One for the kids? Check out Wiggler for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Apr 2013 11:16 am EDT

Wiggler may not be the most exciting game in BlackBerry World but I dare you not to give it a try. This one will also be perfect if you have children and let them play games on your BlackBerry 10 device.

Wiggler is a pretty simple concept. You drag him around the screen, in a weird bendy fashion, munching on the fruit that falls from the sky. Eating combinations of the same fruit will earn you extra points but it doesn't stop there.

Bees - they are an issue. Every so often you will see an arrow pop up on either side of the screen to warn you that a bee is coming. What you need to avoid is eating the bee which is actually easier said than done. The only good thing about eating one is that the game changes from the mellow chilled out music to some banging dubstep style tune while Wiggle remains unmovable for a few seconds.

And that pretty much sums it up. Wiggle is free to download so whether you have kids or not go give it a try. It's kinda fun .

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Lexx Spartan H

Lol cute, but dang where's the real apps at.

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Lexx Spartan H

Update: first, let's see the hate. Now

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Apps just for the sake of having apps isn't going to cut it...


My nephew is afraid of wiggler lol

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That is amazing lol

And that dubstep music is dope.


Kids who like and/or hate dubstep, maybe ;)

Thanks for the feature! It's just a bit of fun.


My 3yr old daughter loves dupstep, I get told off when I turn it off.


Oh, it's supposed to be for kids?

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Nah, it's for anyone with a few minutes to spare and a hatred of bees.

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I would just eat bee's for the cool music

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My kid swiped at it a couple of times then gave up. Nice looking app but low entertainment value.

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Why didn't you show him how to play then?