Wikitude myWorld lets you create your own augmented reality world

By Adam Zeis on 15 Mar 2012 01:41 pm EDT

Wikitude has been doing all kinds of cool stuff since we first saw it pop up. We were all wowed when we got our first look at what it could actually do, and it hasn't slowed down one bit. The latest addition comes in the form of myWorld - a feature that lets you create your own augmented reality within the app. You can add locations, photos and comments and then share with friends and family so they can explore your world. All in all some very cool stuff here. If you give myWorld a spin, drop a comment and let us know how you're using it. Check out the video above as Wikitude Chief Marketing Officer Andy Gstoll tells more.

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Wikitude myWorld lets you create your own augmented reality world


Absolutely! That would be great on the larger screen of the PlayBook! It has a compass, dueling cameras, and GPS so why not right?

I'm thinking it might be useful for University campus' to help students find a building. Even small Universities typically have multiple buildings, dorms, etc.

You know, that sounds like a really good idea. You should approach Wikitude and your university administration with it. Good Luck and alway have fun. It might turn into a great summer job travelling to a lot of different campuses.

i dont understand this. can't i post on facebook about the new 'mexican restaurant' i found? why do i need wikitude to share that info with friends?
sounds like another facebook/twitter thing.

To me it sounds like Wikitude is working toward becoming a better form of Foursquare. If so, this is looking pretty good to me :)

I liked the idea for wikitude from the moment I heard about it, but it's usefulness in the field is just not convenient or practical especially if I am not in a major city, but I can definite see the point if I was at a university or major event like SXSW or something. Just my $.02

From going over this app with iOS and android fans it seems BlackBerry has the neat advantage of seeing other BBM Contacts on it.

Pretty cool!

I was wondering if there was some sort of iMessage integration with this or anything else like the connected apps? Seems to me that since I've never heard of it before, that BlackBerry is the only platform offering this type of integration.

So that's pretty..... AWESOME!

This app needs to keep building features and has great promise. (As I stated above) this could turn into a much better Foursquare type app. I wasn't too interested in it at 1st, but it keeps getting better. Think it's time I redownloaded it now. :)