Q5 naming precedent, which halved the Q10, it would make sense for BlackBerry to up the Z10 by 5 to be the Z15

Still looking at the Q5 as the lower-end follow up to the Q10, it's interesting that they halved the number, from 10 to 5. They could have called it the Q9 and accomplished the same thing of denoting it as a device lower in stature than the Q10. And if a next generation Q10 comes out, it could then pick up the Q11 name.

Looking at the A-series device and deciding where it belongs on the new BlackBerry 10 phone naming scale, there are a couple of things to consider. One is the screen size. While it is a full touchscreen phone like the Z10, with a 5" display, it's clearly a bigger phone and arguably a different "form factor" as far as touchscreen phones go. I think BlackBerry *could* justify giving it a different letter. So while the Q5 was still in the Q family, the A-Series could be seen as being different than the Z family. That said, at a glance from across the room, the Z10 and A-Series have a lot in common, to the point where it could be viewed as being part of that family still. In which case, following the Q5 naming precedent, which halved the Q10, it would make sense for BlackBerry to up the Z10 by 5 to be the Z15. 

Looking at one of the most recent leaked photos of the "A10", under the battery door the label BlackBerry Z Zero Zero (Z00) appears. At least I think it's Z Zero Zero, otherwise, it reads BlackBerry Zoo which would be pretty damn funny. So I'm thinking the zero zero is a place holder, but the Z is likely legit - meaning it's more likely this 5" beast may end up falling into the Z family.

So, if you're still following this winding editorial, the question remains... when the A10 gets officially announced, will it still be the BlackBerry A10 or is it more likely to be a BlackBerry Z15, a Z00, a Zoo or something else? 

My take on it? I wouldn't be surprised for it to NOT be the A10. Given how the Z10, Q10 and Q5 names have all been surprises at launch, I could see BlackBerry not calling it the A10 just because that's what we've all been calling it for months. As for the Z15, I've heard some muttering out there that supports it, and following the Q5 precedent the Z15 is the logical choice (and I do love logic!), but with "fifteen" being two syllables the name would lose some of the crispness that Z10, A10 and Q5 have. Stranger things have happened though.

What do you all think? Is the the A-Series the next progression of the Z10? Or does it deserve a family a letter to itself, aka A10? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts and rationale.

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Will the A-Series go to market as the BlackBerry A10, Z15 or something different?



And thus no compelling reason to buy the Z15 over the Z10, besides screen size. Now that doesn't have to be a problem by itself, but I was under the impression that the A10 was a holy an significantly superior device compared to the Z10. It was hyped that way and if that doesn't turn out to be the case, it will be a major disappointment.

Well I personally don't think it's a "flagship" like the HTC one of GS4 or iphone - that said, the BlackBerry experience is getting better all the time and the screen will make this a nice media consumption device.

Just Not like the aforementioned devices - I think not having a 1080p is missing a trick this late into 2013.

But then the Moto x or lumia 1020 are all 720p or equivalent... they're also priced equivalent (though the lumia has the trick camera).

It's a tough one.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I agree. I think in BlackBerry's case, they have to showcase a lot more than their competitors. They need to be topnotch and if they aren't (like 720p vs 1080p) they need other compelling features besides only a new and different OS.

It's definitely a difficult task for BlackBerry, but I really hope they can make it.

The problem is that they need to maximize margins, and increasing certain specs won't sell enough extra devices to cover the loss of margins per device. To be honest, the only thing that should be increased, imo, is the RAM, and that is just for future proofing. I guess a bigger battery too, but that is a given with a bigger phone.

Posted via CB10

It's more of a graphic rendering specialist like for games. Therefore I think they will start a new family name called the G series for gamer or gaming.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

If you already have a Z10, no there's not a compelling upgrade case. I don't know if you've noticed, though, but there are MILLIONS of people who don't have Z10s yet (astonishing, I know). For them, the marginally-lower resolution won't be visibly worse than the Z10, and the bigger battery/AMOLED screen combo will yield pretty decent battery life.

Betting that next year there will be a "Z15+" that will, say, move to the Snapdragon 800...

Agreed. I think the Z10 should fall to the mid range tier and Blackberry will only focus on flagships for 2014. Thats my guess

Myself, I'm still hoping for a mid-range touch device.

So we would end up with Z5 (3.5", same specs are the Q5 and considerably cheaper), Z10 (the standard touchscreen device with 4.2" screen), and Z15 (the phablet/flagship with 5" screen).

I tested the Z15, man not very impressive. Feedback was 15 is not an impressive number. X10 was a hit eg. Xtra large screen, Xtra power, Xtra battery power,

That's asking 30 people many BlackBerry and IOS users

Posted via CB10

What's "proper specs"? Aside from the camera, this is the exact same hardware as the Nokia 1020 that's going to be sold on contract for $299...

And it's the same Adreno 320 GPU that the GS4 has.

Right but the 1020 has an awesome camera better than anyone else as a compelling feature. What does this have? A larger size, but smaller resolution screen? What's the killer feature on this that will drive users to buy it? For some weird reason they still think hordes will buy it bc it's a BlackBerry.

BlackBerry needs to come out swinging with top end hardware, otherwise they will continue to be regarded as just 'another blackberry ' and not worth the upgrade for those on other platforms.

Posted via CB10

Yep. So awesome that a few minutes of photography fun drain the battery to the red zone.

At least the A10 will be able to get you through the day.

No BB10 device yet has held the initial of the naming convention.
L series is Z10
N series is Q10
R series is Q5
so A series logically doesn't stand a chance of being an A device

Q5 is the R series huh? Meh, I like my idea better. If that's the case I have no idea what they're doing. I hope they don't screw this up.

Who cares about the name. What they need to do to is compete. They need to make the specs a lot better instead of bringing out outdated hardware. Always moving backward instead forward seems to be BlackBerry's MO.

Posted via CB10

If you want specs go get an android Android. Just remeber BB10 phones and iphones have "outdated hardware" (iphone hardware is older than BB hardware) why do these phones keep up and exceed these modern hardware androis?

iPhone iOS considering is only one phone unlike Android, who has its OS installed in like 100 brands, lots of cheap piece of Sh**t phones have android, and they are crap.

BlackBerry has equal to better specs than Iphone and Windows. The specs in android are heads and tails above everyone.

Posted via CB10

I agree with that but, it doesn't change the fact a Z10 has similar to superior performance than a SG4 or HTC one. I tried head to head multiple times and android always bogs down while my Z10 doesn't

Phablet, Traditional Touch, Qwerty are the form factors recognized by the industry.
The Q5 stayed Q because it is just using cheaper materials while staying the same form factor as opposed to the Z00 which falls into what I and many would argue is a unique form factor.

I agree with bizzyqu - a phablet has it's own niche and if they put the aristo in the Z line it will further confuse people as to what form factor is referred to as what. What would the successor for the Z10 be, the Z20? But the Z15 is bigger than the Z20... you see where I'm going with this. It would cause confusion. Q, Z, A line - is easier for the consumer to recognize. This is assuming BB sees value in continuing to make both a 4~ inch and 5~ inch all-touch device in the future, which I think is a good idea (as long as the A series goes 1080p ASAP).

You nailed it ! It can't be a z15 just because of the successor of the z10. Would be a very bad marketing decision.

Posted via CB10

Bad marketing decision? That means it might be adopted :)

My vote is w10...this device is their Waterloo

Posted via CB10

I fully agree here.. my worry is just that they do go Z15 or whatever, and never make another 4.2".. That's a horrible progression in my opinion though.. people bought the Z10 as a flagship product, nothing should be brought out in its category for at least a year. Otherwise people feel like they've been ripped. Also, if you want people to upgrade.. make sure the new model has something new, but is in the same family as what they had.. think iphone 4 -> iphone 4s etc..

If the the 5" Z15 is seen as replacing the current Z10.. current Z10 owners will be annoyed. If it's a new line. diffrent form factor.. it's cool.. those who want it can buy it, those who don't still have the top model in their category for the year.. next year, bring put a new device in each size..

If the 'upgrade' to my 4.2" Z10 is a 5" phablet.. i'm not buying..

I understand the sentiment, shared by a lot of people on CB; that the specs be changed and/or improved.

That is not going to happen this late in the production cycle.

What BlackBerry should do is price this device to compete with the other mid tier phones, like the Moto x. The specs are not that bad at all - I just fear that over-the-odds premium pricing model BlackBerry is going for will harm this device.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I like A10 If A represents Aristo and this is the designation for the top specced (word?) most high performance Berry on the market at any given point. But I like G10 with the G representing Gamer better, since that what this phone seems built to specialize on. Gamer line (G), Touch productivity (Z) and Qwerty Productivity lines (Q). So the naming focuses on functional differentiation.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Here's my pitch:

stL for Z10: London, t for torch (?)
sqN for Q10: Nevada (?), q for qwerty (?)
sqR for R10/Q5

So A series = STA

Posted via CB10

I think it will be Z30.
Next gen Z10 will be Z20, and next gen Z30 will be Z40
Maybe LCD screens will be gone by 2015 and they will continue with Z50 with low spec Z55, Z60 and low spec Z65.. etc..

It should be the X10, or the Z10X, However it WILL be the Z30.

The folks naming these devices, and the folks approving the names of these devices are out of their minds. It seems they are sticking to this model
Q# - Qwerty devices
Z# - Touch devices

So in market at one time(by late September-early October) we will have Q5, Q10, Z10, and Z30

I really need to hear an explanation behind it because the numbers are going to get out of hand

I'm would go with Z15, though keeping with the two-syllable model name (Zed Ten, Kew Ten, Kew Five) They may adopt a slightly different approach and call it the Z12 (Zed Twelve). Even calling i the Z20 (Zed Twen-tee) doesn't fall in line with the two-syllable naming convention...

I think it'll be interesting to see!

Hey KEVIN: How about a CrackBerry contest to see who can guess the correct model name for the new phone? Then randomly pick a winner out of those who guessed right! They can win the new phone!

skip to zed thirty ? makes no sense because its not that much advanced then the z10 but its one syllable lol

I completely agree with you, they should call it the X10 it's flagship device plus the Xtra screen real estate

Posted via CB10

there you Go this guy is thinking : Xtra screen and some Xtra juice , and Xrtra battery the X10 is born !!!

I believe the X10 is the best name, especially from a marketing perspective. It would make for smooth marketing with all the Xtra this and that!

Guys!!! Please!! I need your help, I got a bb z10 with Verizon and I loved it! But since verizon didn't update the os I had to exchange it for a horrible iPhone and I hate it!!!
Please guys!!! If any of you has a bbz10 white and wants to trade, let me know! I hate my iPhone5!!!!

this guy just swaps his z10 for an iphone 5 when verizon is rolling out 10.1 O_o was he really a z10 fan ?

Look my friend I got the z10 as soon as it got in the USA, and its been more than 3 months without any update, I needed Skype to talk with my family and since the day bbz10 was showed they said it will come with Skype I thought it will but it didn't come with it so I exchange it for an iPhone!
You guys really need to listen before you criticize, it took months in the USA not a few weeks, bitch.

lol, you had to exchange it for a iPhone just because the update was not released on time? So instead of waiting a few more weeks for the Z10 update, you are now stuck with a iPhone for what 2 years? WOW.

Bitch I live in USA! And it took way too long!
I thought it would take longer!!! Because just in case you haven't noticed USA doesn't like blackberries!!! So you never know what it's going to happen!! Trust me, had I known about the update coming I wouldn't exchanged it.

I think BlackBerry a10 is the more obvious choice, it makes more choice to have a separate sub-brand for a separate type of product, i.e, a s4 humiliating smartphone vs a note 2 killing phablet

Posted via CB10

I like A10 better since A is the first in alphabet letter. Anyway, name is importance but not important as spec. If A10 blackberry comes out with the leaked spec. there is no way they can compete. It has to be the best spec compare to all the devices that are on the market or coming to the market. As a shareholder of Blackberry stock, I commanded they must come out with the best of the best spec to sale millions.

Specs are overrated. It's how the device runs / how the OS manages what is there. If BB10 runs without a hitch on 2GB of RAM why should BlackBerry charge me for 4GB just to say it's got 4GB? Higher specs don't directly correlate to higher performance.


Only reason I can think of to cram specs in is future proofing. And from what I've been seeing, BB10 is using less and less os the available memory as the OS gets updated.

I think it'll keep the Z model name. After all the samsung galaxy S3 when from 4.8 to 5 inches. Its natural progression.

The big questions are what will it's unique selling point be, how will the existing apps work with it? (different resolution and size to the z10)

I really hope they launch it with "something" extra be it hardware or software, otherwise it's just a slightly larger z10 with slightly better specs.

Even if it came with a better 1080p screen and/or camera (partner up with nikon!) ill be more convinced.

I'm long blackberry and I want a multimedia phone to go alongside my Q10. But so far the A10 or z15 doesn't seem to be any better than my iphone 5.

Posted via CB10

I think X should be incorporated into the device name whether X10, ZX, or something else that way BBRY can market with slogans containing : " Xtra Long Battery Life, Xtra Large screen, the Xciting new Blackberry X10"

All we need now is a Q15 a 4 inch qwerty super smartphone quad core with 3G RAM and 32 G expandable storage.

That I rest my case go Q15

Posted via CB10

For the love of God, someone please listen to this man... I've been saying "large screen" QWERTY since the beginning... please, carry on the message!

Makes sense if you are talking about a device that has less specific-power than the previously released.


I don't think it'll be anything but a "Z-Series" phone. Too many different letters could cause the same confusion that befell the legacy devices.

Anyway, the more interesting thing in the article was the mention that BlackBerry 10 will be around for a few years. Kevin, you don't think BlackBerry "11" will be next major overhaul to the BB10 OS coming next year?

It's hard to say. If BlackBerry feels like BlackBerry 10 isn't gaining the mass market traction and awareness they're hoping for, they always could pull a name jump out and go up to BB11. But the way they've rolled out BB10.1 and 10.2 will rollout, seems like we'll see a lot of 10 releases still before we see any sort of jump. But they could. I mean, lookign at the past, they skipped lots of decimal point releases as they saw fit, in order to just rebrand at the next number.

Yeah, it'll definitely be interesting to see what BlackBerry does next year. I think that the 10.1 and 10.2 releases are fantastic considering that BlackBerry 10 was launched just this year. It also shows a dedication towards the platform and also that BlackBerry is listening to its users. Additionally, I see these updates as adding core functionality and features that may have been missing from the initial 10.0 launch, as well as fixing bugs and minor problems in the OS.

I see BlackBerry 11 as the next major revision to BlackBerry where we'll see major changes and/or additions to the OS, as well as the addition of new features and apps.

what i'm wondering is where does BlackBerry think this device fits in their line up?, if they are considering it an upgrade to the Z10, then yeah Z15(or Z20) makes perfect sense, but wouldn't this hurt sales of the Z10? i mean why get a Z10 when you could get the new Z15? also wouldn't that mean the Z10 form factor is done for? if this is an upgrade i don't see BlackBerry releasing a sub 5" touch screen phone in the future.

But if this is supposed to coexist with the Z10 in the line up, (wich makes sense given they have very similar specs aside form screen size) they must get a different letter in my opinion, that way you have two flagship touchscreen phones and can upgrade them accordingly, as in next year we would have a Q15, Z15, and A15.

I think tey are going for this:

Q10 - high end qwerty
Q5 - mid-range qwerty
Z10 - high end touchscreen
A10 - high end phablet

That said, the A10 (even if if officially named a Z device) is not a Z10 follow up or upgrade.

Following that logic, we're still to see a mid-range touchscreen device (Z5?). If you follow this logic and factor the 9720 in, the A10 and Z5 would be the last two devices this year (Heins said six devices in 2013).

I'm not sure what I think. But, it'd be cool if the 5 inch slate was the Z15 and the A10 was another form factor set for release in November... like a slider. I'd buy a Z15, though... very close to the Lumia 1020 camera phone in specs, but without the camera... and the 1020 is selling like hotcakes here in the US. I love the idea of a five inch screen on BB10!

Posted via CB10

I think A10 is easier to market. Z15 will cause an arms race with numbers again... soon enough they will be right back to Z9700.... Z9900... >_> lol

Do not like Z15, sounds odd. I think Z20 sounds much better. 5 was halving the 10, so 20 would be doubling the 10. Thats my guess.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I would bet Z50 (5'' screen). Z is for touchscreen so using the letter A makes no sense.

They should use A for a new line of hardwares, like a touchscreen slider like the Torch.

Up the specs first before its released! Its going to be a big fail otherwise! I am sorry guys I am losing faith in RIM now with all the weird issues they are having and the half arse hardware they are coming out with! Z15 is what I am thinking, its hardly and update to the Z10!

Hope its not the Z00.. there was so much controversy on how to pronounce 'Z' i.e. zed or zee... how do you pronounce the number '0'.. zero, nought, nil, nothing etc. ;-)

Posted via CB10

I think this is along the right track. But I would guess it would be named the Z10 X similar to the HTC one X naming

Posted via CB10

I think it should be in it's own letter category. The design on the device is very different from the Z10.

A10 is just fine.

I am going to look away from  phones until they come out with some decent hardware.. all of their phones is wayyyy over priced in terms of spec / price ratio..

Posted via CB10

Potential lawsuit aside, I would love to see BlackBerry name it the BlackBerry S10. It looks like a Samsung Galaxy phone, plus it would make the next 5 Samsung Galaxy phones redundant, especially if it ends up being flagship material [imagine the expression on Samsung's face].

Actual suggestion, could the Z00 be named B10? Like... Big 10? And launch right before an actual flagship 4.2" A10 with flagship specs?

- P10 for Phablet
- S10 for Slider
- H10 for a Huge tablet ;-)

And with the years/versions/evolution going on move forward to XYZ11... 12... but skip 13 as in planes and hotel rooms... ;-)

Posted via CB10

I like what Keypad said about it being the Zed One Five. That's a pretty neat way of looking at it.

Going beyond the A10(or whatever it ends up being called), I think we will only see 2 letters: Z and Q. Q5, Q10, Z10 for now. Then A10 will be called Z15 or 20 or something with a higher number. After this I think we will see two other devices: Z5, a curve like Z10 maybe with a smaller screen and lower specs, and then a Q15 or 20(same number as whatever the A10 ends up being) which will be a slider.

I don't think a slider would get it's own series letter because it's just a fancy QWERTY device. The only reason I could see it being a separate letter is if they created another set of devices: smaller slider, normal size slider, and then a landscape slider as the top range. While a letter designation doesn't mean a series of devices, it implies one.

How about the M10? M for Media If it's meant to showcase the media capabilities of BB10. Bigger screen and battery might point to that...

I think it ultimately depends on what screen is used: the letter so far seems to imply the resolution and the number is the build quality.

I think that the Z10 is a one-off (768 instead of 720) and its replacement (and lower end) will be the T10 (and T5) for touch like the Q series is for QWERTY.

If the A10 has 1080p (phablet form factor) this would justify a new series name such as the U10 (for ultimate), otherwise it may follow the T series naming (I highly doubt they will use Z).

This would also work well alphabetically leaving R (ridiculous?) for a 1080*1080 QWERTY phablet and S for a slider form factor. I think only the standard Q and T would have lower end 5's with the R, S, and U being only 10's.

Future revisions could add a letter (Q10A, Q10B, etc...) or follow car naming with the model year (2013 Q10 vs 2015 Q10).

Just my thoughts...

Posted via CB10

I think if they WERE to go with the A10 naming then they could say that BlackBerry has you covered from A-Z (see what I did there? lol). Plus, It would then lend itself to a new "family" of phones...you would have the Q-Qwerty models, the Z-Full touchscreen models and the A-Phablet models (even though I completely hate that word phablet).

I guess we will all have to wait and see...

P.S. I would much more like to be surprised with some better specs (at least a Full HD 1080p screen) than to be surprised by a new unique name...just saying ;)

Not sure on the A10
It sounds great, first letter of the alphabet and all but then you shifted the Z10 to the last letter of the alphabet so you're taking your current high end device and making it the low end device??
From that standpoint it would be weird, I love my Z10, but i would know how to feel when suddenly my top of the line device would be bottom of the food chain?!
Maybe it's just me

Posted via CB10

I see no problem with Z15, it doesn't seem different enough from the Z10 to get a different letter and A vs Z seems like they should be very different. I also don't see a need for subsequent devices to have different names.

Well it's a bigger device meaning it'll need a bigger name. That extra syllable makes me think it's a device just a bit better that the rest of the line-up.

Posted via CB10

It's coming to market as the BlackBerry Alphanumeric Interactive Mobile Computing Solution 1001.

Posted via CB10

Its hard to pick a name... Kevin you should make a poll with all the suggestion over here :)... The name Z15 its the most obvious one i guess... But i dont like the sound of it... Q5 sounds better... But i would like to keep the letter Z for fulltouch and Q for qeerty... Maybe something like z11...

Since it's an A series, I don't see it being called Z-anything. The letter doesn't have to be A, but i think the digits that follow will be 10.

The A10 isn't much of an upgrade from the Z10...it's more like an equal rather than a flagship...A10 is sufficient

It has a better processor and a larger screen so to power that larger screen and more processing power it has a bigger battery (not necessarily longer battery life than Z10) but the larger screen has a lower resolution, and a bigger screen isn't necessarily a better device.

Sometimes I wonder if monkeys are running BBRY. What was the reason to launch with a high res Z10 and then lower the resolution on future devices? To purposely fragment BB World apps?

Keep everything in the 10's it's called BlackBerry 10. A10. But a new Z10 would be sweet. Better screen something that's not lcd, lcd suck in the sun. More ram more memory more everything.

Posted via CB10

Back in June this was definitely going to be my next phone, no question. My contract wasn't due to expire until December, so that would have meshed nicely with the A10's (rumored) November release date. Since that time, Blackberry has abandoned the Playbook and it's users and leaked the specs for the A10, which turn out to be pretty meh. I own both a Motorola Xoom running Android 4.1 and a Playbook, and I mostly prefer the Playbook. I was looking at buying into an ecosystem and BB10 was going to be it. Yesterday I cancelled my contract early (with fees) and bought a Galaxy S4. I was prepared to go all in with Blackberry, but they've lost me as a customer. Android it is, I guess.

your one of those guys that think more cores = better phone.
Bb10 isn't inefficient!

QNX is the future

Since BlackBerry already has a connection with Mercedes, what about using a naming scheme similar to the Mercedes lineup? A-class, B-class, M-class and then you've got the AMG variants.

I could see the A10 coming out as a Z something. Since it's an all touch screen device.
Maybe ZX### X for Xtra large :)


People who want "more everything" spec wise are just being silly. You will never even use the specs you currently have in whatever phone your using now, so you'll never even know what the extra specs are for. So funny. I bet you're driving a Hummer with a chrome kit too, around the city.

Posted via CB10

From the leaked specs I always thought this would be a part of the Z family.
Z10 Plus or Z15 are appropriate. This is NOT the A-series.

I think it should be A10 for 5inch and above screen sizes

Z10 for 4.0-4.7 inch screen sizes

Posted via Q10 using CB10

I personally like the old names (Bold, Pearl, Storm, etc.), why couldn't they stick with that instead of a single letter?? I think the best thing will be to stick to what they have......if the Q is for qwerty, then every phone after this needs to keep it, (Q10, Q15, Q20....) same for the Z. So if that is the rationale Z15 seems logical.

Galaxy S3 Mini, S3, Note 2, S4 Mini, S4, Note 3. I clearly see the categories.
Z10, Z15, Z5, Z11, Z16, Z6? What a mess

They should use a different letter for phablets and go 1080p with a bigger screen next year to really make this category different from the Z range.

Oh my god Kevin, about 10 paragraphs about A, Z and Q names? Bit obsessed? ;)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Blackberry needs to create Branded themes for each model name.

Q10, Z10, Q5, A10...= convoluted (Bad Marketing)

BlackBerry Pinnacle
Blackberry Stealth
Blackberry Executive Series
Blackberry (Something that looks like you're actually trying to market the model/series...insert here)

Posted via CB10

I think should have just two families. BlackBerry Touch and BlackBerry Type. Each family can have different price point.

BlackBerry really needs something simple. 2 types of phones 3 levels. Whatever you want to call it.

BlackBerry Touch Basic, Advanced, Expert
BlackBerry Type Basic, Advanced, Expert

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I like the car idea someone mentioned where the name stays the same, you just give a year with it. So the 2013 Z10 was released this year, and the model next year will be the 2014 Z10. Makes it alot classier. The numbering scheme on the iPhone and iPad sounds goofy already, upping it incrementally every year or two. Apple will probably stop this naming convention in the future models.

With that said, the phablet will be the premium Z, making the Z10 the low-mid. I don't think theres much of a market for sub 4in touchscreen phones anymore. And eventually if (and hopefully WHEN!) a slider comes out you have a low-mid end and high end to complete the set of "6 devices at any given time".

Z10 "low-mid end touch"
Z15 "high end touch (phablet)"
Q5 "low-mid end kb"
Q10 "high end kb"
S5 or 10 "low-mid end slider"
S10 or 15 "high end slider"

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BlackBerry has to step it's game up and make this thing over the top, how much more could it cost to make otherwise it's pointless. Just bigger screen.

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BlackBerry, I asked more people young and old about thé number 15 . Well 15 is dead on arrival. X10 or A10 seems to sound and feel better then X15 and A15.

So " X" for Xtra this Xtra that ! The X10 gathers more confidence and Boldness.

When I mentioned Q15 even that got no traction. The next Q10 super smart phone with a bigger screen quad core with 3 or 4 G of RAM + 32 Gig storage and 4 inch screen should be called " The BlackBerry Q ". That's it. !

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They can call it whatever they want. I am waiting on a phone that better or on par with what is offered today. I really want to replace my tablet and Torch. The current rumored specs fall behind by the time this phone goes to market those specs will be a joke. Again I don't care about the name and if you don't have all the apps at least offer better specs and pricing.

All right, if it works top notch, the shiznit, and other clever ways to say "kickass ", are you still going to slag it?

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Maybe the Z10+ or the Z10.1 or Z10.2 might be good names. If the specs are current or leading, then definitely a new line. If however it us just an upgrade from the Z10 then the name could reflect that. There us always the crappie way as well which could be the Z10s.

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Here here here. I've got the perfect solution. Since the z15 sounds aaargh. Blackberry should go for "The Z one five". It sounds classy...I think. Or the Z hundred.

I too, share your thoughts Kevin. It will most likely be the Z15 if not the Z00 (Zed-Hundred) :p

I think if half a Q10 is a Q5 then the double of a Z10 would be a Z20. I wouldn't give it a Z at all. I would call it an M10 as it is almost a mini tablet!

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I hope they retain the Z series form factor and sell the A or whatever series as the phablet series.

Something like:
Z series - Midsized touch screen devices
Q series - Qwerty devices
? Series - Phablets

In that way, when BlackBerry announces an upgrade for the Z10, the A10 or the Phablets series are still differentiated as phablets.

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A10 sounds better. Plus i've already been telling everyone about a "A10". IPhone and Samsung users aren't that smart.. i don't want to confuse them.. Just joking.

call it the "Almost 10"....because it will ALMOST, but not quite, be able to compete...cuz Z10 sales would have been fabulous if only they had released with a .8" larger screen...yep...uh-huh

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I'm really disappointed with blackberry, they should of bump up the Camara pixels , the ppi, and the resolution ......... Hey who gives a DANM ,I'm still going to buy it though.

I agree that it needs it's own series...with that said how bout P10

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I really hope they don't go with the Z, and make it a new product family, because I don't want to believe this is the "new Z10" .. I have zero interest in a 5" phone.. i'm glad they are making it for those that want it, but I really hope they maintain both form factors and I can buy a 4.2" Z10.5 or Z11 or whatever they call it next year.. and I don't want it to be the lower end model or have lower specs then whatever else they have out there just because it has a usable screen size.. I don't want the Z10 to be the Q5 of touch devices.. I didn't buy a low end product, I bought a flagship product, and while I expect this one to drop in the ranks as such is the life cycle of electronics, I expect to be able to buy a new flagship product of the same size when that happens.

I'm not quite sure how it goes to market, I just hope they don't build more than there are members of crackberry, because that represents 100% the total universe of people who would buy the damn thing.

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If it is called "Zoo" it would be the laughingstock of the entire mobile community. It was bad enough that Nintendo called their last console "Wii" which sounds like "Pee", but to bury it even further with "Wii U"? No wonder it stinks. Specs still have a hard time beating out a stupid name. BlackBerry is much smarter than that.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

They need not come out with any damn phone, until they get this app store up to date with Googleplay or apple apps store. I had to go buy a damn Galaxy S4 just so i could have apps. I love my Q10 but they need to pull it together quick

Yes the app gap is a serious problem. Until it is addressed, no hardware is worth a damn, to the majority of consumers. The smartphone world is app-centric, and BlackBerry needs to get with the program, in a hurry.

I agree w this logic. Its a new family (phablet?), and as so should have a new prefix. Plus I hate the name z15 for all above noted reasons as well. I've always liked A10 and it's actually grown on me a little. BlackBerry A10 "Aristo" together sounds really good Imo and differentiates it further. I also like G10, X10, S10...

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Also I think a mobile nations poll is in order or at least a CB poll on the best name cause Z15 is a horrible name imho. Even tho it fits their logic to date, there gonna have to switch it up sometime. Why not now?

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Yes the screen is bigger, but there is nothing spectacular here. Screen size aside, it's an incremental upgrade at best.

It depends on how BlackBerry is going to classify their models. If purely by screen size, then surely this new device needs a new moniker. P10 for phablet, anyone? But if they are going by overall specification quality, this isn't a new line, it's a bigger, still-behind-the-curve-hardware equipped Z15.

For it to be a new model, separate from the Z10 in any meaningful way, it's going to have to be significantly better than these leaked specs suggest.

Such a disappointment it doesn't really matter what they name it. With BBM going cross platform and apple releasing the 5s and 5c in september very few people will buy this phone.

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The numbering makes no sense. I get the Q5 isn't as good as the Q10, but they both run BlackBerry 10. I used to have a Torch 9810 which ran OS 7... now we're up to 10.1 etc, BlackBerry needs to figure out its making scheme and stick with it. One of Apple's strengths is minimizing products and keeping things simple.

BlackBerry is just confusing. Z15 would be horrific.

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Z15 is impossible! It will most definitely be called Z20!!!

As for successors of devices. Z11, Z12, Z13 etc... same for Q

Crackberry Q10 / Playbook

How about F10, for failed. Releasing phones with 1.5 year old specifications is going to wow consumers into buying this pos.... yea... if you can't win over the mind set of the ignorant consumers you have no chance. I know we don't need the specs to preform well but in the eyes of the sales staff and the customer what looks better on paper will probably win.

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BlackBerry is going to lose money on this device hand over fist as no one wants a smartphone with an 8 and 2MP camera anyone. I could see maybe if they were going to sell the A10 to a country like South America were it would do well but no in North America. This is going to be another device that is going to fall short in the market place, and with their stock under $9 a share it will like fall to $6 a share or under.

Doesn't matter if it has low screen and low camera. The PPI of screen got to be higher than z10. The Camera must be good. And most of all the hardware and software quality must be on par with BlackBerry before 2007.

Otherwise DOA.

Dammed it what happened after 2007 ?!


Mehh' another non NEWS day for Blackberry. Soon as 10.1 came out from Verizon..rumor 10.2 is coming around the corner. LOL!

Who cares about the names. Blackberry needs to focus on Marketing PR, Faster/stronger spec phones and more apps like Apple and Android. Besides side loading.

Just sayin..

I don't particularly care what they call it. The greater worry should be whether there will actually be any significant market demand for it.

Get "Z" out of the picture, it was a failure in thé USA, call it X10 as in Xtra size and power. X10 is so bold !

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I would have to fully agree, the X10 sounds great. Also they've should have announced this phone by now, get the marketing out there and excite the customers.