Will.i.am On Hand In Australia To Help Launch the BlackBerry Curve 8520

By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2009 09:02 am EDT
Will.i.am On Hand In Australia To Help Launch BlackBerry Curve 8520

Will.i.am has long been a supporter of the BlackBerry platform and his recent events are indeed no exception to the rule. Will.i.am was on hand in Australia as part of the Black Eyes Peas' The E.N.D. World Tour which coincided with the launch of the BlackBerry Curve 8520. While being interviewed Will had a few things to say about the iPhone, which sound all too familiar:

"I prefer buttons as a touch screen is confusing," he said. "I can't text on the iPhone. I like this phone [the BlackBerry], it's like it was made for me. If I was to design a phone I'd have designed it like this one."

Clearly Will likes the BlackBerry technology and shows no sign of giving it up anytime soon for some other device. However, I can't see him switching from his Bold to an 8520 at this point, he needs to be rocking 3G for his dipdive application.

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Will.i.am On Hand In Australia To Help Launch the BlackBerry Curve 8520


Touch screen is confusing? Is he an idiot.... Touch the part of the screen for what you want to do... But then again those big Hollywood types are not the smartest bunch of people....

I guess you have never participated in a marketing campaign for a product?
He was there to help with the launch of the 8520 in Australia, which is non-touchscreen...
Do you think he was going to wax poetically on the iPhone in a Blackberry product launch?

touchscreen is confusing, LOL shocker here. I forgot its so confusing to touch the letter instead of the button LOL. What an idiotic line either way.

Not confusing, more steps. Have a Storm traded off for a Tour. The touch was not confusing but took more steps to get same result.