WiFi Hero Automatically Controls Wifi Power Status - 30 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2009 12:02 pm EST
Wifi Hero

WiFi is a power saving application for your WiFi capable BlackBerry smartphone. It offers 3 different modes to control the on/off status of your WifFi, hence saving your battery.

  • Location Based: WiFi Hero will learn the location of the hotspots you connect to. When you are out of range of your hotspots WiFi will be turned off, when you are back in range it will be turned back on.
  • Screen Status: In this mode WiFi will be automatically turned on when screen is on, and turned back off when screen is off.
  • Charging Status: This mode allows you to have WiFi on only when the phone is charging, once disconnected it will turn off until you charge again.

WiFi Hero is a very small application and a great way to save power for those who use WiFi on their BlackBerry. It is available for $4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store and is compatible with OS 4.5+

Contest: We have 30 free copies of WiFi Hero to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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WiFi Hero Automatically Controls Wifi Power Status - 30 Free Copies



I don't enter many competitions - I only do when something is actually useful to me. This is a great little app. Hope I'm one of the lucky ones. Thanks.

I listen to a lot of radio on my Curve, and since it only has GPRS I need to use my Home WiFi to get the fast connection speed for streaming radio. This app saves me the bother of having to switch WiFi on and off in order to save my battery life, at $4,99 this would be worth it, even better if I won a free copy!

brilliant! This is one feature that Windows Mobile has and it was the only one good thing I wished my blackberry could do! Perfect!!

as i am an unlucky living in egypt and will not be getting the amazing 9700 with the amazing radio code that saves a lot of battery .. i think this software might help me save some juice out of my half dead bold battery

Time to throw my name in the hat again, maybe I will be selected as a grand prize winner. Love to give this a shot on my 9700

I only use Wifi in a few places so rarely turn it on as not to drain my battery. This seems like it would solve that problem.

I am into everything "green", especially power saving apps. I would be proud to get a free copy and do a review. Happy Thanksgiving to Crackberry! -Mike

This is my blackberry. There are many like it but this one is mine. My blackberry is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my blackberry is useless. Without my blackberry I am useless. I must message with my blackberry true. I must be faster than my competitors, who is trying to outbid me. I must beat him to the customer before he beats me. I will. Before Crackberry addicts I swear this creed: my blackberry and myself are defenders of my trade, we are the masters of our competitors, we are the saviors of my life. So be it, until are no iphones, but blackberries. Amen

Definitely something that should have been innate to the BB OS...would love to have this! :)

This would be great - hoping it would work if you have 2 locations with the same name as currently I can only save one at a time. I would love to try it out on my 9700.

Would be great to try this application out. It would be interesting to see how much battery this application would take on its own.

Wow! This is gonna be a cool application for my Blackberry, very smart and useful especially for the person like me who's always using a WiFi for another choice of  data plan from my operator's provider, please choose me... Thank you before. :)

Bold has the worst battery life ever, esp. with the 3G and Wi-Fi...great contest, guys. Hopefully I win a free one!

My Bold consumes so much more power with WiFi enabled but the speed is definitely noticeable so I prefer to use it but often forget to turn it off. Long Island has so much WiFi available with Optimum Online so I would love to have this application.

I would love to have this application. I have free internet at work and would love to use this to check out all of what crackberry has to offer..

please pick me.

it is amazing that little apps like this need to exist but i am glad they do. Since RIM isnt smart enough to fix the battery drain of wifi and bluetooth, i am glad Wifihero is.

Getting a Storm2 pretty soon, so it would be pretty nice to be able to get this on it to save battery for when I need it. Sweet idea for an app

Kewl! this would be perfect, for my Bold-
the only place I use Wi-Fi is at my place and select Friends houses-
In fact, I accidentally left it on all day today... Someone needs a recharge!

i've been waiting for something like this!! hoping the building on it and add bluetooth and ringer controls to this too.

Do you have a wife hero with 3 settings will whatever you charge for this!!! Seriouslly looks like a great app. Later Shep