WiFi printing comes to BlackBerry 10 thanks to PrintHand Mobile Print Premium

By Adam Zeis on 9 Aug 2013 11:42 am EDT

One of the things I longed for when I first got my BlackBerry Z10 was the ability to print directly to my WiFi printer from my device. Sadly there were no available solutions in BlackBerry World at the time. While there were a handful of apps that allowed you to print from your device using your Windows PC as a go-between, none let you print straight from your BlackBerry to a printer.

Thankfully a solution has finally come in the form of PrintHand Mobile Print Premium. The app itself is an Android port but that doesn't really matter to me since it actually works. I had very little trouble finding and connecting to my printer with the exception that the app itself continues to want to connect to WiFi even if WiFi is already turned on. I'm chalking that up to being an Android port in that it doesn't recognize the WiFi connection. Regardless I was actually able to print - however this is where my one big gripe comes in.

Currently the app only lets you print from your gallery, web pages, contacts, Gmail, contacts or Facebook albums. Notably missing is the ability to print any sort of document - PDF, XLS, DOC etc. I did contact the support team and was told that they are working on adding in PDF support so hopefully that isn't too far off.

At $4.99 the app is a bit steep, but to have a simple WiFi printing solution it's really not too much to ask. As I said, my biggest downer is that I can't simply print anything on my device at the moment. Added support for documents will make this a sure five-star app for me.

More information/Download PrintHand Mobile Print Premium

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WiFi printing comes to BlackBerry 10 thanks to PrintHand Mobile Print Premium


What? Only $4.99 to be able to print all my Facebook crap? What a deal!

In all seriousness $4.99 is pretty steep if it can't even print business documents.

Maybe it's just a limitation of being an android port, but I won't be shelling out for this anytime soon.

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$4.99 is way too steep for an Android port. Especially since it is somewhat glitchly.

If it was $0.99 I would buy it. If the dev is testing the waters on BlackBerry he picked the wrong price...

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HP cloud printing works great if you're willing to buy their printer. You just email your printer and it prints.

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Yeah I want the app like I had on my 9900. So I can print anything from anywhere. but forgot about the emailing option. Thanks for reminding me 5-10 min project for tomorrow! lol.

Are you sure that this is the only app available in BlackBerry World to allow device-to-printer printing via wifi? I vaguely remember an app dev that's active here on CB mentioning that he was adding the feature to a popular app of his, but for the life of me I can't remember what the name of the app is...

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Unfortunately, I've been unable to figure out how to get my HP printer to work with PlayCloud. Not sure what special kind of printer one needs for this to work, but it doesn't seem like average HP printers that one might buy from a random bug box store like Costco or best buy will work.

I could be wrong about this though.

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Almost a year ago, I bought a HP Officejet Pro 8600 at Best Buy. I needed a new printer and the email print feature was one of the reasons I chose this printer. Love it !

What? No xls, pdf, and doc printing? It's practically useless then. And 4.99 for a half-baked Android port? Meh.

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Too pricey for a port, and lacks some essential functions. Will hold out too.

Play Cloud has this functionality but have not had success with my current crappy printer yet.

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.

Try the app called Breezy. It is an Android port. Free. Can print off a corporate print server. It states you can do local printing. I will try it today and post back.

Pretty sure you need a PC to use Breezy.

**Requires Breezy Connector for your PC (available free at www.breezy.com) in order to add your own printers.**

Yep you are right Adam. I use it with a Breezy Print Server. When I first got my Z10 Demo device, wasn;t there a HP Printing Application?

yea I think I remember seeing an HP printing application too. My parents have an HP printer & I remember one day while I was visiting I noticed that I could DL an HP app so I could print via my BB

I have a HP as well. I went looking for the app, the 10.2 leak takes it away. I found it on my 10.9 device. It has a pink icon with HP Mobile printing in the capture.

I can print to my HP printer. Via email. You register for the service online, your printer is assigned an email address, then you email whatever you want to print to the printer.

Not an app, but it's free and it works quite well.

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I agree it is too pricey for such limited features. I too will wait for a native app that offers all types of documents.

Would be great if it could print any doc. PrinterShare on Android does that from my GTab. Sad no BB10 solution. For the so called leader for stuff phones for business seems disappointing. But hopefully after an update this will be the answer.

Posted with my Z10 running 10.2

I just discovered that this app is produced by the SAME people that produce PrinterShare on Android. (Mobile Dynamix / Dynamix Software. It's listed as Dynamix USA, LLC here.)

PrinterShare works great on my Android tablet, even discovers my old HP Laserjet 4050 with JetDirect card, apparently prints to it using IPP and dedicated Laserjet drivers. As well as my Epson Artisan 837. (Using Artisan 835 driver)

So that gives me a lot more hope about this product.

I've been printing to my printer since my 9900. From any where, any time. HP Wifi all in one printer something like HP 8500 or 8600 or something like that, has its own email address, anything I email to it gets printed. Was under $200 at Office Depot 2 years ago.

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This app is just a ploy to get BlackBerry users $. The dev releases a half arsed app but not for half the price. That's insulting. All because they say we make more $. Just my thought.

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The BB10 version cost one third of the Android version, 4.50 CHF for the BB10 version, 12.37 CHF for the Android version. Installed the free version for Android who print only a test page, but i can use my old Canon Pixma i5000 (9 years old) without problem, so like many people i wait until i can print pdf and document to considere buying this app for my Q10 & Z10

Hey, good infor here!

I'll find the free android version and if I can make it work with my printer, then I may get the one in BB World.

Playcloud 10 can print via wifi PDF and images! It's since BlackBerry Z10 rollout!!

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How? For the life of me I can't get that feature to work on my HP Photosmart C7250.

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A lot of people have had problems getting printing with PlayCloud to work. I even bought a brand-new printer in part because I had hoped it would work with PlayCloud. Nope.

The problem with printing from mobile devices is that they typically require a network-connected printer that also has the ability to directly convert documents or images into printed output. Whereas the trend in the recent 10-15 years in printers is to take away "intelligence" inside the printer to make them cheaper, and put all the conversion and rasterization functions into the print driver instead.

Neither PlayCloud or many other mobile printing solutions include an internal print driver that converts the document/file into something the printer can print. This app claims to have that, but it's an Android Port and without the ability to print documents (only images, apparently), that's of very limited utility.

There are of course various proprietary systems, but that is limiting and most printer vendors don't bother to make a Blackberry app either. The "print-to-email" type of system Kris Simundsen mentioned is another common kludge, but I personally am not enamored of routing my print jobs through external 3rd-parties.


In the next release, the support will be better. But it's impossible to support all printers, while there isn't a unique standard as USB mass-storage.

Moreover, I can implement a parser for each kind of document.

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As a mobile computing platform, BlackBerry should have this function built into the os.

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Ditto. WIFI direct coming in 10.2 hopefully BB is working on developing print to wifi or networked printer.

Not sure why this function is not baked right into the OS to begin with

Swipe, swipe it good...via CB10 from my Z10

Was excited when I first saw the article but with no capability to print documents it is pretty much useless for me. Get this fixed and I'll buy.

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I'm gonna wait til BlackBerry eventually adds this natively. It seems logical it will happen. Sane reason I held off on the panorama app on rumors that they were adding that to the native camera. I wouldve held off on say it had I know 10.2. Was gonna step their voice control game up

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Was excited until I read the printing limitations. The only thing I really want to print is documents for work.

Without document printing, this isn't useful to me at the moment. I rarely use my printer to print images due to the amount of ink they require. (I just take a DVD or flash drive to Black's, works out cheaper).

Looking forward to future document support.

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Much too pricey for such a limited app. Especially considering many of the wifi printers have their own printing apps for other platforms for free without the limitations this has. If it’s THAT important right now, I'll just email/box/dropbox myself the file and print it that way, as I've never been around a printer without a computer in the vicinity. Very rarely, if ever, have I urgently needed to print something off of my phone I couldn't access from a computer (and it's not often I even print anything anymore, since most of my work ends up in e-format). Certainly not worth a $5 half-baked port I'd hardly use when I have $2-3 apps I happily bought as I use them daily.

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I can print to my HP printer from anywhere by using HP ePrint. All you do is email the document to the Printer.

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First off, I have no technical knowledge about how complicated this should be, but I cannot understand any modern mobile computing platform that doesn't have the ability to print directly to a printer over wi-fi - most especially BlackBerry with Documents-to-Go and its business user base. Is it just me? This seems like a such a basic feature now with almost every printer being wi-fi compatible.

$5 for something that only partly addresses user needs and should be standard in the OS to begin with? Uh, no thanks. BB should be adding this into 10.2.

As already stated, when it supports Doc printing of all files and screen captures, I'll buy. Even at the $4.99 price. But until then, no sale.

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Got Epson iPrint working on my Q10 pretty good. Works directly from phone to printer, when on the same network (wifi), but also has the option to send over a special e-mail address.

As far as I can tell it works for all the functions, print/copy/scan-to-cloud.

I have been using Hp e-print that using email to the printer. It is only for hp printers...and newer ones, but it works pretty well and is free.

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Worth it to print emails and web pages, as we are always wanting to print restaurant coupons through email etc.

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I like the idea... but shouldn't that come with my mobile computing device or my "computer phone"? why do I have to dish out $5 more to do something that to me appears to should have come with the phone to begin with? Sorry two thumbs down, not interested.

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The balls on this dev. a ported app that can't even print some of the most important things for business, talk to me when it's native or fully functional

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Come on BlackBerry we need a native apps to print by Wifi !

I hate android port!

Sorry but I really prefer native apps !

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In the past i used brother app to print directly to my wifi printer , it's an android app which i converted , nice to see another option.

Way to expensive... specially if you can't even print standard documents and it's an Android Port!

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You can print documents now, but the share function doesn't work for adobe reader or docs to go. You can just open the document from Print Hand and print it that way. I agree that's it's to pricey for a port, cause it does lag quite a bit, but it works.

Hello what gives all the wifi direct print apps that want full permission of you phone and you can not change the setting where i come from that is a scam. I am to trust a russian company with all the permission of my phone sound like the KGB to me.. Anyway like i said all the wifi print apps are all the same way very lamo of BB.. I give $50 bucks for a print app that printed wifi without a decated computer and without all the permission setting on. I know that a print app does not need all that permission.. by the way that russian company sell it app by 5 different names it all the same app. why dont I just give them my SS number credit card number my drivers number what different is it.

I Do not like this app it wants full permission of your phone and you can not change the setting either they are black out also run in background also can't change. If you want to trust the company go ahead and use this app I will wait for an app that does not have full permission of my phone just to print.. I will pay $30 for that app if it works right.

Downloaded PrintHand just now.

It allows a 'free' version to be downloaded first, to check that settings etc work. Then pay £3.50 for the full version.

This prints on my Epson printer successfully, whereas the Epson iPrint app installed on my Samsung didn't print a full page.