Why is Software in Applications List in BOLD Text?

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jul 2009 10:40 am EDT
Our good friend and contributing CrackBerry writer Al Sacco of CIO.com wrote up a great article on why some software listed in the Applications list are listed in bold text. I have to admit, I always wondered about this but never really looked for an answer. I formulated many reasonings on my own, but never took the time to do my CrackBerry duty and seek out the real reason. As it turns out, any applications listed in bold in the Applications list are those which have modified permissions. Permissions allow applications to access your device (allowing Interactions, Connections and User Data to be accessed). So if you have downloaded something and changed the deafult permissons, it will appear in bold in the list. Pretty cool (and perplexing) stuff. This is one of the most asked questions by a lot of BlackBerry users, and Al did a great write up of the answer. Head over to CIO.com and check out the full article.


Captian Obvious strikes again!


Awesome!!! It was always bugging me too but never took the time to do a search. I figured it permission related...but nice to know it's been confirmed.


I always wondered why some items were in bold. I was once told, the bold programs were Down loaded OTA


Yea mookish I thought the same thing . . . . lol


Ignore the douchey comments. Not everyone is a captain rank on the internet.


Sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone


I also thought this was kind of obvious...


i figured this out within 10 minutes of owning my blackberry, and also why would you care either?


Why would I care? That's pretty obvious, isn't it? I would care because I can easily glance at the list and know that I have modified the permissions.


Didn't know that and was wondering about it since a while, thanks


I'm happy thats been clarified. I was always wondering when i went into the applications section.

I remember that one was even mentioning he/she thought that the apps in bold are the ones eating memory or a cause for a memory leak.


mine used to show bold but not anymore, y is this.


Glad I wasn't then only one that ever wondered about that, but had no clue or the energy to find out on my own.

tony bag o donuts

I just asked this question the other day on everythingberry.net! I thought it was programs running in the background.


0h my goodness I just noticed this Wednesday & wondered why ?! Glad he cleared it up, u learn something new on CB everyday !


There you go, Good to know! Thanks!


it is always a pleasure to read the good tricks and tips!


I have actually wondered at that myself. Thanks for explaining.


how do i check my call history,it is not showing up in my options!!


I'm glad I found this post...I always wanted to know what this was about...