App World Coming To Europe In July?

App World
By Adam Zeis on 11 Jun 2009 09:13 am EDT

Its been over two months since BlackBerry App World went live in North America, and its seems that a worldwide launch may not be far off.  Our good friend Simon Sage posted on that a rumored European launch may be coming soon.  Italy is said to be getting App World on July 20th, so it seems likely that other countries would follow suit.  It's about time that BlackBerry App World lived up to it's name. There are already pages up on the official BlackBerry sites to be notified at launch, and you can sign up for Italy, Germany, Spain and France. Don't forget, if you can't take advantage of App World, or if you are just looking for more applications or even themes, you can always check out our CrackBerry App Store Client.  

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App World Coming To Europe In July?


it's about time they do it...

It's completely stupid that we have not got the App "World" yet...

Well i dont know what device this critic is using to stack up with the pre but nonetheless the top 8 reasons isnt good enough reasons.
Lets just say i will compare BBSTORM and PALM PRE (this is going to be interesting).

8. USER INTERFACE: Oh boy, do i even need to go here????
7. WIFI - hmmm, should i even bother here?
6. SPEED - well well well. I have seen enough
5. Functionality - ok i will give this to blackberry but hey PALM PRE is FIRST GENERATION and it already have so much good reviews on the net, as opposed to storm's reviews on first launch.... oh my.
4. MULTITASKING -- lol, have you ever activated more than 4 apps on the storm? come on, even a monkey will place this storm as a door stopper.
3. Internet Browser - ok dokie, what do we have here? a full blown desktop like browser for the PRE..
2. Stability - hehe, has anyone owned a bbstorm that hasnt pulled the battery out or sudden restarts on their storms for like let's say 3 days? At least once you have to pull the damn battery out.
1. PRE -- got tremendous thumbs up to 90% of reviewers. Just go to youtube and see or watch what i am talking about

Hey to top it all i bought a blackberry storm and i am on my 4th device since december.

Once Verizon gets the palm pre, seriously, i am taking my storm and give it to my worst enemy. For now, i have to love my storm and use it.

What does this have to do with the app world? Obviously this puts into question the intelligence of Pre users...

I followed Your advice and downloaded the CB AppStore client to my Storm.
Result: Memory dropped about 15 Megs (and did NOT recover), battery consumption increased by at least one percent an hour.
Sorry mates, I threw it out and will stay away from this app, until it is made sure that it is programmed properly.

Seriously they're not missing out on much. Oh, unless you're into a vast library of junk apps that loads like you're on 56k and is about as unorganized as humanly possible. AppWorld is a joke.

Most apps are based around the US date format which makes no sense to anyone in Europe and in any case isn't the internet global? Anyone in Europe can already download apps.

As a UK user of the app world I find most applications frustrating as they only support US servces such as 'poynt' and 'where' which I'd love to use in the UK! I hope they start to add support for UK services as well!

And for the sake of the pre/blackberry argument - blackberry rules!

The locale thing is just a charade. The real reason for the delay in making AW available worldwide is legal. Look no further than the simple fact that despite it being in English already, it has not been made available in numerous other English-speaking countries: Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.

In 15+ years as a software developer I've never known a technology company to be ruled by its lawyers to the same extent as RIM. Seriously folks, RIM's lawyers make their colleagues at Microsoft, Google, etc. look positively sloppy in comparison.

And I hate when they trot out this "it's the carriers" rubbish. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, the iPhone also requires a carrier in order to function correctly. If their App Store can be available pretty much everywhere, AW should be too.

Balsillie and Lazaridis need to wake up and remind the lawyers who's in charge.

I don't get it, my wife has an 8900 and has the store here in the UK (which is in Europe), she's had it since in launched in the US

Haven't you heard? UK isn't part of Europe anymore. Well that seems the case for many of these sites.

Although in this case i'm not complaining, we get it sooner then 'europe'