Wikitude now available for OS6 devices through BlackBerry App World

By Jared DiPane on 7 Dec 2011 04:48 pm EST


Wikitude initially launched with only BlackBerry 7 support but today they launched a BlackBerry 6 compatible version into App World. With the expansion to support OS 6 it allows a ton more users to take advantage of the various features offered, such as sharing locations with friends, finding new contacts for BBM, and much more. Hit the link below to download Wikitude on your OS6 device.

More information / download of Wikitude for OS6 

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Wikitude now available for OS6 devices through BlackBerry App World


You're right. It isn't the same without the AR and the touchscreen. It's very difficult to navigate the map when it goes through all the contacts or sights near you. Also it's just too many menu's, almost overwhelming. I don't see myself using Wikitude that much.

I don't know what it's supposed to do in terms of GPS location but I live in the Netherlands, while Wikitude places me somewhere in a Spanish speaking area...
CORRECTION: India or Pakistan now...

Hi @kemj,

Alex from RIM here. Thanks for being a part of #TeamBlackBerry, and I’m loving the enthusiasm for getting the Wikitude app on your Torch. It rocks, and the integration with BBM 6 lets you find your BBM contacts, too – awesome for when you’re out in a crowd.

If you’d like to learn more about the ins and outs of Wikitude, check out this video from our Inside BlackBerry Blog: Enjoy!

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

does there need to be BBM users near you before the camera thing will work?

**just went back and read the description of the application. without the AR i gave this app a 2/5.

To me, it seems cool and all that. I was really interested when I was first reading about the release for the OS7 devices. However, without Augmented Reality, I don't see any value added to my 9780. When I read the description for OS6, I feel I can do just as well using Poynt like I do now.

LoL. I think I should really consider obtaining an OS7 device to enjoy this the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Unfortunately it won't be the same experience on the OS6 devices. I appreciate the gesture tho, atleast someone remembered that it was only last year that my 9780 was the hit thing... *thumbs up*

Without the gyroscope and a compass...AR can't be enabled. Our OS6 devices lack the hardware :( :( .

DO NOT INSTALL this... Torch 9800 is officially in an infinite reboot cycle.. This app has officially wrecked my day!!! No device since late last night and won't be able to get a loaner until I get home in the morning from Winnipeg..... ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH