Will.I.Am pulls out his BlackBerry Torch on stage for a little help with some lyrics

By Michelle Haag on 11 Jun 2011 01:36 pm EDT

No stranger to the CrackBerry blogs, Will.I.Am. is a well known BlackBerry user and RIM spokesperson. He's performed at WES (now called BlackBerry World Conference), appeared at various product launches, and even had a BlackBerry PlayBook in a Black Eyed Peas music video before it was available for purchase.

The Black Eyed Peas were in France this week, and appeared on French TV show Taratata, performing a mash-up on stage with Belgian artist Stromae. During the song, you can see Will.I.Am pull his BlackBerry Torch out of his pocket, referring to the screen for a good portion of the song. There was speculation about what exactly Will.I.Am was doing, but in an interview following the song it's all made clear. It was their first time performing the song, and as such he didn't know the lyrics well. With so many songs floating around in his head, how can you blame him? And seriously, how awesome is it that he pulls out his BlackBerry to read those lyrics? You can check out the interview after the break. The interviewer asks about him pulling out his phone starting around the 9:40 mark in the video, and Will.I.Am discusses a bit about technology and how it plays into his life and their songwriting.

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Will.I.Am pulls out his BlackBerry Torch on stage for a little help with some lyrics


It's time for him to have 9900. I think he can get it before us. Except that 9900 is still in alpha stage.

I figured he'd use his playbook more than his Torch. I bet he'd get a Torch 2 before the rest of us.

This was the first time the video actually played without having to click the youtube link. Every otjer time it would try, but then just say that my browser didn't work with it. This kinda feels like a new berry for me.

As for Wil.I.Am, he's a cool dude. He apparently can get away with using his phone for lyrics on stage. Makes me feel better for always using mine during my lil local gigs, lol.

Will.I.Am needs to hang it up. It's unfortunate when an artist needs to pull out a smartphone (of any brand) to remember his elementary school rhyming style. In all fairness, he probably does need his phone to help with other peoples rhymes; the lyrics are guaranteed to be more complex than his. Don't get me wrong, that man can make catchy beats all day everyday of the year, but his lyrics are just subpar. But I am happy to see the guy rockin' out a BB, that makes me smile...

BlackBerry est déjà très populaire auprès des jeunes, et la prestation de Stromae avec Black Eyed Peas va encore conforter cela.
J'aime bien mon Torch ;-)

BlackBerry is already very popular with young people and The Black Eyed Peas, perfoming with Stromae will reinforce this.
I like my Torch ;-)

lol it is funny that he had to use his phone. but ive had to do the same thing before with new material so i can sympathize. but my music is much more complex lol

Well maybe he wasn't using his phone for lyrics. Maybe he is like me and will always check his phone no matter what. Blackberrys are just that needed