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Wikitude release their SDK for BlackBerry 10 plus bring Wikitude Places out of beta

By James Richardson on 16 Aug 2013 10:51 am EDT

What I know about app development you could write on the back of a postage stamp, but for you thousands of BlackBerry devs out there you'll more than likely to be interested in the new Wikitude SDK that is available to download for BlackBerry 10.

Hopefully you saw our post featuring ARKick - this was the first augmented reality application for BlackBerry 10 built using the Wikitude SDK and as you would have seen the app totally rocks. So, if you are developing a location based application you may want to dive a bit deeper into utilizing the Wikitude SDK.

In addition to the SDK, Wikitude have also brought Wikitude Places out of beta so expect to see a review of that one here over the next week.

For you developers this is great news. You can catch all the details below:

Press Release

Wikitude is proud to announce two significant updates for BlackBerry 10.  The all new BlackBerry 10 augmented reality SDK including 3D support is now available.  In addition to our iOS and Android SDKs, the Wikitude BlackBerry 10 SDK may now be downloaded for free. The second big item leaving the Wikitude factory is Wikitude Places. Places is leaving its beta status with a fully revamped augmented reality view and user interface and is available for download in the BlackBerry World today.

Wikitude’s new SDK already in action: “AR Kick” first app in BlackBerry World

Our friends at Refocus Labs have been busy at work building their newest creation, ARKick – an exciting contextual Augmented Reality app. Using the all-new Wikitude SDK for BB10, ARKick combines a variety of relevant factors including time, temperature, weather, as well as Facebook and foursquare data to suggest places and interesting points of interest around a user through an augmented reality view. From here, users are provided with a number of informational options including time to reach a chosen destination, turn-by-turn directions, an option to phone the location, ratings, and other essential information.

The Wikitude SDK for BB10 is now available directly from the Wikitude Store, with prices starting as low as 99€. As always, a FREE trial version of the Wikitude SDK is available for testing and evaluation purposes.

If you’re developing for the BB10 operating system, there’s never been a better time to add an augmented reality component to your application. Using Wikitude’s award winning and industry proven technology, you can rest assured that you’re in good company and developing for tomorrow’s audience today!

Wikitude Places

Coinciding with our release of the Wikitude SDK for BB10, we’re happy to announce that Wikitude Places will be coming out of beta and standing on it’s own as an official release today. It can be downloaded from BlackBerry World here.

Wikitude Places showcases Wikitude’s all-new user interface on the BlackBerry 10 operating system. With a focus on location based services, Wikitude Places presents users with a unique view of their surroundings, and delivers detailed information about sights, restaurants, and hotels, and much more in the user’s vicinity.

A tremendous thank you to all of our beta testers, as the feedback has been extraordinary, and we’ve tuned and tweaked the app to provide the very best user experience.

Be sure to check out ARKick to get a feel for the powerful location based capabilities of the Wikitude SDK for BlackBerry 10, and then download our SDK for free.  With 3D support now available, your creations with the Wikitude SDK for BlackBerry 10 are limited only by your imagination.




Cant wait to get the final version!

Posted via CB10


The same thing, Really excited :)

Writer for Addicts à BlackBerry 10 :



the future is easy because it doesn't exist


Wikitude was cool on the ol 9900, can't wait for BlackBerry 10! Thx :)

Posted via CB on a Q10


I tweeted a link to this to CrackBerry the day they announced ARKick. Thought we would have seen the production release by now. I hope it's soon. I loved it on my 9850.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Sounds interesting, I'll give it a shot.

Posted via CB10


It's still show as a beta in app world. It does have a little more functionality than the version that's been out for months, but still no where near as good as the OS7 version. My apartment here in the centre of Manchester has a hotel about 20m away. It doesn't show up. It actually only comes up with 3 hotels and 6 restaurants in the whole of Manchester, actually within 40km or so. It's also rather buggy. Has crashed and closed itself 5 times and twice it's done nothing but load a camera view and then frozen. So, yes it's marginally better than the completely useless original beta version, but it's still pretty useless and i won't be using it in its current form.

Posted via CB10


It still shows as Beta too, here in Indonesia. Loved it on OS7, can't wait for the full app on my Z10.

Posted via CB10


I'm sensing a lot of good things coming with 10.2....i don't know about you people :)

Posted via CB10

Peter Lee4

I thought it was already available for Cascades, when I tried to get is going, it didn't work that great. Maybe I'll try installing again as it seems that there is more solid support.


Still showing as beta in BlackBerry World

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Thanks to God! Finally!

Posted via CB10


This App has always killed the battery of my 9900. Hopefully the BB10 version will be better!

Posted via CB10


Working great, seems they're paying attention to BB10 now.

Posted via CB10


Got it 2 days ago, and it's working very well! I'm loving it so far.

Posted via CB10