Wifi HotSpot feature coming soon to BlackBerry 7 devices

Sprint Torch 9850 hot spot
By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2011 11:29 am EDT

One of the features that has gone missing in all versions of BlackBerry 7 is that elusive Wifi Hot Spot capability. We saw it, then we didn't, then we saw it, now its gone. Word on the street is that the feature will be made available for devices (most like on a per carrier basis) down the road in an official software update. Well it looks like someone at Sprint didn't get that memo as loads of BlackBerry Torch 9850 units shipped with packaging that states Hot Spot Capable right on the box. While this is somewhat true given it will be capable with the update, it's not totally accurate. Sprint employees received the notice above so they can be sure to inform buyers that the feature is not yet available, however it is said to be arriving in the fourth quarter (aka the next few months). So hopefully this highly sought after feature will indeed pop up courtesy of an official update fairly soon.

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Wifi HotSpot feature coming soon to BlackBerry 7 devices


matter of time before the carriers disable it with a policy and make us pay extra for using the same bandwidth we have already paid for...

I'm almost 100% sure AT&T will be the first to do this judging from the Blackberry Bridge drama on Launch day. But I don't think carriers here in Canada will do this since all data plans 1GB+ have tethering included.

Why do the U.S. carriers insist on jerking RIM around like that?
Very sad. Can't wait until the QNX phones come out with OTA updates. Screw the carriers and their draconian practices.

just when i think i have it figured out how to get mobile hotspot going on a device something else comes out. wonder if os7 devices having this will it also been a feature of the qnx?

FYI the 9930 ALSO says the same thing and also RIGHT IN THE BOX...so hopefully this will be something that Sprint will release soon.. I wouldn't mind to pay extra for the feature since it is actually fair ..but PLEEASSEE don't take an eternity to release the software update...as lately you have been doing with OS releases...

How exactly is it fair to charge for data that you already are paying for? Would it be fair if you purchased a car with AC, but had to pay an additional fee anytime you wanted to use it on max?

The carriers already charge enormous overage rates per KB, so why are so many people cool with the carriers double dipping into your wallet?

Is this something that will be rolled out with the carriers released version of the OS? Perhaps getting a leaked OS with wifi hotspot will do the trick?

I had decided to wait on the new QNX devices but if they do not have this I will go ahead and get a OS7 device only if ATT will allow it.

Ahhhh, bummer. When I saw the headline I was sure a release date was going to be in there somewhere. So disappointing, but, after all the delays we have experienced from the carriers in the past, can we really be surprised?

Well, that raises the question, whose delay is this? Does RIM even have it done yet? I imagine not, or we would have seen a leak already.

The feature was there during testing. My guess is that RIM is reworking it so that it is dependent on a service book and carriers can enable or disable it as they wish. Just another case of RIM choosing to please the carriers instead of customers.

looks like we're never gonna get it unless they come to an agreement on how much they want to charge the customers.

RIM needs to step up and say, "Your subscribers want it, so we're doing it. BTW, they're also getting it from Apple and Android."

It will be interesting to see how many carriers make that update available to their subscribers!

im not sure how much good this'll be since i cant walk 8-10 feet from my router without losing wifi connection on my 9900. you'll probably have to have it stapped to ur laptop to pickup the signal.

Now that the bridge to the playbook works so well I'm not sure what I'd use it for. Maybe when my wife gets her pink curve (PLEASE SPRINT!!) And she could use it for school.

My particular old school Blackberry data plan on T-Mobile includes tethering. Tethering via cord and WiFi are the same as that plan, so I am looking forward to having the feature regardless of what the carriers choose to charge, as T-Mobile will keep me grandfathered in for the time being. Of course, the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile could ruin that for me.

Don't have my hopes up that Big Red is going to do this. By logging into my VZW account, it shows that for an additional $20/mo, I can get wifi hotspot, so I doubt they would allow this and cannibalize their revenue

ATT blocked the bridge, someone came up with an ota download. I believe someone will come up with an ota for the hotspot! Not to worry!

just to be honest with all respect to all American US is shit for internet, I came for vacation in august and I stayed 20 days considering I need to use internet I bought Verizon prepaid wifi hotspot it cost me 200$ and the bill was around 80$ for 5GB, and during that time I got 2GB from ATT to use it with my IPAD 3G for around 50$, you guys invented the internet and you are so poor it really costly the in USA,
I show you how much cost 3GB in Italy just 5 euro, check the link if you don’t believe me

ok, i personally don't care if this feature is added or not, per Sprint the plan is $49.99 for mobile hotspot and to use the feature on your phone is and extra $29.99, so for an extra $80 i can use something that is already on the phone, this is what all the evo ppl have been going through
the best way is just to get a clear mobile hotspot for about $55 saving me about $25 or if you have some other way to get it thats cheaper
this is ridiculous that the capitalism of this country to charge and then charge again for the same product in so many different ways, just ludicrous

RIM and their idiotic ways of letting carriers fuck customers up. Instead of making it a native OS hardware level implementation, just like the wireless and wifi radio, they make it a software implementation dependent on service books. Those of you with AT&T, dream ON... if you think you will get it this year ;D