Why tablets are not on BlackBerry's roadmap

By Team CrackBerry on 24 Apr 2014 01:37 pm EDT

This is such a sensitive topic for many PlayBook owners — and rightfully so. As a fellow BlackBerry lover, a respectable level of sympathy should be given to those who have invested in BlackBerry's only tablet. It is truly a remarkable device that had a lot of promise.

However, business will always be business no matter what opinions or emotional attachment we may have for our products. It's the nature of the beast. I'm not going to say it's justified, only that there is qualified legitimacy behind BlackBerry's decision not to develop another tablet.

As some of you may know, the PlayBook was the QNX team's first project. They were assigned to build a brand new mobile operating system entirely from the ground up. It was an ambitious task that would prove to be impressive and hopeful in some respects for the company and their future. Sure, it was pinned against Apple's successful iPad, but for RIM it was subsequently the precursor to BlackBerry 10.

Till this day there are those who question whether the PlayBook should have ever been launched given the huge costs, production delays, lackluster support and unavailability of standalone features such as email, contacts and apps. But despite these setbacks, the PlayBook was still held as one of the strongest offerings in the tablet industry due to its groundbreaking OS and UI. In the following years after its Spring debut in 2011, additional updates along with price drops made the PlayBook an even more attractive choice for tablet enthusiasts.

If there's anything to be learned from the PlayBook fiasco is that consumers should always buy a product for what it is and not for what it can or should be.

But for RIM it wasn't enough to warrant continued support and development. The strategy RIM had for the PlayBook didn't execute fast enough — partly because of how heavily the QNX team needed to draw on the company's other resources, which effected the transition and development of the BB10 phone and OS. In addition, RIM had separate teams working independently of each other making any kind of progress counter-productive and fragmented ... something realized by PlayBook owners who claimed the product was rushed and/or incomplete. The logical move for RIM would be to integrate the operating system organizations into one. But in order to do this they had to make a tough decision, one that was undoubtedly made in favor of BB10 phones.

Honestly, it's almost as if BlackBerry had no choice but to abandon the PlayBook. There was just no way that BlackBerry could remain internally segregated while transitioning itself. Either they crashed and burned trying to sustain an unprofitable venture or focus all its power and resources on the development of BB10 phones and OS in a timely fashion. If there is any consolation, BlackBerry — for a moment — did try to sustain their tablet but quickly (and wisely) foresaw an even worse situation if they continued and stopped.

Heck, if I were faced with the same dilemma, I would have reluctantly done the same. BlackBerry made the right move even if we didn't understand it, though I suspect PlayBook owners will always have a bitter taste when it comes to this. RIM should have never made promises to PlayBook owners that they couldn't keep. Yes, RIM did their best to "smooth things over" by providing support for the next couple years but eventually precious time and resources could not be devoted any further to a product they knew would not be in their future. If there's anything to be learned from the PlayBook fiasco is that consumers should always buy a product for what it is and not for what it can or should be.

It's 2014 and there is a new CEO and management team at BlackBerry now. BlackBerry has become a more streamlined agile company with established divisions, on-time road maps and exciting new developments. It's a different BlackBerry with a fresh philosophy that has yet to be realized. Holding the current team responsible for the company's actions and decisions for the last three years isn't fair…the PlayBook being one of them.

After a large amount of prudent studying and research, BlackBerry intelligently concluded that it simply does not see the value of competing in the tablet industry. Yes, there are statistics that reflect increased sales and adoption of tablets in various sectors but it is still a very costly venture and one that will only slow down BlackBerry's progress and eventually bleed them financially dry.

Typically, tablets are consumption devices primarily used to browse the web, play games, watch videos and maybe for apps. Many people who own tablets rarely use them in the same capacity as their mobile phone.

This cannot be overlooked. If mobile computing is to be fully realized then the idea of an individual owning multiple devices seems to be a step backward. BlackBerry understands this. They are on the path of integrating mobile technology in an evolutionary way by creating devices that interact with the world around them.

Let's think for a second about how realistic it is for a consumer or businessperson to wear Google glass, a smartwatch, carry a tablet, smartphone and a laptop. It's too much. This mobile experience is fragmented, difficult to maintain not to mention costly and time consuming.

There are still many people who believe that a tablet is in BlackBerry's future despite them stating they have no interest in developing one.

The connectivity of everything is the future of technology but remains far from being galvanized. Perhaps BlackBerry can leverage this into a strength by focusing on true mobile computing and developing the next evolution of the smartphone with devices and software that go beyond apps, games and pictures into the interaction of things like car systems, desktop computers, medical equipment and home appliances.

Will BlackBerry abandon the tablet market forever? I don't even think BlackBerry can answer that now. There are still many people who believe that a tablet is in BlackBerry's future despite them stating they have no interest in developing one. Is it necessary for them to have one? No, not at this time. Is having an ecosystem priority over the cross-adaptability of communications and technology? In an industry where mobile giants are drawing lines in the sand and building ecosystems, a "me too" agenda shouldn't be on BlackBerry's list of things to do. You shouldn't want BlackBerry to follow or mimic. What works for the "others" doesn't necessarily mean it will work for them. BlackBerry's focus and priority is right where it needs to be now with the development of enterprise, BBM, QNX and next generation mobile devices.

If BlackBerry ever does develop another tablet, I'm certain the debacle of the PlayBook will be well remembered and not repeated. I'm also certain that their offering will coincide with their vision of defining the next generation of mobile computing. Until then, don't hold your breath.

Article Written by Jubei Raziel

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Why tablets are not on BlackBerry's roadmap



A BlackBerry tablet with BlackBerry 10 would be incredible. I think they are changing there stance on this.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

The PlayBook OS with its UI was amazing compared to Apples iPad and Android tablets. Too bad it was rushed being incomplete with no email, contacts and etc, no app ecosystem and of course over priced.

I understand due to there limited resources and cash it's wise not to develop a BB 10 tablet now but maybe just maybe if they become profitable again, they re reputation starts gaining, BES 10 and 12 get picked up by enterprise s and BB 10 phones become more popular amongst consumers.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Because the PlayBook was an epic fail (in pricing or getting the update), so it became one of the most critical reasons for the later BlackBerry mass destruction

Posted via CB10

Think about your request. There are few businesses that would want to offer this sort of service.... maybe a niche you could exploit with your own investment?

Posted via CB10

Too meany reasons.

they F$@*Ked up me with the first one, how they can convinced me to buy another one. I remember when I was getting ready to order 2 Playbooks (and convinced my 5 other friends to buy as well, now they "hate" me for that)
1. Skype was showing on the playbook running Blackberry world when you enter to Blackberry website BIG SCAM FROM BLACKBERRY
Please don't tell me it is not their fault. If they were not sure about it they should not have it on their main page.
2. Unfinished OS with poor ecosystem
3. High price for 7in tablet
4. I am still not sure how playbook can't run the BB10 with 1Gb of ram (when Iphone 3gs is running latest ios).
5. Poor Marketing
and more and more

What you failed to point out is the recent partnership with Nanthealth which could very well lead sooner rather than later to some sort of Tablet being developed.

Posted via CB10

"If there's anything to be learned from the PlayBook fiasco is that consumers should always buy a product for what it is and not for what it can or should be."
I cried when reading this. At one point it is true. But on the other hand teaching us to have NO HOPE for any company, even when they did promised WHAT it could do.

As quoted herein you can see that a tablet is definitely in the cards. "John Sims, President of Enterprise at BlackBerry, said that a tablet is not out of the question. "We see value in a tablet and I can tell you that John Chen REALLY likes the idea of a tablet.”

With the collaborative efforts between BlackBerry and NantHealth, the BlackBerry tablet made for the healthcare industry would definitely be an industry benefit. With the strictest of security and BlackBerry technology leading the way, the prospects of the profitability of an industry tablet are strong."

Read more: BlackBerryOS.com -

Posted via CB10

Same. Unless they unlock the bootloader or continue to provide software updates, I not likely buy a BlackBerry tablet ever again. For existing PlayBook customers, their tablet reputation has been damaged.

I don't understand this "buy it for what it is". If I had that mentality going in I wouldn't have bought it to be there to support RIM through essentially a beta test... I bought it based on the idea that this was RIMs new OS and not this is an interim beta os on a product which will be dropped and lose app support and updates. It's very different thing. Apple stops updating old products but their users lose comparatively little to what PlayBook users lost. We lost a just beginning to developers app store, an improving android runtime, and many more things.

Posted via CB10

I bought mine in June of 2011 only to see a number of places a few months later sell them at a huge discount (Thankfully nothing like what happened with HP's TouchPad.).

Like many I wasn't happy with being an extended beta tester for RIM. It was a device that was rushed to market and at a price point that was in hindsight, too high. Most folks opted to spend the same amount of money on an iPad 2.

While the PlayBook was a flop, it still was nowhere near as bad of a flop as the HP TouchPad.

I used my PlayBook for nearly two and a half years before finally deciding to get a new tablet (Goggle Nexus 7) late last year.

Mass destruction? Have you been hanging out with Dubya? Maybe looking for BMD (BlackBerrys of Mass Destruction)? Seriously folks let's stop going over the top with everything.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry cash resources were enormous at the time they developed the PlayBook.
They set the same price of iPad 10 inch and thought it would be a big bang and destroy Apple tablet.
Just miserable arrogance.

Posted via CB10

There was never any point in entering the oversaturated computer market. It would have been the dumbest move they ever made. You may as well ask why Microsoft never made a radio.

Posted via CB10

I still use a first gen white Zune 30 gig for jogging lol.
That thing has taken a beating and kept on ticking.

Posted via CB10

I use a Zune HD several times a week at the gym. It's indestructible. Absolutely the longest-lasting piece of tech I have.

I don't know why BlackBerry doesn't make a deal to piggyback(private label) on a tablet that some other company is already making. Let's say Sony is making a tablet with BB10 compatible hardware. BlackBerry should make a deal to purchase tablets from them with BB10 OS and BlackBerry branding on the back. Everything else about the tablet should stay the same. Therefore there is no hardware development costs or anything for BlackBerry.

They should then simply sell these tablets through shopblackberry.com(no retailers) and directly to their corporate customers. It should just be a small venture, but one which would provide a solution for those who really want a BlackBerry 10 tablet.

I think this suggestion makes much sense. For a small class of users they could charge a premium and have an advantage if they could implement the bridge functionality.

I bought a Playbook during the fire sale and didn't get much use out of it. Sure the UI was nice, but the web browser blowed, the apps were terrible and compared to the new Nexus line, just an all around dud of a device.

BlackBerry is barely hanging on to their mobile phone business with lackluster consumer sales. A tablet is the last thing they need at this point.

Posted with my Q10

Totally agree!

If only they could update some things on the PlayBook like it's Web browser, keyboard and maybe even BBW it would be more useful now!

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

I have a PlayBook and a Galaxy Tab 3. I much prefer my PlayBook over the Galaxy Tab 3. And I still use it on a regular basis.

Posted via CB10

...I have bought two and intend to buy more...both at their perspective launches (WiFi 32GB, LTE 32GB) and don't feel the least bit 'screwed' or 'ripped off..my LTE model still gets a ton of use, and my Wi Fi model has been moved over and replaced my HTPC as I have piggy backed it to my plasma so I don't have the clutter, works awesome...I plan on a few more for TV's around my bar to convert them into scoreboards, and second screens during hockey season, another few for dedicated use in the kitchen cupboard doors, and the bar top for drink apps...I can't think of any other tablet as robust enough to seal it into something and leave it...

What a well written article...a sheer joy to read. You sir, are truly gifted and we are lucky to have you on this forum. Keep 'em coming!!

Posted using my amazing Z10...BB4All

I agree. Although I love my PlayBook and still use it daily, all of his articles are well written and a pleasure to read. Even if I don't care for articles being negative about the PlayBook, there is still a lot of truth here. All of it aside, I still love my PlayBook as it serves me well still 3 years later. I bought it for what it could do and not the promises that were made. It does those things very well and more. I have other devices to fill the void.

Posted via whatever random device that I have laying around on my desk

BlackBerry will not be a complete success in enterprise unless they produce a tablet with the same level of security as the phones.

They can say what they like. If they want to be a success in the enterprise they have no choice. Time will tell.

BlackBerry are currently struggling to sell phones. Do you think it will be easier to sell Tablets than phones? Absolutely not. So as stated in the article, BlackBerry is in no position to make a new tablet. Maybe in the future when they are profitable again.

Posted via CB10

My comment said nothing about whether they were currently in a position to "make a new tablet ".

It said that unless and until they match their phone tech to a tablet they cannot be a success in enterprise.

They have no choice. At some point in the resurrection of their business they will have to produce a tablet or a related device.

If I have to buy iPad, why not just buy iPhone? I lose nothing since my security is already compromised with the ipad!

Blackberry have no choice but to create a tablet with the same security as their phone or their solution is incomplete.

Well, that also depends on the tablet market come that time. It currently seems to be in a rush to the bottom, and may not be terribly profitable for anyone in the coming years.

In the meantime, I would love to see BlackBerry create Android and iOS versions of the PlayBook's Bridge app. It would be really helpful to have the have the same integration between any replacement tablet and my BB10 phone that I had with my PlayBook. Not sure what justification BlackBerry might have to do something like that though.

No, it wouldn't. If they can't sell phones at discounted/subsidized prices, then there's no way they can sell full price tablets.

Please could you be more logical in your opinions.
Just face the reality and say something thing supportive and beneficial to the company

Posted via CB10

They're not able to make a dent in the market at the moment.

Maybe in a year or two, they'll re-enter the tablet market but not before they've had some success with phones.

Even in this hypothetical scenario, the price would be insane with those specs, and that would effectively mean very disappointing sales figures. Looking at those specs, I don't see the need for a 4 MP front-facing camera and 4 GB of RAM when 2 MP is still the standard and BB10 runs efficiently on under 2 GB RAM. Also, I think a 16:10 or 16:9 ratio would work best because it would make things easier for devs to port their Z10/Z30-ready apps over to the tablet.

And now back to reality: this is not happening anytime in the near future. Sigh.

Lol you're assuming that BB could build that tablet at not charge people through the roof for it (they couldn't). You're also assuming they would market it properly (they wouldn't).

If they find the cost proposition and have the services. They will build a tablet. And assuming Chen can negotiate this turn to profitability, BlackBerry will readdress the market. They've gone back and fourth on the priority arrangement of their strategy. Time will tell. Road-maps are constantly changing.

The problem with BlackBerry is that the iPhone, Android and windows phone all have tablets as companions as well as laptops designated to work together. BlackBerry is the odd man out.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. As much as I appreciate people with Z10/Z30s say their phone have essentially replaced their PlayBooks I personally feel having a tablet as part of your mobile strategy helps a company. I have a 64GB PlayBook and since BB will no longer support it then open up the bootloader and let me install Android or Ubuntu Touch or other Linux derivative that the User community decides to port should they feel the PlayBook is worthy of the effort.

The exact opposite is the case. The PB was the first and only tablet designed to integrate with a phone; all other tablets have been standalone devices. (So by complement, BlackBerry phones -- OS 4.7 through 7 -- are the only phones ever designed to "work with" a tablet.) And no tablet has ever "worked together with" a laptop; they're two variations of the same product niche, not complementary tools. The first tablets WERE laptops with "reversible" touchscreens that simply covered up the keyboard, and the current trend, of course, is the designed use of a detachable keyboard to make a convertible net-top/tablet. So the only way that BlackBerry is the odd man out is in the fact that their now-dead tablet was the only one to ever do what it is that you're saying the others do.

Exactly correct. IPad does not complement the iPhone nor the Mac. It is just another device to maintain.

Posted via CB10

Right on.
Supplemented tablets can help in enterprise rather than stand alone. Like say health care workers, engineers, sales force, journalists to name a few.
For quick Z/Q device and for detail a BB10 powered PlayBook.
Seems plausible though.

I agree. BlackBerry never developed a platform. Their competition is making a killing selling tablets to enterprise. A shop can go all iOS, Windows, or even Android, but not BB. Besides, if your employees want iPads and no how to use iOS, why would you make then buy a BB? Security? I mean, there are many things that I prefer about my Z30, but few things that my Z30 can do that my other phones can't do. So why make employees learn a new OS that they don't want to learn? Chen can talk about regulated industries and government, but I interface with a government office that has banned BB10 devices from their network because "too few people want to use them for it to make sense for us to support it." Selling tablets or other devices at least gets different devices on the networks...

Posted via CB10

If your Z30 isn't on BES10 then you haven't experienced what a BlackBerry 10 phone in an Enterprise can do that an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone can't do.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1

Tell Foxconn to whip out a tablet with bb10. Hardware is a commodity now. How much could it cost?

Posted via CB10

Ditto as well. A tablet running BB10 would figuratively blow my mind. And running full Bridge too? Fugetaboutit!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

At some point they have to. It's one of the ways to maintain users... make them buy into your ecosystem.. cue apple on this. they've done an amazing job putting "competitive " not best products out...

Zee coolest flicking smartphone evah

BB doesn't have the ecosystem that Apple has. There nothing that a BB tablet would provide that using readily available on some other tablet.

BB needs to invent some "new" product and try to develop and own that space.

Good article. However "In the following years after it's spring debut in 2011," please change it's to its. :)

Could BB build a new tablet? sure.
Why would they right now though?? They are having enough trouble bringing to market a few handsets.

They would be better off licensing BB10 tablet edition to a manufacturer and let them take on all the risk.

Ya but who wants to license BB 10 the way things are going for BlackBerry. BlackBerry has a bad reputation amongst consumers, the media, they re getting dropped by some long time enterprises in favour for iphones and ipads as well as windows phones and tablets.

They need to be in the trend like android and ios in order to appeal for the hardware manufacturers.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

I still think the PlayBook is a great device, hope BlackBerry comes someday with a boosted PlayBook with BB10.

Right now BlackBerry should focus in consolidate their services business and drive to profit smartphones, once that's accomplished then push a tablet there, maybe a Foxconn tablet with BB10.

Posted via CB10

Honestly I was okay with PB OS. I missed directly swiping from app to app without going to the home screen first. I wished that feature would have carried over to BB10. But after owning a Z10 I really don't have a desire to own a tablet version. The idea of owning a tablet without any apps really doesn't make ANY sense to me.

I get your point. But what I liked the most on the playbook concept is that it could be used as a bigger screen when it's bridged with your BB Device. Actually the apps that truly matter to me are actually available or have alternatives on the app market or could be side loaded. Never really saw the playbook as a stand alone device.

So an updated playbook running bb10os with full bridge capacity would be awesome though I'm not holding my breath on that one since the objective right now is just to plainly survive.

Posted via CB10

I don't think there are spec war in tablet market like phones. With low specs (partnering with Foxcon) targeting specific user group, still PBs can be made imo.

Honestly nobody will buy one. Maybe 15% of existing Playbook owners will downgrade to an inferior tablet, and that's only because they're fanboys. How many people is that? Literally a few thousand. The success of the ipad is proof that people want a high end tablet.

Would be very nice if BlackBerry could release a beautiful phone tablet maybe same size as the note 2.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Agree with this comment totally. That would make a lot more sense. Most persons seem to be forgetting that not only are tablets in the market from hardcore players but "no name" brands are offering tablets that work amazingly! BlackBerry doesn't need a tablet they need to have a renewed image and confidence in their products first before they can think about a tablet!

Posted via CB10

A Note 2 tablet would be nice at some point, but for now BlackBerry needs to get some wind under its sails on the smartphone front, then possibly consider widening their product range.

Nice article Jubei!

Posted via CB10

I've got a blackberry PlayBook and still love it. It would have been nice to see it transition to BB10 IF it would have worked well - however tech stuff doesn't last forever and if I had been in BlackBerry 's position I would no doubt have done the same.

I still can't justify going to another tablet and it still works well with my phone - so will stay with it a while longer.

Posted via CB10

Same boat, still working great with my BlackBerry phone and my business/consumption needs.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Totally agree. The tablet still works great for me, especially now that it is bridged to my new Z30. I can certainly wait and see for now.

Posted via CB10

Same here, my PlayBook works better than the day I bought. The same can't be said for my mom's 1st gen ipad. Almost every app crashes and there are apps she can't get (due to the inability to update to latest os version) . That's right, an ios device with a lack of apps.

same here, plus I just got the rapid charger from blackberry. Its definitely a must have accessory

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

For your kind information jubei BlackBerry is planning for another PlayBook in 2015 so please get your information right

Posted via CB10

I sensed a bit of sarcasm on Jubei's part. I highly doubt Chen would lie to his face.

Posted via CB10

Not saying that's the case in this situation, but of course people in Chen's position lie to people's face. Sometimes it's just part of doing their job (cue Thorsten Heins).
Doesn't mean any malicious intent.

Posted via CB10

Agreed with all of this article. It doesn't make sense, as much as the crackberry faithful would love it. I'm still a little bitter the first didn't get BB10, more because I sold so many others on the PlayBook with that promise of its potential and so it made me feel really stupid than because I really needed it myself.

They should consider having another company develop a new tablet using the BB10 OS. That way they could focus their resources on their current projects. This might a very efficient way for them to get their OS out to more people. It would be the only tablet that could run two app platforms - BB10 apps and Android apps.

Posted via CB10

The tablet market is being inundated with cheaper products that aren't cutting edge. BlackBerry needs a tablet in the enterprise space. Even allowing BB10 devices to be mirrored on the playbook playbook. Not brain surgery so do it?!!!

Posted via CB10

I'm looking forward to what BlackBerry has in its future. I'm also in that boat where a tablet never really looked that appealing. My phone does everything for me mobile-wise and my computers are there for the rest.

I hope BlackBerry finds its grounding and begins its climb back towards the top.

emPowered by 

They don't need a tablet. What they need is bridge apps for the IPad, Google, and Windows tablets. Then we can use our BlackBerry phones with those tablets.

Posted via CB10

If BBRY built a "Display/Input Tablet" that ran QNX and used your Phone for connectivity that could be majorly cool. Put just bluetooth on the tablet, let the phone handle the WiFi, and all the rest of the connectivity. And with less chips should be less expensive to build. And since it's running the apps on your phone, no need for new developers. (just developers who can handle multiple window display sizes.)

Yes. Subject it can display correct resolution, of course.
I'd buy such device immediately as a "mobile companion" (ah, Palm...) to my Q10.

Cool? That's a matter of opinion. Useful in any way? Not at all. Miracast gives the same functionality on screens of any size without having to buy or carry around a dedicated, dumb, tablet-sized (and therefore small) display screen.

But cletis, I haven't seen such a device for sale anywhere. (needs bluetooth, or Miracast, battery recharageable or powered via USB so I don't have to carry yet another charger type.) Needs touch input capability so I don't have to use my bluetooth keyboard if I don't want to. (Or that I can use a stylis and draw images etc.) SInce it runs the os from my phone it would also function as a ereader and web browser, or gaming device.

That's why I think BBRY has an opening.

True, Miracast will only give you display, not input. (And maybe not sound, either? I'm not sure; I haven't looked at Miracast in depth. I imagine that it sends HDMI, so it would, indeed, support sound.) But what you're describing is essentially an updated PlayBook with Miracast support (or at least "View on PlayBook" support for apps and video), only without wifi or cell radio. Unless there's a particular advantage to losing the wifi radio, then what you're describing is a PlayBook 2. And while I would buy one one in a heartbeat (although, from an economic perspective, I'd prefer OS and Android runtime updates for my PB1), you're essentially asking for a PlayBook that's a little bit more than what a PlayBook ever was -- which is pretty pie-in-the-sky dreaming, since it's been made fairly clear that there won't be another BB tablet anytime before hell freezes over.

Personally, I think the future will hold something similar to your vision: I see a use case for those damnable SmartWatches becoming our primary portable computing device. They'd have small displays and touch-entry controls on their little faces, but with Bluetooth mice, collapsible BT keyboards, BT heaphones/earbuds/speakers, and foldable/rollable OLED displays, they'd be expandable into full-featured desktop-style PCs with a minimum of luggable hardware. (As far as eyeglass displays, I think they're a fad that the greater populace will never entertain, if only for fashion reasons.) I'm sure someone already owns all of those patents -- although if I'm quick, I might nail one for watchband-format memory storage.

How is that a bad idea? Full phone mirroring via a dlna or bridge type function is the future. This is where BlackBerry has to be going. A laptop isn't truly mobile. A tablet is. If BlackBerry wants to get in to hospitals and schools and more boardrooms then this is the way to go. They need to make it happen. It's like having multiple devices without all the confusion of needing to manage multiple devices. Always connected all the time. 'Better' phones with bigger batteries and maybe some more power under the hood would be enough. They need to change the way people think about things. They won't need to market anything, because it will market itself. No need to sync calendars and load up apps on numerous devices if you don't want. It's all there all the time. And could be for significantly cheaper than iPads. Great for hospitals and businesses. Maybe my comment about schools was a bad idea because Apple for some reason has people convinced that blowing huge money on a device that $200 android tablets should be able to compete with is a fantastic idea. Win for the 'education' system.

Posted via CB10

Tablet form factor may not be right for personal use. Nor for large audience. But perfect for one-on-one or small audience. Like sales guy explaining things to client, doctors discussing with patients, technical discussions of engineers.
A dumb (sarcastic!) QNX powered PB with communication support from QNX powered Z3 is all you need. :-)

It's a bad idea because it doesn't have its own Internet connectivity.

My argument was not against the use case for tablets in general, or for a BB tablet in particular (as I write this on my PlayBook); far from it: I've been one of those posting on these forums about how I was excited that BB10 was coming to the PB. My argument was that there's no advantage and no market for a tablet that requires Bluetooth connectivity to a compatible (BB) phone to get web access. I share DoryGuy's enthusiasm for a renewed BB tablet, just not the vision of one intentionally crippled by the lack of a WiFi radio.

I disagree! As BlackBerry is engaging with NantHealth due to the nature of the business they will need to develop a tablet to view medical documents such as CTSCANS and other imagery. Does anyone thinks the hospital stuff will be doing does tasks in a z10 or z30 screen size!?....

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10!

"Does anyone thinks the hospital stuff will be doing does tasks in a z10 or z30 screen size!?...."

Aren't they already using iPads?

Tablets will never be used to view, read, interpret medical images. Tablets will NEVER be used in Hospitals, we have been down that road, it doesn't work.

Personally don't think a Tablet is in BB future. After being lied to by BB, really don't care who the CEO was at the time, I will never purchase one.

One Playbook is enough......

Perhaps it's only me and the people around me but I don't have a bad taste in my mouth about the PlayBook. I've used mine for several years and so have a lot of people I know. Those are the folks who bought theirs when the prices dropped and none as far as I know regret their purchases. As average users none of them feel 'betrayed' by BlackBerry when the decision was made to not move to BlackBerry 10.

Having said this, I do understand the disappointment many have felt about the PlayBook experience. I too wish it had turned out better. But fortunately I still get a lot out of my device and don't for a second regret buying it or recommending it to my friends and family.

Posted via CB10

I've replaced my wife's PB with a Galaxy Tab 3. Lighter, bigger screen, much faster, but the OS isn't quite as good as BB 10, and those silly little buttons are a bit annoying.
However, BB could never achieve the production volumes and so the low base cost of Samsung. How much more would I pay for BB 10 on a similar tablet? I suspect that the answer is "not nearly enough", and that's why JR is correct.

PlayBook(or new tablet) integration into automobiles. It would become your hub. It would act as car manufacturers are already trying to do with their entertainment systems in cars. The difference here would be portability. Amy road salesmen would have their whole operation, accounting books, receipts, file templates etc...on the tablet. they even have signing software now that allows customers to just sign in the tablet.

The tablet would also have gps, email notification and your own personal music phone calls directly through the car. With voice software now that can read your emails and text to you and you can speak to it to send a text email it immediately becomes safer than talking and driving or texting and driving. Plus every time you take it out of your car, which would be whenever you leave there is less chance of someone breaking into your vehicle for your stereo system. This is what I think blackberry should have done with the PlayBook. Team up with a car company and have the PlayBook integrated into the car. People get a free tablet when they purchase it and BlackBerry gets profit from sales of every vehicle...

Maybe I am way off base here but I think that is the future of tablets. Especially for bb.

Posted via CB10

Awesome :) I think BB also missed the opportunity to sell PlayBooks to high schools and colleges/universities.

I was at a lunch and learn last week. The Blackberry guy said they have plans to release a 6" tablet style (but not a tablet) phone with a physical keyboard. Release this fall.

Posted via CB10

I was at several where they guaranteed OS10 would be coming to PlayBook... that was bullshit as well.

Then they handed out some of those branded gloves to use with your touchscreen. Literally: hey look over here!

Posted via CB10

"Holding the current team responsible for the company's actions and decisions for the last three years isn't fair…the Playbook being one of them."

Completely asinine statement. Just as BlackBerry's decision to discontinue the PlayBook was "business" so to is people holding the company responsible, regardless of personnel turnover. Fairness has nothing to do with it. The risks of business go both ways. BlackBerry doesn't deserve sympathy. They need to produce.

Posted via CB10

We aren't talking about "crucifying" an individual, we are talking about the cost of business failure for a company.

Posted via CB10

Since they spent the resources on it already I don't see why they can't come out with a new Playbook with updates specs and BlackBerry 10 software pretty easily. I really like my Playbook and would love to see one updated. I'd buy one the first day it was out, use mine everyday still.

Yeah, and since they already built a flavor of BB10 that can run on the low-powered Q3, that means they've already invested the resources to make BB10 run on existing PBs -- but they're not gonna do that, are they?

People have misconception that tablet is for games and movies. I work in IT as systems admin and our employees are using plenty of iPads for work. We are using iPhones because we would like to have one OS for phone and tablet.

Posted via CB10

This new guy just posted the same thing we heard and hear every day. Rubbish.

Make a BB10 tablet, fulfill the needs of your business people on the go, and stop making up crap excuses. A tablet is a must have item for BlackBerry.


Posted via CB10

I agree. Every one and their mother has a tablet out these days. BlackBerry, totally dropped the ball. They over promised and under delivered. Their decision to abandon the PB, might have been a good business decision, but it was a public admission of corporate failure.

As the company is now on life support, an attempt at an all out, 10" tablet with current specs, can't do any worse.

Blackberry always.....

So your solution to BlackBerry is to stay away from tablets altogether, because the first one wasn't BB10 equipped?

Wow, we should have made you CEO. You seem to have an end all solution to put BlackBerry back at $180.00 a share...

Bring us a BB10 tablet with a full size USB port. Thank you.

Posted via CB10

Disappointed about their decision but understand. They made mistakes in the past that still effect us today. I bought three PlayBooks after the first price drops. My 7 yr old grandson has one usually for games and star watching. He loves the astronomy apps. I have one that is with me always. It is the extension of my Z10. Gives me a larger reading surface and is like a personal assistant. It contains my music,pictures, writing projects, shopping tool, newstand, podcasts, meditation timer etc. So I will miss the updates.
I find I do use the Z10 more than any past BlackBerry phones. Future phones with larger screens maybe the answer. I love my BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

If BBRY would sell a tablet in the $200 range to keep it in line w/ the Amazon Kindle Fire/Samsung Galaxy Tab price range, I could see it happening. If BBRY launches another tablet at Note 8/ iPad prices, they're nuts.

Still would need a few more NATIVE apps and not android ports/SNAP DL's. The average joe is NOT going to take the time to READ how to sideload SNAP, much less actually do it.

it make sense why they had to do this. Transitions takes time and needs sacrifices, a difficult decisions had to be made. I'm sure there will be a return of the Playbook..

I'm on a wifi equipped Southwest Airlines flight yesterday and used my PlayBook to watch streaming live TV. Of course, any wifi capable device can do that but the power of the PlayBook display completely blew away the display of my rowmate using an iPad mini. On this relatively uncrowded flight, I had the window seat, empty middle seat with my neighbor on the aisle. I had the window shades up and the sun streaming in and was contentedly viewing my PlayBook when I glanced over at my neighbor. He was hunched over trying to use the tray table to provide shade so he could make out what his weak display was showing. Being the thoughtful guy that I am, I lowered the shades and my neighbor was able to sit up and place his iPad on the table. I had to turn down my screen's brightness. The PlayBook has so much right about it. A really robust machine.

As a huge fan of BB products, and born on 4/19, how could I not love it. Still use 3-5 days a week. I of course would love BB10 on there but understand why it wont happen. I would really like a better android run time on there, one to match the phones, but get that it isn't going to happen. These thing are hard to take but understandable. Hard to take because so much more was promised. One thought I had was to get an android OS to run on top of the QNX OS somehow as it will still have support, but realize it won't happen.

Sorry where is this public statement from John Chen saying that BlackBerry stands firm on not continuing with the Playbook? I don't seem to recall him saying anything, yet the OP seems to think he has...So I would like to see the quote that John Chen said instead something that is considered hearsay.

Sorry but there is no public statement from John Chen. I don't see him in the video nor do I see anything from him in writing, thus your statement is hearsay. You have understand no one trusts media today because its always twisted into what people should hear not what they want to hear. :)

Maybe it's just on the CB10 app, but the link you provided leads to an "error: this site does not exist".


Posted via CB10


Man I'm so glad this was enlarged and in bold orange font. The reailty of the situation was 90% of PlayBook purchasers bought it simply because it had a BlackBerry logo on it and they are all drones for the brand.

"Holding the current team responsible for the company's actions and decisions for the last three years isn't fair…"
Hmm. What about holding the current CEO responsible for earlier obligations and promises. For about, for the "compensation" to PB owners promised by Heinz.

Following through earlier decisions is tough. Communicating and explaining your actions is easy. Promises made by Heinz could be - at least - commented by new CEO.

That's why BB Corporate LIED to all Playbook owners, I don't give a shit who the CEO was, we were duped. Now the present CEO is hiding under his desk, regarding the Playbook issue, or he's hiding on the oversized, ridiculous Corporate Jet.

I don't know what it is but articles by this author make my blood boil, no matter what the subject matter is.

Posted via CB10

I agree that Blackberry could get an external company to take the risk and develop a tablet with bb10 but what about the existing os that's on existing Playbooks? Bearing in mind that it's capable of sideloading android apps that opens a lot of potential for cross-development. Does this existing OS with so much potential just get kicked into the corner to gather dust? Why not make the OS open source or open it up to further investors?

I am the proud owner of a Playbook and would love to see it running blackberry 10 but it's not likely going to happen and thanks to the author for clearing this up! Blackberry are talking about going into the medical market with QNX, this is where the development of the PlayBook could come in (as an example) expanding the possibilities of portability into the medical eco system. I've not really read fully into the ins and outs of blackberries plans with QNX and medicine but there must be further avenues of use for the Playbook to be used in in this field and many others.

Posted via CB10

Very good points. I agree with you very much on the 'me too'. BlackBerry should strive to be different. I would like them to focus on mobile computing. I want my BlackBerry to be the only device I need for all my computing needs

I know that the tablet is not in the current Roadmap but it should be.


we are not looking at just consumer tablet use like your article says. We are looking at prosumer. Corporate use.. look at what the Ipad is being used for. Airlines are replacing flight book, hospitals are using it for charting and ordinary the patients meals, service techs are using it to replace paper work orders...

Now all of these workers that now use these Ipad are now used to the ecosystem. When they go choose a personal device, they will choose Iphone. People hate change ,people will go with what they know. Thus why I always said that the Q10 should have been molded after the bold from the beginning. Better fluid OS but with a better browser and social integration.

A bb10 tablet is needed, not for immediate consumer use but for targeted prosumer use. BlackBerry needs to get foxcom to make a low cost tablet with bb10 software. They need to target the above mentioned industries with their internal developers to help integrate BES with the phones and tablets.

Posted via CB10

and I wouldn't call it the PlayBook either. I'm thinking of maybe callings it "The Vault ".

Play on security within enterprise.

Just a thought...

Posted via CB10

That's a terrible name. Have you ever worked for a large company? Can you imagine some telling their manager or IT person "I need a vault."?

Large enterprise cultures are extremely conservative. Nothing flashy or obtuse would be welcomed.

The "Playbook" name was an attempt to capitalize on how sports analogy obsessed some corporate cultures are.

I've worked for Xerox, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, AXA and OppenheimerFunds and now NBC.

A name like "The Vault" would be laughed at. At least here in the States. Maybe they'd like a name like that in Eastern Europe where the culture is very different.

Actually, I have also worked at Xerox.

everyone has an opinion. Remember when the Ipad was launched. They referred to it a a feminine hygiene product at the time. I thin Vault would be a better selection

Posted via CB10

I still have a PlayBook. Don't use it much but it's still an elegant device to look at and I wish they would change their mind and capitalize on it and hopefully in the future they come out with something new.

Posted via CB10

As much I used and loved my playbook (actually I still using every day) but now with BlackBerry 10 in my hands I feel it sometimes it's just doesn't enough for me. Yea a tablet with BlackBerry 10 would be awsome, but we truly need an other device with the same functions? I only need the bigger screen, and for it a Asus padfone phone+cradle screen combo for existing BlackBerry phones would be not just great but more affordable, I think. Sry if it's sounds stupid

Q10 is my Qmpanion

Phablets are nice but as I said in my previous post on this topic, a tablet can be used for other things that a phone or phablet can't be used for.

I agree that a consumer based tablet is not feasible now but a targeted enterprise tablet that can bleed over to the consumer market should be looked at.

As stated in my previous post above, look at what industry is using the Ipad for, pilots for replacing flight books, hospitals for replacing charts..... phones or phablet are not large enough for this and laptops are too large . thus the need for a tablet.

I know I am looking at this option now for my clients. We can bring an electronic form into their home, have them sign it and email them a PDF. Save a copy to the cloud. We don't have to worry if the paperwork gets lost, we won't need to duplicate work by having someone input the same data back at he office and when you press the save button, it's already filed. Time saved....

Posted via CB10

I believe the strategy of BlackBerry is to enable cross platform sharing from the smartphone - why carry all the bits of equipment when you can just beam straight from your phone. The flexibility this would give to users would be incredible and would prove to be extremely useful for business users streaming to monitors or projectors.

Posted via CB10

Different form factor devices (phone, phablet, tablet, laptop, big screen TV) have different audiences.
IMO, in enterprise, where BBRY is now focusing, tablet will become must-have device.
With already invested time, money and energy, shying away from this is stupidity.

Well, I'm not the most forgiving person. I bought 4 Playbooks because I was told, by RIM, that OS10 would be on it, when it came out.

So, I cut my losses and went full Windows, PC, phone and tablet. Beautiful integration. I would have been more than happy to stay with BB, but I wanted something that was up to date and from a company that I can, reliably, expect to be around, in the future.

Meh, I can appreciate it for what it was, the Playbook. I think the direction the company is moving in is the right one and it simply is not the right time, for any kind of tablet for BlackBerry.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

Os7 is the wrong direction. Clearly these numb skulls still don't understand. That revenue stream is almost dried up then what?

A few million bb10 devices a quarter won't save them..

With the investment in Health care how is a doctor / nurse supposed to access the information on a patient and the effects of medication?

I think BlackBerry needs to stabilise BlackBerry first.

Firstly there needs a major overhaul of the design and feel of any future devices .
Foxconn can assist with this.

There also needs to be a distinctive website dedicated to BlackBerry 10. Even if it within BlackBerry.com.

Too many people associate BlackBerry with OS6 and OS7.
BlackBerry is very different. A separate website would help. And for goodness sake fix the Link.

All future devices should carry the '10' embossed on the top right hand corner of the BlackBerry symbol. Lose the lettering (save some money on the transfers) and carry the symbol only.

Lastly think like a BlackBerry customer who has left BlackBerry . What is it going to take to get me back?

Why should I choose BlackBerry?

Security, BBM, BlackBerry World...These are as standard.


The BB10 tablet is coming but in 2015/2016. The investment in Health care will determine the outcome.

Posted via CB10

You're very right, as a BlackBerry fan and admirer we are already hooked...

But how do knew customers take note?

Headline ability of a device is what attracts press and sales...hence BlackBerry need a killer flagship device...i think it's coming, Android compatibility is getting better, bb10 is now mature so I think in 1 or 2 years it can hit the market with Wow!

Posted via CB10

I really hope BB never makes another tablet. Although I LOVED the potential of the original Playbook, it was absolutely the worst tech purchase I ever made. I wished at that price BB had done an even better job of future proofing the specs of that tablet. I really don't see another tablet ever working for them without a very healthy native app market and I think its safe to say BB will never be capable of that. I hate saying that but its true.

I think that the idea is to put your computer in you hand, on your phone, then you hook it up to a larger display (tablet for example).

I wonder if this is an opportunity to make bb10 the new desktop?

Once BlackBerry is stable again they should rethink the tablet and move toward the mobile computing model.

A truly dumb tablet that is simply the large touch display, good speakers, and large keyboard. All of the work would be done by the smartphone and emulated on the tablet.

This should be cheap to produce and would provide a great experience. There is a great opportunity for innovation in this space!

PROUD to be the 1%! Z10 on T-Mobile USA - Posted via CrackBerry 10

I still use my Playbook at work, at home, and as a back seat entertainment system for family road trips.

This week someone I know wanted to get rid of their 32GB PB that includes a BB Bluetooth keyboard. This will allow me to be more productive at work and keep my own at home.

Sure I wish there was a BB10 tablet, but with a Z10 and two Playbooks I won't be rushing out to buy one.

I don't need tablet, 6" or 6.5" giant high end mobile phone or so called phablet with BB10 will be enough for me

Posted via CB10

I agree the PlayBook didn't do justice. But buying into what a phone can be, isn't that what we all did with bb10? It's so young and sooo many kinks to be worked out. They should be pushing updates like crazy. But they aren't and I'm not surprised.

Posted via CB10

The only reason people want tablets vs phones is screen size, no question there. My phone is as fast as I need, has as much memory as I want ( and can always add more) the best thing BlackBerry can do is to make a blue tooth device to transmit audio and video to a tv or smaller hand held screen and I would be happy. Does any company have something like that?

Posted via CB10

PlayBook is still a rocking device. Can't believe somebody has not snapped up this technology for in car/flight entertainment systems...

Posted via CB10

I hear Phablets phor the Phuture being added to an already incredible line of BB10 devices! This may appease both ends of the spectrum at the same time.

I like my coffee BlackBerry Black! What?

Was fooled like many others and bought a PlayBook before OS 2 was released. Was a unfinished, bugged mess. Technical support (at that time, unbelievable, buying a BlackBerry product granted you some support...) LIED that upcoming OS2 will put synergy between BlackBerry terminals and PlayBook. LIES.
How anybody can pretend it is possible or productive to use the PlayBook as they left it?
I get fooled once, but not twice.
It will remain a symbol of RIM delusion of grandor, typical for a certain period when customers money was paying the failure of the whole CEO team from RIM. Shame on them.

Posted via CB10

Why tablets aren't on BlackBerry's roadmap?
Because Apple wants so.
Nearly half of HTC One M8 buyers came from Apple/Samsung.
HTC COMPETES with Apple.
BlackBerry for CERTAIN reasons DON'T.

Every time I read these types of posts I often wonder why they evolve into what BlackBerry should do as a business model in future regarding tablets. We need to put this aside and deal with the here now and present.
I still use my PlayBook daily, I work away a great deal on business so it's something that links up with my Z10, slips into my bag and is a bit easier on the eyes for working on. In fact just came off a video chat with my daughter so as a device it's still relevant to me and many other to this day. However, I hear people saying "business is business "I run my own business so I do understand how it all works. I would never do something that jeopardised my business to the point of it possibly finishing my business off. I'm also more than aware that without customers I don't have a business. This makes me look at my profit and think what's more important to my business, a short term margin or a long term custom.
Blackberry aren't going anywhere any time soon IMO. They lied to their customers (possibly not intentionally) but since then they have had numerous occasions to put this right. Really simple things that wouldn't kill them or cost a great deal relatively speaking but would improve the companies image at a time when many are wondering if they are still a company worth dealing with. Could you put a price on that?
Kevin recently blogged that if Blackberry had the best device and the best os of any brand they still wouldn't be the top phone out there for various reasons. Ultimately regardless, blackberry the company have gave off the impression to many of its loyal long term fans that when it comes down to it it will have its customers over when the shat hits the fan. Even bringing out some minor little fixes would be enough to have changed the outcome but yet again, stone wall no.
Blackberry can be saved by its customers but can blackberry be saved from itself?

Posted via CB10

My apologies, I thought it was kev. It's like a soap opera following crackberry with all the goings on. :)

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is done with the PlayBook for now. PlayBook owners are not done with their PlayBooks however. Mine has barely over 100 charges on it and plays whatever I throw at it. I intend to use it until the batteries can't be found or BlackBerry releases a BB10 tablet.

Posted via CB10

I have never had the PlayBook but was thinking about getting one (a friend of mine has one in box slightly used)

I just want to try one out and see what its all about.


BlackBerry doesn't need to develop their own Tablet, Foxconn or others can do this.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Canada

You think BB designed the hardware for the Playbook? It was a reference design from Quanta Computer, who also produce the Kindle Fire for Amazon, and if you'll note, the original Fire and the Playbook are nearly identical hardware-wise.

Most of the REAL work is the software, and BB10 would need tens or hundreds of thousands of development man-hours before it is viable (BB10 still doesn't even do landscape mode NOW!). It's not the hardware that's holding BB back.

But equally important to the OS is the app ecosystem. Tablets are less for "communication" and more of an app-running platform, and without native apps, you aren't going to get people to buy a tablet no matter how good it is or how low the price. A tablet without apps is like a car without a means of propulsion; no matter how nice the seats are, or how big the cargo area is, or how good the stereo sounds, or how low the drag co-efficient is, if you can't DRIVE anywhere, no one is going to buy it.

Can't do landscape? Or doesn't? Big difference. iOS doesn't do landscape on the iPhone either. Doesn't mean it can't.

Posted via CB10

Very good article, making the argument against Blackberry investing in a tablet. I fully understand the reason why Blackberry may not invest in a tablet now , and please don't give me that pure mobile computing mumbo jumbo Jubei! They cannot afford to get into another race its too costly period. Tablet sales are set to rise to record levels eventually killing off desktops and laptops. And as soon as Blackberry stabilizes and returns to a sliver of profitability a tablet will emerge its just business.
The biggest problem I have with this article , I don't know how far back your information goes, is the statement that " Rim has never made promises to Playbook owners it couldn't keep" really? Have you missed the biggest promise of all? That BB10 would have been made available for the Playbook? Did they keep that one? Then the smaller vague ones from Thor and even John Chen promised that loyal Playbook owners would get something to make up for not getting BB10, Thor was "thinking hard" how to reward Playbook owners who were given the shaft. Empty promises were made , that is the reality and I don't even know if they should have been made in the first place but nobody forced them to do it . So Mr Raziel I ask that you withdraw that statement from your article , the one that states that Rim never made any promises to playbook owners it couldn't keep!

The BlackBerry PlayBook will come back as a phablet.

It has to be larger than the Note II.

It has to have a docking station linked to a screen.

And from the this screen it can be transferred to a larger tv screen. Patients details such as bedroom number, attending physician and many other things.

The doctor and nurses can access patients information from BlackBerry Cloud or the Hospital's database.

This is the future of BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

"Honestly, it's almost as if BlackBerry had no choice but to abandon the PlayBook. There was just no way that BlackBerry could remain internally segregated while transitioning itself. Either they crashed and burned trying to sustain an unprofitable venture or focus all its power and resources on the development of BB10 phones and OS in a timely fashion. "

Yet BlackBerry is struggling to survive in part, if we are to believe your argument, they are still not focusing exclusively on BlackBerry OS 10...they seem determined to sustain BlackBerry OS 7 rather than consolidate all their products around a single operating system.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is still a viable tablet if BlackBerry had any commitment to it and its users.

It is pretty naive to think buniness does not need a tablet. At the higher levels of management for imventory purposes, document writing, or presentation building on the fly...this is hard to acheive on a small screen. Plus older individuals have a hard time reading off of a small screen. To not add a tablet, or a tabtop to the roster would be a mistake.

Posted via CB10

"Holding the current team responsible for the company's actions and decisions for the last three years isn't fair…" Nice to know there are people thinking reasonably about the company today.

Overall, very well written article. You made great points all around. Keep then coming.

Posted via CB10

Can't understand how we can't at least get native BBM on playbook as a parting gift from BlackBerry! If it can be landed on android and ios why not on one of there own devices Love to run channels on etc on pb

That said iam thinking with a heavy heart to replace my pb..... but with what is the question any ideas?

Sad playbook user

Posted via CB10

I still use and love my PlayBook. I really don't need anything more. Browser updates would be nice. Other than that I'm good.

Posted via CB10

"I'm certain the debacle of the PlayBook will be well remembered and not repeated"

Jubei, I've seen this company sit around and do absolute crap. Hope to be proven wrong going forward.

I love the Playbook, however I did buy one well aware of its flawed ability...

I've only had mine 2 years which is a shame...it does the basics very well but started to show it's age within months of its launch tbf.

Posted via CB10

Stick with apple if you want a tablet. They don't screw owners by giving a half baked product.

If and when blackberry releases another tablet. No way in hell would I buy another one again..

The hardest part for me was paying so much money for a "prime" product, only for prices to drop so drastically. I felt like I was encouraged to buy expensive poop. Haha. Just joking about the poop part. But J think that's ethically wrong.

Posted via CB10

RIM changed their name to Blackberry over a year ago, even the ticker changed from RIM to BBRY...so why are we still calling them RIM? Their priority is a two bracketed system where QNX and the transition in to BB10 with OS Updated that fix BB7 procrastination. Blackberry's biggest problem in my eyes is their inability to advertise. Apple got big becauae they advertised their devices as if it was high end fashion, i think blackberry should counter their ads by saying people buy an iPhone to feel smart, but others buy a Blackberry to be smart.

Posted via CB10

I saw a report, though it may be a rumour, stating that a new tablet would be presented to the market in 2015. It was claimed that their new agreement with NantHealth would foster the need for such a device and that it would be designed with an enterprise focus.

Posted via CB10

Why does this need to be an either or situation? People aren't asking for a total rewrite of the os. Just some tweaks and updates. Is it beyond blackberry to do this ?
They're are still making small improvements and actively promoting legacy devices for gods sake. Sure, they probably wish they never dabbled with tablets but the fact is they did and a lot of people bought them. When Bb10 was supposedly coming even more got sold. Do the honourable thing and make up for that by supporting the tablet and the people who supported them and en large still are. If they do want to dip their toes in future tablet waters what better way to keep an already captivated user base warmed up than a few little improvements.
I like a tablet and I like a phone, horses for courses . My upgrade isn't due yet but I've been offered an early one. I've actually turned it down because the PlayBook and z10 are fulfilling my needs at the minute. In 8 month when it is actually due there is a possibility I will go with a company that does a phone / tablet combination if blackberry doesn't move in the right direction and I've been a BlackBerry user for 7 years. That's largely down to how the playbook situation has been handled.
Before anyone says they'll miss you, yes I'm aware that they won't give a toss.
Over the last few years though BlackBerry have systematically taken away all the usps which were the reasons I bought into it in the first place. Thor wanted a phone for the masses and took away security features. Unfortunately that's what Chen has got stuck with.
I guess the Black phone has seen this opening and is trying to fill that gap.

Posted via CB10

I have a PlayBook... if I knew what was going to happened, paying like 500$ and not even a month later the cost dropping at 150$!! I felt like I've been stolen!! And more now since it's not doing what it's supposed to! I'm pissed!

Posted via CB10

Jojoblack, you are 100% correct! This is going to be a lasting issue, people don't forget being ripped off and lied to, that easy.

Playbook is a great device, the issue is RIM/BB totally sucks and they don't care about the customer. The present day sales figures prove this.

I think you're being a bit harsh. Sometimes companies must backtrack on promises if they see it is not profitable - you must allow them to protect their interests. As an organization, BlackBerry cares deeply about the customer, but the entire mobile industry was changing and some folks didn't know how to deal with that change. They blindly followed instead of forging a new path ahead for the company.

It was their failure to execute that made the PlayBook unprofitable and a "debacle", as Jubei put it.

I like my PlayBook and my family too. To bad they give up. I wish this is a replacement for my heavy laptop.
Bad luck I buy still another one.

Posted via CB10

I must say that once again it was posted on N4BB that BlackBerry reps were interviewed saying that BlackBerry was working on a new PlayBook for release in 2015 while others from BlackBerry were denying that BlackBerry was going to develop a new PlayBook and saying so to Crackberry's rep. So, in my opinion either some is playing around or there is one hell of a misunderstanding going on, either way BlackBerry needs to clarify.

I understand stand what your writing but I don't agree on its logic.

Posted via CB10

The playbook is still a great device. I have 4. All work still, all batteries are solid. Connect to big screen TV, use phone as a remote and you have a smart tv. Funny this article was out today. We have friends who are iphone fanatics except they did buy a PlayBook when they were being dumped for $100.00 bucks. Last night we were video chatting via playbooks on the big screens with our wives. He asked if he could still buy another playbook. I asked why.....his answer because I don't want to be without one once this one quits......again his family are iphone diehards, yet he gets the value of the playbook......

Posted via CB10

I work in a large environment and couldn't believe the demand and pressure from my users when the Playbook launched..

The pilot was stood up in no time. PBs ordered and some DEV consultants hired.

Then, shit hit the fan.

I think they missed it big time. We would have tons of PB in our environment.

They didn't help early adopters satisfaction launching BB10 devices without Bridge either..

In retrospect, I think BlackBerry should have held off releasing a tablet and gone straight for the BB 10 phone instead. The story line would have been different.

Posted via CB10

The Playbook is an unfortunate lesson in over-promising and under-delivering. Combined with the high initial price, poor management, and developer apathy, it just hadn't a chance. At this point, it's a solid device with reasonably good software. I've switched to using a Surface 2 (related: moderately used Playbook for sale) for the synergies between laptop and tablet, and now the coming universal apps.

If BB were to do another tablet, there would be the advantage of a (more) mature OS and (more) established ecosystem. Given the recent news about the investment in NantHealth, it occurs to me that there is the possibility of a vertical solution which can be tailored around BB phones and tablets, using BES and/or BBM. This is interesting to me as I am in the health IT sector.

They can be like Ubuntu where desktop OS merge with mobile OS. There would be the demand for bigger screens.

BlackBerry should at least provide all apps free of charge for the playbook since support is gone.

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BlackBerry doesn't want to be a me to company. The other companies are making billions and BlackBerry wants to do something else. They are succeeding apparently.

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How about just give us the previous full bridge functionality we used to have with OS7 phones. Then my currently end of life PlayBook would be of greater use.

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You would think that foxconn could ship a few million bb10 tablet and see where it goes, right?

I'd like to see a BB10 tablet. But, I have to admit that, between the phones getting bigger and laptops getting smaller, the need is going to go down.

See the problem with BlackBerry is not their product. The BlackBerry Playbook at the time dominated the iPad when it comes to browsing and dominated Android tablets when it came to multitasking. The problem with BlackBerry is marketing! I'm a long term BlackBerry user since 2002, I still use their products due to security, productivity, and the fact that I'm a big BlackBerry fan. When everyone ask me what phone and tablet I use, I show them the Z30 and Playbook. EVERYONE ALWAYS says "oh I didn't know BlackBerry made touch screen phones and tablets!". If people new more about their product release, I think they would be a lot more successful!

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You say if faced with the same situation you would have done the same thing and killed the PlayBook. Fair enough but Blackberry should never have put itself in that position. I complain a lot and mock BlackBerry because of its decision. I do this because of the shock of having the best cellular device manufacturer of all human history allowing a great device to fade away. Not broken promises but Bold Face Lies from this company is what killed the PlayBook. You combine that will no leadership and you get what we have now a company that is #1 in the 3rd world but dead last in the real world.

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Sorry, madman, I think you just insulted the Third World - 2/3rds of the world's population. I live in North America, but I wouldn't suggest that the Third World isn't the real world by any means.

The playbook is the best tablet for web browsing and general email -- I currently use an iPad every day for work because it supports the VMware view client for our companies VDI. Prior to being able to run VDI I used my playbook everyday connected to my bold device. It was all I needed and truly as a technology sales professional all I needed to keep in touch. I truly hope bbry stabilizes and can focus on deliver their enterprise clients a companion device to deliver presentations and compute power on powerful qnx backed bb10

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Good point! Stop blaming the company for past decisions made by others. You can't expect the company to abide by previous mistakes and some blind vision.

Too bad that there isn't a user option to physically upgrade RAM to 2gb, so users have an option to load a version of BlackBerry 10.

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Every PlayBook owner has simply been bamboozled and lied to by the former CEO of the company. That bad taste is difficult to remove, even with listening! I love my phone to a degree, however; I will never place a company that has blatantly lied to me in high regard, ever!

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I purchased two for myself and convinced seven friends to buy the discounted PB because RIM said BB10 was coming.

When they announced that it wasn't, I was thrown way under the bus.

I paid all seven friends back to not only compensate them for the PB but to let them know that I take full accountability for my words.

Unlike BB.

Wow soeasy....this is why I am uncomfortable pushing BB products on friends and family, as suggested by many CB members. That's an expensive lesson, it cost me one Playbook too.

BB lied to my 13 yr old kid.

If there were would be another tablet I suspect it to be in collaboration with a health care company made specifically for that industry

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I use my playbook tablet everyday, takes the stress from my Q10! I don't see the future of mobile computing being 5 different devices like stated in the article but 1-3 is very likely for me.

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I would love a BB10 Playbook. I've got one now and I think it's great only the screen is a bit 2011 by now. BlackBerry should focus on what they are doing well: software, anybody can build the hardware these days. And also on my wishlist is BB10 as operating system for laptops and a BlackBerry email calendar and contact service so I can get away from Gmail which is showing increasing signs of monopolistic arrogance amongst other worrying tendencies such as making my data available to anybody who pays for it.