Will the BlackBerry Q10 be a brand new cash cow?

By Chris Umiastowski on 23 Apr 2013 12:01 pm EDT

BlackBerry has come a long way in the last few months.  The company is finally back on the market with a full touch phone, the Z10.  And what an awesome device it is!  The new BlackBerry 10 OS is smooth and beautiful.  The app store is starting to resemble something competitive.  The company has announced its largest order ever, for a million BackBerry 10 devices.  And in the first quarter of partial availability (not counting the US market), they sold about a million Z10 devices.

Not too shabby!

But the fact remains that the vast majority of BlackBerry owners are using an older device that sports a plastic keyboard.  That number isn’t a small number either.  Excluding any Storm devices that are still alive, and any of you using the all-touch Curve, we’re probably talking about 73-74 million BlackBerry users who pound away on a real keyboard. 

Anecdotally, I’ve run into a lot of people who claim to be waiting for the Q10 to hit the market.  Yes, the vast majority of the smartphone market prefers an all-touch device.  But the market is huge, and it is probably safe to assume that people who have stuck with BlackBerry have done so, in large part, because they want that physical keyboard.

So if BlackBerry can sell one million Z10 devices in Q4, without even benefiting from any US sales, what does it say for the potential Q10 sales volume?  I think  it’s pretty clear  that volume will be way higher.

After all, the Q10 will be the best physical keyboard device on the planet. No question.

When the BlackBerry launch event happened on January 30th, I was at the Toronto event.  During the live demos, in the presence of many other people (so this was not some secret conversation), I asked about Q10 pricing.  I was not given a number, but instead told it would be “priced for volume”. 

I think BlackBerry knows that the Q10 will not only sell well to consumers who prefer keyboards, but it will be the new corporate work horse device.  It’s specs are essentially the same as the Z10, so its bill of materials should be similar.  My bet is it costs a bit less to make because it has a smaller screen, partially offset by more complex plastics (to accommodate the keyboard) and a larger battery. 

I believe BlackBerry will be very willing to price the device aggressively enough to sell bus loads of these things, yet still earn a very fair margin.  After all, the Q10 will be the best physical keyboard device on the planet.  No question. 

The timing of the Q10 is also good.  BlackBerry 10.1 software should be hitting the market soon.  Probably sometime in May.  The expectation is for this maintenance release to include more security features that large corporations expect in order to commit to deployment in a corporate liable scenario.  Remember that some companies let employees bring in their own phones.  That’s called “employee liable”.  But the old model of deployment, corporate liable, is still very common in large organizations, and in particular, the large companies that hand out BlackBerry devices and have BES servers installed.

So the release of 10.1 software is probably essential to cracking the upgrade cycle in the corporate world. 

Our best guess is that the Q10 will hit some markets, such as Canada, before 10.1 software is officially released.  This will help create some hype for the device.  Then, we imagine BlackBerry Live in Orlando (May) is when we’ll get some official news about the 10.1 release, which is probably scheduled for that same month.  So when the Q10 hits the USA, we’re hopeful that it will ship with the latest software to please the business market who still issues corporate liable hardware.

Chatting with a friend of CrackBerry recently, it was suggested to me that the market doesn’t get how important the Q10 is.  If BlackBerry can sell over a million Z10s in the first couple of months, excluding the US market, then the Q10 should be thought of as a Z10 with a multiplier in front of it.  One million Z10s probably means several million Q10s.

I think the comment was dead on.  I just hope BlackBerry is prepared to the rush of orders.  This is quite possibly the company’s new cash cow, for the next couple of years.

Seriously - who’s going to want to run a Bold 9900 once the Q10 hits? 

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Will the BlackBerry Q10 be a brand new cash cow?


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I don't always "First" an article, but when I do I make sure to read it first.- The most interesting man on Crackberry.
No pun intended :P

Posted via Z10

Haha every time i see the annoying first comment i always expect Quicksilver to be there to virtually smack the person.

Imagine all of us sitting in person at a round table discussion with Chris, he brings up this article and you make that comment. Maybe I'm wasting my time explaining this....I hope you can contribute something more meaningful going forward. Congrats on being first. I don't know what the big deal is.

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No complaints here, just an observation. If you think I'm complaining or needy then that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Thanks for reading my post history and I have accepted it for what it is. I can't control what people post. For example, you like using a series of three commas in your sentences for whatever reason. I don't know why, but that is what you do. No problem here, its just an observation.

I'd to ear more about that. What gives you this felling?

As far as I know the q10 keyboard is the same size as the 9900, only the keypad and back button were removed.

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure why are you thinking so...Do you believe will be impossible to type with both hands on Q10 ?

That makes no sense. The keyboards are virtually identical in terms of layout and in fact if anything the keyboard on the Q10 is better since the keys are 30% bigger.

Just release it asap and take my money...!! I want my Q10.. my Z10 has been a great companion but it will be relegate as weekend phone :)

Posted via CB10

There's many people that had their eye on the Q but bought the Z because they couldn't wait. Now the Q is more expensive than the Z at launch. "Cash cow"? I hardly think so.

Great article, and I totally agree! I was so pumped up for the Z10, I almost didn't care about the Q10. Upon receiving the Dev Alpha C and playing with it, it's just like my 9930, but 100x better. I'm so torn now, I don't know which one I like better, and this is after getting used to BB10 on a Dev Alpha B for 3 months, so I absolutely got used to the screen real estate addition. The fact that I want to go back to the Q10 even after LOVING the virtual keyboard on the Z10, and LOVING the screen real estate, it really hit me how big the Q10 really is.. Can't wait! :)

I keep a little folder called Programming with such free apps, just in case I run out of procrastination and ever actually try my hand at development.
I'll look it up right now, thanks!

Just a side note, but don't be shy about self promotion here. I think most CB users always love to know which apps are by fellow CB members.

This is how you CB10, son!

Haha hey! Great! Very glad that I could be of some help. I know it's such a niche market to make an app like that, so I'm glad when someone finds a use for it.

And I know, it just feels weird self promoting, but I guess having such a specific app and the fact that it's free, I guess I should just put it out there a bit more n shouldn't feel so bad about it. I just feel weird asking for ppl to download it or review it, it's so difficult to compete with those big guys out there, so that's where app reviews really help. It also motivates me to wanna develop apps, especially free ones. Thanks again for everything! (:

Simple answer.. I don't generate revenue :p

So there are two ways, one, throw ads in there (could I have done that? Yeah.. but IMO, ads make apps look like crap, so my OCD and in addition to hating when I download an app and it having ads made me 100% not wanna go that route)

And the second option, which I am looking to pursue in the future, is add in-app purchasing, to unlock specific content. So currently, the app has HTML5 and Site Feeds for free. I am looking into adding CSS3 and JavaScript into my app, but maybe just have it so it's $.99 to unlock either one, or something, so HTML5 and Site Feeds will continue to be free, but to have a more robust app, you can pay to unlock them. The issue with this though is twofold.

A) It's a process that I need to learn how to do, coding to do in-app purchasing isn't exactly the easiest to learn. I am going to attend a session at BBJam in Orlando and they will teach us that specifically, so that will be helpful.

And B) I put about 150 hours into learning the platform, making my app in HTML5, and BBUI.js, then realizing how much better cascades looked and functioned, I scraped everything (50 hours of work) and remade my app in cascades using QML. So the amount of work I have put into it thus far has been a bit overwhelming, but I do love it. So adding the CSS3 and JavaScript sections will be a lot of work from my end, and once I make them, I'll try and implement them as paid content, cheaper than the price of a separate CSS or JS App though, so everything will be in one app. It always bugged me that being a Web designer, you can find HTML, CSS, and JavaScript apps in BBW, but most of them were crappy, AND they cost a good $2.99 or so, AND in the end, you'll have 3-4 separate apps giving you the content. I figured why not be the first app of its kind to just aggregate everything as I feel like it will be a lot more useful, and less frustrating. So that's what I did.

So really, I made the decision to make the app free, because I didn't want to sell an unfinished app to people, even though it does give a lot of content. Being a full time Web designer and going to college full time, makes it difficult to keep up with my hobby (app design) but I am dedicated to BB10, idc about developing for iOS or Android, because I am dedicated to BlackBerry and want to help the platform grow. So I'm just hoping that once I do release the in-app purchases, a few people will purchase them having already downloaded the app, but I can't totally bank on that. So really, right now, I just try and thrive off of the good reviews that I have been getting and knowing that I have helped people out is payment within itself for now.

PS. Sorry about the major grammatical errors and run-on sentences.. I typed all of this up from my Z10 as I was in a hurry, but wanted to respond. (:

Thanks for the detailed explanation Flip. That's much more than I expected lol.
It appears you're poised to make some waves.

Haha yeahh, sorry about that. I tend to type a lot, I guess I just like this Z10 keyboard too much. :p but yeah, I sure hope (:

Another insightful article from Chris. I absolutely love my Z10, and keenly await the 10.1 update. Will be watching the press for details of the Q10 undoubted success...

Posted via CB10

Re: the last line? As much as I like my Z10, I still want the bridge capabilities of the 9900 et al. I have many will hold off on the Q10 until that lack is rectified.

Posted via CB10

The thing is, US sales did contribute to the 1 million figure.
A lot of people got it shipped to them. We can't ignore that fact

Posted via CB10

But if they were purchased in another country, then shipped to the US, how does that count towards US sales? It doesn't, because the device was initially bought in another country so the sale would count in that particular country not the country it was brought to after purchase.

Posted via CB10

It takes away from a US purchase. That person who bought it in Canada and had it shipped is one less person that would have bought it in the USA. Point is a bit moot however as it still adds to total sales.

Yes that's my point. It counts towards a country's sales but it is a usa sale in reality. That 1 million figure included usa sales in it

Posted via CB10

I thought that 10.1 would go out together with the q10. It would kot surprise me if they release it already by the end of the month.

I think a lot of z 10 owners will be miffed if 10.1 isn't released very close to q10 release, if they're both same bb10 they should be running same updates imo here's hoping

Not what you meant, but how cool would it be if you could have a dual display mode for side-by-side BB10 devices!


This is how you CB10, son!

My hunch is that for the consumer market it will sell very well, but not at any kind of level where you would call it a Z10 with a multiplier. I expect the full touchscreen BB10 devices to be more popular than those with physical qwerty keyboards, at the consumer level.

The wild card here is enterprise sales. Are there corporations that will upgrade their BB handheld "fleet" en masse? Yes.
Some very large orders could easily trump any consumer preference for the Z10.

It will be exciting to see the real numbers, and fortunately we can finally say we won't need to wait too long to see.

This is how you CB10, son!

In those countries where driving and texting+calling are a habit Q10 will be a major hit !( All the less than educated countries, like Spain, Italy, ..Romania (my country ))

You try to text and call in Spain and see what happens if you get caught. There is no such a thing as an "educated country" it might be you not that well educated, as so many people all over the world...

Did ever occured to you, that a harsh punishment it means that the issue to be afdressed it's very severe ?! ....sorry if hurted some feelings..

these articles are always the highlight of my reading never read anyones articles top to bottom as i do yours so well writen thanks Chris.

I love my Z10, but I really miss my keyboard. I think a lot of BB fans will flock to the Q10 and I would be floored if it did not sell multiples of the Z10.

Q10 Sales will be amazing.

I guess we are a forgotten minority, but there as quite a few touch-screen Torch 9850/9860 users out here. I ordered a VZW 9850 on Day 1 of release and my upgrade isn't until 5/3. Since many cannot afford or do not wish to pay full retail, that will be a coming wave (although possibly small) that should bring more new BB purchases. I was all set on a Z10 but I am so drawn to the Q10 that I am going to wait and check out both before deciding. I have to add that my 9850 and OS7 have been very reliable and stable for me, but it looks more outdated each day as I see the new flow of BB10. Looking forward to joining the crowd soon!

I've got a Bold 9930 and just recently became eligible for upgrade with VZW. I'm not excited about having to change my data plan and pay a bunch more, but I am excited about getting spell checker back. My 9930 decided that I'm good enough at spelling to not need it apparently.

I was also wondering about the Torch (9810) as I have some friends who use that as a full screen device never using the keyboard. I cannot possibly do that, My fingers are too fat, and that touch keyboard on 9810 /shudder.

Yea, I had a Torch previous to my Z10 and I could never type on the touch keyboard. Even with the keyboard it was not great. Z10 is way better. For the amount of typing I do it is fine.

Posted via CB10

It will sell like a Z10 with a multiplier. Pretty sure of that, lots of people in the business world or long time BB keyboard users are especially waiting for the Q10.

I loved my 9900, the keyboard was buttery smooth and typing was a joy. That being said I don't think I could give up my Z10, while I sometimes miss physical buttons, I love the screen size too much!

Posted via CB10

Great article as always Chris...loving my Z10 but I'm intrigued about Q10 but sticking with my Z10 love the screen but will most definitely play with the Q10 and I agree with everything you wrote in the article

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I have decided that I am no longer waiting on Sprint to launch this device, since it seems that it will be either delayed, or passed over, come launch date if it's not out, I will become a verizon wireless subscriber! Done waiting :-( but hopefully I can win one from crackberry either way! lol

I disagree with the prediction that sales of Q10 will be so high for 2 reasons.
1. Many of the Z10 adopters were iPhone and Android users. Few of these users will switch to a small screen with a physical keyboard.
2. Until BES10 becomes mainstream, a large percentage of corporate users will be sticking with their BBOS devices.
I'm hoping sales will be very high, but think these factors will come into play.

I am totally confident for BlackBerry Q10, I acquired the Z10 until the Q10 and I am a fan of that is very successful touchpad! , It'll be hard to part with. I just hope that BlackBerry heal his store as 80% of apps are really disgusting (shit)and I'm not even talking about the android port( so ugly) , the developers treat their story to be more credibles. This will be my last year where I would invest in BlackBerry, I've been more than patient after all these years!, and we not have simple apps like instagram or Skype in 2013 is just amazing!. Good luck BlackBerry! I expect ...

Posted via CB10

Kindoff regretting getting 5 cases for my Z10 now lol. This phone might end up on craigslist, replaced by the Q

Agreed. This will be a best in class phone for its market. It should sell well and it should sell steadily as corporate types go through their two year commitment and then upgrade to whatever the latest and best qwerty blackberry.

Someone is going to have to convince me that NO TRACKPAD was/is a good idea. And also re-enable all of the missing Bridge Features!

Was this first written in March, then posted in April? We now have a firm release date, and firm prices. Welcome to the present...

This Chris U guy is either a genius or one of the least informed people on the planet.
Priced for volume and cheaper to build than the Z10? Yet priced higher than the Z10 at launch in the UK?
Talking about physical keyboard BlackBerry users and completely neglecting the pricing factor that's putting cheap Curves in people's hands and pockets?
The only person so far who's suggesting the Q10 release won't coincide with 10.1 but it will come later in May?
And the suggestion that the Q10 will sell the Z10 with a multiplier implies they were completely wrong to launch with the Z10 instead of the Q10.

Until BB Traffic is available for BB10, I will only switch to Q10 if corporately I am forced to which is unlikely. Can't wait to test it out though.

I'm so torn between the Z10 and Q10. I come from the 9700, 9800 to currently using the 9900 and my upgrade is up on June 1st and i have been playing with the Z10 almost every weekend at my local AT&T store and am loving the predictive swipe feature. But it's going to be hard to choose, i think right now as a type this i will purchase the Z10 and then 18 month later see how my experience is and decide whether or not to get the current iteration of the keyboard model at that time.

I can certainly see corporate orders being a large part of the success of the Q10, I work for a large multinational with roughly 8000 blackberries corporately issued, the 9700 and 9900 being the standard, I can easily see those being replaced within the next year with Q10 models, this could be quite interesting, the IT dept has stated BYOD is being looked at but security is paramount and they will be staying with BES, this fits perfectly with BES 10 and the BYOD functionality

From the Zed of Rockivy

You know a multiplier can be less than 1, right? ;)

I keed, I keed. Programmer humor. Incidentally, I just submitted an update to breakeroids for Q10 support. It's pretty cool!

Priced for volume? I'm seeing it listed at Rogers for $700 for outright purchase, similar to iphone 5. Its also the most expensive pay monthly deal in the UK. Perhaps thats just because it is about to launch, etc. One would think that they have untapped pricing power in this segment of the market given the quality and their presence. A lot of professionals would pay up for this device. I will be interested to see how the early data comes in but agree that this should see big a huge upgrade cycle.

Highest priced in the UK? Don't know where you are looking. My Z10 was 99.99 upfront on o2 27 pound a month. The Q10 on the 27 tariff is only 49.99 hence cheaper. Only the sim free price is more at 579.99

agree, when for a day or two there were plan 32GBP (instead of 36) Q10 moved from #11 to #10. When this plan disappear it moved back to #11

I disagree with you on the pricing. I think that they will price the Q10 higher than the Z10 (At least I think this is the best strategy). Those people who love the Qwerty will see enough value to pay a premium in order to get the best physical keyboard phone on the market. They have almost no competition in the Qwerty segment. Most of the competition is the the full-touch. With the Z10, it make sense for them to be competitively priced.

You already see evidence of this with the Bell Pre-order page (price is 199$/3 year for Q10 compared to 149$/ 3 year for Z10)

With approximately 73 million users and the majority using physical keyboards I would say the chances of Q10 outselling Z10 would be true. Let’s say a modest 5% of all BlackBerry users upgrade, that’s 3.65 million devices! Add in the fact that there will be old BlackBerry users flop back over; I would say you have a winner!

most legacy owners are sitting tight 'til they get BB10 straightened out,,, 5% is even more of a stretch than the "Q" being a cash cow,,, it'd be lucky to be .5%...

I totally agree with you, Seawarrior. Although, I initially thought the same way as Chris (OP), before the launch because of the great many loyal and dedicated Blackberry legacy users. I think many current legacy users who haven't upgraded, are just like me-- sitting back and seeing where things go, before committing to the Q10 or BB10. I do agree that the Q10 will probably outsell the Z10, but I think Blackberry will have to convince legacy users of its staying power and relevance in today's market, in order for there to be a mass exodus of legacy users to BB10 or the Q10. It's not just about the Apps, but about quality and reliability of service/product, continual innovation and relevance in today's market that many people will be assessing before making such a big investment and change.

I also think legacy users might be a little hesitant once they do their research and find out that some of the things they've grown accustomed to and fallen in love with their legacy device, has been altered, eliminated or replaced in BB10 and the new experience may or may not fulfill their legacy user experience.

Already bought the z10 outright... love it

However I'm still planning on buying the Q10...

I'm sure plenty of z10 owners will follow suit

Posted via CB10 powered by BB10

I am following suit. Exactly as you just mention, I did the same as you with the ZED to get used to BB10 and prepare me for the QUE, plus I just couldn't wait.

You know that Thorsten has said they expect to sell 3 z to 1 q. There may be an initial surge but q10 will be a niche market.

I think Q10 will outsell Z10 for several quarters because of the upgrade cycle of everyone who has been waiting. That is the only reason for the prediction. Otherwise, yes, over the next couple of years I think volume shifts to the all touch devices.

Posted via CB10

I'm definitely getting it... I have a Z10 already and I love it... But I miss my keyboard... I miss the instant recognition of it being a BlackBerry.

But as a best in class phone, I see no reason why the Q10 shouldn't be initially sold at the standard premium phone price. It can drop in price by $100 three months later so get larger market share. But for launch, folks who want the best should expect to pay a premium price.

>> Seriously - who’s going to want to run a Bold 9900 once the Q10 hits?

IMO there will be lots of folk who will not upgrade a 9900>Q10.

For example, my daughter obtained her 9900 a year ago. It is a power phone for her need. She uses it mostly for personal text messages, about 2000/month. She hates virtual keyboards. She misses the high quality camera, but, she carries a compact Nikon which has camera quality superior to any phone on the market. She has no corporate needs.

So, why should she pay $530 (like Z10 on US TM) for a new Q10 phone?

I have been using the Dev Alpha C more then I have been using my Android phone to surf the web and checking emails. The Hub on it is amazing, the browser so fast. Even the Android apps on the DAC run better then on my android phone. The keyboard is pretty nice. The only complaint is that I develop Android apps, in an app if I have a textbox that is set to only accept numbers, I have to press the alt button to input numbers. Ideally, I think the system should detect this and automatically set the keyboard to numbers only.

But, in practice, a user may be accustomed to pressing ALT - Numbers.

But anyways!

Yeah the Q10 will be sweet. If my carrier would support it I would get one to use on it.

@Chris. I would like to ask if you expect the Q10 demand and sales to over the years continue to outweigh that of all touch BB10 devices(Z10 and any that may follow) especially should BBRY release mid-range devices that are all touch?

Will be interesting to see if Bold is retained and becomes Curve replacement for Emerging Markets. IMHO, Q10 will see huge sales (north of 3MM units) for current Quarter (1 month), if it can hit the Can/UK markets by Apr 30.

Nah, the Q10 is not the new cash cow, the new, unreleased Curve is. It will still do well, but not that well

Until bridge is resolved, PB gets 10, and I can figure out replacements for my most used apps- NOT GAMES- i will stay with my beloved 9900. Oh yeah, and there's that trackpad thing: almost mandatory for precision operations and my thumb never quite hitting the right spot!!

My thoughts EXACTLY! I totally agree! I don't care it it is the latest and greatest............If it cant do the precision pointing that I need do do on the small screen I won't upgrade. So how are we supposed to make it do that again? I read the instructions for the Q10 and don't see it mentioned anywhere. The Q10 MUST have bridge functions as well! I often use my PlayBook in locations that don't have wi-fi. I am not willing to compromise my ability to get work (NO GAMES as well) done, just so I can have something " new" at my expense.

Q10 is 100 dirhams more expensive than the z10 here in UAE and its more prettier. Cant wait to get my hands on one.

Posted via CB10

i want it so bad. I'm scheming ways of acquiring one. just want to see it in stores already.

I can not put any money in rumors. and the way Sprint is going, by the time my contract is up in September, they still won't have released their first BB10 phone.

Show me the SPRINT press release that states that an all touch BB is coming. not a reported story, but an actual release of information from SPRINT itself.

all Sprint has said is the Q10 is coming "later this year" nothing else has been said by Sprint. to continue to say otherwise is false.

There's been a lot of rumours over the past couple of days of a qwerty Nokia Lumia. If they're true that could be pretty stiff competition for the Q10, particularly as Windows phone now has the potential (finally) of integrating quite nicely into the corporate environment (with Office 365 etc.).

I thought the Q10 was launching with 10.1? And hasn't the price already been released? $200 on three year contract is steep I think.

Posted via CB10

Looks like Nokia will beat Blackberry to market with a new keyboard smart phone.

BREAKING..Nokia teases QWERTY phone announcement on April 24th
By Sharif Sakr posted Apr 22nd, 2013 at 5:10 AM 41

Official teasers rarely provide much in the way of detail, but this one from Nokia at least comes with a pretty picture. It reveals the rounded design language we have come to associate with the company's latest feature phones, but with Z and Shift keys that imply we're looking at a physical QWERTY handset rather than a candy bar -- potentially something along the lines of the Asha 205 we saw back in November. The picture was accompanied by a blog post confirming that this'll be a product from Nokia's Mobile Phones team rather than the folks behind Lumia, and that the announcement will happen at 7am GMT (3am ET) this Wednesday. The time zone is suggestive of an Asian or European launch, so it may or may not be worth setting your alarm clock.


Hey Chris, I've been reading that BYOD is starting to cause legal problems as the lines of work and personal get blurred. Is BB Balance enough of a separation? Will businesses go back to work issued devices? Is BES10 and the BlackBerry Solution truly the Solution for those work places?

Another great article Chris. I've upgraded my Bold 9900 to the Z10, but I definitely wanna try out the Q10 as well.

Posted via CB10

The reason why I didn't wait for the Q10 is because I really that that BB10 is designed for touch

Posted via CB10

It's out Friday here in the UK, or that's when I ship my Q10 out to the customers that have pre ordered

Posted via CB10

Like so many others in this thread, I was really looking forward to the Q10. But after picking up the Z10, I have to say I absolutely love it. I didn't think that was even possible. Thank you BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I prefer the big experience of touch they have limits on what they can view having half a screen

Posted via CB10

Since I'm not really a gamer, most of my operation use a keyboard, which automatically takes up half the z10 anyway, so I prefer the tactile kb. The only time I might miss the larger screen- and I've had all touchscreen phones- is for my GPS, that's not as often to warrant no kb.

Sorry but even Bbry doesn't think it will sell well so not sure where these predictions come from. Corp needs bes10 and the vast majority still don't have it.

My prediction is q10 will sell at a rate of 1/5 of z10 numbers. The article is not based on any reasonable science or forecasts.

Posted via CB10

Shiny fanboy Cris, combining "Great expectations" and "Much Ado About Nothing" in one person.
"Seriously - who’s going to want to run a Bold 9900 once the Q10 hits?". Me.
A touch oriented OS on a miniscule display. Play a game of "try to hit the answer button". An awful monster, a hybrid of the fish and the bird. Another useless toy which has nothing to do with business.

This article points out a very valid point. If the Z10 sold so well, the Q10 is going to keep those loyal to the tactile keyboard that BlackBerry is famous for. I have been using the Z10 since it's release, and I am more than pleased with it. OS updates will only make it better and better. I love the BlackBerry physical keyboard, but I don't miss it with this amazing Z10 touch screen keyboard. Having said that, I think I'm going to have some 'phone jealousy' when the Q10. So much so, I may have to get the Q10 as well, and flip between the two!! Good on BlackBerry for coming out with some fantastic devices!

Posted via CB10

I have a z10. If work gives me a q10 to replace my bold 9900 I will be as happy as a pig in, ... well you know.

Posted via CB10

If the Q10 is really poised to sell like the Z10 "with a multiplier in front of it" then why didn't BlackBerry prioritize Q10 development and release the Z10 later?

People forget that the trend has been away from keyboards for a long time. Even the 9900, which is the best keyboard phone ever made, did not sell very well.

I think this Q10 talk is just hype.

Thanks for the write up Chris, was wondering how the Q10 would be priced. From your sound reasoning it could also be priced up as it has no competition. It has its die hard audience who will naturally upgrade regardless of price (obviously within reason).

Interestingly enough here in the UK the Q10 is on Carphone Warehouse's site SIM free unlocked for £580 and the Z10 at £470.

Posted via CB10

The Q is more costly to make despite its smaller screen. The back weave alone takes 20 minutes per device.

And you can trust my authority on this, I work for BlackBerry. = p

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Doubt that the Q10 will be the cash cow, but suspect that the curve replacement will be. The Q10 will be too expensive for day to day operations in today's budget climate.

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I'm sure the Q10 will outsell the Z10 because as stated there's more BlackBerry users out there with I physical keyboard. Btw the torch 9860 wasnt mentioned as a all touch device. I had one and loved it
Out of all touch only devices BlackBerry has made, excluding Z10, I think the torch 9860 was the best one

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cash cow??? that's a stretch,,, very few ppl want physical keyboards now,,, the masses know the future is virtual boards & screen real estate,,, the "Q" is just for the diehards & they jacked up the specs to get another few that'll jump on it for that..

It seems that Millions and millions of bb10 orders means nothing for developers...still no good, greats crossplatforms apps....

Good article Chris! What about the fact that TH stated a sales ratio of 3 to 1? For full touch.

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Right now you walk into a carrier and there is only one Blackberry device the Z10. The Q10 is Blackberry on steroids and will become the new CRACKBERRY. With the addition of the Q10, the Z10 and Q10 side by side, it will demand it all a prominent location on the self, knowledgeable sales reps and the attention of non-Blackberry and Blackberry users. Sales of the Z10 will increase because the Q10 will help promote the Z10 to consumers who are just not aware that Blackberry dropped an all touch device that is superior.

i bet they're dragging it out to sell more 9900s :( come on, every day this phone isn't out, customers are giving in and moving onto touchscreens and a good number will find them acceptable for typing and great for everything else :( blackberry needs to go go go

I think the Q10 is going to do very well.
People that I know who aren't tech savvy at all but have BlackBerry devices, know that the Q10 is coming. It's the one they've been waiting for.

I myself would love to get the Q10 but will hold out for something better (bigger stock battery), hopefully something along the lines of a QWERTY Phablet.

I love my Z10 no doubt, but the Q10 is the device I'm going to retire with, I just love the keyboard.

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I think all-touch got popular because of the iPhone. Most people will agree that all-touch is not good for typing but all-touch is good for everything else.

Hi Chris, I already posted this comment towards a different article but then read your article and thought that my comment related better to your article...Anyway there are a lot of small too mid size companies who I bet are listening to carriers tell them BB10 has major data consumption issues.....Here's my comment that I copy and pasted from a different article....Well the company I work for is switching carriers (I won't say from or too, other than to say from Big too Tiny), I.T also announced along with an over all significant savings to the company we would get new hardware, well that got me super excited thinking Z10 or Q10..... No such luck, we will get Bold 9900's....Now I have had a 9900 for approx. one year and do really like it, but I am so wanting a Z10 or a Q10....when I asked (forcefully) why we would not be going to BB10, I was told that the carrier STRONGLY recommended too our I.T department not to go too BB10 yet due to significant data consumption concerns. Just to point out that not all carriers are on board pushing BB10...:(

If they can be profitable just selling the Z10, imagine how profitable they will be also selling the Q10.

I hope they eventually sell more Z10s than Q10s because they need to attract current iPhone and Android users and those people will want full touch screen for the most part.
Full touch screen success is the only way they will be able to get back a large amount of market share.

I afraid the pricing is too high. Q10 will be the most expensive phone in the market. Only hardcore BB fans would buy for $200 in Canada or $250 in US with contract, the rest will buy something else or wait till the price would go down in matter of weeks. Maybe it is not BB fault but carriers are trying to rip fans first then they reduce price to normal. When I picked up my Z10 in Rogers store (for $100) I been witness one girl took Iphone 4S just because it was free for the same contract compare to Iphone 5 for $100. The price will definitely will keep undecided away from Q10. Sad. Am I missing somthing?

How is it a cash cow when it's priced 100.00 to 150.00 more then the Z10 right now from carriers?

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This is the time, more importantly than ever for BlackBerry to court developers of apps from the older BBOS to port or create native apps for the Q10 in earnest.

Older apps that users rely on is the only reason left, other than upgrade costs or limitations or restrictions on anyone's account to hold them back from upgrading to the Q10.

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Funny, I was just comparing my 9900 (now replaced with Z10) to the pictures of the Q10 from CB's review and think a lot of people are going to miss the scroll pad.
When I was using the 9900, I always preferred using it over touch screen for 80% of my tasks, mostly navigating within the OS. I'm sure this will be the learning curve to overcome for most traditional users.
Does anyone else feel the same???

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coming from a bold 9900 and using the z10 the last three months ... it will be interesting to compare the Q10, which i should have next week, to the bold 9900 and Z10 ... i love the Z10 .. its really addictive and the predictive keyboard is cool .. but can't wait to get back to the keyboard ... Q10 looks like a real winner for the heavy email type professional .... but now with an awesome camera and fast browser the bold 9900 lacked ..

So just under 20 comments about " first " before any mention of the article in hand, this is getting tediously boring and more frustrating to Wade through when you do want to read the facts after all isn't that what these forums are for.....

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First, Q10 suggested price ($249) which is $50 higher than initial price of Z10 ($199) clearly answers the question what device is flagship device according to BlackBerry. It’s not Z10. It’s Q10.

Although I principally agree with devices release timing (first Z10, second Q10..), there are some doubts concerning BlackBerry marketing in my mind.

When the Z10 was released in my country (one of the countries of Europe) there was no marketing buzz around the device. May be the marketing buzz is not the right expression. There was no marketing at all.

Some could say this is because of very limited popularity/awareness of BlackBerry in the respective region. I have to disagree. As shareholder I also thoroughly follow BlackBerry most important english-speaking markets (US, UK) and I must say that I haven’t noticed bigger (electronic) buzz around Z10 either (except BB loyal sites like crackberry of course :-).

I wish Q10 to do much better on the marketing field. Q10 (especially white) is really great piece of work. There is enormous number of consumers who deserve to be informed there is hot&fresh alternative for their old fashioned devices in the market. Not to be mistaken - I’m not talking about older BlackBerry devices users. I’m talking about mass of people using "dumbphones". I’m talking about about people using old fashioned I-phones. I’m talking about people tired with Samsung conservative design or it’s "everyone has" brand.

Tell consumers that Q10 is so secure that respected company XY/government agency doesn’t hesitate to use it. Tell consumers that Q10 is so cool that celebrity XY/respected politician XY uses it.

Just TELL them..

The Q10 will only sell to a handful of people left. Everyone and literally their mother has a touch screen now. I'm guessing 90% to 95% of all smartphone owners (Don't quote me on that, it's just based on my observation when I go out and about and look at people's smart phones).

Keyboard phones are outdated now. I cannot imagine masses of people (enough to start a new trrend) will switch from the large screen space of a touch screen to a Q10 that is practically half the screen size. Some people will, but not many!! It's all about screen size these days.

Linda, part of the reason is that there wasn't a very good keyboard smartphone that could give the user experience quality that the Q10 can. BTW, if BBRY can get that 5 or 10% and add that to the percentage they get from the Z10, that would be great.

Linda. I can't begin to explain how clueless and ill informed you are based on your complete lack of understanding and how consumers behave. You clearly are uneducated to boot based on on your ignorant lack of any meaningful insights as your "Gut Check" instinct are consistent with mist of the clueless analysts that have diligently tried to write this company off for some time now, only to be left scratching their heads in disbelief as to what us occurring before their eyes. Folks. 75 mill loyal followers thru hard times can only be a good thing moving forward people of earth. Maybe you should focus on the right group before making knucklehead "Observations". Oh, I have the z10 and will be adding the q10.

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I am fine with Z10 keyboard cause my fingers are small, in fact I type faster these days on Z as compared to my Bellagio. Also, Z keyboard million times better that those on my droids!

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Good article and one that I largely concur with but your numbers are on the low side I think. I believe a much larger % of those 73 mill subs will be jumping on board to get an upgrade to their legacy BB's. And an interesting phenomenon has been occurring recently with my Z10. I get approached frequently and get asked if I Ave the new BlackBerry device. I find it odd coming from I phone users as 1 year ago they all were steadfast telling me that RIM was done and how dare I carry said device as if I was personally insulting them and their allegiance. Boy how the tables have turned.

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I think people are going to be surprised with the Q10's volumes in the business sector. As far as screen size, people who need a larger screen for gaming or video conferencing will opt for a tablet.

Honestly I will be rocking my bold 9900 until I can afford to buy the q10 outright. I love it. I know how to maintain it too. :)

I had a torch2 before upgrading to the z10, and I'm a little offended that it didn't make the full touch list on crackBERRY?!

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is blackberry ever gonna release a landscape slide out qwerty phone? I mean you will get the best of both worlds a big touch screen and a big keyboard.that packed with top of the line hardware will catch the attention of everyone.I love bb qwerty phones. especially the bold series and the q10 ,but for a person who wants to watch movies and play games too, q10's screen is pretty small.
until then #sonyxperiapro