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RIM opens BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil

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Wikitude augmented reality browser comes pre-loaded on the new BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Bla1ze on 2 May 2011 02:14 pm EDT

You may or may not have heard of Wikitude but -- if you have plans on picking up a new BlackBerry Bold 9900 then you're going to start seeing a lot of the their augmented reality application. Wikitude will come pre-loaded on the device when it launches. Right now, we've not had a chance to go hands-on with the app but here is what Wikitude had to say about the launch:

“The Wikitude team is very excited to see its AR browser as part of BlackBerry’s new device proposition” said Martin Herdina, Wikitude’s CEO. “BlackBerry’s Super Apps concept is the perfect environment for Wikitude to show its full potential as it seamlessly integrates with other applications on the device”.

“Combining Wikitude with the overwhelmingly large user base of BBM around the world creates a completely new form of social interaction. This is the very first time that instant messaging is rolled out in AR on such a large scale” says Andy Gstoll, Chief Marketing Officer at Wikitude.

Using the browser is rather easy -- just load it up and point your finder around to see integrated overlays within the app itself. Wikitude will fully integrate the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) allowing you to interact with their BBM contacts and meet new people in augmented reality as well share info from various places such as YouTube, Twitter and more.

Source: Wikitude



That looks pretty awesome. I want on I want one I want one!!!!!


Yea, right?!?!?! I would gladly pay you on tuesday for a blackberry today! Or i'll at least give you my current phone (droid 2 global) man I miss BB!!!


Got on
to crackberry.
read their post and
Jizzed in my pants.

(Sing with the song please)


Will u be able to see your bbm contacts location thru the viewfinder. Like "oh john is in that starbucks on the left!" That would be awsome!


this will hide and seek way more fun :)


This looks really awesome. RIM is coming back with a vengeance this year.


Finally RIM are seriously spending good money on their product keep up the good work. I might just pick up a BlackBerry 9900 so freaking excitied about OS 7 as well.


Please bring the BB Touch to T-Mo with compatability on all bands for AT&T and T-Mo and make it HSPA+ 42Mbps.


Cant wait until i get to try it out