The ultimate encyclopedia comes to BlackBerry 10 - in the form of Wikipedia

By James Richardson on 13 Feb 2014 02:57 am EST

Another day, another native BlackBerry 10 application which should go down well - this time in the form of Wikipedia. The app brought to us by Soluteo gives us the perfect BlackBerry 10 feel, with a choice of light and dark theme, simple sharing via the BlackBerry Hub plus more. 

As we all know, the BlackBerry 10 browser already does a great job when checking out sites such as Wikipedia, but I'm favoring the app for sure, with its ability to save favorites and dive straight into the app from the universal search. 

For all you folk that need the ultimate reference tool on your BlackBerry - this could well be it. Give it a try, it's free and let us know what you think? 

Features include: 

  • Set your favorite languages for searching and reading articles.
  • Save articles and access them offline.
  • All your browsing history is saved in a chronological order.
  • Share a complete article or a shortcut to a specific section.
  • Choose between light and dark display.
  • View the featured articles and top news in the active frame.
  • Search Wikipedia via BlackBerry 10 Universal Search

More information/Download Wikipedia for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

The ultimate encyclopedia comes to BlackBerry 10 - in the form of Wikipedia


Very, very nice! And it has a dark theme unlike... cough, cough, ahem... the CrackBerry app for the Z10... (No I'm not downloading an Android port of the CB app!! Do you people have no shame! ;-) )


Posted via CB10

Why 'finally'? There are LOTS of native apps worth getting. It isn't fair to insult all of those hard working developers who have taken the time to develop apps for the BB platform.

I have to confess that I am distinctly disappointed now that I have access to Google Play (via Snap) and Amazon Apps store, as the vast majority of Android apps seem very poor in comparison to the many wonderful Built-for-Blackberry apps.

Agreed. AND they are slower AND they use resources AND they run all the time AND they drain the battery (has been awesome since 10.2.1) should I go on?!

Posted via CB10

Yeah go on...

Honestly some people do nothing but complain. Of course native is better but having access to Google Play is amazing. It's giving BlackBerry users the chance to use apps we never could just a couple of years ago.

Case in point the Bold 9900. Wonderful phone, ****house app selection. Now any app my mates have on their Androids and iPhones I can have too, and sometimes they run BETTER on BlackBerry 10 than they do on Android.


I think his point is that even though there is an option, it's not the most enjoyable or viable

Posted via CB10

Amazing, thank you so much.

Much better then the Android Version :)

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

I have been using the official Android version but this looks good, is smooth and native so am giving it a go and deleted the apk.

Just need adjustable (larger) font sizes for older eyes

Good work!

Come on 10.3!

Im happy that slowly but surely,i can see some app movement to the black. Keep it moving! :)

#TeamBlackBerry / Q10 / / If you want to get things done,swap to the black

Very happy with the addition of this app. I use it quite frequently in my computer. Now it is with me all the time. Great!

The app logo seems more like WordPress to me... don't you guys feel the same about it?
Nice to have a native App!

Posted via CB10

Some pages are half cut off, especially if there is an image. You get a little bit of image and the text cut off.

Posted via CB10

Just confirming what I said above. It's most apparent if you click on a link from the page you are on to another Wikipedia page, especially with an image. It's apparent to me that the commentators here have not even checked out the app (including the CB reviewer).


Posted via CB10

Hopefully the word will continue to spread that Blackberry is a viable platform.

Posted via CB using my Q10

Wikipedia shows up bigger organisations with deeper pockets. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute you. I'm getting the app right now.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Thus is just a great app... something that I wanted for a long time... the developers got my fav website as an app to my favorite mobile... cheers to the developers...

Greeeeeeaaaat we want more native apps, I hate android apps, they are slow and not well integrated. With android apps is like runing apps in a OS wich runs in other OS, a lack of time

Posted via CB10

Don't like it. Too many missing articles in mobile form.

SQN100-1 | STA100-3

I simply save the Wikipedia page to my homescreen, no need for a superfluous app clogging up my Q10.

Nice that this is Native, maybe if it had been better executed then I'd get it.

Awesome! Slowly but steadily all my Android apps are being replaced by native ones!

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Downloaded it last night after a forum post, and tbh it works flawlessly up to now. Changed the results for Spanish, and everything I had thrown at it has found. Haven't had any problems with half loaded articles because of the pics or anything. This app is a really good option for those using a home screen shortcut to the page.

Hard core BlackBerry 'er

Is It me or I can't get the universal search integration working. If I start a search from the homescreen the wiki option should show up in the "extended search" right?

Posted via CB10

Seems like a good start, but I can't seem to get any images to load to full size. Always get 'images can't be found in mobile database '. The dark theme is nice...however I will stick with the mobile version with our powerful browser for now. Nonetheless..thanks for supporting BlackBerry 10!

Posted via CB10

I'll have to try this. Even tho we all love it, don't forget Wikipedia is considered a soft source. If accuracy is critical, always do some cross referencing.

Posted via CB10 with "Z" best

Awesome app! I do wish the search bar could be hidden away until needed.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Simply beautiful and beautifully simple.
My only reccomendation is for to autohide the search bar when reading articles to reveal more screen (yeah, Q1o here :)

 Q1o

It hides the bar when you scroll down by swiping - but not when you use <space>

Nice app - very fast compared to the browser (wondering why) - but I'm missing
- a better Q10 support (shortcuts for change language, previous, next, search, bookmarks, history)
- autohide when you scroll with <space>
- swipe gesture to go back (as usual in BB10)
nice to have:
- login to your wiki account
- multiple tabs for multiple pages

Having said that - Great to see a native app on BB for wiki. And so much better than the web page.
Great start!!

Simply sweet stuff, especially the option for "Additional Content Languages".
BlackBerry is on a roll.

Posted via CB10

Excellent so far.....and I always cross reference my sources anyhow..!! Dark theme is great, as well.

Posted via CB10

it is quiet nice wiki app for bb10 but a pitty i can do searchings only in english and not in my native language

Posted via CB10

works great for the most part, except it seems to have trouble with large multi-column tables; if I'm supposed to sidescroll I can't seem to figure out how. that's the only complaint I have with it.

Posted via CB10 on my BBQ10