Why there's still demand in 2014 for phones with physical keyboards

You may be able to type faster on a touchscreen than a physical keyboard, but there's a lot more to a great typing experience than just speed.

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By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jan 2014 06:51 pm EST

Outside of the BlackBerry users who know and love their physical keyboards, there hasn't been too much discussion on the subject of physical keyboards in the past couple of years. We are now living in a touchscreen world as far as most of mobile is concerned. Heck, even "CrackBerry Kevin" has adapted to tapping on glass just fine. I love the BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard, and can type just fine on Android (well, I can swipe just fine thanks to Swype), iOS and Windows Phone keyboards too.

While consumer and enterprise demand for physical keyboards exists, the rest of the market has largely left it up to BlackBerry to fulfill that demand. It makes sense too. A friend of mine who works on the product team at a major not-BlackBerry smartphone manufacturer once told me, "There is no demand for keyboard smartphones — people only want BlackBerry smartphones with keyboards". Most other attempts by manufacturers to launch keyboard phones the past few years — like the Motorola Droid Pro — never amounted to more than a niche device with minimal carrier support and miniscule sales. It just doesn't make sense for other manufacturers to dedicate the financial, personnel, and research and development resources to developing a physical keyboard smartphone when it's a small and mature category that has been so clearly owned by one company.

While that friend may have been right about it not making sense for other smartphone manufacturers to launch a phone with a front facing QWERTY, the buzz generated by Typo's BlackBerry look-alike keyboard for iPhone has dragged physical keyboards back into the headlines. The interest, no matter how casual, has demonstrated that there is a segment of iPhone users (likely former Palm and BlackBerry users) who would like the option to be pushing on buttons instead of tapping on glass. While it may not be a growing segment, these fans of physical keyboards have a desire that's not being fulfilled. There is definitely is a place for physical keyboards in this 2014 smartphone world, and there will continue to be for years to come.

While physical keyboard users know this, it seems like the rest of the world has forgotten about the benefits that physical keyboards offer to their users. It's been almost comical for me to read through the recent surge of Typo editorials and reviews and all the comments that follow. There's a lot of lack of understanding out there, a lot of educating that's needed.

When I read comments like "I can type faster on a touchscreen, why would anybody want a physical keyboard?!" I just cringe. No shit, Sherlock. As a guy who's logged a lot of finger miles on physical keyboards, I too can type faster on on a touchscreen. All-out speed isn't the reason why people like physical keyboards. Let's do a quick recap of the reasons people still love their physical keyboard.

1. You can likely type faster and more accurately on a physical keyboard while you're "doing stuff"

When I'm standing or sitting still, I'm typically faster on a touchscreen keyboard that I would be a physical keyboard. But start typing while I'm in motion and the physical keyboard is far more likely to win the typing race. Walking down the street with phone in hand, I can put my head down and pump out the messages with gusto on a physical keyboard. Having physical buttons for your fingers to push increases dexterity and ensures your button presses are accurate. On a touchscreen it's hard to tap as accurately while in motion. When stationary you only have to subconsciously worry about moving your thumbs in relation to a smartphone that only moves if your hands move. When you're out-and-about, your thumbs have to attack small targets that are moving with motions transmitted through your body. Doesn't matter whether we're talking about walking around or riding in a car — the physical keyboard rules the motion environment.

2. You can type without even looking

You've gotta love muscle memory! If you log enough hours on a physical keyboard smartphone, you'll find yourself being able to type on it pretty much without even having to look at it. Typing on a touchscreen is different. Your fingers have no reference points on a sheet of glass. You need to stop what you're doing and focus on where your fingers are. Without doing that, it's just too easy to tap in the wrong spot and run your sentence into a string of nonsensical characters (especially once autocorrect starts to kick in). Touchscreen keyboard require concentration that a physical keyboard just does not.

Depending on who you are and what you do for a living, the benefit of being able to type on your smartphone accurately while only paying minimal attention to it as a BIG one.

3. Physical keyboards offer up keyboard shortcuts!

For power users and power communicators who care more about utility than simplicity and design esthetic, a (properly implemented) physical keyboard offers productivity benefits. Being able to dial contacts directly with the quick press and hold of a button, or launch into apps or universal search can save seconds every time you pick up your phone. Of course, you need software support for that, and that's something that Typo lacks on the iPhone, because iOS doesn't support that.

4. Easier to type passwords, proper names, urls, email addresses, etc.

If you type a lot of passwords and proper names, etc. all day long on your phone, you'll likely find a keyboard faster and more accurate for getting this done, especially with auto-correct getting out of your way.

5. Better for nails, better for (some) older fingers

This reason may not be true for *everyone*, but over the years it has popped up a lot for those who favor having a physical keyboard. For ladies, physical keyboards are more fingernail friendly. Depending on the shape / size of your fingers and nail, it's easier to have your fingers flatter on the keyboard and push down on buttons, vs. trying to do that on a touchscreen (where you end up covering the letters you want to tap on and then hit the wrong the keys). This is one of the primary reasons that for many years, BlackBerry's customer base skewed female. That, and I could make some stereotyping comments about the fairer gender's propensity for chatting and the ways in which BlackBerry enabled such propensities.

Also, I've found a preference among the older people in my life for physical keyboards. For both my mom and mother-in-law, who I have furnished with both touchscreen and physical keyboard phones over the years, their preference has been for the physical keyboard. As your fingers slow down with age and your eyesight begins to wane, the instant response of a touchscreen tap becomes hard to manage. With a physical keyboard you can get your fingers firmly on the right button, then press down with confidence. There is also the matter of familiarity — a physical keyboard on a smartphone is a rather direct translation of the QWERTY keyboards we've been using for decades on typewriters and computers. Touchscreen keyboards use a similar layout, but the concept is not a familiar one.

6. It's like dancing with your fingers!

With a good physical keyboard, you can really develop a rhythm while typing that is extremely satisfying. Your fingers literally dance off the keys. This doesn't just apply to smartphones of course, but to computer keyboards as well. I'm an extremely fast typer at the computer when I get into the zone. And the same is the case on a physical keyboard on the phone. I don't just type on a physical keyboard, I have a relationship with it. We get to know each other, and it's a beautiful thing!

What's your reason for loving the physical keyboard?

I've spent enough time on both physical keyboards and touchscreen keyboards now that I'm equally happy on both. And as I stated at the top of the article, in controlled settings I can pump out the words faster on a touchscreen keyboard than a physical keyboard. But there's a lot more to a great typing experience than just speed, and there are simply benefits to a physical keyboard that no touchscreen can yet touch. I've outlined my reasons above.

If you're reading this and are a physical keyboard fan, I'm sure one or two or a few of the reasons I noted above apply to you too. You surely have reasons of your own and you should drop them in the comments to this post.

The next time you see somebody write a stupid article or leave a comment saying there's no need for physical keyboards in 2014, send them a link to this article. They'll hate that you called them out, but, you know, people need to learn!


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Reader comments

Why there's still demand in 2014 for phones with physical keyboards



And I forgot to mention why I'm sticking with physical keyboard; has got to be the 2nd one: typing without looking.

Posted via CB10

After 3+ years of primarily using an iPhone, I still whip out my BlackBerry devices from time to time and go crazy with the typing. Can still type up a storm without looking, it's a really great feeling that I miss. Looking forward to the next great QWERTY device from BlackBerry!

#6 - I know exactly what you mean! it's like an orgy for the fingers (aww yeeah baby). try going on beat with a song. even more satisfying... Damn. I miss my BB keyboard now.

Posted via CB10

Standard BB keyboard is better only for a quick communication when you use many different words. When you write longer than a few minutes, e.g. you write a book, there's no better keyboard than BB10's one! Virtual keyboard of 9860 let write quite easy, but moving to Z10 made everything looked like a skiing! :)

[...] First ever London smartphone story powered by Z10: www.blackassistant.com

You know they should do a test BlackBerry 's physical keyboard vs BlackBerry's virtual keyboard. That would be interesting to see

I agree. While I do look down -It's at the screen. This post was done without looking - with only autocorrect occasionally. I'm loving this Q10!! I also like the feedback I get from the keys themselves. It's satisfying in a way a touchscreen can't be. I loved the Z10 flick but even that can't beat the Q10 response. I'm glad Chen wants to keep making them.

Posted via CB10

Ooooh! Nice first!

As much as I want to get the Z30...I really love this keyboard. Back in the day long before I switched to BlackBerry which was only back in June, I was rockin a SideK!ck! Loved that phone! BlackBerry should bring it back. LOL!

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Love how it feels on my fingertips. I was using an iPhone for a few months and felt like I was missing something. Until I got the Q10 that is... :)


Yeah my BlackBerry Z10 Is now used for entertainment while my BlackBerry Q5 is used for communication.

Posted with CB10 running on BlackBerry Q5

My favorite thing is typing on physical keyboard / qwerty keyboard...especially on BlackBerry phones....i feel like I'm so fast in typing... typing on BlackBerry physical keyboard is soooooo interesting it is like a drugs...if you start typing you can't leave the phone easily...and I feel unique,when I walk in the mall for example, and see most people can't typing on there DROIDs and iPhones while they are walking like me ....they must stop walking a while for typing on there phones.....but I can...and without watching to my phone / keyboard......im a z10 user and I missed those days....i hope the next blackberry 10 comes with physical keyboard but I also need a big screen...I mean I don't gonna buy a phone like the q10 with its silly screen size any more....we need both big screen and physical keyboard....but also I don't need a slide phone like BlackBerry Torch....i don't want to remind those days..I mean BlackBerry Torch days...we want something different we want a new idea of how to make a phone with a big screen and physical keyboard with a beautiful design not like the BlackBerry Torch awful design and over dated design.

Posted via CB10

Dude. Someone brought a torch into my store today. The torch looked like it was actually a cool phone.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

I just read this post from you zeon mohamedd and I automatically thought of the BlackBerry Classic as the answer to your post here. I do hope you own one now :)

Agree, would be awesome Q10 having a bigger screen. Z10 is the first ever full touch screen mobile I have ever had, I love it, but if a larger screen on a Q10 came out, then I would change straight back to a keyboard.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Yes, a bigger screen would be perfect. I have a Z10 and love it, however I do wish I bought the q10. I miss the physical keys.

Posted via CB10

Accuracy is the reason I will go back to the Q10 successor from my Z30. Its just too frustrating trying to fix mistakes.

+1, accuracy is top priority for me. :-)

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I dunno. I was hard cord keyboard, but the z10 keyboard with the auto correct is pretty damn awesome.

Posted via CB10

I have that dilemma every time I put down my Q10 and pick up my Z10 or vice versa.

That flickin' touch keyboard is fast. And tempting.I like it. And could easily make a full switch.

But the qwerty looks so businesslike and it means business. Hard to underestimate the impression on your customers, if you start banging out emails while having a normal conversation. All that in a sea of iPhones and Android touch screens. Connoisseur stuff. Mmmhhh, yum....

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

As great as my iphone was, it can never replace my Q10 or any qwerty I've had before. They may have fallen from grace and people view them as old, but the one thing people don't view them as is the sheep's device. If you use a high end qwerty blackberry, people instantly view you as a productivity driven person who has little time for games. I can honestly say when I take my Q10 out of my pocket, I almost always get people wanting to see what it's all about....... and they can't ever believe how modern BB10 is now.

Posted via CB10

Yeah. The flicking is nice too but I think the Q10 tapping a word is a tad faster than flicking.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

I think the Q10 is just better all round...... but this is a personal thing. maybe I'm just old school and part of me just likes my phone to really be a phone....... not a mini tablet. there's something I really dislike about all the various glass rectangles. I have to say.... if I was to have to pick a rectangle again, it would be the Z10. It wouldn't be the iphone again. I didn't mind it.... but it was just that. I didn't mind it. It didn't set my world on fire.

Posted via CB10

GREAT article Kevin you nailed it, the real keyboard offers many advantages when compared to the virtual ones.

I typed this scentence with My eyes closed.

People Just seem to forget or ignore those advantages....

Posted via CB10

I think many people are aware of the pros and cons. I was hesitant to switch from my 9800 to the Z10. I'm glad I did. The virtual keyboard is way better than I had ever imagined and the screen real estate is what makes it worth it. I don't even know how I ever managed without it.

Posted via CB10

I agree, there are many pros and cons for every phone. I loved my Tour, but disliked the Torch I used until I could get my hands on the Z10. I still think that the BlackBerry virtual keyboard is the best that is out there. I tried a Q10 that a colleague got and it did not excite me (did the Z ruin me for keyboards? ).

For those of you who do not like the predictive text of the Z10/Z30, I think you have to give it time to learn your typing. However, just because I happen to prefer my virtual keyboard on my Z30, that doesn't mean it's right for anyone else. For me, I value the screen real estate and feel that my typing is better on the virtual keyboard where in motion or standing still than even my old trusty Tour. I do miss the hot key ability that a keyboard gives you, but that is a trade-off I am willing to make.

I do a lot of typing and will often answer emails from my Z30 even though my computer is on with email up and running.

It's nice to have the option of either QWERTY or all-screen on the platform of choice. Because I value security (and I trust my client do too) I choose BlackBerry. I'm happy to know that if i wanted to, I could switch to a keyboarded phone and not have to worry about a step learning curve of a new OS as well.

Posted via CB10

On keyboard you can type with your two hands it goes faster special with Q10. Q10 offers also intuitive dictionary which make you feel like flying like a bird.

Posted via CB10

Agree with you on that, I was a Q10 owner (moved from Z10) but the moment I started using the Z30 I just started doubting about moving back to physical keyboard, I have to admit that I miss the keyboard and for business the size and Q10 hardware is just amazing.

wow second... any who.. i have never really been into the keyboard....that is why i have never bought a blackberry before the z10...that being said i have played on the q a few times and really enjoyed it... and might give it a try..but to say there is no market for it....thats just plain crazy. my buddy won't touch anything but a keyboard, and is planning to upgrade from his torch slider to a q10 when his contract is up next month...

I'm not the physical keyboard type but is the curve keyboard better then the straight keyboard on the Q10

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Nope, i've had the curves of old, the bolds and the bold 9900 however my Q10 takes the cake.
It took me roughly twelve words to figure out the straight keyboard (Though it helped that i've had a Z10 since last february).
When comparing the curve to the Q, it's like having comparing bus fair to owning an audi R8.

Posted via CB10

Yeap, agree, the Q10 really is the best! Even better than 9900 and I thought that there can't be anything better.

Powered by BB

I'm slower on a physical keyboard...but I still prefer it. I simply think it gives the whole device a very personal, and also higher quality feel. Glass just doesn't give me that.

I am a touch screen kind of guy, but love how fast I type on my Q10! May never go to a touch screen phone being my primary device.

Posted via CB10

The only disadvantage of a physical keyboard I know of is the reduced screensize because the phone has to fit in your pocket :)
That's why I'd like to see Blackberry some kind of successor to the Torch series!
Hope that comes to the roadmap soon!

The Torch 10 should have been the first BlackBerry 10 device, works for everyone.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

I was a diehard keyboard BlackBerry addict prior to the zed10. Now I'm used to the onscreen keyboard, but I do agree with Kevins reasons for appreciating the physical.

The issue for me is the sacrifice you give up when you choose a keyboard. Not just with the screen real estate for consuming multimedia, better browsing, etc, BUT also less developer support for apps. I continue to hear q10 owners complain that not all zed10 apps are avail for them.

So for a BlackBerry user, you're not only sacrificing in general by having less apps than Android/iOS, but as a keyboard BlackBerry user you're getting even less apps.

This leads me to believe that the only market for keyboard phones are hardcore communicators with zero interest in the majority of mainstream apps and games. Which is prob why it's still popular in enterprise. And that's fine, it just is.

Posted via CB10

This sums up why I'm rocking a Zed as I type this comment as much as I miss my Q10 keyboard. The larger screen has been nice but I was surprised to discover how much better the app experience has been. If BlackBerry brings out a device which combines the Q10 keyboard and the Z10 screen I'd have to snap up one of those bad boys (so long as Foxconn has no part of it whatsoever).

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 OS

My 60+ year old mother used my Q10 for the first time to text to my wife's iPhone 5 and then responded back with the iPhone.
Results? She typed 90% accurately with the BlackBerry and maybe had 10% accuracy with the iPhone. Her final thoughts?
Since all her friends (read 60 year olds) had an iPhone she still wanted to try to practice on it more before buying her next and first smart phone. She didn't know that there were other phones that did what the exalted iPhone did. Ignorance and peer pressure.

Posted via CB10

Also, people that age are easily scared by anything non-mainstream. With the iPhone, if there's a drama, she can get "free support" from her friends.

BlackBerry users are autonomous enough to figure out stuff themselves and I guess are generally a bit more tech-savvy, so they google or bing it. No generalization, though.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Hi i am one of the old guys, 60+ and moved to Blackberry from Nokia basic phones after 15 years,
started with Z10 then Q5 for keyboard and find it better for typing, also carry a Bold 9900 ,
it has an even better keyboard, it works for me, ( 4"screen and keyboard would be nice)
Granddaughters think i am a little more up to date, but should have an I phone as they have,
happy with Blackberry why move again?.

While I am enjoying the Z30 and it's big screen the Q10 will always have a place for the reasons Kevin stated. You really can't beat a physical keyboard when you need to punch out paragraphs. I would have stuck with the Q10 if I hadn't got my hands on a Z30. I'm looking forward to either a slider or a Q with a bigger screen

I hope it doesn't sound strange, but I love the feeling of qwerty keyboard. When I am chatting with someone, I wait for his (well, her :) message with my fingers on keyboard, touching them and preparing myself to write back some jokes or something as soon as possible. But that is important, I am touching the physical keyboard all the time. Which is not possible on all-touch device.

The reasons stated in the article are straight forward and obvious.

Unfortunately the market has dictated that touchscreens hold sway.

BlackBerry is no position to dictate anything in the smartphone market , especially in its current position. I just think making touchscreen phones is what BlackBerry needs to do at the moment.

If BlackBerry needs to make a budget smartphone (sub $200.00) touchscreen is the way forward.

Posted via CB10

With a focus on enterprise, you're just wrong.

Fox can build some touch screens for you, that is ok. But CEO Chen has spoken on this topic, there WILL be a BlackBerry built kb device waiting for us when we move on from our Q's.

And that is perfect!


Looks like just about every Q user is going to upgrade.

There will be plenty of good second hand ones up for grabs, so more people can enjoy the goodness.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I'm so glad that this issue has now been documented in an article from CrackBerry. I'm getting kind of tired of people laughing at my Q10 and shunning physical keyboards in general. If you don't like physical keyboards, that is absolutely fine. You have a right to like what you want. But to openly bash people's product choices - things on which they spent a lot of money - then I will get a little testy.

I have a physical keyboard phone because I just love knowing that I'm pressing the right buttons. I HATE making typing mistakes. I'm a writer as well, so I'm always on my laptop, writing stories. That love of a physical keyboard for writing purposes has probably naturally extended to my phone use. I'm getting a little bit better at typing on a touchscreen phone, but I'm in no way an expert. I just enjoy the motion of typing on a physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Because I don't even have to look at my tv to pause my movie!

Space bar pauses VLC and my q10 controls my computer!


Q10 ~

Oops *phone* not tv.

I just reach around the bed find the Q and push space! Boom pasued!

Try doing that on a touch screen!

+ speed dial is pretty bad ass

Q10 ~

Accuracy, accuracy and accuracy. I'm on a Z10 now and while we all know that virtual keyboard is great, you're still fighting with autocorrect.
It's not ideal for people who must reply to emails and messages in a professional manner.

Accuracy is so big. Before the huge exodus from physical QWERTY devices, messages and emails from people were very accurate. In todays age of the majority of people using touchscreens; messages are shorter and sometimes riddled with grammar & spelling mistakes. Miss the accuracy of the physical QWERTY era.

Just read the blogs on CB, or anywhere else.

So often a weird word shows up that is spelled correctly yet has no place being in the sentence.

Touch screens + autocomplete have made people so lazy. Add to the lazy, most do not proof what they write before hitting send.

Love this Q, responding to email isn't such a chore anymore. (former Z user)


The whole you can't type accurately on a virtual keyboard while "doing stuff" or moving is not universal. I actually find it far FAR easier to use the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard while doing stuff/moving/drunk because of the error correction.

Posted via CB10

We have senses and one of them is touch. I can feel the keys!

The touchscreen keyboards should be called no sensory feedback keyboards!

That's why I love keyboards (I omitted physical because is not necessary, I don't call my computer keyboard a physical keyboard so why should I call it on a phone) as opposed to software ones, and that's the same reason I hate to game on a ipad but love to do it on xbox, ps4, vita and Pc. Let's see what the new controller from valve can do without the thumbsticks...

Posted via iPhone...Joking...Q10

I actually switched from a Z10 to the Q10 to be more productive for longer. The full touch screen was nice for the larger size, but I could never fully get used to it. I missed the short cut keys and just the feel if the "click" under my fingers. Everyone has their preference, mine is the physical keyboard!

Posted via CB10

Any articles that tell us what's coming up for new products from BlackBerry besides these posts? LOL.

Posted Via Z10

I can't mot wait for the q30 if or when it comes out.

As much as I like the z10, i miss my keyboard for sure.

Posted via CB10

I had the Bold 9700 before getting the Z10. I prefer a physical keyboard because I feel that I can type faster, and I also like the feel of the buttons. When it's time for me to upgrade my phone, I will still probably stick to a touchscreen because I prefer a larger screen versus a physical keyboard with smaller screen. If they make a phone with a screen over 4 inches and a physical keyboard, then I may choose that model.

I don't know why to don't make a q30 the same size as the z10. But with the physical keyboard. You would gain 1/2 to an inch of screen size

Posted via CB10

A device with the footprint of the Z30, but with a keyboard would be nice. I like a touch screen for personal use, but for work (where I tend to need to type more in full sentences) I prefer a keyboard.

Posted via Z30

I work for a huge American company that unfortunately is switching to iPhones and at first everyone was happy, their kids all liked their phones, there was apps. Then reality hit and people realized that without a physical keyboard working on a phone isn't fun(especially the older people).

Posted via CB10

That's so funny...who in their right mind gives iPhone for a workforce...??? horrible battery life and horrible keyboard jeez.......im sorry I just think the iPhone is just a glorified app launcher if you strip all the apps...as a phone and communication device it's not really a productive phone.....

Posted via my awesome 5 inch BlackBerry Z30 :)

Plus the mob is probably playing games instead of doing anything productive. Gimme the Q!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Physical keyboards are for 12 year old girls. I couldn't care less about typing without looking, or to impress anyone with my typing skills for that matter. I have a FULL size screen with all this real estate goodness, and I can accomplish the same as anyone on a Q10, just as well. The Z10 (or Z30) is truly the best of both worlds, work AND play. I've used both physical and touch, and I'll never downgrade back to a physical keyboard. If your happy with the Q, know that there are equal advantaged to a touch screen ( but I'm sure all the Q users already envy the screen size of the Z). Consider the sudden demand for the Q50 concept. Go right ahead with that, and enjoy the huge phone. I'd recommend referencing the Satire for the Q90 concept....hilarious! Still, any BlackBerry is a win-win.

Sent from the future on my  Z10

I just love the feel of the keyboard. There is nothing like it. I don't even slow down to hit the predictive words unless I am really phonetically challenged (can't spell worth a hoot).

Posted via CB10

Quality. A clear example of making an ass out of yourself while trying to prove a point.

Sent from the future on my  Z10

Try typing 50+ detailed emails on a virtual keyboard. Physical keyboards will always have their place in the business world. They aren't toys; they're serious phones.

I currently use a Z10, but I'll be going back to a physical keyboard in the next few years.

Posted via CB10

I have been using physical keyboard for a long time. Since Palm Treo, HTC desire Z, Samsung Glide, then finally Q10. Have used some non physical keyboard devices BUT once I start replying to numerous emails for work, the virtual keyboards don't cut it. Accuracy is the main reason why I will never give up my keyboard. Due to less errors, means my emails can be responded to faster and my day is more productive. No need to continually press backspace and correct the wrong predicted word (from my non-physical keyboard) .


Funny enough I switched from the Z10 to a Q10 not because of the keyboard but because I couldn't stand the Z10's battery life. So I wouldn't say I missed a physical keyboard but since I went with the switch I can definitely say typing is much faster than it was previously on all touch devices.

Posted via CB10

Going from a beloved 9330 to a Galaxy S4, then BACK to a Z10 has provided me with enough experience to realize that I want to mothball this STL-100-3 for a Q10. I was pretty adept on the Legacy 9330, and my typing prowess actually slowed down when I got on the S4 for the six months I was on it. To me, typi.g on glass makes me feel like I can only see with one eye. There is definitely a handicap there when compared to the keyboard experience. I must heartily agree with this author. The keyboard smartphone is definitely for the power communicator typist - regardless of public perceptions or trends. A pair of Q10's is more than likely going to be my next smartphone, so that if and when the keyboard starts wearing out after a couple of years, I'll just pull out the spare and keep on going without missing a single beat right in up until I retire within 10 years and beyond.

Posted via CB10

I can type without looking on my z30 too the predictive function is too awesome. However I can feel so much love for those with keyboards. For some weird reason you feel so much more attached to your phone. Jf is not just a slab anymore. Because the hardware is made of so many pieces. As you use it you make your own by wearing it down in those unique places. I can always identify my bold from afar whereas I don't feel that same attachment towards even my z10/30.

Posted via CB10

I like all the reason that Kevin has stated but I also want to add that a full touch screen is far more prone to cracking when dropped. I also enjoy one handing my phone although the Q10 isn't as easy as the Bold 9900.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Give me a 3.5 in screen on the Q20 and I'll have a hard time deciding between it and the Moto X2 to replace my Moto X.

Haha! Way to go. Was that a Freudian typo there, or just a slip of the old finger on that physical keyboard? ; )

Z10 In action here!

Love my Z10 but I do miss the keyboard of my Bold9000....

Posted via CB10 on my ZED10

I love my key board. BlackBerry will make the Q30 come alive with the larger screen and I will be in heaven.

Key board phones have a way less error rate then a full touch. That said, time is money and when you waste it on correcting your typing mistakes, you loose!

Real Qwerty!

All the phones I ever owned had a physical keyboard, so it's going to stay that way, I have a BlackBerry q10 now, and if they make a bigger and better version then I will get it

Posted via CB10

Your friend was right Kevin - the market has moved on to touch screens. While some still love a physical keyboard, it's not enough demand to support a mfg operation. I rarely used the phys keyboard on my 9810 torch.

Posted via CB10

another point, markup - much faster and accurate with physical keyboard.

I hate the Android virtual Keyboard jumping around on webforms.

I've often thought about an advantage BlackBerry has over every other device maker I person would be deeply interested in - a package in which a buyer could both the glass & keyboard at the same time to "mix it up" a little. Use the keyboard at the office by day then switch over to the touch screen by night.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

oh, stop. You're making me miss my Bold!

You touched on all the reasons I thought I would never go full touch. Was tough, but I chose screen size over keyboard simply because I am not in a hurry these days.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10

On my z10 I could also type while doing something else. Not as good as in a physical keyboard. But the auto correct on the BlackBerry z10 is awesome

Posted via CB10

Well my first all day experience with screen keyboard was the Z10 and now my Z30, I really miss the physical keyboard, I could type without watching the phone just grabbed the phone positioned the fingers in the first two letters and go blind from there.

My mom got a Q10 because of reason #5 "nails", for as hard as everyone made her try their Samsungs with a Swift key and other keyboards and calibrations she couldn't handle it perfect.

Same reason #5 is for my dad, he is still in his 9810, he is comfortable with it still and hoping for a BB10 slider with 4 inch screen.

While physical keyboard interest in the market may be withering away, there is no doubt that 1. BBRY keyboards (both physical and virtual) rock!!
2. BBRY makes the absolute BEST physical keyboards on the market...and I'll continue to use one as long as they keep pumping out great devices.

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Absolutely love getting into a rhythm on my Q10, also love not having to cut emails or any correspondence short due to a touchscreen keyboard. Having the ability to type without looking and double checking is my 3rd reason.

Posted via Q10

The short keys is key and the BB10 Qwerty keyboard with Type and Go super for power users.


Short Cuts :
R- reader mode
S- search
I or minus-  zoom in
O- zoom out
P- previous webpage
Space Bar - scroll down 
Space Bar + up arrow - scroll up
T - top of page 
B - bottom
H - history
K- bookmark
L - load or reload webpage

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Can't stand physical keyboards. Everyone has their choice though. I just don't think that there is much of a market for physical keyboards. and never going back.

There is and always will be. But that was covered in the article.

Recently a d-bag made one for the iToy -because there IS A MARKET for real keys.


I think that ultimately the physical keyboard is more accurate. As mentioned, I think a phone with a physical keyboard has a certain distinction although this is probably not a big selling point. If there was Q10 with a bigger screen AND a bigger keyboard I could see me using that as I think the Q10 is too small for me.

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I was shocked when a fellow iphone user recently ditched his newly purchased iphone for a BB Q10 to get the keyboard! & his 2 sisters also got one at the same time. He was tired of the touchscreen phone & couldn't wait to get back to BB!

Kevin- I disagree with this part of the article:

"When I read comments like "I can type faster on a touchscreen, why would anybody want a physical keyboard?!" I just cringe. No shit, Sherlock. As a guy who's logged a lot of finger miles on physical keyboards, I too can type faster on on a touchscreen. "

While word flicking on my Z10 makes typing incredibly fast, the typing experience on most touch screen devices SUUUUCCKS...with a capital SUUUUCCKS!!! and we all know this! That's EXACTLY why Typo was created! Because even Ryan Seacrest (the idiot that he apparently is) didn't like typing on his precious, do no wrong, iPhone! And you admit that Typo was getting a ton of buzz! Because everyone, pretty universally, agrees that typing on touch screen devices is one of the worst forms of punishment!

I agree with all of the arguments that you made for a physical keyboard, but let's not start the conversation by agreeing with the insane. Typing on a touch screen device is NOT faster than typing on a physical keyboard. The only exceptions I'll give are the Z10 & Z30 because you don't have to type each letter in most words. Part of what makes typing on touch screens slower is the utter inaccuracy of them. When & if mistakes are made, users waste time making corrections. I make far fewer mistakes typing on physical keyboards (and I type faster on them, in case you didn't catch that part) .

Sorry for the tone. But I couldn't believe what I was reading for a moment...

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

Sometime you just love something for no reason. I love qwerty board and I have no idea why. Just loving it.

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I don't know what I can say; I do an awful lot of writing and have done so with all of my BlackBerry's up until now. I've also had my hands on an iPhone 4 for a short bit and a Windows Phone for a few months. I hate having to focus so much on "how" I'm typing because if I just watch my words instead of my keys, it's a real mess, also, I drop from 65-70wpm down to around 30-35 just by going to touchscreen. So between those two things, I absolutely hate touchscreen typing and am way past happy to sacrifice some screen real estate to have a real keyboard. My BlackBerry replaces my PC in every way except for graphic editing and burning CDs, so struggling with something like typing is something I'm not needing to contend with.

Posted from BitPusher's Q10

I think you can type more accurately in general with a physical keyboard, provided you know how to spell things. I have yet to try the Q10 to see how spell check and physical typing meld...but agreed that it's a niche that must still be saved. Also great point Kevin on BlackBerry makings accessories for other phones...me likey.

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This is a great article, but II would disagree with one point: typing with a physical keyboard is faster than typing with a touch screen. I have had or used every mobile os out there and Blackberry's physical keyboard is faster than a touch screen. The only touch screens that would be close are the Zed devices and maybe Swype.

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Another point that people may not be thinking about is the ability to type in very cold weather. I work outside a lot & oftentimes, I find that my fingers have gotten too cold to be recognized by the glass touchscreen of my Q10. With some coaxing, I can get to where I need to be. Then it's business-as-usual with the keyboard.
Another great item to include in an OS update would be a physical key be able to "accept" or "reject" an incoming call.

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Nothing beats my physical keyboard and battery (10 days easily ) from my Samsung SGH-A177 (lol) but since I own a blackberry fulltouch never look back to a physical keyboard. Everyone when thinking about BlackBerry has a black old school mobile phone in their minds, most people even don't know BlackBerry has a fulltouch and a new OS ,well at least here in Germany . This have to change, BlackBerry has modern phones and OS now. Maybe blackberry should stop producing them and licensing the keyboard design for other company's. I can not understand they not bring a modern fulltouch flagship this year and stay old school.

Ericsson GF198(GSM900) im D2 Privat Netz

"I don't just type on a physical keyboard, I have a relationship with it. We get to know each other, and it's a beautiful thing!"

I couldn't have said it better myself. I know that feel bro.

↖(=^o^= )↗

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Typing without looking, and the keyboard shortcuts.

Brings back the memory when using BlackBerry 7.
U = calculator
L = calender
O = options

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I prefer the Q10 over anything else right now because of how used to the keyboard I am. It really boils down to being able to type without looking.

I mainly use my Q10 as an actual phone/text/BBM/email device. So for me, the best keyboard is a must. The Z10 keyboard has come close, but nothing will ever replace a physical keyboard in my book.

Great post..physical keyboard rocks. Touch screen doesn't come close.

My reason...is pure ease of typing. You can feel each letter.

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Physical keyboard for accuracy is what I like but would be great with a bigger screen or a slider!!

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What are the odds of touchscreen keyboard options such as onscreen condensed qwerty (like the pearls and the storm) emerging? Might be interesting....

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The phone with the best physical keyboard is the Q10 hands down. I'm not biased or anything...

Sent using my beautiful Q10

Regarding muscle memory, another thing about physical keyboards is how you can do two-letter combinations by just rolling or pivoting your finger from one key to the other. Most touchscreen devices assume you are correcting an error if you slide from one key to an adjacent key, and drop the first character.

My old shakey fingers need a real keyboard that I can push on to get my message correct. Tried glass keyboards and it took me 1/2 an hour to type my name. Sticking with my 9810 until BB makes a BB10 slider.

After having the Z10 I couldn't go back to such a small screen. I miss the physical keyboard, especially keyboard shortcuts and universal search just by starting to type. My main frustration point is text selection/cursor placement, which unfortunately physical keyboard devices don't have an advantage on since the demise of the trackpad.

I was all excited about BB10 and got the Z10 as soon as it released. I went keyboardless from June until a little over a week ago. I got a Q10 and I tell it's awesome but at the same time it has made me remember all the things I loved about the 9900 in which I still have in the drawer. So a little over a week and I have forgotten about my Iphone5 and have survived, which was my secondary line I barely used anyway . Now my Q10 is secondary and the Z10 is secondary. I have come to the conclusion to put my 9900 back in action as primary mostly because of email and I'm on the fence about secondary whether to compare the Q10 and 9900 in tamden or use the Z10 as secondary just because of its awesomeness. Decisons Decisons

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Great article, totally can relate to some of the reasons that you outlined.

For me I think one of the most important ones is the "dancing of the fingers" (nicely put) and the shortcuts (waiting for the dialing).

Powered by BB

Switched to a Z from a bold and miss the keyboards. I'm trying to talk my wife into taking the Z and when her phone is up I'll get the Q.

1) Keyboards are "Crack" for people who pound out a lot e-mails and messages
2) I hate seeing this qoute after signatures. "Sent from mobile device. Please excuse brevity and any misspellings."

I am actually quite happy to leave my signature untouched.

"Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Telstra NextG network".

Not an awful number of misspellings, I don't cut any message short, and it sounds like this dude means business.

("Sent from my iPhone." When I got those in the early days, I thought, How long did that take you to get that sent off, could've booted up the laptop probably. )

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I absolutely love typing on a physical keyboard (Q5). I'm just a lot faster than when I'm typing on a touchscreen keyboard!

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I miss my blackberry curve 9300 a lot. After switching to Z10, the whole new experience of mobile phone has changed. I like the browser, emails that do not need BIS, a complete independent phone that can do things beyond imagination.

BB10 is really the right thing.

But I definitely miss the qwerty keyboard and all the shortcuts that were available.

I was able to type with out looking at the phone and what not, and do speed dial so quickly and get cinnected on phone.

Speed dial is what u miss the most
Long live qwerty, nay be next time I will pick a mobile with a keyboard.

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The consensus seems to be "I love the keyboard but don't like the small screen".

Where's the slider?

...and all this post-modern keyboard love is prophetic... got the post-post modern trackpad-and-hard-buttons love to come.

The "Q50" must be built... and can we all finally stop with the "it won't make money" nonsense... if the porsche phone can be made and be profitable, so can other unique niche-market devices, made in lesser quantities and if course not sold for $350 like the Nexus 5... of any given computer model, probably only a few hundred thousand are sold... the same business model can be applied to BB10 devices... BlackBerry loses money when they overproduced and undercharge... the answer? Under produce and overcharge! It works for Hermes, Rolex, Tesla... aspirational products all.

BB: stop pandering to a fickle public who wants Transformers 4, and give us a BlackBerry 2.0... back to basics, that which sets BlackBerry apart.

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I've had my Z10 since April. I love BB10 and wouldn't go back to OS7 and the touchscreen keyboard is great. But recently I concluded that for me, a physical keyboard is better. Give me a Q30 and I would drop my Z10 in a heartbeat. Hopefully in a year when my contract is up a large screen physical keyboard BlackBerry will be available as I will be first in line to pick it up.

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I prefer the Z30's virtual keyboard because I've gotten comfortable with flick typing on the larger screen and I prefer just about every other activity on my smart phone with a larger screen.

Still, I miss the instant search and quick commands like fb and mail without having to hit the search / magnifying glass. It's so much cooler when, on the Q10, you just start typing to navigate or message without any additional hassle.

Posted via CB10

It just makes the over all typing experience more enjoyable and more accurate. Far more better than taping on the glass of my old iphone 4s.

Posted via Q10

One benefit I haven't seen mentioned is the obvious: the keyboard is always present, which means the screen can be used entirely for displaying content instead of being an input device (this also was a benefit of the trackpad when it came to web browsing). Yes, the total screen real estate is smaller, but when you're using the keyboard on a touchscreen phone, it typically takes up over 50% of the display. And the screen real estate is laughable when using the keyboard in landscape.

When the iPhone was released, the touchscreen display freed developers from the constraints of physical buttons, allowing the display to serve whatever purpose could be imagined. Obviously, this resulted in a whole new wave of enthusiasm and creativity around app development.

However, sometimes constraints are a good thing; they force developers to think creatively to solve usability problems and can help prevent developer bloat and laziness. I really think there is an opportunity for developers to take a step back and see the keyboard as a tool they can leverage instead of as a limitation they have to work around. Yes, the keys have letters on them and are predominately used for communications, but they're just buttons; they can control any action. So how would you create your app knowing you don't have to worry about implementing on-screen controls? Imagine if history was reversed and we had nothing but touchscreen phones at first and then someone came along with a keyboard phone: how can you turn this built-in "control pad" into an advantage?

But, this would mean creating apps that are more customized for the device and less portable between platforms. And given the low demand and market share for keyboard phones, developers aren't likely to put in this kind of work.

I bought the z10 but my next device will be a qwerty . They are more durable, and easier to handle, you can grab the phone without pressing the touchscreen.
When I'm on the move I prefer the keyboard.
Wish I had the q10 at a reasonable price.

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This is exactly why I'm so torn between the Q10 and the Z30. I miss the physical keyboard SO much, but after almost a year with the Z10, I can't imagine giving up the screen real estate. Not to mention the few extra goodies that the Z30 has to offer (mostly Miracast support, and better speakers). Here's to hoping for a new physical keyboard phone with a bigger screen (Q30, Q50?)!!

Posted via CB10

If you're in the US, the Z30 has 10.2 built in, so if you cannot wait, there's only the Z30.

My Q10 on 10.2 has Miracast as well. Speakers ok, but no match for the Z30. Thieves can't do a battery pull either on the Z30.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I use my Q10 when I'm @ home and busy working and my Z30 when I'm abroad and vacationing. BlackBerry for life.

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I work in a company which offers the choice between Z and Q models to its 3000 employees (consulting).
80% has chosen Q10/5 . Most of those who have chosen Z10 ask to change to Q10 . Of course because of the keyboard (and battery life).

I used to be a BlackBerry user on Verizon until a couple of years ago, and I will always have a soft spot for BlackBerry and hope it continues to recover. But even when I switched to Android, I still went physical keyboard. I had the Samsung Stratosphere (original, not sequel) and then I went to the Droid 4, before my latest phone was touch screen purely out of lack of physical keyboard options (Droid Maxx). Even then, I did consider BlackBerry before making my final decision.

One reason I was always a BlackBerry fan is the keyboard. No matter the screen size, I could still type what I wanted and know it would be typed. There is just a certain feel that you have with a keyboard, especially when you have larger than normal fingers. When I tried to use onscreen typing for my Strat or Droid 4 as an experiment, 3/4ths of the words I typed were badly mistyped, if not more, which solidified why I used the keyboards they had. At least with the Maxx (which is part of the ever-growing trend to have huge screens), I am down to 1/4th of the words being butchered. This is my first pure touchscreen phone, but it is not the same as a physical keyboard. Time will tell how I truly adapt.

With that said, sadly, the article is spot on: most non-BB phones are moving away from keyboards and I doubt you see them anymore. If you do, it won't be on top-line phones and the specs will be iffy at best. It is hopefully something BB will keep in mind as it could be a selling point to some, be it a niche market or not. No, a physical keyboard won't be the sole determinant for any phone purchase I make in future years, but if I feel all things are even otherwise, it could be a sticking point. And if BlackBerry puts out a strong phone, I'll consider it. I'm not one of those anti-brand or pro-brand fan boys; if a phone can work for me, I'll give it serious thought, regardless of who produces it.

You can't beat a two-handed typing experience on a keyboard. It feels right, and you just get into the immediacy of communication that way. I liked my White Q10 and would use it again in a heartbeat.

I have a Black q10 but i have been longing for a white One all the Time. It is just so beautyfull piece of technology. Hehe whiteberry :)

I also like physical keybord,,,,,,,
I want BlackBerry 10 device with complete physical keybord.
Like cursor menu button/call receive /reject button.

Wr Gaurav

Posted via CB10

Wonderful editorial and happy to know that physical keyboards are gaining attention again..after they were pronounced dead or deserve death by several sites...

Sent Via my Unique Q10!


We k in about your intent with the article but may I make a few comments?

Points One and Two by their listing an ski are so in the first two sentences if each seen contradictory to the average reader whom doesn't know the benefits to hardware keyboards.

The main thing I'd like to argue here is a GRAVE mistake that BlackBerry and now you have made. Above ALL else between software advancements to to auto correct and "shortcuts" what die hard long time BlackBerry users k ow as AutoText have evolved to STILL cannot replace pii t #3 in your article. And that is...

The POWER of Keyboard Shortcuts! This should be the very FORST point on any BlackBerry qwerry hardware contest! And it's something software keyboards have yet to adapt to. if BlackBerry was smart through the years and even now more than EVER is to begin a HUGE advertising campaign to show the true power and nature of this with existing BBOS & BB10 devices on the market while making huge efforts to invent or expand existing IP to software keyboards to emulate this, patent it, and bring it to BB10 Z10/30 and future devices!

BlackBerry time to get with the program! If you're focusing on your core audience, you're target market and come assets it's time to heavily flaunt it, time to strut! I've evolved to love touch screen myself the past 3 yrs but like any BlackBerry and Canadian that loves this company put a 9900, 9780,8800 series and recently a Q10 in my hands for more than 5 minutes I begin to stroke the keyboard like the round booty of a fine woman longing!

Sorry ladies but have you seen your man stoking the KB mindlessly while in conversation, thought, or just sight seeing? Lol then you know exactly what I mean ;) no offense ladies.

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

I've never seen or hear of the Motorola Droid Pro till now. I may see if I can pick one up off eBay.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10SQN100-3/

Having said that, its suffice to say that my BlackBerry Q10 will still be the best mobile device I have ever owned to date.

I just know i love my Q10 and wouldn't want to change it.Maybe with a Z30 once in a while for bigger screen estate.. but that's it! :) nice read, Kevin.

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

True. Im planning to get a Q10 coz I really missed the keyboard. Just waiting for the price to drop a bit. :)

Z10 STL100-1/

I know a few people on BBM from Romania, they told there are many legacy and BlackBerry 10 users there

Posted from Blackberry Q5 via CB10

I agree with all the points on Kevinslist. I use both the Z10 and the Bold9900 and I find that I can type short emails quicker on the Z10 but longer emails are less tiresome and more satisfactory on the 9900. At the end of a long business email where I've been trying to stress or argue a point, it just feels so right to physically press the the button to send. It feels assertive, conclusive and satisfying.

Someone please buy this domain for him, it was already registered, sadly....

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Hi Kevin, yes i agree with you? i have an ipad 3 and a mac air 11 inch, but i do all my e mails on my Q 10 and before that it was my Bold 9900, would like a bigger screen though.

Physical keyboards are so much more fun. I'm just a newbie but already hooked. Loving the Q10 which is my first BlackBerry. So much still to learn. BB10 is awesome. I'm looking forward to the slider phone - John C. please make it happen.

Posted via CB10 using an awesome Q10.

I do miss typing on my 8900 Curve. Had a Torch 9800 after, but still missed the Curve's keyboard. Still not used to typing on a touch screen full time.

Posted via CB10

I hear people saying, that they can type faster on the touch keyboard. Good for them. But I can not! And this is my main reason for sticking to physical keyboard. It is just faster for me. Plus, the one that was mentioned - I can do things on the go.

Yup if it weren't for swype on a touchscreen phones I don't think I could bare it. I had the droid pro and loved that phone. Then I switched to a droid razr maxx hated to text until I got swype which I think is awesome. Now I have the Q10 which damn I love the keyboard. But perfectly fine on both but I still rather prefer the keyboard

Posted via CB10

I 90% agree with the article, I moved to the physical keyboard for those reasons, except for the nails friendly thing. I disagree on that point because I had no problem typing with long nails on the Z10 but with the Q10, I have to be careful for my thumbs nails not to get stuck on the bottom of a key. True story. I have to keep them short now.

Posted via CB10

Ya!for me it is more accurate n very easy to use on my 9900 n q10 n one more thing keyboard never die until da computers has keyboards

Posted via CB10

I'm of mixed feelings as I use to have BlackBerry keyboard and loved it. Everything Kevin said is true, but the predictive texting (swiping up) has won me over. If it wasn't for that I would still have a physical keyboard!

Posted via CB10

I still miss tapping actual keys on my Torch 9810. Nothing beats physical keyboard typing experience!

Posted via CB10

I am simply waiting for the next BlackBerry 10 with a physical keyboard and bigger screen than Q10.

Wish they'd make a bb10 version of the pearl. Loved the one hand typing experience and didn't have to look at the screen.

Thou art posted from z10

You covered it well Kevin. The accuracy, solid feel, able to type without looking are the main reasons I prefer the physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Well, I think physical keyboard phone looks cool and unique, when those big screen phones like S4, Galaxy note or iphone are held in everyone's hands.

Posted via CB10

Does anybody else also think that the Q5 keyboard works better than the Q10 keyboard? My gf has a pink Q5 and maybe because of the way the keys are aligned (straight vs old curved as the Bold, Cuves, Torches had) it feels more natural to type on the chiclet-style Q5-keys. Still love my Q10 and the typing experience, but for me it seems like I have to concentrate a little more while typing on the Q10 as compared with the Q5.

Love the article. Wile I agree the z10 is the best typing experience on a touch screen I prefer the BlackBerry keyboard. The q10 is great.

I had to type some stuff from a piece of paper into my Evernote earlier today on my Q10, and I really took note of why I just can't go full touch as my primary device, as my fingers danced away without looking at my phone!

If there is such a demand why isn't the q10 selling if anything that should be an indicator keyboards are dying. People want more screen real estate as dictated by the market. I guess the real question would be is if Samsung, lg, or apple made a high end keyboard phone and marketed as such would it sell. I still find that it wouldnt sell in mass quantity. Is there some small sub set of users that would use one I would say probably enough to keep a company profitable Id sat prob not.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

They have no real cred making KB phones, or do they....?

BB or nothing....

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Think of it this way: does anyone have either a laptop or PC with a glass sheet virtual keyboard? How productive would a computer user be if they didn't have A-S-D-F J- K-L-; physical reference points on a 20" rectangular sheet of glass. Physical keyboards see anywhere from 60-130 wpm, error free! In my experience, pecking away on a piece of glass is very inefficient by comparison. Funny too because even the engineers of touchscreen smartphones know this, which is why word prediction was invented for it in the first place.
So yeah, full touchscreen fanatics can say whatever they want but at the end of the day productivity wins out with any physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10

I miss the keyboard. I have always joked that the first thing I had to give up with the z10 was texting and driving.

Posted via CB10

There's something to be said for the tactile feedback. It's so satisfying. I went from a Palm Treo to the first Storm because I was looking forward to the challenge of going full-touch, but that clicking screen sort of scratched that itch, at least enough for me to then get the Storm 2. Moving from that to my 9930 was wonderful, though; like returning home. Switching from my 9930 to my new Q10 recently means I get to keep enjoying my typing experience while also getting to know BB10, which has been great!

Posted via CB10

There was no Problem to send mails at 200km/h on the Autobahn with my old Bold. Now I have got the Z10. Impossible!

Posted via CB10

I´m still thinking about the Z30 but the main reason I´m keeping my beloved Q10 is it shows you are a bit different. No more mainstream just be something special ;)

Got my Q10 almost a year now and still love it. The physical keyboard is one of the best i've ever used and my typing has improved a lot coming from a touchscreen. In general, less typos and faster.

The only thing keeping from physical keyboards are my big hands, I have tried using the one on my sister's 9790 but it seems my hands only prefer PC and laptop keyboards

My most important reason is that it just feels better. I genuinely enjoy doing it while at the same time the virtual keyboard feels like a chore.

Even though CrackBerry is a fantastic website, the only reason I'm active is because of the physical keyboard. 95% of all my comments were submitted via the phone. The fact I own a BlackBerry doesnt really matter here. I just don't see myself typing this much with the Z10 or the Z30.

The keyboard is the only reason why I own and adore my Q10. BlackBerry 10 is a nice OS, but there is no way I would even consider it if the Q10 wasnt made, i.e. BlackBerry only started making touchscreen BB10 phones.

Posted via CB10/Q10

When they released Z10 I felt WTF where is BlackBerry keyboards...... I adore BlackBerry keyboard and I didn't switch to any other mobile because BlackBerry system and keyboard... they allow you to run ur work and task faster pleeeeease I pig u don't give up on BBQ10

Posted via CB10

After nearly a year with the Z10, I finally got a Q10. I love it! I miss the bigger screen for some things, but overall I just like the keyboard phone better. Yes, I can type faster on the Z-10, but I tend not to, it feels like a hassle. With the Q10, I find myself typing emails on it when I am sitting at my computer anyhow. It is a mental thing but I cannot get over it even after a year.

I think I like the Q10 most of all because it is a nicer form factor. It is smaller in the pocket, comfortable to hold and a much better battery than the Z10. The Z10 feels like a tile in the hand, very un berry like.

I don't think keyboard has to compromise screen real estate. Slider is not an option. BlackBerry needs to innovate and leap ahead.

Yesterday I bought Pure Red Q5 (after Using iphone 4S) and now I am happy with my decision.BB10 is the best user-friendly system,its safe,logical.fast,stylish... I have every app which I was using on iphone.thanks BlackBerry!!! and thanks Crackberry family,i couldn't decide without your reviews and BBlove. (This is written by old and also new BBuser)

Posted via CB10

To the dismay of all my friends i had a blackberry through the 9900 BUT i had to get an iphone because I wanted to be as easily accessible to my grandma as possible. FaceTime is what she finds easiest to use so iOS it was. After a year... I STILL CANNOT STAND USING IT. autocorrect hasn't learned that I am a chemist and yes, i DID mean to type that, no quit changing it to regular english words. T_T. It was so annoying i just gave up texting or replying to anything on my phone besides facetime. I await the arrival of my q10 for my evermissed gchatting whilst walking on campus WITH MY HEAD UP so i can _not_ run into oncoming people traffic. Seriously. Have you seen what college campuses look like these days? They have no remorse if they run into you. /rant. double phones it is.

I had a BlackBerry 8520 and then a 9900 for 4 years in total and now I have a z10.... it was a great fear whether I could type as easily as wide a physical keyboard... i wasnt sure at all.... even more I literally hated the touchscreens in general. Even now that I'm writing this post I'm doing so many mistakes and continually go back to correct them. What I miss more is exactly typing without even looking on the screen! It is a magic! That will never cone back with a toych screen keyboard. Im always doing so many mistakes and it is very boring to go back each time. You may know how easy is to type with the famous word prediction, but moat of you guys, have no idea how is to type in a lab BlackBerry doesnt supports at all! Inserting all those words from my bulgarian vocabulary in the dictionary is not an easy or quick job to do!!!! That's why I'm asking: is it possible for all us, z10, z30 users and counting to have somehow like that famous Typo keyboard, that is meant for the iPhones??? How is possible that BlackBerry itself hasn't think able something like that?! I know there are fokes, who definitely miss their physical keyboards but still have sacrifized it to have a larger touchscreen for a better multimedia experience. If there is a chance that BlackBerry decides to produce such an accessory, it would be very highly appreciated! And you know it well, don't you, bb? There was one project regarding such keyboards but it failed to succeed and never gone in production. I would be the one to buy the first one.... hope in the future somebody things about this... many will be very grateful... as u can see also ipones gone in that direction already!

My awesome Blackberry Z10

Still on my 9900. Shortcuts, app switching and a place to rest your thumbs while thinking, without pressing letters. Still loving the efficiency of communication, copy paste and the list goes on!

I could not do the whole touchscreen thing. I made it 4 months on the Z10 before I had to make the move to the Q10. I just couldn't get over the number of mistakes I would make on a touch screen, and though the swipe up was cool, I find the predictive text bar on the Q10 (which reminds me very much of the PB) is superb, and I can out-text most people on touchscreens using it

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Want both a Q10 and a Z10 in one device? Why not. Blackberry should give us a "Twinberry" QZ30 phone with a Q30 on one side, and a Z50 one the other.

You hit the mark with moving and typing. I travel and am sending e-mails/texts on the go in shuttles and taxis. Not too mention the accuracy and the rhythm I can get into. It is also easy to insert bullet points.

Typing when walking, typing without looking. And the good'ol feel of pushing buttons for me is better than tapping on glass. Now the only thing missing in the Q10 for it to become perfect is a bigger screen size maybe! Let's do that BlackBerry.

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* better for wearing gloves in cold weather (e.g. Canada)
* better for heavily calloused fingertips (e.g. guitarists, labourers)

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I couldn't care less about physical keyboards for phones. I don't want to waste precious screen estate with a keyboard which is always there, whether you want it or not. I tend to type faster on a virtual keyboard anyway.

What I do want is a 4" BlackBerry Z10. A phone with the same measurements as the iPhone 5, but running BlackBerry 10 instead of iOS.

I'm still rockin my Bold 9930. Physical qwerty is a must for me. Soon I would upgrade to Q10. It really makes you look cool when you can type without looking!

I have had my BlackBerry for about 6 months and i love typing on my keyboard a lot better than i did on my android phone. I actually type a lot faster on my BlackBerry. I will never get a phone without a keyboard and I will always have a BlackBerry

It is very difficult to let go of my 9650 especially with the side keys; still happy with it although it has slowed down a bit.

Physical keyboard is the best. I can type a whole paragraph without looking down at the keyboard. P.s I just typed this comment without looking.

I still like them, but do not prefer them. Out of five devices, my old kindle Keyboard is the only device, aside from my Macbook, that I own with an actual keyboard. I use 'swipe typing' most often.

Good Lord, are we still being this delusional...? There hasn't been a "profitable" market for physical keyboard mobile devices in years. Profitable being the key word. Not to mention, virtually no one is going to buy a $100.00 accessory to attach to their phone so they can have a physical keyboard. Furthermore, the only reason it is in the media is because tech websites (like this one) have nothing better to write about and because of current legal issues.

Kevin you said it all! Love my keyboard. I really don't need a bigger screen for my phone, as the compact Q10 and most BB's before it slid nicely into my pockets and the holster isn't huge either on my belt.
Savior4Life, those are some sweeping statements! But I can only speak for myself.

...... because people love the convenience of typing on a hard keyboard.

Gj another primo article Kevin and cracker berry team.


White Z10

Why did Kevin go with the almighty iPhone if this blackberry junk is so good? Especially given all that you have done for this site? Blackberry is junk and deserves to be flushed down the shitter by another dinosaur company like Microsoft that buys out junk IMO.

I hate to say this, but tomorrow might be the last day I'll ever have a BlackBerry device. Company is switching over to iPhone. I'm not liking this one bit. I'm even thinking of quiting. Well, maybe not. But still..I fell for the physical keyboard many years ago and leaving it again, well, it's bitter sweet. RIP my Q10 keyboard.

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I've always used a Blackberry, I decided to try a Andorid (Moto G). The Experience lasted a month. I am not willing to change the amount of apps available on Android for the physical keyboard of a blackberry.

If I'm outside in winter for more than about 10 min. a touchscreen phone doesn't pick up my finger taps. With my Q10, this isn't an issue. No matter how hot or cold, my keyboard responds.....unlike my experience with touchscreens.

So you're the guy who always approaches me on the sidewalk, head down on his device, that I purposely play chicken with!!! Yes, I hate when you do that ! :) Physical keyboards rule!

I have long nails and that is why I love the physical keyboard. I have to use a stylus for all of my other devices which is kind of a pain. I also like that I can type faster with fewer mistakes than my friends that have touchscreens. I just love the Q10!

Thank you for publishing this article. while I would agree with all the reasons, my main reasons would have to be... #1 typing while moving and #4 typing e-mails , passwords... I am on the go constantly and I have to stop every time i need to type anything on a touchscreen, It drives me nuts. Typing passwords and e-mails on a touch screen where I have to flip between screens and all that boo. I love touch screens for the purpose of apps, games, browsing and more but hate it when it comes time to type. I have been searching for years for a phone that is a top android and has a keyboard. I miss palms so much... by the way I would rather have a flip or bar then a slider phone. at least with flips i can adjust my screen. Does anyone have a suggestion for the perfect phone for me?

If Mr.Chen or Mr.Louk were to read this, please come up the next affordable killer QWERTY design w awesome OS. Remember a phone liked any other phone in the mkt will not do. Also same old same old design will not entice new customers back to BB. It will also make or break for those who wants to upgrade from Z10 like myself. I will wait for your Q30 - how sexy and edgy it is going to be? (Btw. imo slider may not cut it.. too predictable / forget abt it)