WiFi Comrade Turns Off WiFi When Not Needed - 100 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 26 Mar 2010 01:02 pm EDT
WiFi Comrade

If you find your battery dropping off, many times it is because you have too many connections (GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi). WiFi Comrade hopes to help by simply disabling WiFi when its not needed. The app remembers the unique ID from each cell tower and determines the device location. It automatically decides if the WiFi connection is needed, and turns WiFi on when in a "WiFi zone" and off when leaving - thats all there is to it. WiFi Comrade sells for $6.00 in the CrackBerry App Store (its on sale for $5 through the 31st) but we have 100 copies to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

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WiFi Comrade Turns Off WiFi When Not Needed - 100 Copies to Give Away



OMG !! I would so love that. i dont get service in my house and I could jump on my router n actually be able to use "hallieberry" my crackberry at the house.. please help a gurl out. thanks

I hate having to manually turn off the wifi, and most times I forget until my LED starts flashing yellow.... This would indeed be a nice app.

So how do you guys pick the winner anyhow?? Just point your finger at the screen, base on the comment or do you have some sort of program?

This is a nice solution. I currently use QuickLaunch to toggle my WiFi radio. But that still means I have to remember when and where to toggle it. Using the cell tower is really smart.

Oh yeah, sign me up, please!

I really like the idea of this. I don't need wifi when I'm in my car, so that'd be a good time to shut it off. However, I'm fairly pleased with the battery life on my Storm2 and imagine it has some pretty good battery saving technology built in to turn down power to wifi when not in use. I'm pretty sure there's a power save mode that I've read about before.

I just purchased my second blackberry, use to have 7100i(old school) but got me hooked. If I had the extra $ I would purchase but cant swing it right now. Thanks for giving us addicts this type of opportunity. It is very nice of you.

Its not so much the battery issue as it is the data issue. I am always forgetting to turn my WiFi on and therefore incurring data charges. This is the app that will solve that. Ahh crap! WiFi off again. Lol

This would be great for me. I only have a few places saved for WiFi, home being the main place. This would help eliminate unnecessary searching for WiFi.

this would be nice to have... Hard to remember to turn it off and on manually... would help save battery life for sure...

Would be great to have for home so PodTrapper uses Wifi instead of 3G to download new podcasts every night.... Please take me!!!!

My battery dies quickly even after charging because of wifi. But I need it and I switch from wifi spots so turning off is a pain. Thanks Adam!

I'd like to win one of these! I need one so bad because I'm bad about forgetting to turn my wifi off. Thank you!

Only reason I don't use wi-fi is because it's so annoying to turn it on & off manually, this would be really helpful

This appears to be a fantastic app that is definately needed to preserve battery life. Can't wait to use it

fantastic, I am always usuing every connection at one time or another, and forget to turn them off, especially wifi, because it is so usefull, but batteries on a walk don't charge, I really could use this app!

I would love to win this...I NEED IT, I'm killing the battery on my bold forgetting to turn my WiFi off....:(

Not sure what the big deal with this app. Having Wifi enabled doesn't make a difference with your battery. I've done a few tests myself, another myth that people buy into. Save your time and money for something you can really use.

This software should be absolutely amazing.. my wifi is ALWAYS on and i'm always having to find some way to charge my phone throughout the day..

This app does sound like something I need. My storm 2 battery doesn't always last the day, and I am a bit forgetful when it comes to turning off wifi.

i wonder how much of an affect this will have on my battery life... let's hope this one is a winner!

I would love to have this... I'm constantly using the WiFi at home, work and airports. It would be great if it would shut down when I don't need it and go on when I do!

Checked this app out a little while ago. Very nice free trial and it proved to work well. It doesn't automatically turn on and off based on wifi availability. It does so when within range of specified cell towers, which you define as wifi ranges when you're in an area that you want wifi to work. Creative and an easy way to not have to worry about when to turn on and off wifi.

I have noticed that my blackberry battery has been draining much faster than usual and i noticed the problem after setting up WiFi at home. Now that I travel back and forth between work and home it seems to constantly be searching.....like E.T. "Phone Home..." :)

I am always working between the home and the office. This would be a great tool to have, turn on for home wifi, turn off, turn on office wifi, and then turn off while commuting. I have been waiting for something like this. Can always use a tool for wifi and to gain more battery.



Wow, that is great new for blackberry users, especially Bold 9000 users, because bold 9000 battery life is short

This would be good to have. I'm often in areas where there are several WiFi hotspots, so this would be a handy app.