WICKSoft Mobile Documents 3.4 Released

By James Falconer on 3 Dec 2007 02:09 pm EST

WICKSoft Mobile Documents 3.4The latest version of this popular software is now available. It claims to allow users to securely view, email, fax, download and manage documents located in their office directly from their BlackBerry.. In real-time. 

If you need access to your documents from anywhere you're going to want to check this one out.

Features of WICKSoft Mobile Documents 3.4:

  • Two factor encryption
  • Multi-layered policy-based security models
  • Application-level accesso control
  • Directory integration
  • Full Enterprise security management
  • Supports Windows and Novell environments

From WICKSoft CEO Will Hickie:

“Using WICKSoft Mobile Documents for the BlackBerry you can view a document stored in your
Windows network folder, a Novell shared drive, or on SharePoint. In addition to the features we are famous for, like document viewing, email, fax, and file management, you can also download your file then transfer it to your laptop for editing. WICKSoft Mobile Documents is great for travelers, lawyers, doctors, sales people, or emergency workers who are on the road a lot and need access to documents from anywhere."

Looks powerful to me. I'm going to try this new version out myself. If you would like to try it for yourself, go here and fill out the information to get started. I'd love to hear about your experiences, good or bad with this software.

For more in depth information and an online demo visit WICKSoft.

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Reader comments

WICKSoft Mobile Documents 3.4 Released


what a federal case it is to get a price on the software! suppose I don't want a salesman to call. why don't you just put the price on your web site, instead of all the cloak and dagger

Yes it is strange that they won't tell you what the software costs most likely because if they told you it would scare you away. I love my 8830 but in general the cost for software for the blackberrys is rather steep or even worse they want you to buy a subscription. I know I'll get flamed for this but it needs to be said this kind of behavior by the developers would never happen in either the Windows or the Palm world.

they want to contact you to see what your purpose for the software is or if your a low intelligent person and they will change there pricing structure accordingly.

Aka if they feel you can be swindled, they will charge you double what they charged the previous guy.

This is currently foe BES users only. I did receive info saying may have version for individual user soon though

if you read web site under requirement sections... "WICKSoft Mobile Documents does NOT require BES". we got a trial running wihtout BES for a couple users here so far. i think only requirements is a network so you can access files on the server. very nice product and good support so far.