WiFi Comrade Turns Off WiFi When Not Needed - 100 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 26 Mar 2010 01:02 pm EDT
WiFi Comrade

If you find your battery dropping off, many times it is because you have too many connections (GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi). WiFi Comrade hopes to help by simply disabling WiFi when its not needed. The app remembers the unique ID from each cell tower and determines the device location. It automatically decides if the WiFi connection is needed, and turns WiFi on when in a "WiFi zone" and off when leaving - thats all there is to it. WiFi Comrade sells for $6.00 in the CrackBerry App Store (its on sale for $5 through the 31st) but we have 100 copies to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

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WiFi Comrade Turns Off WiFi When Not Needed - 100 Copies to Give Away



Except that you have to manually tell it when you are in a WiFi zone; it won't find a zone for you. Still simple enough to do, and a great way to save battery on my 8900.

This is SO weird, I was just thinking yesturday "why cant I turn off wifi? It would really help my battery life!"

I would LOVE this app and would seriously benefit from it!

I just registered and love this site. Thx!

had the free version of this (i thought it was completely free according to app world, never saw a pay version)... it didn't work at all.

i suggest NOT wanting this.

This app HAS to be handy as I usually just leave my wifi off to save battery. I need this in my life. BTW, the name and font are just plain hideous...

Pick me! I'm lazy! I've got QuickLaunch and have disable WiFi as a shortcut! But this will make it way easier for me! No, I'm not that lazy, but this would prove rather convenient.

I remember something similar that work based on if the wifi spot went out of range (but wouldn't automatically come back on. This looks much better!

Gad...interesting name. Comrade, huh? There are some of us old enough to remember what that word used to refer to. Ever gone by a Macy's lately? There's that big red star on the building. Spooky. But hey I'll take a free copy so please send one my way!

What a great idea to save battery life. I'm one of those that tends to run the battery down a bit before recharging it (I just forget to charge it) This will save me a lot of hassle.

I've been looking for an app like this. Due to the signal from T-Mo at my house, I have to keep it on Wi-Fi for UMA, but I have to turn it off everytime I leave to keep from draining the battery. This would be absolutely awesome.

I am a proud NEW first-time Blackberry(9550) owner and I really need all the help I can get. Thanks for the opportunity.

I should be picked because this is my first bb and I thought I was learning fast till I get to this website lol, there's so much to know and learn I'm lost again, this app could really benifit me at this time lol. thanks.

I would like this app..I Work for a cell phone company and I would pass word off mouth about this app to others if chosen.. Looking forward in getting picked

I'm the type of user that could really benefit from this app. Pick me and I'll promise to be your best word of mouth reference!