Wicked Wordpress App for BlackBerry V1.0 Released

By Bla1ze on 27 Jul 2009 07:00 am EDT

I've mentioned this great application before here on the blogs, to which a lot of you picked up on and took interest in. Wicked Wordpress is, as the name states, a wicked wordpress application which goes head-to-head with the official Wordpress application and does so amazingly well.

After having used the application for quite some time now I can comfortably say that it is well ahead of the official application. However, one thing that may hinder Wicked is the fact that it is indeed a paid application where as the official Wordpress one is not. Wicked does offer a 14 day free trial though and is $30/year after that.

The added features such as twitter integration and built-in support for error messages really do make it worthwhile and Software updates & support are included. Important things for the hardcore Wordpress users out there. You can purchase the license straight from the BlackBerry app itself, and you can run it on 3 BlackBerry devices concurrently. Wicked will run on devices OS 4.6+.

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Wicked Wordpress App for BlackBerry V1.0 Released


I think that is way too high. I use the Wordpress App and it does a fine job, And Bird feeder pushes any thing plus the links right to twitter.

And it's all free!

Price is way to high when compared to the free app. And its especially high considering its an annual fee, so you essentially don't own the software, just rent it. Plus, it only runs on OS 4.6 or higher. So all you 83xx Curve etc owners (and there are tons) there's no use even looking at this app.

I did ask about how the cloud computing would affect the pricing, I know cloud computing does require a computing infrastructure and the makers of the software did cite that the cloud computing would help with the speed of the program. But 30.00 a year is a bit much, and the makers do deserve to be compensated for their hard work.

If you could use it with typepad, livejournal and other blog hosting providers/platforms, then YES it will be worth 30.00 a year.

Since I am underemployed, the wordpress application will be sufficient for the time being.

This is really a great blackberry app for anyone who blogs or wants too blog. I'm amazed at how quickly and seamlessly it connected to my blog and allowed me to view and edit it.

Bla1ze, thanks for writing about us. We appreciate it :).

I've been reading a lot of comments for the past day comparing Wicked to the free WordPress app. They are both blog editors, that's where the similarity begins and ends :). How these apps do what they makes them very different. Much like Porsche and Hyundai both make cars, and that cars can be used for transport, they are similar. But how they transport you is what makes them so different :).

#0. If you think all software should be free, Wicked is not for you ;)

#1. Wicked saves your blog profiles in the cloud. This means if you switch BlackBerry devices, or have to upgrade your OS, or have to wipe it clean, no worries, you can have access to your blogs in seconds, after you log back into Wicked. Wicked even saves the username/password so that when you come back, you don't even have to sign in again. This is just one of the hundreds of usability features/functionality that's available in Wicked. Wicked also allows you to login simultaneous from 3 BlackBerry devices, and it syncs your user profile between all 3 in a matter of minutes! Don't need this convenience? Wicked is not for you ;)

#2. Wicked optimizes and secures all communication between the BlackBerry and the cloud. This only matters if you care about security/performance/bandwidth consumption, battery/cpu/memory usage ;)

#3. Wicked seamlessly switches between BIS-B and WiFi. You don't have to tell Wicked which transport to use. It figures it out, so you don't have to deal with it. Do you like messing with network settings (as you have to in the BlackBerry browser, everytime you switch between Hotspot and BlackBerry Browser profile, etc.)? If you do, Wicked is not for you ;)

#4. Wicked has social features - you can see who's around you. You can interact with them based on physical and social context. This is great if a group of bloggers go to a conference and need to interact with each other quickly, and from one app. Don't need this feature? No worries, stick with the free WordPress app from Automattic.

#5. Twitter integration is available seamlessly... If you like seamless workflows, and task oriented user interfaces, then you will LOVE Wicked. If you like to switch constantly between 10+ apps, and love to get RSI, then go for it; Wicked is not for you ;)

#6. Try it before you knock it :). Try using Wicked's post editor, and try it's attachment handling. Try it's comment and post slice/dice intelligent filters, and find bar. Try assigning tags/categories with it. If you have 100s of tags/catgs, have 100s of comments/posts, then you will feel how productive you can be in Wicked. We have worked very very very hard to make this a powerful app; don't let it's good looks fool you for a second ;)

#7. Beauty, usability, and performance. If you like installing apps that consume all the cpu/memory/network on your device, causing you random lockups and frequent device wipes, then Wicked is not for you ;). The app is stunningly beautiful (especially when compared to most BB apps out there); if you don't care about aesthetics and performance, then stick with the free stuff. Even error messages in Wicked are friendly - they don't just dump some random error code on your screen, they provide you with solutions! Love doing google searches for random error codes? Wicked is not for you ;).

#8. Unparalleled customer service and support. We care about our customers and listen to them. Quickly and meaningfully. Within 2 wks of the beta being out, we implemented major changes in the functionality based on user feedback. We answer questions that our customers have 24/7, within 30 minutes or less. We've been on the phone and IM and twitter with them helping them setup their blogs, that weren't configured correctly, due to no fault of our own. We have excellent documentation and detailed videos on how to use every single feature of the app. Don't like support and documentation, Wicked is not for you ;). If you don't give a crap about excellence in customer service then Wicked is not for you ;).

#9. Don't like new technology and the latest/greatest hardware and latest/greatest software that can leverage the hardware to its full potential? Yup, you guessed it my friend, Wicked is not for you ;)

I hope I've helped clear up some FUD around Wicked and why you might consider paying $30/year for it. If not, then stick with the free stuff. Wicked will still be available as a premium product, for people who want seamless integration of style, art, and technology with their mobile lifestyle.



I am not a programmer, just a plain user, but I managed to set up a WP Blog quite quickly with a good support by forums etc. It even looks nice, so initially, no need for other blogging platforms.
A few weeks ago, I installed both the WP app and Wicked. Both did not work. I checked the WP forums, no results to my error. Emailed screamingtoaster: First, they explained, what was happening (no Bis-B support plus missing access rights to files of the blog)and then helped actively in getting Wicked working for me. Surprise, surprise, after a few days, it even supported Bis-B! WP still not working.
Then saw the final release which woked perfectly from minute one. I don`t care about a few features like wicked telling me who's near me ;-), but it was nice to see how many of my BB contacts have a PIN (the counter in the "tell-a-friend" feature). I assume, others will love these geo-features, so, why not....
Still no response to my WP problem...
Then heard about the price of wicked and thought: WP app free, but not running vs. wicked running perfectly with more features?!? I decided to replace a few pizzas by home-made food during this month, so I would have financed easily a close-to-nothing price for a great piece of software with an even better support for more than a year (thanx to twitter promo code).
Finally, I de-installed the still not running WP app and I am right now celebrating a nice setup with my WP-Blog and Wicked with an extra charged seafood pizza, which, after all, I still can afford.
Folks, if I have the choice, I prefer free software to paid licenses, but if I find a solution that works better for me at a reasonable price, I am definitely happy to honour a great app together with an outstanding support.