WiFi Comrade Turns Off WiFi When Not Needed - 100 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 26 Mar 2010 01:02 pm EDT
WiFi Comrade

If you find your battery dropping off, many times it is because you have too many connections (GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi). WiFi Comrade hopes to help by simply disabling WiFi when its not needed. The app remembers the unique ID from each cell tower and determines the device location. It automatically decides if the WiFi connection is needed, and turns WiFi on when in a "WiFi zone" and off when leaving - thats all there is to it. WiFi Comrade sells for $6.00 in the CrackBerry App Store (its on sale for $5 through the 31st) but we have 100 copies to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

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WiFi Comrade Turns Off WiFi When Not Needed - 100 Copies to Give Away



I think this is a great idea. This may keep me from having to charge my 9550 more often.
I just hope that it has a cool looking icon when I download it.

i was just looking for something to use to turn wifi off when im not home or surfing it up @ a starbucks

I am in dire need of this app...I am constantly moving in and out of wifi coverage and don't always have the time to switch off my wifi reciever. This would save me time and precious battery! Please send me a copy :)

So I can set it and forget it! I always have to fumble about and go into the network connections setting to disable or enable. Its not a big deal, but this would be awesome!

Thanks in advance, CrackBerry!

An app like this would be awesome. I connect to 6 different WiFis and leave it on all the time and end up with a big battery drain because I leave the radio on all the time. So I hope I get picked.

Pick me! Please Pick me Pick me! Please Pick me Pick me! Please Pick me Pick me! Please Pick me Pick me! Please Pick me Pick me! Please Pick me Pick me! Please Pick me Pick me! Please Pick me Pick me! Please Pick me Pick me! Please Pick me

Just one more app that makes Blackberry usage even more user friendly. I hope I'm a winner!

considering i only use wifi in one location, and always forget to turn it on/off, this will very much come in handy.

im sure it'll save my batteries.

This would be great to have. I am sick of having to turn my wifi on and off when I leave the house. Having it automatically do it would be awesome!!

I'm not a big fan of Christmas, but I still accept gifts! Thanks for all the great things, Crackberry and third party software companies!

my new 9700 seems to go through the battery pretty quickly and I'm guessing WiFi is helping it along ... thanks!

This would be so useful to me, I would really love a copy. Especially when I always leave everything running. Thanks CB.

This would definitely help save some battery. Now if only I didn't have a dozen other apps on my phone constantly using the battery I'd be all set.

Tried the demo... Works nice... Around my home the area covered by the cell towers is too broad for my liking.. It turns on the 'home' wifi miles away from my house.. And for some reason always adds two tower id's for my house, even though I only do it once...
Overall like the program, and would love to use it if I win one, but dont want to spend $ on it since it doesnt really work at my home site for the wifi... Other locations it seems to be tighter on, but the primary one at home is wide.

i really need this app. the battery on my 8530 is terrible if i forget to turn off my wifi when i am not near my house

This looks like i can use it, i don't think it is why my battery runs out in like a day but maybe it'll help a littlem count me for the contest ;)

What a great idea. I always forget to turn off my WiFi or Bluetooth and waste precious battery power. Sign me up!

I would love this software, cause this is a software tools that what i need it for my storm 2

I would finally get some good use out of the wi-fi an mu 8900...I usually have it off cuz I travel a LOT and this could save a LOT of battery life by only connecting to known connections. Fingers crossed!

this looks like an excellent app i'm constantly going back and forth between 3G and wifi. this could make life a lot easier

I can never decide between leaving the wifi on (at the cost of battery life) or manually turning it on and off every time I enter/exit a wifi zone. Please choose me!

Dont get me wrong, itd be nice to win which i never do, but how hard is it to just turn off your bluetooth when you not pairing with anything or turn off wifi when not at home or work?

Just food for though.

Hey can you make this program turn off my bkuettoth too when im not useing it?

I was thinking about an app like this just last night. I would love to win it. Does it turn it back on when wifi is available tho?

I purchased WiFi Hero which advertised itself to do the same, but doesn't work. Wifi Hero turns Wifi on in a given location, but it does nothing to turn it off when you leave that location. Winning this would make up for the money I wasted on WiFi Hero!

this would be extremely helpful as I have lots of clients in a day that I go to, but wi-fi always on is draining throughout the day.