WiFi_BTPower Schedules Your WiFi and Bluetooth Radio - 25 Free Copies

By ObiGeorge on 28 Jan 2010 02:45 pm EST

WiFi_BTPower by Toysoft Development is a great solution for those who use WiFi/Bluetooth on their BlackBerry SmartPhone. The application allows you to control when you want your WiFi and Bluetooth radio on, saving your battery power. You can choose what days of the week, and the precise time you want these radios to turn off or on. This application is great for those who use their WiFi and/or Bluetooth radios often, and want to save their BlackBerry's precious battery power. I personally have mine set to turn off WiFi everyday of the week from 2am till 7am, I figure why waste the power when I am sleeping. WiFi_BTPower is available for $1.99 until January 31st for all devices running OS 4.2 and up.

Contest: We have 25 copies of WiFi_BTPower to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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WiFi_BTPower Schedules Your WiFi and Bluetooth Radio - 25 Free Copies



Would like to get my hands on this software. As an active duty soldier my blackberry battery is drained on post with all the locked wifi signals from the barracks. When i remember to turn wifi off it's fine, but it quickly drains if i forget. Thanks for the time creating this software!

Now that is smart. I don't like turning on and off my BT and Wifi all the time. This is the app I have been looking for.

Great idea but not sure I would have a use for it. I really don't use the WiFi unless I am at home but would love to test it out!!


I really hope that I win this one. Just got a new Bold 9700 yesterday and would love this to turn on and off my bluetooth and wifi during the day.

Crossing my fingers!! Thanks Toysoft and CB!!!

i want this app as i'm constantly changing wifi connect due to location or something else. this would be perfect, hope i win one

This app sounds like it's just what I've been looking for. The problem with the new smartphones is the batteries can't keep up with the computing power. Apps like these help greatly in conserving battery life!

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i find the bolds battery life is draining fast again with 5.0 wifi is a big drain. plus im getting an inpulse so the bluetooth scheduling will be nice

I'm always forgetting to turn off WiFi when I leave for work, I'm sure this would help my battery life.

I dont care about the night time my phone is charging while Im sleep,but we can no longer listen to our BB at work (new company policy ) this would be the perfect time to use this little jewel, and save up on precious battery juice.

Sounds like it's exactly what I need. I don't have service of any kind in the building that I work in, so the only way I can use my phone is over WIFI......this app would allow me to set my phone according to my work schedule and not waste my battery life while i'm not at work!

I find turning BT and Wifi off can double battery life almost. But then it annoying on my drive home, when I forget to turn BT on, and a call comes in. This would solve that problem.

OT, but I have to ask, why do BB apps cost so much more than iPhone apps? Seems like $0.99 is would be the iphone price for this. I noticed we don't have any $3 games, all $5 and up...

I am addicted to my Blurts Pro and this would be the perfect complement. Whenever I pull into the parking lot of my office, the Blurts automatically connects. I would love the option of preventing Bluetooth connection easily. COOL!

Yesterday, I was talking with a coworker about how my battery gets drained in the evenings when I'm at home (with no cell service) and have to connect to my WIFI. I asked him if I could make a shortcut key to cut my WIFI on and off on the phone, 4 hours later he gets this update sent to him from this website! Crazy timing! If I don't win, I'll wait until the "Power Hero" before I decide to buy.


Ooh, this would be uber-useful since I need to use the wireless on my 8900 in order to use my BB at my client's site.

I would LOVE a copy of this one crackberry! My 8900 isn't the worst on hogging battery juice, but this sure would help me save a little energy in case i need it in a pinch later down the road. And I REALLY like the idea in the new Beta version that will allow you to even shut down your mobile network. (would be great for those times you just wish your BB wouldn't ring for a few hours)

This would be great for when I'm at work to save on battery power since I have no wifi at the office.

Is that why my battery seems to drain faster now. Well enter me in this contest so I can schedule my Bluetooth to turn itself off at night.

Yea!! Awesome App. I use wifi daily when I get home and would love to be able to schedule it to come on automatically instead of having to sit in my car in the garage and turn it on everytime before i get into the house... Also would be good to have it shut off by itself when i leave the house for work... sometimes i forget to turn it off and my poor battery suffers :(

Please put my name down for one. I never knew such an application existed... it would be excellent if I got one for free!

Yours in anticipation


This would be a handy app to have on my Tour! Would love to win a copy! Thanks for the opportunity!!

I only use BlueTooth when I'm travelling to and home from work and Wi-Fi when I'm at home so this would save battery power for sure!

I could really use this app. I always keep my bt on cause if I turn it off by the time I remember to turn it back on I'm on I'm already on the road. Don't want to get caught messing with my  and risk getting a ticket.

I only enter competitions when a piece of software is of use to me. I tried being funny. I tried being polite. I tried being sincere. So far?

No Luck.

Where I live - New Zealand - we have sub standard connectivity, requiring the use of bluetooth and WiFi to plug all sorts of holes.

I'd be most grateful to win one of the copies - this one would be useful.