Why is there a Hub icon now?

By Bla1ze on 7 Aug 2013 02:53 am EDT

Are you among the many folks who downloaded the leaked BlackBerry 10.2 file for your BlackBerry smartphone? If you are, did you notice there is now an icon for the BlackBerry Hub? There's a pretty hot debate in the CrackBerry Forums right now about why this Hub icon is even there and some folks have even gone so far as to remove the files needed for the icon to exist.

It's no secret that there are unwanted icons on pretty much every device on the market today, be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone or whatever else you can think of. Some icons are just plain redundant to have showing on a smartphone and many folks feel this Hub icon is among them.

Because humans are stupid and can't figure out how gestures work.Bla1ze, CrackBerry Member

Some OS' allow you to delete icons but BlackBerry 10 as of yet doesn't so you have to toss it in a folder and forget about it. I have my own personal thoughts for its existence, it's one many people agree with but also one many people disagree with. I stand by my opinion and don't hate on anyone else for having theirs. At the end of the day, it's just an icon and in the grand scheme of the world, means very little.

It's not that people can't understand the gestures, there's people who are aggressively opposed to them.Baconwich, CrackBerry Member

But my opinion doesn't really answer the question. Why is there a Hub icon now? Is BlackBerry just testing it out? It acts the same way as if you had just simply gestured into the Hub. It doesn't do anything that the gesture doesn't do. It doesn't take you to the root of the Hub or anything special. If I'm reading an email and move out of that email, hitting the Hub icon takes me right back to where I left off.

Right now if you peek into the Hub it'll show you the last thing you were doing, not the main hub with all of the notifications. Maybe they're trying to work on something [..] to do with that.mjoy, CrackBerry Member

Putting my own opinion aside for a minute here, mjoy has perhaps the best reasonable possible explanation for it. That's always been something that has bothered me about the Hub. That fact makes it seem a bit counterproductive in some ways and while I don't really mind it, there are plenty of folks who would argue to the bitter end that it needs to be changed in order for it to really be efficient. Maybe this is the first step in that direction.

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In any case, the Hub icon isn't really official as of yet and 10.2 is still a ways out. Plenty can change in that time and the Hub icon could certainly be one of them. Why do you think it exists though? Let us know in the comments or join in the the community discussion in the CrackBerry Forums 

Why is there a Hub icon now?

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Why is there a Hub icon now?


Personally I don't like it, I would love if they bring back the hide app option back from bbos 7

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+1 and that goes for the txt icon too. Both useless. Bla1ze I see you still digging in to the code of 10.2. Anything new to let us in on. I know you saw the passbook stuff anything else.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Passbook stuff, the Z30 info and videos came from there, a slew of new device names as well. Hmmm... Z10 owners likely won't get Miracast option but instead will have WiFi direct, a few new apps. I'm convince BBM will hit the desktop one way or another as well thanks to a new app... uhh.. I dunno what else, kinda late. My brain is switching off.

I have a Z10, after loading up I stumbled across Miracast showing up on Device Monitor. It was in idle sitting at 7MB.

It shows up in the software, it's a hardware limitation that's going to prevent it from coming to the Z10 though. Keep in mind, we are running a leaked OS, it was not meant for the public, it has some things that shouldn't be there and vice-versa.

Yes, it is a hardware limitation in the wifi chip. Q10 on the other hand will have it. It must have been something they noticed had to be changed any maybe a reasoning behind why the Q10 was delayed as long as it was, who knows.

Either way, it's not overly a big deal.. Slightly depressing, but really not a big deal.

I'd like to see the ability to hide apps come to BlackBerry 10 as well. By the way, speaking of useless icons, I was surprised to see an icon appear for the search function and I found that odd given the fact that you can easily access the search function by tapping on the magnifying glass icon on the home screen.

It is efficient to have more than one option to enter an app. Is this not correct?

Although, I have to admit that I am surprised that people have a LOT of difficulty using these gestures.

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It's not efficient. It's versatile. Efficiency, as I understand, refers to how easily and quickly you can get things done. The gestures are more efficient overall.

However, in my case, having multiple hubs, or email icons that can be grouped, would be more efficient for me, but might be inefficient for someone who only has 1 or 2 emails whereas I'm tracking 6+ for different organizations.

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Well... BlackBerry also has a phone icon, a camera icon, and a settings icon. Personally, I don't use any of these icons (I use the functions, but I don't access them from the desktop icons), so I put the icons into a folder called BB Extra.

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Zactly what I was going to point out. Every BlackBerry that I have owned since the Bold 9700 have had redundant icons, especially so with the touch display interface. At least in the past I could either hide unneeded/unwanted icons or put only the ones I wanted on a "Favorites" panel (again the inherent flexibility of the interface). Now I have to stuff them into an "Icons I don't want littering my Desktop" folder. I find the screen gestures to work perfectly well on the desktop and in the Hub; it's some of the apps where I have had trouble and I don't know whether it's an app design issue or OS/hardware issue.

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I named mine Core, Utilities, and Office. For hiding the unwanted and the sometimes needed icons. and they rest on page four of my home screen. Calculator , backup assistant,
Phone, search, hub ,facebook, twitter and linkedin.....lol All usless to me.

I have a folder labeled "Redundant" just for things such as this! mike260193 said it best, BRING BACK THE "HIDE ICON" option!

Hmmm can we just delete users :). ***delete****. You no longer exist. What we need is an app that basically decides if the user is worthy enough and logical enough to be using a "smart" phone. If it detects that the user isn't logical enough to comprehend then it automatically goes into "self-destruct" mode and **blam** the user ceases to exist. ***blam***. Pfft no I'm still here :D

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I think you guys are asking that of CB. We don't always agree on things, and sometimes things get heated but it's all because we care one way or the other.

Parkin lot pimpin

My theory is its there for two reasons. 1 app manager. What if you close it does peek still work ( haven't tried) 2. Headless apps would require an icon for all apps (who knows)

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They mean the icon because it's always on the bottom row anyways (along with the phone and camera quick buttons). They didn't mean that the Universal Search was useless, just the App Icon is :P

As a BES Admin and wireless SME for my company, I welcome the HUB icon as many of my users are 'mature' and often asked "where is the email icon?" as found in the legacy devices. Thanks BlackBerry :)

Give people the option, heck they have been using iP5 for years with the email icon so this is just an option.
One thing though is if you gesture peek to the Hub from any where your back to your last HUB activity .
Its easy to hit the HUB tab presently to take you back to the HUb but not the same. Also add a HUB tab option when you are writing an email or text so I can slide gesture to the right to Peek into the HUB. From my feedback most people that use the HUB will like to PEEK gesture into the HUB and like to view their complete messages not the previous activity in the HUB. Thats the way it was promoted thats way it should function. Have a quick visual Back tab to your previous activity in your HUB as an option.

That icon is there for the people who couldn't get used to the gestures to get to it.

Once again they listened to their users, and once again, people complained.

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If you're not smart enough to use a smart phone don't use it but let's not add garbage code and icons where it isn't needed. And I'm not a child but I'm educated and mature enough to know how to use a smart phone! Stop always listening to users who just don't grasp the ease of use on a forward thinking OS/phone. Stop bringing us back to the dark ages. That's my rant and I'm sticking to it! ****bam****. You have been expired :)

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We should all keep in mind that not everyone has the same skills in using a smartphone. If it's there to help people who have trouble grasping the gestures concept, does that really hurt those of us who do?

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Wasn't there a speech about tutorials and training g being important at the meeting Kevin had with TH after the shareholders meeting?

Wouldn't that be a better way to solve the education issue? I guess it was cheaper and faster to put in the silly icon ;)

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It's not about being smart or not. I'm planning to buy my grandpa and mother the Z30. They are currently using the 9900's. One is in his nineties and one is in her seventies. The icon will definitely help.

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I hated it at first but now like it. I put it at the BOTTOM of page 5!!! So instead of instant scroll it's instant push back to the hub. What eves

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But you can do this already. Tap the hub mini icon (or how you want to call it) at the bottom of the screen

Or simply do an arcing swipe from the BlackBerry logo on the bezel up and right from anywhere ;)

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

It would be cool if the Hub icon took you back to where you were last in the Hub (so you could go back quickly for multitasking purposes), and the "peek" gesture showed the main Hub with all the icons, so you could quickly peek at your notifications.

Not quite. I think they're saying they would like the hub icon to take them back to where they last left off (does this currently) but have the peek gesture take you in to the home screen of the hub so you can see all your notifications and new messages (new functionality). I'm not sure how I feel about it. Ideally we would have the option to turn a feature like that on and off so you could please everyone. I wonder if it would be possible to put something like that in the hub settings? One can dream :)

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Yep, that's exactly what I meant 3_M4N. :) Like you, I firmly believe users should have plenty of options available to them, because everybody has their own personal preferences and way of doing things.

The "peek" is a swipe up which instantly takes you to all your running apps. A swipe to the right to quick preview like you want really isn't that difficult though. I'm sure they will think of something, It's still early in the development stages of adding cool new features and options as we are seeing with 10.2. The first iphone didn't even have copy/paste!!

Yeah, I agree it's stil in its early stages and can't wait to see it develop over time. Don't get me wrong, I'm a serious gesture-lover and thoroughly in love with BB10! But it would be really nice if you could not only "peek" into the root of the Hub to see notifications, etc, but be able to go into the Hub to view the last thing you were doing for mulitasking purposes (like you can now), as well. If an icon is needed to easily accomplish this, then so be it. It will be interesting to see how (if) they implement this in the near future.

Sheesh, was that all it took for you to lose your "faith"? Must not have been strong to begin with.

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"Peak" is awesome! I enjoy! Peaking into the hub! And seeing all my emails, calls, texts! I couldn't imagine a icon? But, then again? I don't have 10.2.......YET! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr darn it!

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A lot of new users take time to get used to gestures, so this will help them get to the hub in a more immediate way. And if you don't like the icon, just put it in a 'crap' folder with other useless ones and store it in the last homepage!

This is probably the key reason, give them the option but Blackberry Keep Moving forward on Gestures !!
What I would like is a BB10 Tutorial that is an active app with updates from Blackberry world. This will push any new phone tutorials, videos etc etc. about all the BB phones, heck my Mom suggested this and make this app a not deleted App.

Yup +1K, good idea, active video and tutorials for newly added features in updates. In the app, and on their website easy to find and access.

I don't like it, so I hid it in a folder on my trash screen.

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I'm among the crowd who wishes the hub went back to the main list every time, rather then your last position. 9/10 times my last position isn't where I want to be, and I've forgotten to reset the hub on exiting by adding that extra stupid Swipe.

Hopefully blackberry is working on a fix.

PS. Finally updated to 10.2 and debugged for the first time for all my sideloads. Big improvements, anybody who hasn't yet should get on it.

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Not sure about this in 9/10 times, it’s true for me as well - but then there are times when you open an email and want to go back to this (e.g to read further after opening a link)

I would like to see one of the following. (or both)
- A new gesture which takes you to the root of the Hub
- A setting that allows me to set Peek to default to last viewed section of the Hub or the root.

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You read my mind. Having the ability to modify the behavior would be ideal and keep (most) everyone happy.

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YES! That is why I use BlackBerry. To make the changes necessary to make it work for me. WE are slowly getting these in the 10.2 updates. Keep the chatter going. They seem to have someone listening. LOL

This. Why not just an option in settings to allow either root of hub or hub where it was last left. That way people that want to get to the root with the gesture can set it that way. Or have an email option to allow people to go straight to email only perhaps? Like a filtered view?

Yeah same here, i'd like an option in settings to reset the hub to the main list, or maybe to have a timer like "reset the hub to the main list (always, never, every 5 min, 10 min, etc)"

Everyone already has a Hub button/icon, albeit a small one, on all home screen pages.

At far left of the page dots is a little symbol with 3 lines. Tap it or slide your finger along those dots and prepare to have your #mindblown.

This is how you CB10, son!

lol Maybe the "peek" Hub gesture should take you to the main Hub, and the home screen small 3-vertical lines "Hub" should take you to your last position in the Hub. That will make (almost) everybody happy, and no need for a superfluous icon.

I just noticed if you slide across the numbers get larger and easier to read as opposed to just tapping. Awesome. Thanks

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I have always love this feature. Speed back from far right pages etc. has improved this so well. Black bar comes up behind the dots and the page numbers above your finger are slightly bigger and bolder. Woot!

I am amazed why so much of a discussion on a superfluous icon. Do we all not realise the number of such icons are plenty in the BlackBerry 10 devices? The Camera/Search/Clock/Settings. All these don't really require an icon as these can be accessed right from the first page and it available right there for one to single click.

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Re Clock pull the main menu down with top down swipe. You have Alarm. Click on that you have the Clock! That is easier to get though an icon is one click away which I agree is easier. But then most of the people have their priority icons in the first page. What I have done is to push all redundant icons right to the last page and have left them there. The issue is everytime you have a new app to add you will need to push all these again! That is a real nuisance.

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Unknown quantified error. This message does not compute please re submit entry in the official BlackBerry 10 language. "Swipe". Lol :D

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I once lived on a farm that had a barn with one door on the right side. All the animals returning from the field had to turn to get to the door. The horses and sheep and pigs turned right but the cows could only turn left. So the farmer spent the next year trying to train the cows to turn right, but to no avail. Finally it hit on him! Make a door also on the left.

Totally agree. I don't have this icon yet as I don't have 10.2, but I can see myself moving it to the right most pane on my home screen so I can access the hub from there and not have gesture all the way to the left to access my hub. Moving the text message icon would give access to the hub as well, but you would be in the text message folder and not the root hub folder.

Or you could do the same hook gesture from any home screen page to go straight to the Hub, or tap the far left page dot with the 3 little lines, or slide your finger across the page dots...

Why waste time swiping one page at a time I'm either direction?

This is how you CB10, son!

interestingly enough. has that far left dot ( which takes ya to hub) now an envelope.....(email icon in a way)

Blackberry should allow the user to easily delete such an icon in the official 10.2 release. Those that like it can keep it, those with no need for redundant duplication can remove it, that way everyone is happy. Unfortunately Blackberry BB10 isn't exaclty a champion of user option and choice.

Either you have an icon for the hub or you swipe. Having both just doesn't seem to make sense. It's okay to put it there, but at lease give me the option to remove or hide it.

That icon is very useful. It can help people transition smoothly from a traditional phone to BB10s gestures. I think the icon's job is to highlight the hub. Once highlighted, things can go better by knowing the gestures. Very helpful for people who shop around for phones inside stores as we know that getting used to gestures can take time- something that they don't have at those moments. For us used to the gestures- yes, its redundant - but for potential converts, this helps alot.

I think that's a great point actually. Helps someone checking out the device on display without assistance.

This is how you CB10, son!

It might be the sign that BB10 is preparing for other form factors where only gestures could make difficult to manage it.

There is only ONE reason why there is now a Hub icon. Being a first-time Blackberry user and Q10 being my first BB device, the first question I ask is where the hell is my Email app??? That's why the use the Email icon for the Hub. That's why.

While I initially thought the icon was unnecessary and almost demeaning, I think it's ultimately the right move for BlackBerry in order to attract and make it easier for new users to adopt the platform. At first there were several things that clearly seemed irritating to me, like the thumb swipe icons at the bottom of the home screen / active frames no longer has three lines showing the hub with a myriad of messages, but rather a tiny email icon in its place. It's technically not email since there are messages like BBM and notifications, etc which made the three lines more intuitive to represent the wide variety of message/alert/notification types line by line. but the email icon makes it easier for people to grasp something they are looking for and used to.

Here are another couple examples why the little UI cues like a hub icon make sense. One person I know couldn't figure out how to add Gmail to the Z10. He thought that he had to access Gmail through the web browser because there was no email icon. This despite his using FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, BBM, Whatsapp, and Text messages in the hub. He simply didn't realize that email went there as well, which I corrected after a few days when I asked how things were going. Another key example is someone who has arthritis. While many of us may find the various swiping gestures to the hub to be easy, it's not as easy for someone who has less mobility in their thumb and fingers. Having an icon they can press is guaranteed to get to the hub. I've seen this happen, where someone who has arthritis can't do the gestures as fluidly. They repeatedly fail to bring the hub up after many swipes. So I think that BlackBerry is making the right compromises and concessions, despite how odd they may be to users like us.

My solution? I simply dragged the hub icon to a folder which I never go into which also has the phone, voice control, settings, clock, camera, and search icons - and a few others that I never use and think just add clutter.

Yeah, I just tossed it on the last page as a shortcut back to the Hub. Not needed, but I can't delete it so....

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If it gets people buying the BlackBerry 10 devices great.

Though I'm sure there is a tutorial on how to use the gestures, when you activate the phone the first time..?

Either way this is no biggie.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Yeah the icon is pretty lame, I'd rather see them work on getting the date back on the banner! That drives me nuts!!

Posted via CB10

Buy the Wallpaper Changer HD app. It's SuperBar feature adds the date & battery percentage at top of home pages. Well worth the $1.99 price tag!

This is how you CB10, son!

The hub icon is good to get into the hub without a gesture. I like it. But I would like on 10.2 very much another function too: you have a nice preview on incomming messages from the lock screen in 10.2. But it is not possible to open the message directly from this preview when needed. If there is an interesting message, which I would like to see in detail, I have to close the preview, go to the hub, I have to find this message again and then I can open it. Guys, is this really effective? Why have I to search again something what I have already on the screen??? BlackBerry, please, fix this, otherwise the message preview is for nothing.

was asking the same thing, I want to respond or read to this key message I have been waiting for then have a lock screen.

I'm glad and happy with the peek gesture, that feature separat this OS from the other. It doesn't matter on which page you are or in which application, you have always access to your inbox. I wouldn't use this icon and move it to the last page on my phone.

Posted via CB10

Maybe it will help the former iPhone users feel that it is more "intuitive." The 10.3 release could add a virtual Home button for the slower late adopters. ;-)

Posted via CB10

Considering a lot of people moan they have no email icon. Well they have some forms of icon now.

Either use or delete it. It's like the text message icon. Do you use it or not

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IMHO: there is no need for such an icon absolutely useless. I also believe it is counterproductive.

Isn't BlackBerry 10 supposed to be different? Isn't it supposed to be the unique HUB-powered, gesture-controlled peek & flow mobile platform? To emphasize that difference I believe the HUB and its gesture are one VERY UNIQUE way of communicating this to users. When a new user has to learn this it hits him/her right away: "This is freakin' different from anything else." It's that feeling that makes BlackBerry 10 unique and it would be a shame to diminish this experience by just adding an icon for the folks that don't want to gesture into the HUB.

I agree with Bla1ze: In the end though, it's just an icon ... and I will - along with all the other useless icons (camera, phone, settings, etc) - hide it in some sketchy folder somewhere ... :)

There was a good Movie called " The Cotton Club " ( director Francis Ford Copolla and lead actor Richard Gere.) During the production of the movie with the movie budget going thru the roof, Coppolla walked into the set in the middle of an argument. " He said whats going on ? " The Producer on the set said " Richard Gere wants to play the trumpet live in the movie " Copolla turned to a trumpet musician on the set and said "Can Richard play the trumpet ? " the Musician said " he is okay " Coppolla responded " let him play the dam trumpet I have a movie to finish " So give them the HUB icon !!

The Hub icon is there because BB is going to offer another basic UI for people who don't like the Hub UI. You will have the option to use the Hub as your homescreen or use a basic screen with tiles and use the Hub icon to access that section. It makes sense to give users the option.

Maybe we are failing to credit people with enough intelligance to switch their devices on in the first place. I am new to Blackberry and BB10. Swipey gesture interfaces are completely new to me yet it still took me all of 5 minutes to get the hang of it. So why do we need to have a permanent icon, as some suggest to help new users making a transition process that only takes minutes anyway. Let us delete the damn things if we don't want/need them.

Went straight to the folder alongside with the settings and tutorials icon.
Looks like BlackBerry is saving a lot of money after they laid off the 250 employees and let the CB people test the leak and see all the feedback.

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As a PlayBook user, gesture swiping was second nature to me by the time I got my Q10 so it's not a problem. Neither will this new icon be. I guess I'm just easier to please than some. Go BBRY!

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Not sure if it is needed, but my favorite things about BlackBerry is customization. So might not be for me but might be for someone else. What we also need back is hide icon.

Posted via CB10

I think BlackBerry should enforce the BlackBerry 10 experience more.. all redundant icons (HUB, phone, search, camera, voice control, settings, SMS, Box, Dropbox etc. even Evernote on 10.2) ie. icons that have a dedicated position or are readily available with one swipe or are seamlessly integrated in the File Manager or Remember should not be on the phone...

On top of that... the integration on the phone may go a bit deeper than it already is... HUB, Calendar, Remember, File Manager, Search, Phone..

All redundant swipes should be delt with as well. As of now, there are two ways to exit the HUB... You can swipe up or you can swipe left.. Swipe up gesture should reset the HUB and swipe left should act as it does now, not resetting the HUB obviously....

And there should be a tutorial on all possible swipes (because I am confident that a lot of people don't grasp the full potential, even the little things like picture preview in the Camera) and a full list of keyboard shortcuts for the Q... I don't understand why BlackBerry has always left this for the user to figure it out...

From the Z...

More options are always a good things. With that said bring back the hide app icon functionally we had, and that will complete the circle and give all users a "choice".

>Zedding since the beginning

I just stick any icons I never use on the last page, then they're there if I ever need them but out if the way otherwise.

Posted via CB10

Just a thought that came to me, but could the icon potentially be there as an accessibility option for people with disabilities? A friend of mine who has a (for now) mild case of RA was interested in the Z10, but was worried that some of the gestures could be difficult with a slightly limited range of motion in his fingers.

In any case, the icon is just an icon to be used or not used. Look at people's computers: some are completely cluttered with desktop shortcuts while others use the taskbar/dock or the category listing, and some diehards still use the command line to open programmes. What's wrong with having more tools to accomplish a job?

Add the Hub icon to the list of icons I have no interest in using. I generally prefer to type in Landscape, so I trained myself from the beginning to avoid opening BBM (for example) from the icon. Landscape mode isn't available when you open the app. From there it was easy to avoid opening any icon that has anything to do with the Hub.

The Hub is essential anyway. If they're going to add the icon, why even mix it in with the rest of them when they have more room at the bottom of the screen? Like next to the phone icon? Flipping through pages to get to a hub icon is counterproductive.

Posted via CB10 w/ the Z10

The ability to hide icons would be good. Why do you need a phone, search, and camera icon when they're in the default bar at the bottom.


Posted via CB10

As I mentioned in the forums, I thought it was to signal that we'd be able to have individual email icons. Having just a hub icon is useless.

I prefer a multiple hub system that is customizable because of how I use my device. I keep track of multiple emails (8+) for work because I consult for various companies.

I wish we had the options like in OS7 where we could have the individual icons and place them in different folders.

At the end of the day, it's about options. And, we don't have options. And, we still can't hide useless icons. Why do I need a camera icon and a phone icon when they're permanently plastered on the screen?


Posted via CB10

On a side note if you want the black calendar back after the 10.2 update there's a calendar .bar floating around in the forums with the black theme if your looking to get it back.

Thanks - I saw the posting but I am holding off sideloading anything - I lost my sms messages updating to MR (and yes I backed up BEFORE the update, and did it via usb and no, never got 'em back hence going to 10.2).

I'm hopeful an MR fix will come out, and have a black calendar in it... or else, yes i'll hop on that bar! ;-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Regarding gestures, it's not that people can't figure out how gestures work, some are too pig headed to learn something new that will save them a bunch of time and make their lives simpler. What I mean by pig headed is: "Wherez my home button - I can't use a phone without a home button." Oh really?

The Hub is now an interchangeable app, as, special "facebook" editions of the phone will completely replace the hub with the facebook app.

I made a folder for all the stuff I don't use. I guess the hub icon will find its way in there when I get 10.2. I don't think it's that big of deal. They are trying to deal with other folks and appeal to them. They want iOS and Android migraters. The Hub icon makes it stupid simple. ;)

Considering our BB10 phones will be our mobile computing workstations, isn't it easier to access the Hub with the Hub Icon when using blue tooth keyboard and mouse with the phone connected to a monitor?

Excellent observation! Gestures are fantastic but I do occasionally use the Z10 with my TV, and a Blue tooth mouse would be a handy way to control it. In this case, a hub icon actually makes sense.

Otherwise, I'd just hide it like I do with the search and camera icons. I think BlackBerry is right to leave it in, even just for new users until they realize they don't need it.

Posted via CB10

Personally, I (like some other people mentioned here) will simply put it in a folder. So, I could care less for my own use.

But, when I think about what (as I understand it) BlackBerry is trying to do with the product, I think it is counterproductive. I mean, here is this new gesture based interface. But, you don't have to learn the gestures. So, there is now one less thing differentiating BB10 from the competition. I am talking about the prospective BlackBerry customers, not BlackBerry loyalist.

My experience is that when there are too many ways to do something, it creates confusion, not efficiency for many users.

Makes me think of BB7. There were so many things that it could do that the competition did not. But, so many people didn't know it and learn it, so the competition's (for example) pinch-to-zoom functionality blows them away.

Examples include:
- Knowing what folder to file a message in
- Access to file shares and intranet sites via bes
- Keyboard shortcuts
These are all things that, back in 2008, BlackBerry users had access to. But (I think) very few knew about or tried to use. So, it was pretty easy to be impressed by another product.

It's great to have new features and functions, but if your customer doesn't use it, then they won't know about it (or get it) and it won't bring value to the product with them.

For the past months, i have been working on my dad for him to buy himself a new BB10 smartphone (Q10). He is curently leaving a bb7 phone. He hates the fact that there is no more trackpad, but especially the gestures... (lets say that he isnt the touch screen guy). So just by having an icon for the hub will help alot...

I thought for sure that I'd really miss the trackpad but I honestly really don't. The text selector in OS10.1 is pretty sweet and easy to use.....I just wish it was available on my PlayBook.

People are just looking for more to complain about. All I saw on the forums when the Z/Q10 were released was the lack of a "hub" shortcut icon. The gestures were "counterproductive" and that it took too long to get to where you had to be. Now that an icon is (possibly) coming, people have found something new to complain about.

It's as simple as, if you want it use it, if not, don't. Easy solutions.

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My theory is there will a bottom row of fixed icons coming soon, and a hub icon on that bar makes it even easier than swiping while browsing apps.

On the home screen there is a dedicated button at the very bottom for the hub already. No need for swiping.

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A "Hub" button: a concession that customers aren't ALL going to get the grasp of gestures easily. This is the inexpensive and expedient way change the UX to try to get new users on board, but... the real solution is a bb10 device with hardware buttons that duplicates the BBOS experience as much as possible, so that millions and millions of BBOS users have a simple, clear, direct upgrade path. BlackBerry is going to spend months and months they don't have trying to coax BBOS users to upgrade, using an approach that can best be explained as "See? It's not as horrible as you think it is!". :facepalm: BlackBerry: CAN SOMEONE in your management team start thinking CLEARLY FOR TWO SECONDS?!

I have not had the pleasure of using the new update but I could imagine its there for the same reason the text one is. I guess some people would like the option of swiping or tapping?

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BBRY....PLEASE add a Hub setting that will default the Hub back to the main view after 30 second, a minute, upon re-entry, etc. I personally would like to be able to click into say the Text messages portion of the Hub to look for something and then click out of it, I want to be able to go back in without having to back out of the text message and then the texting section itself to get back to the main Hub view.

Some people may like the option of an icon versus the gestures I don't see an issue with having both preferences available. I probably won't use it myself and just file it away with all of my other useless icons but at least it's available for those who want it.

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I could see why they made an icon...one of our top level users here had a hard time not having an email "button". I also agree they need to make a way to hide or delete icons you don't want without them coming back as a "system update" (besides my VZW folder I have tucked in the back of my folder list...)

OK, hands up I think it's a brill addition.
When in the car, my Q10 sits in a cradle. I know I shouldn't access the phone while driving but... it is not easy up-and-across swiping to get to the hub without actually holding the fone. Gently tapping an icon is much easier. And that surely isn't the end of the BB10 world for all you "gesturers", is it???
I also miss the multi mail icons which worked so seamlessly before on my Torch, and the 'delete original text' option when replying to mail but hey I expect to be shot down in flames for those scurrilous comments...

Let's not sweat the small stuff, hide would be nice, but let's not go overboard..

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Me - personally - looking forward to some smart solution relating to the text messages. It's at least strange when you tap their icon (like you're tapping BBM icon) and get in. But getting out of texts is off this sort of good logic that BBM goes. Why one must to get out of texts only by means of hub? Texts have to be allowed to land in multitasking, too. Hub icon seems to be useless when you want to keep BB10 as an unique OS. On the other hand texts icon is confusing...

[...] new mobile hero: www.smartman.mobi

There should be a keyboard shortcut that takes your directly to the "core" hub as opposed to whatever you were just in.

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast

BB users were used to the email icon and this was maybe the 1st or 2nd questions i was ask... where is the email icon.. My reply was always you don't need it but some clever ones would say then why is there a text, phone, camera, search, and settings icon?

I dont care for it but im ok with it being a feature just allow me to remove it..

I'll never stop using my thumb to access the Hub in my Z10, that's one of the things that make my baby so unique... neither icon nor even bottom... bye!

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It does seem like a 'dumbing down', or to be charitable, an alternative to the gesture-based method for those who either can't manage, don't like, or are used to the old way of doing things (either old BlackBerry users or ones from other platforms). It can't hurt but speaks to the fact that the gesture-based UI may be posing some challenges to attain widespread adoption of the OS. So no harm in offering it. With respect to Hub functionality, rather than using an icon as a shortcut to the main Hub feed (if that is part of what they're going after) it would be best for BlackBerry to simply build an option in Hub Settings to have the Hub retain last action, or main Hub view on closing.

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Hub icon is just for people that weren't paying attention and don't know the gesture and are used to just opening apps.

If they want to have it so that you can go to the hub yet still have an open email, then I think they need to treat open emails as being in their own active frame. So you could have several emails open at once and switch between them easily, yet still use the hub as your notification center. That would break the flow, I guess, so maybe be able to easily promote an open message to an active frame would be the best solution. Composing a new message though should automatically open in a new active frame though, and it'd close itself once sent.

Just got off the phone with a client, who is a blackberry user for ages, complaining about his frustrations with using his Z10; he wished the phone was as smooth as the legacy phones. My response to him was that he has to exercise some patience cause there is a learning curve to becoming proficient with the new BB10 platform.
What this all means is that BlackBerry has to continually use the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle in order to win new consumers over and also get the BB legacy users who are currently sitting on the fence to buy into the new BB10 platform. The icon "Hub" will simplify things for some users who may otherwise have difficulties with the gesture features at the onset. Remember a sale is lost each time a consumer thinks for a one second that a Z10, Q10 or Q5 is a complicated phone to use.
Finally, if you don't like the icon, hide it in a folder along with other icons that you have no use for. Personally, this "hub" icon matter is a non issue.

I think BBRY got it wrong as usual. I dont think users want an icon to access the hub. What they want is an icon to access an email folder that has separate email accounts, hence bypassing the hub. Personally i think the hub is a complete mess and would prefer a simpler solution. I find the gestures/swipiing on the Z10 exhausting.

If that icon is in the official release I'll trade in my BlackBerry. All it says is that BlackBerry has no pride in what it's done with BB10 and is going to compromise it's beliefs whenever challenged. They are uncomfortable with being different.

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Oh lord can you give me a recipe that can please EVERYONE? Lol.

That being said I'm on 10.2 somehow I don't the hub icon on my screen? Weird.

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Its probably there for those future partners who will license BB10 and they require the icon instead of the gesture.

I'm for it. What's wrong with options. If people don't like it then don't use it. Simple.

People are "aggressively opposed" to gestures? LMAO, those people need to get their priorities straight when it comes to being opposed to something. "I'm aggressively opposed to a gesture based OS." - good for you! Then clearly don't buy a BlackBerry 10 device and remain using a landline rotary dial phone. Okay? Okay.

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If BBM is coming to desktop, then this hub icon make sense.. from your personal computer, you have to have an icon to open a program. And with many computers not using touch screen yet.. this hub icon could be a bridge to let computer users experience tye mighty hub.. XD

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I think a lot of business or older people actually do not like the swipe function. It's a learning curve they're not comfortable with and prefer the old method of icons. I have a feeling it's to appease those folks. Basically users like that of the iphone and their preference of the simplistic grid of icons layout.

Options are always better than limitations.

If only they'd roll out a device with the full hardware buttons and trackpad, there would be a lot of current BBOS owners who would see that as "welcoming", knowing that under the hood it's a new more powerful operating system that finally lets them have lots of popular new apps that they couldn't get on BBOS. Please can some supernatural entity plant a dream in the heads of an influential executive who will wake up tomorrow knowing that this must be done? Tooth Fairy? Jack Frost? Jesus? The Great Pumpkin? ANYBODY!

I don't mind having different ways of doing things. People are all different and you have to allow a little flexibility. Now, this could be very important if, say, another phone maker started licencing BB10 and their users were used to a home icon...who knows eh?

If you have have like 8 pages of stuff you could put it at the end if you are too lazy to scroll back to the hub idk..

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The Hub icon is welcome with arms wide open on my BB. There are benefits to having a dedicated icon over the swipe gesture. For one, you can see that there is a new unread message without having to swipe to peek. Another would be that by tapping the Hub icon it goes directly to the main Hub view unlike the gesture which simply goes back to whatever you last looked at in the Hub. This is akin to our beloved unified inbox icon on legacy devices. Thank you BlackBerry for adding it!


Here's the deal. People have complained that the interface to email and the hub is not intuitive. This icon is for when people pick up the device for the first time having never read a darn thing about 'peak'. That's it...nothing more. It takes a while to figure out the OS and all the innovative features. Blackberry is listening to product testers off the street or on a bus. The interface has to be simple like iOS or Android....


David, this is not true. I'm a BlackBerry power user and gesture like a boss but would still love to have that icon to even further simplify things. I enjoy that BBM and Text have there own separate icons because I can hit just one icon and shoot directly to where the message is. The Hub icon will now allow this for emails and everything else instead of having to gesture over, which only shows you the view you last used in Hub and therefore means you may still need to gesture further to get to where you want.

It isn't newbies who are asking for the Hub icon, it is BlackBerry longtime loyals who want the speed and convenience of the legacy unified inbox back.

Waste of time, and screen real estate. And if you can't get w swiping, perhaps a chalkboard might be a better alternative.

Yeah. I'ma catch flack for this, I know.....

autocorrect's for the birds -- SQN100-2. v10.2.0.1047

A HUB Icon? Well its about time. Give people the option in finding the Hub, despite the fact its quite easy to navigate using gestures vs. The icon clicking nonsense.

A better question would be "Why isn't there an email icon". We have just over a hundred blackberry users and at least half of them have complained or said it was stupid that they don't. Texting has one.

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This is almost as bad as the Phone shortcut. Why TF do I need 2 phone shortcuts? An icon like a app and a icon in the bottom left?

Posted on the Dev Alpha C with CB10

Quite frankly, I moved the hub icon to a folder of pre-installed apps.
It's a useless icon - why develop all the gestures, then provide an icon. Superfluous.

Spend time developing something we need/want - not something useless.

Thanks you!

There has GOT to be a gesture to bring the user to root hub. As it is now, it might as well be completely random... bring me to the last thing I was doing in the hub? i've long forgotten what it was, and have to swipe, clear and cancel my way out of it... Consider iOS and Android "home" buttons serve a purpose - the user knows exactly where he is in the OS and can move from there with muscle memory. BlackBerry requires the user to look closely at where he ends up on an inverted L hub gesture, it requires far too much attention and too many gesures just to get to root hub. I find this uncertainty and inefficiency the principal source of frustration with the OS.

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Thank you websterny! This is what I have been trying to say. An icon that always goes directly to the root Hub view will be a welcome addition to my Q10.

i would like to see more dedicated icons (like Text Message) into the hub. i still miss having email icons for each separate account on the desktop. As for the Hub Icon here if it was a reset icon it would be great and leave the swipe gesture for where you previously left off

After my phone settled in and Indexed everything, 10.2 is awesome. Stop releasing more hardware BB, focus on the Q10, Z10 and develop the heck out of BB10.

We know this OS is the best OS out there, so let's prove it.

- Rob (rob@robbutler.com)

I think it's a great idea. The only way now to know if you have an email is to look in the hub. There isn't an icon on the home screen to tell you you have an email like the old BlackBerry.

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Maybe it is for Apple and Android users who are not bright enough to understand the gesture.
Maybe it is to shut up reviewers who complain about the guestures being too complicated.
BlackBerry can now say you just have to click on the icon.

I have a similar question. Since the camera butten is always in the bottom why do we need a camera icon in the main screen?

I think there should not only be a "Hub" icon, but BB should add an icon unique to each email account that a user has added to the device. In addition, BB should allow users the option to hide the icons.

One complaint that I've heard over and over from now BB loyalists is that the navigation and heavy use of gestures makes BB10 overly complicated for new users, when compared to Android and iOS devices. Without the icons, novice users may not understand how to get to their accounts as quickly as they're used to.

I don't see a problem with supporting multiple ways to accomplish the same task. If there are some who want the consistency of having mail (or text or hub) icons, then give it to them. The rest of us don't have to use them. I do think we should be able to hide them, or at least turn mail/hub icons on/off in settings.

That's just my 2 cents. I was happy to see it as I know that it'll help some Z10 newbies out there...

Some iPhone and Android users have to re-learn to use the OS10.
'HUB icon' is a baby step to help these folk until they learn the secret of 'swipe' to get to HUB.

On the other hand, if you have a HUB feature open (such as an email account), having the 'HUB icon' seems a bit easier to get to the HUB.

I agree with the proceeding post: having an icon for each email account will be helpful.
These icons can always be put into a 'hidden' file folder is you don't want to use or see them.

Why I like it. E-mail (unlike everything else on BlackBerry 10) doesn't create a spark icon when there is a new email waiting. So the only place I'll see them is on the lockscreen. The Hub Launcher however will spark on ANYTHING waiting in the hub including new email.

Now if anyone can tell me how to get the icon/launcher back after accidentally deleting it, I'd be grateful.