Wikipedia Mobile Version Launched...Err..Discovered!

By Bla1ze on 17 Dec 2008 05:49 am EST
Wikipedia  Mobile Version Launc...Err..Discovered!

The massively popular online encyclopedia service Wikipedia actually has a "mobile" version! For the longest time before picking up my Bold I was frequently using a site called WAPedia to feed my need for information. Now many reports have posed this as being a new service, but since its original posting over at MicroPersuasion, it has now been realized that the site has been there since at least August. In any event, it supports 14 languages and has a rather *weird* option called "Spoken Wikipedia" which seems to have not ever been enabled. Makes me hope it is what it sounds like it should be and it does indeed get switched on at some point!

Personally, since having picked up my Bold and browsed to the full Wikipedia site a good many times, I find the Bold's browser actually formats the site quite nicely without any real need to have a "mobile" version. Regardless, this is highly useful for older devices that do not have the new browser rendering engine in them. And oh yeah, in case you were wondering, CrackBerry leads to BlackBerry ;-)

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    Wikipedia Mobile Version Launched...Err..Discovered!


    I tried typing in that address on my Curve 8330 but got an error. I used the Blackberry Browser, is that correct? I too have been using Wapedia, it works just fine, so I'm wondering how different the mobile version is. Either way, I can't get to it from the BB browser.

    Make sure the http part of the address is not there. And I tried typing CrackBerry in the search and yes it does lead to BlackBerry! :)

    I have been running this for a couple of weeks. It is not really a mobile version but instead just a quick way to load the search page on the device without opening the browser. After you click go you are entirely on the Website and out of the BB App. So this is a useful shortcut even for the Bold and Storm.

    This was one of the first bookmarks I made when I got my Curve back in June. Been available for a while.....

    The Storm's "go to" menu has a search bar which allows you to choose if your search is run through google, wiki, or

    It’s great news. It shows us that how technology makes our life easier.

    According to them, it offers a trimmed down version of Wikipedia prosper which supports up to 14 different languages.

    This web page does not work on my phone. I have the BlackBerry Curve 8330, and I just tired going onto this page and I got "The requested URL could not be retrieved. The following error was encountered. Unable to determine IP address from host name for" Is anyone else having this issue?

    That error means your browser was trying to go to, which is a nonexistent address. It looks like you either made a typo when entering the address, or else when you posted about it here.

    The real address is "", though you can probably leave off the "http://" part. There is no www in it.

    I am surprised to see that CB has just now found this. I found the mobile wikipedia site months ago. It is so useful for looking up random information that comes up in every day converstations while you are away from your computer.