CrackBerry Asks: Will you be switching to a BlackBerry Q10?

By Adam Zeis on 18 Apr 2013 09:57 am EDT

The BlackBerry Q10 is getting closer and closer. Already a load of carriers have announced pre-orders for the full-QWERTY device, but we still don't have an official release date. We expect it to be available in the UK and Canada in just a few weeks and in other markets shortly after.

The Q10 is the first BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard and one that many are looking forward to. Long-time BlackBerry users don't want to give up their physical keyboard and that's where the Q10 fits in. While the BlackBerry Z10 is an amazing device, the Q10 looks to capture BlackBerry fans that just aren't ready for a full-touch device.

What we want to know is if you're planning on switching to a new BlackBerry Q10, and if so, what device are you coming from?

Leave your vote in the poll above then drop a comment below letting us know why you're excited about the Q10!

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CrackBerry Asks: Will you be switching to a BlackBerry Q10?



That kinda goes with a "I buy every new BB device anyway" option.

I am coming from a torch and want to know why the bold is separated out, but the torch is lumped in with the Z10 and Curve. I do not want a PC in my pocket, just a phone, or a PDA. If I want to do something more involved, then I pull out my Playbook, or my laptop. No single device is perfect for every task. The Torch is a pretty good compromise, but the keypad is stiff and hard shells for it suck due to the slider design.

Thats me right here. Barely getting used to z10 but the Q10 battery life and physical keyboard will most likely make me sell my z10 on ebay.

You feel special? Did you bother to even vote? Guess its a resounding NO then....

anyways, i love my Z10, and have convinced the GF to upgrade to the Q10 the very first day its available at rogers (her curve has had a long-standing issue of scrolling in the sunlight without being asked)

I had that on my Bold 9900 and BlackBerry UK told me to turn the sensitivity down for the track pad. It worked like a dream. Still go and get the Q10 though.

Congratulations :) I mean it. I, too, have experienced the thrill of being first, and it was grand. It was as exciting and rewarding as I thought it would be! I think it's dumb that people are hating on "firsts"; it's fun and they're all just jealous that they didn't beat you to it ;)

Haha exactly. I used to hate on people that did that but I realize how special that feeling is when I did it myself.

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Nice! Please wear both of them in a holster attached to your belt. More Blackberry's = More Power.

I was looking for that option, I'll be getting one as well, it will be more of my communication phone for clients and emails.

To those of you who are getting both - how do you handle device specific things like BBM and PIN messages? One of the reasons I'm sticking with BlackBerry (9930) and waiting for the Q10 is for BBM. I was going to get a Z10, but I still prefer the 9930 keyboard and couldn't figure out a way to get BBM to work across two devices. How do you guys handle it?

I will have both because I need both. (just cuz)
- I'll be getting one for my work BB so either way, I'll be rocking both.

Now if they'd build a device that supports TWO SIMs then I could use just one, but until that happens I need two (so both the Zed and the Q)

Yea, I would also like to know how people use 2 phones "at the same time". Do you have to keep swapping the SIM card between the 2 phones or do you have 2 wireless plans?

No - that's not the option that really answers the Z10 -> Q10 switch. Of course lots of legacy users are waiting for the Q10 but my real interest is in how many with the Z10 would switch to the Q10. It's not possible with the options offered to separate those potential switchers from the much larger swarm of legacy users who have been waiting patiently for the Q10. I have the Z10 and do miss the physical keyboard and would switch if I could do for zero cost - but I don't think that's possible. As for the larger screen - it's not such a big deal for me. I have a Playbook for that.

I won't be switching, got the Z10, gonna buy the Q10 too.The Z10 keyboard is awesome but there something about the physical keyboard that I really miss.

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Na. Z10 is a breakthrough. The virtual keyboard is probably better than previous physical keyboard. I am actually typing faster. No way switching to Q10

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I have to agree with you. I was skeptical of the Z10, but they are on display at various stores so I had to play with one. This is easily the best virtual keyboard ever. I'm hitting it with my fat thumbs and still getting the right key. I would say the error rate of the Z10 keyboard is on par with hitting two keys on my 9780. Now the Q10 will have a wider keyboard than the 9870, so maybe it isn't a totally fair test.

The Z10 is one of the "touch on lens" LCDs. It remains to be seen if a screen protector degrades the performance. That would influence what kind of case you buy, i.e. one with a cover or not.

I think an important option was missed off the poll there:- "Yes, switching from a Z10". I think there are a fair number who will be doing that.

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Adding the Q10 to the Z10 I already have. Nice to have options haha.
Loving the Z but cant wait to have my keys back under my fingers though.
Pre ordered.

Maybe. If it has the same autocorrect, not the tap-to-select suggestions that we've seen, that the Z10 has.

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Yes. I bought a Z10 and although I think it is the best touch screen I have used, I am a heavy email user and I miss the keyboard. Z10 going to my 15 year old girl. BB is kinda cool again so she won't mind. :-)
Also bought the Z10 in white, was thinking ahead....

I won't be switching because I am loving my Z10. My folks will be picking up the Q10's; upgrade from a Bold 9700 and an old flip phone.

Z10 keyboard exceptional and predictive text is solid. I type just as fast on here as I do on my 9930. Sticking with z10. Now only if my job will turn on BES.

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I may end up with both - since I am a developer apparently - well that is my excuse anyway...

Posted via CB10 with my white Z10 :-)

Surprised to say this but I don't miss the physical keyboard with the Z10's exquisite digital keyboard!

Swiped On My Zed10 Via CB10

Have the Z10 and love it but like many here i am going to buy a Q10 and rock them both

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where I check that i will stick with my iPhone. I liked the Z10 OS. Have one that i just bought for test it, but since i can not use it with my iCloud, iPad, Apple TV, MacBook. and lacking on a lot but a lot apps. that turns me down. and is on my desk as paper weight...! sorry. True Story..!

how about my apple tv. can i send my browser to my flat screen over wifi? apple ecosystem is unique. don't need hdmi cables or outlets. just wifi that's why I love apple products. btw i'm not talking about that email/contacts/calendar stuff.

Have the Z10, trying to get used to it, but still miss my 9700 keypad. Will try the Q10 at the store. Will have to see!

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I thought that I would hold out for the Q10, but after buying the Z10, I don't think that I will be getting the Q10. I've basically adapted to the keyboard (as it is still learning how I type).

I am going to switch to the Q10 from the Z10.

It's not because I don't like the keyboard on the z10. I really do. It is because of keyboard short cuts, likely better integration of type and go, and the battery.

Mainly the battery.

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I'm already running in my new Z10, but what I will really like is to have them both! That's why I'm looking forward to be the winner in the CrackBerry contest!!

Hey CB team, common make it happen, please!

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As much as I like my Z10, I'll be getting the Q10 as soon as it hits TMO. The Z10 is awesome and the keyboard is better than I thought it would be, but I miss the Bold form factor.

Really thought I would regret choosing the Z10 before the Q but I couldn't be happier. I'd love to have both but I really don't see the need.

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I hope to heck we get the Q10 at work. I'm tired of trying to swiping on my work Bold 9790 like I do on my Z10!

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10

I was thinking about getting the Q10 to join my white Z10 but with the thought that a large BB10 device is coming, I'm going to see what pans out with that. I can always pick up a Q10 at a later date and time.

My BB history is 9700 to 9320 to the white Z10. I'm very used to QWERTY keys on the 9700 and liked the 9320 keyboard better. The virtual keyboard does get to me every now and then but the full size screen makes up for it.

I was worried about the Z10 keyboard after hating my Storm 2 and loving my 9930. I love the Z10 keyboard and I refuse to give it up. I'll stick with the Z10.

I'll be using both. Q10 at work during the day; Z10 for play when I'm out at night and on weekends. Just wish BBM id would switch more seamlessly between devices.

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Going back to a physical keyboard after using the Z10 would be like stepping back a decade. No Q10 for me...

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I doubt it, I'm enjoying the Z10 and the keyboard is really good. Not sure giving up that much screen would be worth a physical keyboard.

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A lot of people are saying they won't be getting it but I am betting once they put their hands on those keys, it's over! They'll be leaving with one, lol.

Nope. Sorry. WAS a long time qwerty BlackBerry user (Bold 9930 was my previous phone) and after getting acclimated to the touchscreen keyboard i am now WAY faster typing and just as productive. So sorry Q, Z is for me.

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10. Go Scuderia Ferrari!

Was initially very disappointed that Q10 wouldn't be released in the US until late spring at best ...HOWEVER, the Torch was failing fast and I opted to go with the Z10. Love it love it and sticking with it!

Posted via CB10

"aren't ready" !?! "aren't ready" !?? So if we don't want touchscreen that means we are somehow not fully developed, technologically !?! Been there, but keyboard for me. Is an orientation, not a choice! AND, after months of reading about OS10, I see many reasons to stay with my beloved 9900 for now. THE END.

I agree, am due for an upgrade in a couple of weeks from my 9930 but at this point will not be BB unless they correct some of the shortcomings I keep reading about. The only place I ever see them rate better that Galaxy or Apple is on CB. Crapping up the bridge ability and syncing with outlook was very disappointing. Seems like social media has become the focus which does not interest me and have no use for a device where that is the number one priority.

I will change to the Q10 if my company offers it as an option. I will change because of the fast browser, 4GLTE, larger display, and again if allowed, the ability to partition my business and personal communications.

Screen real estate, 4G LTE and browser..... My Z10 has all that plus it's got the option to switch between work n personal use (balance) Q10 ain't sportin that feature

Posted Via a MF Z10

I would love to take it for a test drive, but I'm loving the screen real estate I get on my Z10. Confused

Are you kidding me at those wanting to stay with they're 9900???? Seriously? I get it if you'd rather stay with your z10 like myself but not even wanting to upgrade to bb10, is just insane at this point. Cmon now people. Those votes must be an average age of 60yrs or older. Lol smh

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"I prefer to change to Z10" was not a choice. Sticking with my 9930 until contract is up then probably switching carriers for Z10.

I was going to switch from my 9930 and add more devices to the Q10. But I am going to hold off until November see if BlackBerry adds the full Bridge App and see what they plan to release in the third and fourth quarters.

I just figured that with this amazing new keyboard with memory sensor learning my stroke range and the predictive text tech, I really don't miss my qwerty like I thought I would. So why sacrifice screen realstate?

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No way I'm switching from my Z10!!!!! I went with the Z10 after checking it out for quite a while when I swore off my horrible HTC Desire Android phone after a year. I will NOT be going back to Android. After a month with my Z10, Android really felt like I was back in the smartphone stone age.

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Even the haters have to admit that the Z10 has an amazing touch keyboard, but if it were just a little less amazing, I'd want a Q10. The ease of typing is just good enough to get me to leave QWERTY in favor of the screen size. If I needed to be talking, testing and typing constantly, I'd have a Q10.

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I have a Z10 now, but I miss the physical keyboard. I'll pass it to my wife, she need a bigger screen for facebook :)))

I can't give up my keyboard, I pride myself being a keyboard ninja on a PC that I've become the same on the 'ol Bold9930. Its all about dem keyboard shortcuts ya'll!!!

I would have liked to get it too, but since I have. Z10 it won't be happening, unless I win the crack berry one.

Posted via CB10

No. I've gotten used to this keyboard, works! As soon as I switch from the bezel covering defender case, sure it will be even better. :D

Posted via CB10

Only if I win the Q10 contest from crackberry, I will use it as my second phone.

Posted via CB10

Have a Z10 but the auto correct drives me up the wall, plus I seem to type gibberish on glass, so will be trying the wife's Q10 out before I confirm my choice!

Not a chance. I'm sticking with the bigger screen. Learning to use this keyboard.

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You need to include both, I have the Z10 and there is a 90% chance that I'll buy the Q10 too. I like them both for different reasons but the main reason is the KB for messaging and the touch for all else.

Fell in love with the large screen size on the Z10. Might stick this one out until a flagship BB10 device comes along....

Posted via CB10

Nope. Love the Z. Thought about waiting for the Q, but once I took the plunge, that was me done. I do miss a hard KB, but this is the best touch KB out there, and I'd find it tuff going back to a relatively small screen now I think.

Posted via CB10

I want to experience a full touch BB device so I think Z10 is the best choice. Now I only wait for the new update of BB10 :)

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I'll be one of the early adopters here, can't wait till Blackberry finally rolls out the Q10 in germany. Once available, it'll replace my Bold 9900.

I have tried the Z10 many, many times in different stores, but I still don't really like it. It is just another full-touch device for me and within this full-touch category, IMO there are almost either more interesting options or else cheaper options to chose from. Besides I really want a physical keyboard, I can type surely faster on the Z10 when I compare it to my Bold 9900, however the typing experience is just as inconvenient as it is on any other full-touch phone. No fun or pleasure writing down a text, a blog entry or a tweet. It is just something I'd do there, yet nothing I could enjoy. The medicore reports about the Z10s battery performance are the last nails into the Zs coffin for me.

I'm planning to get a Q10 in addition to my Z10. I really love my Z10, but miss the Keyboard of my 9900. I miss speed dialing.

It looks great, and i thought i would need the physical keyboard but, I am addicted to my new Z10!!!

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I'll keep my Z but if I win a Q I might switch back and forth. There's a decent chance that the wife will insist on a Q when her upgrade comes up in June.

I love my Z10 and will stick with it but the thought of a keyboard and touch phone is interesting. I love the screen size of my Z10

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I'm keeping the z10 but the Wife wants to get the Q10. She's waiting for it to come to Telus. I have the deal set up already.

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I love my Z10. But the wife is getting the Q10. I will try hers when she gets it. I might be converted. Likely not.

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I've been waiting for the Q10. I looked at the Z10, it is nice but I want the physical keyboard. I do a lot of email and I can type without looking on my Bold keyboard. That's not easy to do on a touch screen and it's even hard to do on the Playbook.

I'm sticking with the Z10...but there is something about that physical keyboard that is sooo tempting

I would love a slider but for now I will stick with the z and probably get a q for my wife to upgrade her torch.

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I've tested it out and to be honest it looks and feels like a BOLD 9900, except it has the new OS so nothing special. The Z10 rules and it's keyboard is great! I used to be a physical keyboard fan but I really think (in my opinion) the day of the physical keyboard is over, the virtual keyboard being that good...why would you go back???

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My wife is going to review the Q10 when it hits the stores. She likes my Z10 because of the screen size but she also likes her Bold Qwerty keyboard so we won't know if it is going to be a Z or a Q. Does anyone know if the Q10 will have a flick words equivalent? Most people I show my Z10 to like the flick words.

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I was a physical keyboard fan too but but I like the bb10 keyboard about as well as any that I have tried.

My favorite keyboard that I ever owned was actually a Nokia e73. Only the 9900 had a better keyboard but the lack of auto focus kept me from that

Posted via CB10

No flick words equivalent just words that appear at the bottom of the screen similar to what you would see on the PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

I would be happy to win the Q10, but I love my Z10. I think that the new operating system is good on a full touch device.

Posted via CB10

I think the q will have an android style flick words at the bottom of the screen. I probably would only use it for spell check.

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I may switch if I win a Q10. (hint hint) But I got a Z10 so I won't be switching to anything before my contract has ended.

I thought I would never go to a full touch screen, but, going from a BB9900 to the Z10 I doubt I can go back to qwerty. The Z10 gives me a beautiful typing experience and I love it!
There are somethings that I need to get use to with the Z10 and a couple of bugs that need to be ironed out on the OS, but overall I'm one Happy Camper :)

I will be trading in my 9930 for a HTC ONE tomorrow, Blackberry can thank Sprint for this, not carrying the Z10

My girl friend and I were going to switch from our Z10s and our daughter from her 9900, but none of us like the dark theme. Especially our daughter who doesn't like the idea of a dark depressing phone when she texts. So we will wait and see what comes next.

Posted via Z10

I upgraded to Z10 from an Iphone 4S through AT&T and loving it very much especially its keyboard word suggestion blow me away. I think I will become lazy one day since I don't have to do much when typing just swipe all the words up. Its keyboard is very precise. I spend less time checking for information with my Z10 than when I used to have an Iphone 4S (I checked my Iphone at least 20 times a day to see if anyone send me something). With Z10 I only check when there is the red light blinking. Apps for me is not importance; I don't use apps.

I'm waiting to try the Q10 before I make the decicion to leave my beloved 9900. Either way, it will still be to BB10!

It's a hard decision bc I miss the physical keyboard bc of the shortcuts but then again lk the bigger screen on the z10.I'll be sure to know once I get to try the q10 out! Can't wait!

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10

No. Not getting one. Waiting for refurbished Z10s to cycle through at AT&T. Then I'll finally upgrade from my 9800.

I love my Z10, even though I didn't think I would love full touch this much. Was planning on switching to Q10, but don't think I will. Unless I win one of course :P

Posted via CB10

I voted Yes, switching from 9930...but that actually died on me completely a month or two ago. Upgraded my wife (to a Galaxy SIII) and used her 9850 for a bit, hated the touchscreen typing and overall experiene and now have a refurbed 9650 until I can get the Q10.

In short, all of the above makes me even more jittery for the Q10.

I have the same resevations about the smaller screen but I love the physical keyboard. I wonder, could I get a Z10 and still use my Bold 9780 as a bluetooth keyboard (with no simcard)?

Fashions in IT come and go. Everything makes a comeback. Once a big screen on a phone stops being a status symbol, and everyone has a 7-8 inch tablet, I suspect the keyboard will make a comeback. Nothing so far has really replaced it. The on screen keyboard is skeuomorphic for just that reason.

I am switching from my Bold 9900 because it will keep the same form factor that I am already used to and its a smaller footprint than that of the Z10. I like to carry my phone on my belt and not be a huge eyesore. I just hope I can live without the track pad :(

I'm a buy it, try it and if I like it more than my z10 then I will give my z10 to my brother. It is exactly what I have been waiting for. Z10 is awesome but meh I miss keyboard:)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 in Germany

I'll have both. I work for a bank, so all old BBs are going to be upgraded to bb10. But still enjoying my experience on my personal Z10.

Posted via CB10

I will stock to my Z10 - which I bought.

However I know two people who might get a BlackBerry and are waiting for the Q10 to appear.

Of k e came my way for free though... then I would have one, however I will not but one, the Z10 works great and it would be too expensive too.

Posted via CB10

I love my Zed, but I'd love to try the Q...
P.S. - can we please stop arguing endlessly about those who post, "first "?
If you don't like it , ignore it - that's what I do - just move right on. But. Then I have to read people hating on it, or arguing about it, for half the thread.
Crazy. It's not that important. And it's not as stupid as the iPhone.
Sayin '.


I dont think so. Because i use right to left languages and on a qwerty keyboard i need those characters. Arabic - hebrew so i better keep using touch!

Posted via CB10

We really need an option for those of us that are sick enough to need both, where we switch out our sim cards depending on which one we want to use that day. That's what I'll be doing. I love my Z10 but there is no way I won't have a Q10.

I am not switching from my wonderful blackberry Z10 ! ! ! However I have almost convinced my spouse to upgrade to a smartphone and it will be the Blackberry Q10 if he does.

Posted via CB10

I'm going to wait to see how the smaller screen size is handled by the developers. Curious how apps will appear on a screen a third smaller than to Z10.

Posted via CB10

I'm actually not too excited since I rather use touch screen like z10 but I'm sure my other relative will love it !

Upgraded from the 9810. I was a little worried about losing the keyboard even though I didn't use it that much. I don't miss it one bit and will not be switching to the Q10.

I left the iPhone 3G for the 9630 when it was released back in 2009, then went to the 9650, left that for the Motorola Droid Pro - which I returned the next day as it was an absolute POS. Was on the 9650 until release of the 9930, which I used for a few months, after starting to lose hope in BB and Lazaridis and Ballsack being douchebags, I decided to leave BB for the iPhone 4S when it was released. Been on the iPhone 4S since and have been waiting for a chance to return to BB as I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the QWERTY and I am NOT an app heavy user, or game/teenager. I only use about 4 apps throughout my day including: Bloomberg, Scottrade, Schwab Banking, The Economist, WSJ, a little bit of Instagram, Weather, G Maps (I didn't upgrade to iOS 6 until they released GMaps for it) and most recently - Instagram. I am getting a Q10 the moment it comes out in the U.S!

I'm in a unique position that I can upgrade my O2 contract on 22nd May (my birthday funnily enough!) and currently my girlfriend is currently using my old Nexus 4 and prefers it to any other phone (which kinda proves women aren't always right!)

I'll get me the white Q10 so I can use that on my other contracts until they expire... although I have a funny feeling that the Q10's keyboard, screen and battery life may relegate my Z10 to back up phone!!

@tallpaul86 via the CB10 app

I'm going to keep rocking the Z10, but will probably get the Q10 at least for development and app testing. The fact that my fingers no longer hurt after a full day of typing is quite a welcome change from my 9700.

Posted via CB10

I had a little stress buying the Z10 because I really liked the physical keyboard. Now that I have been using it for a month, I love the Z10. The keyboard is great and I have really gotten used to the larger screen. So I'll be sticking with my Z10.

i am missing the qwerty experience from my 9900....i would love to own a q10 as well :))) but..but my z10 is anyway awesome *MD*

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I was always physical keyboard user, until I got my Z10, and now I don't want to go back to physical keyboard, I love the typing experience with my Z10

BlackBerry Z10

I have been a BlackBerry user since 2005 However I have had several other phones during that time. Palm Pilot, iphone, windows and Android. I am staying put with my Z10.

Until they come out with a super phone that I need.

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I have been struggling with this for a while. A few weeks back I reactivated my 9930 and have been using that along with my Note 2 and I find myself using the 9930 for all of my essential tasks (calls, messaging, email, schedule, etc.) and using the Note 2 more as a tablet when at home. I love the keyboard, but I have not tried the Z10 virtual keyboard yet so I need to go do that. I have an upgrade to use, but I may wait until the Q10 is out on Verizon before making the choice. Either way it is nice to actually have a tough choice between two BB's. Good problem to have.

Wow im impressed that over 50% z10 owner will stay with there phone=) exceeded their expectation I guess=)

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Next week i hope I am going to become a happy q10 owner. After being with my 9700 for 3 years... It is time to upgrade it. Why Q10 instead of Z10? Because at this point I dont want to lose all the best things I have been enjoying with my BOLD phone: email accounts service, battery life, qwerty and form factor... All these things that many BB users say are the reason because they felt in love with their phones.... If I want a full screen phone maybe I would not stay with BB at this point...

Well I have 2 Z10 one white and one black and love both. And sold my Bold 9900 for the White Z10 after buying my first Z10, and kind of lost interest and excitement of the Q10 due to the screen size.

I don't miss the keyboard anymore as I really love Z10s keyboard, and the full screen well would I sacrifice that now?

No, so I'm happy with my Z10s and the Q10 I am sure will be an amazing device but not for me anymore as blackberry has got me hooked on the Z10.

I can't wait for the new OS :-)

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