WiFi_BTPower Schedules Your WiFi and Bluetooth Radio - 25 Free Copies

By ObiGeorge on 28 Jan 2010 02:45 pm EST

WiFi_BTPower by Toysoft Development is a great solution for those who use WiFi/Bluetooth on their BlackBerry SmartPhone. The application allows you to control when you want your WiFi and Bluetooth radio on, saving your battery power. You can choose what days of the week, and the precise time you want these radios to turn off or on. This application is great for those who use their WiFi and/or Bluetooth radios often, and want to save their BlackBerry's precious battery power. I personally have mine set to turn off WiFi everyday of the week from 2am till 7am, I figure why waste the power when I am sleeping. WiFi_BTPower is available for $1.99 until January 31st for all devices running OS 4.2 and up.

Contest: We have 25 copies of WiFi_BTPower to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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WiFi_BTPower Schedules Your WiFi and Bluetooth Radio - 25 Free Copies



We have a new beta version that will turn on and off Mobile Network as well and will be released next week. WiFi_BTPower will be renamed PowerHero. Contest winners will get PowerHero.

Good tool to help me save battery power at night when I am no longer using my BT headset. Of course, the phone stays on 24/7 like any crackberry addict would have it. Would like to win a copy.

May I please have a free copy of this wonderful program. It would be great to be able to schedule these events. Thank you for your consideration. By the way, I have never won anything. Please, please, please.

This would be perfect for me at work. I have no reception while at work, in and out of the building all day, id be able to schedule my wifi usage and finally nip this storm2 battery issue, its always dead by the time i get home from work

This would be perfect for me when I'm out on the road with Bluetooth and awesome for Home where I don't get great reception i can use UMA on my bold :-D I'd really love this!

Looks like this was what I were waiting for! I always forget to turn off my wifi during nighttime and I wake up in the morning with the surprise of my battery consumed -__- Shame I can't buy this right now, hope to win one.

On the same days every week, I work in a location where there is no reception, so by the time I'm done, the battery is dead as well as I routinely forget to turn it off.

More troublesome is that I'll get back in my car and forget to turn it back on. Since I'm prohibited (like we all should be) from playing with my 'berry while driving, I either have to pull over, unlock my phone and turn it back on, or go without a phone for my 2 hour drive back home.

I'd love to try a copy our and get a bunch for the rest of my little group.

I only use my BT when I am driving to/from work and my "Manage Connections" entry in my Quicklaunch menu works fine for that.

Of course that doesn't mean I wouldn't mind winning a copy!


Be careful when buying these automatic apps, they don't work while in the holster with any OS greater then 4.6, found that out the hard way.

Such features as these deserve special recognition, especially at these prices!

Buy today. Your battery will thank me later.

Very cool but I have been looking for a way to associate a button with enabling/disabling BT without having to navigating the menus.

I so need this as I go through at least 2 batteries a day. I would love to schedule when to have wifi and bluetooth on/off.

i would love this app - i use wifi all the time and would like to be able to control when it turns on and off.

for me at school. all my classes are in the basement and i don't get a signal...

i'd finally be able to browse the net and let the wifi shut off right as im walking out of class....

looks like a great program. would be very useful!
any plans to incorporate that into profiler pro? Profiler Pro is one of the most useful programs I have bought for my Storm2! Use it daily. Would be great to be able to use the existing profiles to toggle wifi/bt power.

cool, it could only be made better if it changed the radio also, but i'd sure make good use of this on the 8530!

Yeah. I really want this app. I only use wifi when I am at work since I don't have any internet at home. A free copy to me would be amazing