Why the USA *needs* a BlackBerry comeback

USA Economic Freedom vs. iPhone Sales
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 May 2012 10:45 pm EDT

Welcome to CrackBerry Kevin's Mock School of Smartphone Economic Theory. Today's class... the effects of iPhone sales on the US economy. Examine the two charts above. The chart on the left plots the USA Index of Economic Freedom from 2006 to 2012. The chart on the right plots iPhone sales in the USA from 2007 to 2012. Notice how ever since the iPhone went on sale in 2007 that the US economy has progressively gone downhill?

Sure, iPhone sales are great for the people who own shares of Apple's skyrocketing stock, but the overall result of Apple's success on the US economy is actually a net loss of hundreds of millions of distracted man-hours spent playing Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. More iPhones = Less Productivity = Economic Downturn. It's a scary correlation people, and if Apple's sales continue to grow, things *could* get worse.

The solution? I propose it's time for BlackBerry to make a comeback in the USA. Put productivity first, games second! Let's all buy BlackBerry 10 phones when they hit the market, get our priorities straight and get America back on track!!

Sources: Economics One, Asymco

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Why the USA *needs* a BlackBerry comeback


I think Kevin's onto something. Hold on. I'll be right back to finishing this comment once I top my high score in BrickBreaker.

One can also make the argument that Blackberry may be the solution to the "dwindling spectrum availability". Data compression of RIM's servers reduce the bandwith needed per smartphone. Ever since the iphone and android came on the scene, those devices have been on a spectrum buffet.

Playbook also has a wide variety of games just like the IPhone so should we expect the same outcome?


Thorsten Heins is already doin a helluva job getting rid of the right people and motivating the rest.. BlackBerry is in the middle of a great turnaround.. Did you not see anything innovating from BlackBerry World?? BlackBerry10 looks amazing so far & we've only seen a glimpse.. BlackBerrys have always been a very productive smartphone & their just going to get better.. The last thing they need to do is license android.. Iphone has just became such a common household name that people that probably don't even use half the features want one because they think they need one.. Steve Jobs made a great innovative phone but after the first iphone was released apple hasn't been very innovative either.. Its finally about time for the rimpire to strike back!!

It's a known fact that morale goes up when the common goal can be acknowledged amongst all within a business, and RIM has done very well at that, by all accounts. Sure, there were doubts when Heins took the reins as RIM CEO, but it was obvious that change was needed - so far, he has done very well at that.

BlackBerry 10 Jam and BlackBerry World 2012 IS the turning point in RIM's comeback - RIM cannot possibly succeed without developers, and these events were designed specifically to draw them in. I think RIM succeeded.

As far as Android is concerned, it's ok to integrate their apps, but that's about as far as we should go with them. Thoughts of going to bed with Android... imagine the horror! (We're literally talking about a lack of security here.)

By the way, I've used an iPhone 4S once. The web browsing, video capability and app support is great, but it disappointed me in just about everything else. (Including call quality.) Granted, the BlackBerry isn't an iPhone killer (nor should it aim to be), but I would much rather have a BlackBerry than that iPhone. (I sure as hell woudn't sell my kidney for one, either!)

A scary correleation indeed! Just like how both frozen yogurt sales and violent crime rates are higher in summer months..... therefore frozen yogurt is a leading trigger of violence!!!!! :D

Great attempt at humor. If BlackBerry is to make a comeback, it will be because it makes a superior product. Let's hope RIM can pull this off.

Especially funny because I'm Canadian :)

In NYC at the moment and was walking up and down 5th Avenue, Madison and Park Avenue today... and this post just came to me and had to be written. 

If you have never been to "the view" restaurant at the top floor in the Marriot Marquis in 45th and Broadway, I highly recommend it. For those that don't know about it, it is a restaurant that rotates (360) at a manageable pace which gives you spectacular views of the city and New Jersey.

BTW, welcome to NYC. I live in The Bronx...

Of course, the truth in all of this is
I-phones are ONLY good for playing games.
(should've been called mePhones )

And glad you did Kevin. From someone that has been in the business world for many years, BlackBerry has always been the key to security in the office. When you need a stable platform to deliver, then BlackBerry has always been used and always will. A business phone is just that: a secure business tool not a playing one. I believe that those of us that have used Blackberry to help our corporate thrusts will continue and a new BB10 will only continue that. It takes good people to run successful companies but they need the right tools also and BlackBerry has always been one of those tools.

Apple is being sued by the Justice Department for price fixing and this shortly after is restricted e-book apps from access to their stores. Only iBooks (an Apple product) can access the storefront.

Apple is price fixing with carriers. The Justice Department should check this out. If not them then the Consumer Protection Agency.

Apple stopped or delayed popular competitors in Australia and Europe.

Maybe its a joke but Apple sucks. Apple makes all their iPhones in China. Conversely, RIM makes them in various places to include the Americas. Canada, Mexico, etc.

Seriously, I like the "Wake Up" campaign. How much do we need to get screwed in the U.S. before we take a stand against Apple.

Wouldn't that be the United Slaves of China?
Steve Jobs believed in reincarnation :perhaps he is now a slave in one of his own factories!
There are probably more iSlaves than iPhones!
Nobody talks about Stevo inventing the iSlave...

No need to exhume that brand. Palm was successful, because of their unique mobile email client service and PC compatibility. That stuff is now a minimal standard.

What RIM needs to do to be successful is to roll out BlackBerry 10, for starters, with useful and user-friendly features, some of which will be unique to BB 10. Also, for BB 10 to really break from the herd, Adobe Flash and LTE are absolute musts (especially for browsing), HTML5/Open GL support should be integrated (e.g. for Google Maps), and it would be nice to introduce BlackBerry Cloud. (Think, a white puffy cloud logo with the BlackBerry insignia on it, in black.) BlackBerry 10 integration for TV (shown in a recently released video) compatibility points to a positive outlook in that direction. Lastly, HDMI/wireless HDMI support for TV and PC, with higher resolution capability. This will be the icing on the cake. I would also like for BB10 to have BlackBerry PlayBook 1 compatability, and a more integrated Desktop Manager software.

With Mickie mouse in the white house business has come to a standstill so might as well play games. Get Mickie mouse out of my the white house and business will take off and people will need a device that can get the job done.

So I guess Pluto was there first, since all this started while he was in the big seat. Before making such an insane statement, do some research and see when this mess started.

Your right the economy started its decline while Busch was in office. The financial crisis was brought about in large part due to the housing market crash. If one really looks to find the cause of the housing market crash, one needs to look at legislation that was passed that changed the way banks lent money to home buyers. Of course you already knew this because you've done your research.

One could also blame AT&T "Over the life of a two-year contract, AT&T is paying Apple more per iPhone than it now costs to actually buy one, according to a financial analyst."

If Blackberry keep making great devices like the 9900 we might have something going on here, due to the fact that blackberry phone are a bit harder to use and a bit less consumer friendly.
Since blackberry/ rim target market is Business user mostly.
and most company use it because rim/blackberry is a great secure device.
if rim/blackberry newer bbx/bb10 device are not going to do something amazing to show the world we might see our president Obama using the Iphone.

He believes in employing Americans
It's BlackBerry all the way!!!

What a joke, the phone has nothing to do with productivity, it is the person using the phone that chooses to either do productive activities or time wasting ones. There are PLENTY of executives, business men, engineers etc who use iphones and are extremely productive. The problem is, people do not work hard enough anymore. It is up to the people to put the games away and get to work, there are hundreds of thousands of productivity apps for iphone that help track time, gtd, pdf creators, word processors, etc. We could blame the iphone for lack of productivity but thats like blaming cookies for obesity, stop eating the damn cookies!! Now i LOVE my 9900 and i would never give it up, especially for work, but there are some apps on my iphone that can't be touched by the scant choice in bb app world, and i would absolutely be less productive without them. So lets hope rim acts and comes through with bb10 for competition and not bc of some fabricated statistics about the downturn of the economy and how it relates to the iPhone. Sorry kevin, your writing is usually great but this one is a reach at best. Oh and before you call troll, i am typing this on my playbook using bridge keyboard and my 9900. The bottom line is we need RIM to compete and push the envelope on creative development, that is why bb10 looks so good, because rim knows to survive they need to innovate and recreate, not hope to sell the same old thing.

Haha actually no but that makes more sense now that I read it again! LOL but I am stubborn so I am going to say my comment is still valid, but ill concede, not in this context! Sorry to get so serious on you kevin!

It is the device, because people now can bring their own phones with their own data plans they are wasting more time not working. When businesses would provide secure issued blackberry phones people would have to work with what was given to them. Take away the fart toy and give them a good quality work tool and your employees will work.

I knew it! Evil iPhone! On the other side, when I got my Bold 9930, I became a better father, more loving husband and my relationship with God became deeper and more meaningful!

Okay, okay! The truth is: I'm better at ignoring the kids, my wife and God, but my Bold is just SO awesome!!!!

Great post Kevin! Loved it (made me smile after a tough shift at work)

My personal view of BB. They are efficiant, and practical, and (except for the 9000 and 9900 Bolds) not really that flashy.

I started a new contract with a new carrier about a month ago. (2 lines, one for me and one for the wifey). I was pondering early on getting a 9900. But I was tired of same-old same old. I mean, I had an 8130, and played with a number of the curves that have come out between the 8330 and the newest one (sorry I can't remember since they changed the model numbering scheme). I just wasn't that impressed. I wanted flashy, fancy, fun. To me, that was Galaxy Nexus.

A month down the road and I'm realizing something. RIM is onto something. I really hope they can lock in, stop the slide, and explode forward. BB10 looks good. It really does. More fun and flashy then OS 5, or 6, (and even 7 although my time with that one was about 3 minutes). But still basic, essential practicality too.

And you want to know what I miss most of all? A physical keyboard. (Yes, even the suretype from the aforementioned 8130 Pearl)

If RIM can keep up this momentum, I'm sure they're gonna have on HECK of a stellar lineup ready when this contract is up.... 3years down the road!

What does this have to do with iPhones? Not a whole lot. except maybe that that other line I have for my wife? Yeah, she wanted an iPhone.

lol, if it weren't for iphone, the graph would already be in the negative zone. adding blackberry to it will only speed up the downhill process.

I. Understand if RIM 10 sales sky rocket the US economy will go up because we will be playing Angry Birds on BB10 3 weeks after everyone else on the planet. This is like showing up to a party with Greek Yogurt and thinking you accomplished something.

I. Understand if RIM 10 sales sky rocket the US economy will go up because we will be playing Angry Birds on BB10 3 weeks after everyone else on the planet. This is like showing up to a party with Greek Yogurt and thinking you accomplished something.

It doesn't actually say that. It's a report on referrals to one ad network. We would need to know that the results weren't skewed because those ads were more likely to be viewed by a particular demographic. The Kindle probably scores very low because people mainly read books on it, the Asus Transformer because people use it as a low power laptop. I have no idea at all how that works out for the PlayBook, just so long as I will be able to get a replacement when my present one wears out, because I don't like the alternatives.

"Taking into account any Web query made from a tablet device across its ad network"
You've got to love an "article" where a single ad company has apparently decided that only iPads go through IT'S network therefore only iPad users are on the web... and that "article" makes it onto CNet as a real story!

It's almost as fanciful as Kevin's "article"


What could the real correlation be?
Being serious and hazarding a guess, the US economy is in the doldrums and people are buying fewer large capital goods - houses, cars, boats. But they still want visible evidence of status. So the status symbol moves to smaller things: mobile phones in particular. It's exactly the way that in the Third World jewellery tends to be the status symbol; something visible and portable. The rise of Apple on this hypothesis is because their products have quasi-jewellery status.

If the US economy recovers and the housing market picks up, people will be paying mortgages at higher interest rates and suddenly they won't want to change a phone every year or have one that smashes after quite a small drop. So I'm speculating that a major drop in the Apple share price, especially if things like Facebook are similarly affected, will be a sign of economic recovery; people will be spending less on phones and tablets, and spending more time working and making money.

The problem why Iphone is so harmful to the world economy is because its made in China, if Apple move the jobs back to the US and accept a lower profit margin, the economy would have fared a lot better!
I hope RiM make most of its devises in America or least in EU, cos its not only about the profit margin, its about lifely hood and social responsibility no company can stand alone without a healthy economy!
I guess APPLE will eventually. Get into trouble if they not reallise it soon.

Are you serious? Are you blaming apple for this, and then you use two game which are on the blackberry platform too!!! What's wrong with nerd nerdy kevin lately? Are you high on something

Of course I'm not serious. Read the article before you comment. MOCK school of economic theory. Posted into the CrackBery Humor category. 

Having fun dude. 

Except that, writing as someone who has studied economics, you might have a point. People play games on mobile phones if they have nothing better to do. (Me, I'm just crashing out after 3 long workdays in succession.)

I'll be honest here - this post is retarded on so many levels. I'm a BlackBerry user, and this type of stupid hype actually makes me want to ditch my BlackBerry.

It's amazing how many people don't get humour!

I guess on a brighter note, they seem to be in the minority with this one, judging by the comments.

Either way, I liked the ...err... solid, economic bases you quite obviously used to draw your insightful conclusions ;)


ROTFLMAO! Awesome! Throw Android into that analysis too! People it is sarcasm, stop being so fracking stupid.

In some mysterious way the beloved 'Berry could be a savior. Almost has to be, as we have a president in the US who creates jobs and creates wealth thru spending and taxing rofl. Of course, if app developers are successful enough, they'll get taxed to death. Regardless, It is the right time for the RIMpire to rise :)

Kevin could be right -- after all, the decrease in sales of nylon stockings has contributed to the rise in oral cancer. Let's all buy nylon stockings; surely oral cancer will disappear quickly. People often misunderstand the difference between correlation and causation. Or was Kevin attempting to be satirical? Good satirists (cf., Jonathan Swift) engage in constructive social criticism. Kevin, your critical point was what? Oh, I know, you were just trying to be funny. Ha, ha.

Lol nice *mock* theory! It reminds me of a banner I had on a shirt that read "don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive".....Clearly BB needs to recover it's *cool* and *wow factor*. In BB10 there is a gr8 opportunity for RIM to do that...they have shown good promise with what is being done to that end and they can't be under any illusions that they must nail BB10...and no compromises! Productivity and reliability yes, but the market demands that wow experience...so it's a tight space and execution of BB10 has to be flawless!

you do know the iPhone hypnotizes people with a subliminal screen backing and it says to them, just buy app dont work just play game, dont live just be an apple. thats why your economy is in a decline, that and 15 years worth of useless warring.

Gatchaa....HAHAHA.....Kevin the Fearless Leader...I start to understand why you call yourself like that. Brave and brilliant posting...so confrontational. although this just a joke but it make sense still. Could be there is a correlation... salute dude!

Even as comedy, this fails. The argument is that BB is good for the economy because it is boring. Great message.

RIM is starting to get what the market is wanting. I love my physical keyboards on my Tour and Style. I want to get another physical keyboard phone from Waterloo. Packed with so many things it will take a month to learn everything. I want a product that I can integrate with my life, not just to make a phone call. I have such hopes for RIM. I'm still waiting...........

Wait Wait WAIT!!!!! Apple is to blame for the Bush administration's collapsing of the economy? That is weak Crackberry Kevin! Market the platform and phone based on its strengths! Forget about attacking the competition cause as i remember they had US$200 Billion that alone tells you that people purchased their product driving the wheels economics! Plain and simple I used to be one of those sounding the Blackberry horn until my last BB purchase a Torch 9810 when I was promised adios spinning clock and guess what! Until the ecosystem comes on par heck even close to Apple's I only use my berry for BBM and emails everything else like browsing, quality apps and games I use my iPhone.

It's not a certain administration, people have to remember that any administration is only in control for a limited amount of time, 8 years max to be exact. My issue is with the career politicians in the senate and house. You see them on television celebrating 20,30,40 years and all that time with great benefits and retirement. Yet with all that most couldn't even tell how much a gallon of gas or milk cost. When was the last time they ironed a shirt or did a load of laundry. My perception is that they are so out of touch with reality that they have the concept all wrong. They don't know what life is like for the rest of us. Term limits for every elected official in D.C.

So Kevin, does this mean that when BB10 comes out you will stop buying iPhones and iPads and sell the ones you currently use?

Crackberry Kevin wrote:

Every time I pick up the iPhone 4S, I find myself wishing the display was bigger. It feels so small these days, especially after spending time on a device like the Galaxy Nexus (who’s screen is arguably a little too big). I really hope we see a bigger display on iPhone 5. I’m also finding Siri just doesn’t yet fit into my mobile lifestyle. I never find myself instinctively using it, and even when I put it to use it’s more of a hassle. In retrospect, I probably could have stuck with my iPhone 4 another year and waited for the iPhone 5, vs. going to the 4S.