Will BlackBerry 10 be one of the first 4G smartphones in the U.K?

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By DJ Reyes on 21 Aug 2012 10:53 am EDT

A few months ago we brought news that 4G may be arriving in time for the launch of BlackBerry 10. Today, it has been confirmed that Everything Everywhere will be start bringing 4G services to the U.K. as early has September 11, all thanks to Ofcom giving them the green light.

However, with no 4G enabled devices currently available in the U.K. it won't be such a big deal as of yet. But at least Everything Everywhere can upgrade their infrastructure to be ready and able to provide 4G services for when BlackBerry 10 arrives.

Other U.K. networks will have to wait until next year before they can offer their customers 4G speeds but at least this is a step foward in getting 4G to U.K. smartphone users.

So, providing Orange UK and T-Mobile UK release them at launch could we see BlackBerry 10 be one of the first smartphones with 4G capabilities in the U.K? This also means that we could perhaps see the 4G PlayBook makes its way to the U.K. soon.

Source: Cnet UK

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Will BlackBerry 10 be one of the first 4G smartphones in the U.K?


Absolutely not even a question. They have the cash and the reduced cost base to make the global rollout happen. Everything is being directed to this and from the sounds of it Europe will have it before the States do. Hopefully Canada will be first in line!
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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but 4G enabled smartphones exist in the UK, it's the network itself which is lacking. So when 4G is switched on - after September 11 according to OFCOM -, won't the 4G enabled smartphones just switch to that network when it's visable?


There aren't any lte-capable devices on sale in the uk currently e.g. the global version of htc one x uses the tegra 3 chipset rather than an lte-capable one and the same is true for other phones because carriers simply don't want to pay extra for radios or chipsets that won't benefit them.

I believe the rumour is that iPhone 5 is set for release on Sept 12. So looks like they will open up their 4G network just in time for the iPhone to be the first device.

oh for sure, BB10 will be available way after 4G is turned on.

iP5 and 4G on on the same day? Clever marketing.

As usual, BlackBerry has to take it BrokeBack-style, with no LTE phone available for customers to purchase.

There is a huge advantage in being first. Initially there is plenty of bandwidth, which means high speeds which will be perceived as a virtue of the iPhone...by the time the bandwidth is fully utilised and speeds drop, the market share is there and won't be lost.

No doubt about it: the Apple marketing department is clever. But will someone ask for a judicial review of the regulator's decision?

But will it launch (be available) in Britain then? Or just the States? My guess is it won't be a simultaneous global rollout for the 5th iteration of the iClone in Sept.

I wish I could. Big BB fan. Come to this site 20 times a day. Wish i could move to iP or Android, but just cant. Stuck with an old OS5 phone, dunno what to do.

I don't get it and there's a lot of this that happens. People have ancient BlackBerry phones and then complain they're dated or slow or compare them to current models of iPhone or Android. You just can't do that!

Lol! What sort of phone do you have? You know there's later models right? Frequenting CB 20 times a day I would have thought you'd know that. If money is the problem try a second hand job from eBay if you're really "stuck" with an old phone.

It would be nice to have a LTE PlayBook next time I'm in London.

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

The LTE frequencies used in NA are not the same as those in use or planned to be in use in europe, so a 4g playbook still won't be getting LTE over there.

I think this thread should be re-titled to "UK will have a 4G network in place before BB10 launches". Current title is way off base. No way if they launch on September 11 will there be a BB10 phone in place, nor will they be the first with a January release. This will simply allow the competition more time to steal marketshare from RIM because RIM won't have a phone in place to run on 4G, and you know that this carrier is going to try to load up the new network as quick as possible, and be pushing 4G LTE upgrades.

'Everything Everywhere' is going to be pushing take-up as hard as possible, especially as the actual frequencies auction isn't going to even take place for the other operators until the end of the year! They've got a massive head start.


Wow - no 4G in England? I'm surprised, I thought they would have that. BB10 being first with 4G could be HUGE.

The speeds for HSPA+ 3g was much higher than those you saw from CDMA's 3g so there simply hasn't be the same need to rush to introduce LTE in Europe while the phone chipsets were immature and inefficient.

look, I am as much of a BB fan as anyone. I live in Canada and am very proud of RIM as a Canadian company and am pulling for them to become relevant in the consumer smartphone world again but really... posts like this one make Crackberry look silly. I understand that Crackberry needs to post pro-BB content, but how about we keep the fan boy speculation in check.

Why would BB10, not due till early next year, be the first 4G smartphone in the UK? Would Everything Everywhere *really* roll out a 4G network without any devices to use it for 4+ months? Really? No, they wouldn't. Orange has already deployed the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X and then there is the iPhone5 mentioned already.

So how, in that scenario, is BB10 going to be the first 4G smartphone available in the UK? It's not even going to be *one* of the first... probably 5th or 6th at best.

I read Crackberry every single day for BB news and reviews. Please keep the ridiculous, biased coverage off what is otherwise a pretty good site.

If there are already 4G devices in the UK, why wouldn't EE roll out a 4G network to gain customers if 4G hand sets are already available and in use?

Oh dear, despite this comment being reasonably sensible, expect to be treated like you've just just sworn an allegiance to Al Quaida by the fanboy 'don't let the door hit you' millitants.

Unless I'm missing something, neither of those devices *as sold in the UK* have 4g radios in them?

You are correct, about the only commercially available handsets that support the european LTE bands would be a few sold in Germany such as the HTC One XL and the odds are that it along with ones from the likes of Samsung and LG will be the first LTE handsets sold by EE.

This comment is absolutely right on point. No cellular company would launch 4G and then not have a single device at launch time. It's absolutely ridiculous to expect them to wait for BB10 to be their first device 5 months later. Even if the other current devices like the One X don't have the LTE chipset in the UK, you know they'd just order the LTE chipset variant version and phase out their current older models.

Am I the only one that saw "One of the first" in the story or...never-mind.

Samsung can also release the LTE variation of the GS 3 there also and I am sure LG have an LTE phone due out Q3-Q4.

No idea what Windows Phone 8 will be launching either but I am pretty sure they will have a LTE-enabled device. However, the fact still remains that BlackBerry 10 will be "one of the first" 4G phones in the UK.

One of the first would seem to be more a description that you would give to those phones in the first wave of releases which you would assume would be before the end of the year, so calling a bb10 handset one of the first when it shows up early in 2013 would tend to be a little on the generous side, although on the positive side they clearly would not be lagging behind in that area in the way that they have in NA.

Just out of curiosity did anyone read the actual news on this story...... Everything Everywhere have benn give permission to roll out 4g from September. EE have only been trialling 4G and have made any announcement as to when it will go live.

This gives them a head start as the other network providers have wait for the new year auction. The idea is that they will be quicker to catch EE up and provide consumers with better choice.

This doesn't mean Apple had prior knowledge and will be tying in the global handset release with the turning on of UK 4G, or confirm that EE are ready to go live across the country. In fact it will mostly only give them a head start in get the infrastructure nailed down especially as there is a worry that 4G may interfere with our freeview TV network.

And lets not go forgetting that operating frequency of the new Ipad doesnt current work worldwide and there is a possibility that th IP5 wont work at the 1800mhz frequency of the UK.

SO, the reality is, is that we may, just may see BB10 not too long after 4G goes live and it may be the UK 1st 4G phone (unlikely but wouldnt it be sweet).

What a ridiculous article...
There are tons of LTE phones available today. Manufacturers are waiting for the network to be available to flood the market with old and new devices. BB10 will have no significant advantages.


UK has exactly zero 4G devices available today. So far no phone even has regulatory approval for 4G on UK networks, the technical requirements and frequency bands are not even confirmed yet.