New Application WiFi Disabler: Turn Off WiFi Radio When Your Router Is Out Of Range

By Adam Zeis on 30 Jun 2009 11:46 am EDT
WiFi DisablerWiFi Disabler

I just got word of a cool new app called WiFi Disabler. The premise is simple - when a WiFi connection to your router is lost, WiFi Disabler will turn off WiFi radio on your device to help save battery life. You can set a specified time-out to give your device a chance to reconnect, and after the allotted time WiFi radio will shut off and alert you. If you are a power user and leave WiFi on when you leave the house or office, this may come in handy. However I suppose the big drawback for most will be that the application only disables WiFi, and it doesn't appear to turn on again when a valid network is found. WiFi Disabler works with and WiFi enabled device running OS 4.5+.  You can grab it for $3.95 from

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New Application WiFi Disabler: Turn Off WiFi Radio When Your Router Is Out Of Range


To be fair Adam, this app will not be able to reconnect to a valid signal without periodically turning on the WiFi. Doing so would defeat any battery saving as powering up the WiFi radio, say 60 times an hour and searching than been off.

This app doesn't really make sense to me for someone with a T-Mobile UMA phone where your phone can handoff between the cell network and your home WiFi when you enter your house during a phone call.

A simple tour through the "Power Modes Screen" in the "WiFi E-Screen" of your phone will show that it already has power saving features. The default is Auto Power Save, meaning it will switch to Active (Full Power or no Power Save) when in use and switch to Long/Short Doze (Maximum Power Save) when not in use and back again. You can manipulate these to boost your WiFi range or to save power. Either way, on a battery pull the WiFi defaults to Auto Power Save, saving your battery when away from a WiFi hotspot.

IMHO, best bang for your buck, for a dollar more you can buy QuickLaunch which gives you the option of a quick and easy WiFi toggle as well as all the other cool features.

I have my Flip set with wifi, cellular and bluetooth always on and the phone will last about 4 days between charges. The only way I have found to make much difference in battery life is to watch several hours of video. RIM have done a really good job at power management.

I would love to see this app switch my browser automatically when my wifi gets turned off. When I am at home its on Hotspot browser but when I'm out I have to turn it on just browser... It would be nice if it would do it for me...

So basically getting this would completely eliminate the benefit of WiFi hotspots for AT&T thanks.