This is why you shouldn't shop for smartphones on Black Friday and instead wait for BlackBerry 10!

By Adam Zeis on 23 Nov 2012 10:37 am EST

I've never been out to snag "deals" on Black Friday - nor will I ever be. In my opinion there is no reason to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go save money on no-name electronics, but to each his own. The video above pretty much sums it all up -- and this is why you don't try to find bargain deals on smartphones on Black Friday.

Just be smart and wait for BlackBerry 10

Source: Telegraph 

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This is why you shouldn't shop for smartphones on Black Friday and instead wait for BlackBerry 10!


it's like that here in Canada on Boxing day (for anyone that doesn't know, it's like Black Friday BUT it's the day after Christmas)

lol, we have Boxing Day sales here in the UK too but I have never seen it get as bad as that. Doesn't even get near as bad as that.

I don't know... It can get crazy busy, but never to the point where people and literally shoving and pushing each other.

And def not shoving elder folks.

I'm from Canada and second this, it is like that on Boxing Day, people fighting over everything.

Google TEERapMoneyGang

LMAO.. people are soooo brainwashed.. I'm sure breaking your foot, nose, maybe a rib or two was worth saving those $50

Umm, it's close. I used to work at a Best Buy in Toronto, Ontario and Boxing Day was always an ordeal

i never seen that bad here in canada either. Most time people line up and who ever was there first get in first. at staples they end out lil tags for an item u want. I never seen no pushing or shoving. lol just long long long lines.

It's not even close to that in Canada and I'm also from Toronto. Like shadow10z said, they hand out little tags. I know there was a shooting on boxing day I believe in 2006 but since then things are a lot different. Where I live now, for door crasher deals, they don't let in more than 30-40 people in at a time and they ask you what u are buying (only for door crasher stuff). Also, where the hell was the security. At FS and BB near my area there are huge security guards outside and even cops sometime. Then again, Canadians are a lot more polite then our Southern neighbours.

See, there's this thing called the Internet where you can visit a web site called YouTube.. you should look into it.


Obese people fighting tooth and nail over each other at a Wal-Mart to purchase what appears to be "wants" (as opposed to "needs") like that... just makes me feel not too pleasant.

I've seen docs where people in developing countries behave themselves better lining up for food and water.

you've probably posted the deepest and to the point comment i've ever read on here, and there's been some good ones.

i love that perspective on this.

This is like the horrible capitalist version of those photos of eastern-bloc citizens lined half a mile or more to buy bread and toilet paper.

Pretty pissed... ordered an iPhone 5 for my wife (yes, the smart phone for dumb people! :D) with Telus... Paid $180 on a 3 year gig from Telus a few days ago... I open up their website today to find that it's on special for $80 on a 3 year gig... I've called the Sales department and requested a credit for the difference since I only bought it a few days ago... They are giving me a hard time, however a manager will call me back... What are the odds of me getting the credit?

Find out the details of your contract. You may have a return period (10 days, 15 days?) in which you can walk away from your contract without ETF. Read the full text of your contract. If you're able to confirm this, threaten them with that. Tell them you'll walk away and go to a competitor. And then you'll see how quickly you get transferred to Customer Retention.

I don't see how you're getting ripped off. It would be in the contract you would pay the same regardless if a special or not. You'll pay $100 less on the phone balance now..

i forget what the number was exactly, but i believe 3 people died last year during black friday... some got trampled and some got shot lol CRAZY 'mericans.. a 34 year old walmart employee got trampled to death in 2011, a lady pepper sprayed 20 people to get an "advantage" in the lineup for a discounted xbox 360... haha read wikipedia black friday, they have an entire violence section

That is so ridiculous and sad. Those people are being duped into buying for the sake of buying. And BTW I am waiting for BB10 buts its difficult. My Curve is starting to die and if it does before BB10 is available I am going to face a terrible dilemma.

I feel ya, my 9900 is hanging by a thread, cracked screen faded keyboard grills, I use it naked and its dropped on concrete regularly!! Yeah back to the topic at hand, I have no choice but to wait for BB10, and about the video......SERIOUSLY??

That video looks like an episode of Jerry Springer :-)

Seriously, is the point of this post really to say that one should get a BlackBerry 10 device because there will be no crowds and no one will be fighting for it? Really?

Hmmmm...a perfect example of how we all perceive information differently. For instance I never perceived it that way or any other way other than positive simply because I'm quite simply Pro-BlackBerry and Ultra Pro-PlayBook/BB10 OS......he/she does have a point though! Again this video is disturbing, I've seen crazy stuff like this when masses are trying to enter a bus when petrol is scarce, but to spend your own money no matter how little and get slapped around for it is really quite shameful!

I stooD in line 13 hours yesterday to get some great deals at best buy. No one got hurt and it was worth standing in the cold all day. I picked up a new big screen and a smart blue ray player for dirt cheap. WIN!!!

I must be too European to understand that. 13 hours? What amount did you save on items that you would also have bought if the discounts were not as big as they were now? And is there really no way in which you could have spent these 13 hours in a productive, cash-generating way that could have earned you that amount? Then you could have gone out on a different day, bought the same stuff and maybe have had a nice experience in those 13 productive hours. Just wondering.

Or maybe the savings were so immense that you really would have needed the paygrade of a Wall Street Shark to top that...

I picked up another playbook 32GB from staples. Only 5 people were outside waiting for the store to open. They had tons of playbooks (Sale runs all week the rep said in Canada).

Joys of living in a smaller city. I was in an out in 5

Only in America:
Thanksgiving Day - "We're sooooo thankful for what we have."
A few hours later - "get outta ma way so I can trample someone to save a few dolla's, or ima gonna knock yo toof out"

not ALL americans are like that... only the lower common denominator resorts to a mentality such as that. and as always the media will only show stupid stuff like this or a person capturing it with their mobile device. because if it was civilized then that would be boring to watch.... we all like the drama hence the increase of reality (actually scripted) tv shows.

and i've seen crazy stuff like that here in canada so don't fool yourself into thinking we are any better... you throw a good deal at anyone and watch the antics fly. especially those that are greedy and try and milk those that lost out on said deals... just look at kijiji right now at the idiots that are selling the Wii U for a few hundred more than retail. that's just as bad...

someone has the basic set (retail $300) asking $700 PLUS they want something as trade on top of that. i think that person was sitting on the DVP around 2:30pm sucking in all the fumes lol.

Stupid. Absolutely stupid. My coworker just said something that sums it up nicely: phones are getting smarter than the owners.

Funny that all over the net and fb people have said by the millions that they were going to boycott walmart due to the superstore not paying employees enough and that most employees have to rely on food stamps. this just shows the basic greed of consumerism and really if you can sell the devices that cheap for today, why not everyday. its absolutely disgusting and nobody should ever be proud of that blatant display of GREEDY SHEEPLE. Just look at 00:51 into the video, that dude is punching that older woman in the mouth and then she bites them. 300 million idiots. good show Americans, you have shown the world that you are just animals and nothing more. No wonder you're having all the problems you are having and have nobody to blame but your greedy overweight pig headed selves.

My partner needed a Skype device to use around the house and while we were shopping for movies and games at target I snagged the last Virgin Mobile (US) Kyocera Rize Android ICS 1 ghz with keyboard for thirty bucks, no contract. it won't work as a mobile phone in Canada, but works great for Skype, and other handy apps.

And while I was waiting in line to pay, my beloved Torch 9810 trackpad started working again! It's brain must be happy to talk with its firmware's mothership (bell 9810 with AT&T firmware) so that was like the best deal I got all of black friday. I promise not to mess with the firmware again before I trade it in for my BB10 device!

Not all Americans behave like this, in fact, most do not. The media exploits bad behavior, especially on a day they know it is coming.

I wish the people (in other countries who think we are all jerks) could see the selfless acts of kindness and generosity that occur during disasters _and_ on a daily basis.

Also, for the record, the Black Friday violence is not any different then the useless rioting and deaths that occur at soccer games in other countries.

Not all brand on sale is no name...

Apple Ipad 2 16gb for $299 not a bad deal.
LG 55 LCD 1080p for $179

God dammit. I didn't spend anything at all. Being on the poverty line sucks, but you learn to appreciate anything and everything you have. If you lost it all, what would you do? I don't know what I would ever do. So many greedy people. /shame