Wikitude hosting Augmented Reality Development for BlackBerry 10 webcast

Wikitude hosting Augmented Reality Development for BlackBerry 10 webcast
By Bla1ze on 19 Nov 2012 08:03 pm EST

If you're a developer who is currently making use of the Wikitude augmented reality SDK for BlackBerry 10, you may be interested in tuning into the webcast lined up for tomorrow. Hosted by Wolfgang Damm, Lead Software Architect from Wikitude, the webcast will cover how to integrate augmented reality into BlackBerry 10 games and apps using HTML5/JavaScript/CSS as well as BlackBerry Cascades. Registration for the event is open right now, with things kicking off on November 20th, 2012 at 11:00am EST. If you're looking to take part, use the registration link below.

Register for the Augmented Reality Development on BB10 with Wikitude SDK webcast

Via: BlackBerry Dev Blog



I don't know if any company has implemented this successfully mainstream. With BBM set to get some new features in BB10, I'd like to see some new AR use cases.


I never use this app on my 9810.


Tried it... Was a great idea... But seriously having to redo the compass thing everytime was a mega fail. Deleted it because that was annoying.


Where's Wikitude for PlayBook???!!! >:(


Hopefully I won't have to recalibrate my compass every 5 seconds with this one


RIM really needs to push this a bit more and work with the devs to iron out the rough edges. In many ways it feels like a lot of other RIM features: ahead of the curve, but not integrated deeply enough and without a compelling hook - so it doesn't make a big splash.