Why are there different BlackBerry 10 OS updates happening around the world?

Why are there different BlackBerry 10 OS updates happening around the world?
By Bla1ze on 1 Mar 2013 04:10 pm EST

For those of you out there who've taken a look through the BlackBerry Z10 forums here on CrackBerry, you may have noticed that there are quite a few discussions happening surrounding BlackBerry 10 OS updates. There have been several different variations of the OS showing up around the world especially after last nights roll out of the software version which brought those devices into OS in Canada on some carriers.

A lot of the confusion comes from how the updates are shown on the device. Just like on BlackBerry OS devices there are two different sets of numbers used to show OS differentiation. Rather than the old way of package version vs. app version, this time around we have to consider software version vs. OS version. When you get an update, it shows the software version rather than the underlying OS version. So essentially and for the sake of an example, you can have a software version that is higher while the underlying OS version is still the same as everyone else.

With all that being said, there are a large number of carriers rolling out the BlackBerry Z10 and there are only going to be more added to that list as we move through March. The U.S. carriers will be joining the mix at some point soon and of course, they'll each be rolling out their own software versions as well. For the most part, it's all just carrier specific settings that folks are seeing on their devices that are being updated. In other words, there is no need to pack your bags and move to Europe from Canada because they have a OS version that appears to be higher.

Eventually, as BlackBerry 10 matures we will stop seeing so many different version numbers being released and instead, the updates that do arrive will have maximum distribution across all carriers and be on par with each other as the carrier specific settings will have already been addressed through earlier software updates. So, what does that mean for posting about updates?

Well, the first thing to do when you see an update is to download it really. Once that's done, you can then check the actual OS version and see if it has changed. If it has, then there is sure to be some bug fixes in place. If it hasn't, then for now it's safe to assume it's just some carrier network specific stuff that was sent out to ensure your device is working fine with whatever network you happen to be on.

For now, we'll be looking at all the new stuff but when it comes to posting about the updates, we're only going to be looking for the large changes to the OS such as the release, where there was some rather large bug fixes in place that actually increased the core OS version number or enhanced the overall experience of using BlackBerry 10.

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Why are there different BlackBerry 10 OS updates happening around the world?


I've got a question, I have a Koodo phone but am using it on the Bell network. I have yet to receive any update, I know Bell has yet to release an update but apparently Telus/Koodo have, I am just wondering is the update dependent on the carrier I use or the carrier from which the phone is originally from? Any assistance or information would be appreciated thanks!

You won't get a notification. Put the SIM in and check for the update in Settings. It's explained in detail in the forums.

Thanks Bla1ze but here is my dilema I have been known for being an impulsive buyer and I have a beautiful white unlocked BBz10 that I have working with Bell and Wind non of whom have pushed this fricking recent update yet. I have been itching like crazy to get that update since I read the posting on CB and I am seriously seriously considering activating a rogers or fido prepaid line just to get it.... the cost will be 20 dollars ,,,,, would any of you do that, lol or is this just crazy ... and why the flip has crackberry not managed to get us a darn link to that official OS release like in the past.

BBis the best and I am a crackberry addict.

BB is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

Bell has noted their OS update is coming soon, which should mean fairly soon. As far as paying $20 for a prepaid SIM well, I see no problem with it if you don't want to wait.

Now, about the OS.. well, the OS aren't issued the same way any more and previously all the BlackBerry 10 OS we got a hold of were for the Dev Alpha or Pre-Release Z10 which came through the Loader app or they were simply unofficial OS' that used the Loader app and well.. weren't REALLY for public consumption.

To be perfectly honest, getting leaked OS is now likely easier then obtaining the official OS files.. lol.

You don't need to buy the SIM, just borrow someone's and it'll be fine. Doesn't even have to be from another Z10, as long as it's a Micro SIM

I've a question about the way these updates are released to consumers and about this update in general. The latest update tweaked the camera in low light, improved third party app performance, and browser and media apps. What I don't understand is, how are these things carrier related? Every Z10 should be getting this update like the PlayBook because it's tweaking the OS, not something carriers need to worry about. Why does the phone require the OS version to be updated this way? Can this change in the future?

Also, should I be scared to purchase a Windmobile Z10? And instead get 1 from Rogers because Windmobile seemed pretty lazy to push updates (only pushed out like 2 updates, and were way behind on the version too) for my Bold 9780.

Not can it be changed, it will be changed.. as noted in the aritcle. Over time, as the carriers get their specific carrier updates out of the way, the updates will be the same across the board.

Also, no one ever said the latest OS update was a carrier update. If you actually click the links as suggested, you will see there is other updates (mostly in Europe) that are now showing up that are NOT OS updates but rather simply software updates for those specific carriers.

I'm sorry to ask, but uhh.. did you even read the article or did you just skim it? Because it's pretty well explained and the questions your asking imply you skimmed lol. You just made me re-write the article, only shorter in the comments. :P I dunno who you should buy from though really because it's all based on who your device is attached to more so than where it came from. If you have a Rogers SIM, you'll get the Rogers updates etc etc.

Bla1ze, sorry about making you rewrite the article but shorter. I was just confused about the way updates reach consumers. In the forums, I read that people in the UK and other countries that didn't receive it yet. I was just confused thats all. Thanks for the clarification.

BTW, I read the article thoroughly but I just got confused between the 2 (article and the things people said in the forums).

Haha! All good, I was just joking anyway.. it's not an easy thing to explain, especially when it comes down to so many different carriers and all the different version people are posting about.

Adding to it, everyone is seeing these updates but NEVER checking the actual OS version to see if it changed. Easy confusion and hopefully, if I say it enough times people will follow along with me and start checking the OS vs. JUST the software version. But, I have my doubts lol.

If your carrier is slow to push updates out, you could always unlock your phone. Then when (For example, Rogers) release an update that your carrier hasn't pushed. Insert the Rogers SIM card to receive the update. (I'm doing this right now in the UK, Vodafone have pushed the latest software and O2 hasn't caught on)

Got a notification at 21:37:39 IST
BlackBerry 10 OS update
Version - Size 670MB

Installing as we now (32%)

BTW my devise is unlocked and I'm using a Vodafone sim ATM

I'm also on a Vodafone sim but mine said 159mb followed by 749mb, ah well an update is an update after all

Yea well I gotta ole fuggin flip phone, I want my BBZ10 here, now, in the U.S. Hurry Up ATT!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for posting this, Bla1ze. It makes me feel a lot better about this, as I've been pissed that Bell has had this delay compared to the other Canadian carriers. Mainly because it addresses so many little issues I've grown accustomed to dealing with.


some points I really wish to be in the future update :

1- I wish the "COPY & PASTE" option to be easier ,sometimes its difficult to select some words from any articles...
2- I hate when I copy something from BBM and paste it , the username will appear.
3- The password lock for the screen should be easier , i.e bigger numbers or words to appear when enter the pass.
4- when I receive email , the sender email will not appear to me, only the sender name, why?
5- some errors in apps world, i.e sometimes I'm installing the same apps many times due to the errors, or sometimes I've to update the same app many times "due to download error"
6- when I use my Bluetooth headset . I cant control the volume from the volumes buttons direct from my mobile ((it shows sound lock icon))), so I have to control the volume from the headset it self, why ?
7- In the Hub "if it is possible" to set for each email icon different color, so I will know from the color which account is it (Gmail, hotmail, exchange.....).
8- Facebook in the hub to be updated, when I chat in fb the new coming msg not appear, I've to check it from fb apps each time. (wish facebook messenger for BB 10 coming soon).
9- I can't use BBM in landscape mode but when I open it from the Hub I can !!!!

Are these updates just updates or complete OSes. I know you say updates but the file sizes often are around 330 megs or something like that and it seems that it would be a complete OS version.
At least, that is what it seemed like for the PlayBook.

There are a lot of assumptions being made in this article. There is no proof that BlackBerry is actually pushing the carriers to get these updates out the door. I know that it is in their best interest, but I am quite certain that on the corporate level it is the carriers that are making the decisions when and what will be released. This alone will likely cause some serious fragmentation of the OS in the marketplace.

Think about how many carriers (small and large) would need to all be pushing these updates out. What we are seeing with Bell is just the beginning of the mess to come. I've been in the Android camp, I've seen the problems. At least there they have the ability to rely on the community for updates. Here we are screwed. To top it off there was absolutely no convergence there of the likes that you are implying we will see in the future, so why should there be any with BlackBerry. Even the current release is fragmented. Europe is getting OS version 690, Canada is getting 672. That is OS version, not software version. They are clearly different and not just because the radio stack is different to support various device types.

I'm a huge BlackBerry fan (been using it exclusively for 8+ years) and I am ecstatic about my Z10, but this type of OS update deployment does not fly for me at all, and it will not fly for many others. There is going to be a massive number of users out there with outdated OS versions suffering from all sorts of issues.

For a bit of consolation now, it appears that if you have an unlocked device with even an inactive SIM you should be able to use that inactive SIM from the carrier that released the update to trigger the update process from the BlackBerry software update website. At least this seems to be the case based on some reports coming from the US.

Is it possible to download updates from the blackberry website and install it on the phone like I could before?

Is it possible to download updates from the blackberry website and install it on the phone like I could before?

Simple answer...no. Long and complicated answer, maybe, if you have an unlocked device and a SIM from a carrier that has already released one of the updates, and if the specific carrier supports the type of device that you have.

Hi all, how come i got an update which was only one download of 144 mb, and my friend who is also on Vodafone, just on prepaid, got 3 different updates which were huge files and we have the sme version now installed. Anyone form UK with same experience?

Thanks for the explanation. I am in the UAE and still on and no new updates!, it's sad that updates like this are not rolled to everyone especially if it fixed bugs and improved apps

For having different OS and software version, this will tell us that the OS for hardware is separate from software of those native Apps... and this is actually great, if in case that only hardware need to be upgraded, BlackBerry does not need to roll out everything... and vice versa...

Similar approach with a conventional laptop or PC, where OS for hardware improvement can be upgraded separately from the installed programs...

there should also be a way to get carrier-independent OS updates.
I'm using in my (Limited Edition) Z10 in germany a tmobile SIM (prev. used inside an iphone)
as tmobile in germany at the moment doesn't support BB10 (will come later) I'm not getting OS updates.
curiously: my iPhone now only-sitting-in-wifi without sim still gets iOS updates

you can buy Z10 without contract and use any sim card - so it mus be possible to get updates - perhaps using BlackBerry Link.

Same for me, except I'm in France... Why can't unlocked device take their upgrades directly from Blackberry?

You could try to insert a prepaid German Vodafone SIM. Since Vodafone DE already rolls out OS update you should get it if it is true that updates depend on the inserted SIM.

i have blackberry Z10 STL 100-1 and my OS is and i go to software Updates he tell me you have latest Software ...

Why ?!

I Want

Help !!

Unrelated I know but has anyone experienced a major glitch with their contacts since the update. All my contacts information is now shuffled. When Carmell calls Gary's face shows, when Connie texts it is showing that Frank. Literally every contact has incorrect information in it??? Thanks for any help.

I'm not getting notified of Blackeberry contact bithdays anymore, like in the old BBOS phones. Does anyone know if this will be fixed in this BB10 update as part of the contacts fixes?

Sadly in only a few months QUALCOMM says they expect phones will start launching using their new world LTE chip, which will mean no more fragmented updates based on which LTE band your carrier uses.

Thank you for the explanation Bla1ze.

Unfortunately anyone on the Bell network cannot feel confident that Bell will release the update anytime soon. I look forward to being proven wrong though. Their lazy, no good ass has not released an update in a timely fashion stretching back to OS6 when I've really started paying attention. This works against the experience of enjoying BlackBerry 10 because there are a few things that this update seems to correct. Bell has continued to frustrate and disappoint in this area and continue to be a company that is reactive and not proactive.

With OS7 I had to use unofficial/leaked updates and you would think they would want to be different with wanting to make BlackBerry 10 a good experience to draw customers as opposed to an ever increasing loss in market share. I have friends who bought the Z10 based on my input and good for them that they are not with Bell.

I LOVE the Z10 but I hate Bell for their lack of initiative amongst other things!! After my contract I will NOT renew!!

Rogers here I come!! #BellSucks

I'm in agreement with some on here, although Blaze's explanation helped out big time. I was going to say if updates are going to come from carriers all the time, boy are we going to be in trouble. Took Verizon a long time to get the 9850 Torch to where it is now, and there are still things that should have been fixed and done differently, that have been overlooked the entire time. Waiting for carriers to drag their feet over this issue, is as bad as waiting for all the carrier testing that the Z10 has to endure before being released. And I am sure with Verizon the "bloat ware" is soon to follow

I've read (in another thread here) that some people are repeatedly seeing a 7MB update. Any word on this? I did the big update, and then read about the 7MB so checked and there it was, updated, device said 'completed' 'you have latest update' but then later there it is again. I've done this 3 times now, each time it's saying 'completed' 'up to date' but then later there will be the 7MB update available. A(nother) glitch cycle I assume?

Did they fix all the obvious no-brainer why was this even an issue kind of bugs yet?

Any chance the active frames are sticky or do you just have to find your weather app each time you want to view it?

I'm on Telus and am getting a notification pretty much daily for software update even though I already have it. I reload it in case I'm missing something, but does anyone know what gives?