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Why is this leak not for my device?

By Kris Simundson on 19 Sep 2013 11:28 am EDT

So when a new leak has just been released, you notice It's only for the Z10 STL100-2. You wonder why this leak isn't for your Q10 SQN100-1 as well. It's simple, hardware differences. 

Just what are those differences and why aren't leaks "universal"? Let's find out.

There are a few key items to note with hardware when it comes to BlackBerry 10 devices.

To start we have to understand that there are two different CPU's (Central Processing Unit) in use right now in BlackBerry 10 devices. The BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 has the TI OMAP 4470 processor and every other device to date has the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 processor. Both are clocked at 1.5Ghz (Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.7GHz for Z30), both are dual core, and both pretty much identical. The biggest difference is the fact the TI OMAP chip does not get LTE Cellular Service.

Of course the second difference is the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). The BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 runs the PowerVR SGX 544, while again almost every other device runs off the Adreno 225 (Z30 runs the Quad Core Adreno 320, but doesn't make a difference).

The third and final difference is the radio files that are provided within the OS' themselves. This is the one time where the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1, the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2/3/4, the BlackBerry Q10/Q5 and the BlackBerry Z30 will have different files.

So now to the core of it all. The BerryLeaks team comes across OS and radio files one of two ways. Either via a "source" or via the production servers. When the team receives an OS file from a source, that file is more than likely a generic OS file that supports the broader range of devices (Z10 2/3/4, Q10/Q5/Z30). This means that the OS can be extracted and run on any compatible Qualcomm CPU device. A tricky situation is that a lot of the time these files do not come with a radio file counterpart, so therefore have limited functionality. (Example: No Phone Calls)

The other means, through the production servers, means that more than likely it will be a complete OS for all devices. Just like in the case of OS10.2.0.1047 where everyone got an OS file to load. This means an OS for every single device with a compatible radio file. Production server releases usually mean that it is there for carrier testing.

What this all boils down to is if a leak isn't for your device, it could mean the team has not received the files for the appropriate device or they have just not found anything yet. Commonly STL100-1 users feel left out, due to the lack of leaked OS' versus their BlackBerry 10 counterparts. Just know that this is not the work of BlackBerry, Crackberry, BerryLeaks or anyone else. No one should be held accountable for an OS that you don't get that in all honesty nobody should have access to in the first place.

As much as the BerryLeaks team works to find solutions they cannot overcome the hardware difference's in the BlackBerry 10 devices. I mentioned in a earlier blog that all BlackBerry 10 OS' are signed and validated by BlackBerry. There is no way, shape, or form for anyone to modify an OS to run on a device that it wasn't built for.

So that's that. It's all kind of confusing but hopefully this helped to clear things up a bit. If you have any questions let us know in the comments!


Got a lot of requests for the wallpaper I used. So hit up the link below to find the image.

Download/View Here



Nice read up.

Posted via CB10


Why all the different versions of the phones?


Different radios for different carriers/regions. Some have one set of LTE frequencies, some have other frequencies, and some don't have LTE at all.

Yury Hivrich

but why Apple doesn't do the same for example?
looks strange


They do - they have 3 different versions of iPhone 5 and more of the newer ones:


Remember when Apple made a version of iPhone compatible with Verison's 1XEV network? AT&T versions ran on GSM networks only.

Keith H. Posted via CB10


Where is the leaks? ;-)

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Good breakdown

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Excellent summary Kris

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Kris.. Did you officially leave the CB leakteam?


Great Seamaster wallpaper!

Posted via CB10 on Z10


That's a PO.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

50 Brent

Sweet lock screen image.... I want that...


I want that as well....Kris care to share?

Kris Simundson

Soon as I find it I will

Posted via CB10

Kris Simundson

update article with link to image but here it is just in comments


For the life of me I can't twist, turn or crop that pic to look exactly like it is on that pic. *sigh*

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Always felt left out and this STL100-1 of mine doesn't help!! Hehehehe... Not

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Another fact people need to be aware of is that not all apps will work with a leaked OS and people need to refrain from posting 1 star reviews in BlackBerry World in those cases. It is not the Devs fault or BlackBerry's fault either. It is your "fault" (ie., choice) to run a leaked OS. Many apps run fine on 10.2 leaks, but many become buggy or entirely unusable. Be patient and the apps will be updated when 10.2 is officially released, or go back to the latest official version of the OS if you don't want to wait.

Posted via CB10

Kris Simundson

Couldn't agree more, and actually this was going to be a topic I was going to cover.

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"Why we can't have nice things?" :)

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Good choice of article. This should help clear up some things, and I find it interesting to read about the core components and the differences there in. Now we have something to link to when the "No STL-1" comments come down the pike.

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Nice article Kris.

Posted via my awesome Z10


Can't wait for STA100- leaks!


Well done, Kris. I knew there were differences but this article really helps me to understand the exact nature of those differences. Hope to see more articles from you.


Is this write up for stl100-1? ;P

nick canada

Thanks for the break down pretty interesting stuff.

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Agreed, I've wondered what the model number differences were. Very informative, give us more pls.

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Cool stufff....

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Thanks Kris!

I guess this post is for all those STL 100-1 users (like me), who always make some noise when they are left out in leaks.. though am not much into leaks (not after I tried once and got scared with all the random things my Z10 started doing), I do feel why would BlackBerry launched an odd one out phone?

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That was very helpful thanks :) keep up the great work team CB :)

Posted from My Z10 via CB10


Is there a write up that correlates model to carrier and region? I have a z10 100-3, and it would be nice to know where else in the world the phone has a good chance of working. Here in the us, I'm using T-mobile. It would be cool to cross reference other compatible carriers for travel.

Posted via CB10


An easy way is just to call T-Mobile (either before you go or when you're abroad) and ask what bandwidths are in use where you're going. I can say for sure that a T-Mobile STL 100-3 Z10 (unlocked) works in the UK and Ireland, both with its original T-Mobile SIM and a Vodafone PAYG SIM.

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Which is better adrino 225 or powerVR SGX 544

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Love my leaks stl-100-1. Take what I can get.

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The CPU/GPU part is mostly wrong ;), but it's not that important for the purpose of this post.

Problem #1 is that BB is using 2 hardware platforms in 2013 (to simplify):
- Omap (PlayBook, STL100-1)
- Qualcomm (Everything else in the 2013 line-up)
So we have 2 OS builds (with mostly the same code), but most 2013 devices use the Qualcomm platform, so that's what they'll focus on primarily.
This may get even worse in the future as BB stops supporting older hardware and as they introduce Exynos5 based handsets (Probably M series). Newer OS builds might not even load on older hardware.

Problem #2 is that different regions of the world require different radios and while they're building full OS+radio autoloaders for devices in development, like the Z30, they don't always build radios for other devices. Usually as long as they don't touch the voice/phone libraries, old radios do work, but during a beta phase, lots of things change and so users of older hardware sometimes have to wait for milestone builds, some of which end up on servers which carriers have access to.

The STL100-1 is a bit of a bastard child, it doesn't get as much love as the other models due to its use of a different architecture... There are probably less people working on that platform as well...


Interesting read, thanks


You too, should be posting articles or "blogs" to CB...

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Thanks :). I'll stick to the forums for now ;)


Great article Kris. Nicely explained.


Will my toaster get OS6?!


Coming soon.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

R Field

All STL 1 users need to read this to prevent stupid questions going forward.

CB10 - Z10 -


I'm adding a link in my sig. ;) Thanks, Kris

Tool n Toymaker

Ya OUTLAWS! ... Knew I was in the right place.

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Happy with my 1521 leak

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you guys are just too good

Kris Simundson

Updated Article with link to download wallpaper


your next article should be how to install this wallpaper correctly.


Very eloquently put, sir.

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Anyone else stuck in the wallpaper?
I'd totally get confused thinking that was the correct time. My life would be upside down lol

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Pete The Penguin

Hope BlackBerry legal see this and shut down these leaks once and for all.
Running a leak is theft.

Kris Simundson

OK there guy who complained to BlackBerry about dark theme and harassed the hell out of them.

Without these leaks, they would've never heard feedback until 10.2 launched officially.

Posted via CB10


Good thing leaks haven't been part of the CrackBerry culture since at least 2008 or anything.

Oh, wait...

As for the claims of "theft", well...seriously? That there is some keen legal analysis. Bravo.


BlackBerry could stop these from working if they wanted to. They can tell which OS users have installed. When the BBM for Android apk made its way into the wild, it didn't work. It was restricted to approved testers.

We're providing a valuable service by conducting real world testing of their software for FREE. We log our thoughts, reactions, and any bugs that we find. They definitely read the posts. BlackBerry would pay a ton of money to get the level of testing that we willingly provide free of charge.
They absolutely know about CrackBerry and support the community.

Keith H. Posted via CB10


Another great article, Kris! Just wanted to add, for accuracy sake: CPU stands for "Central Processing Unit" instead of "Core Processing Unit." Not trying to be a spelling/grammar nazi, just don't want to confuse anybody.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Kris Simundson

interesting, i've always thought of it as Core lol ahah well core/central all the same in the end lmao


Lol ironically, that's very true!

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!


Great explanation thanks you

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In other words, don't be too eager to be one of the first to get a new device when it is launched. I have an STL100-1 because I couldn't wait to have the new BlackBerry. Lesson learned. I still LOVE my Z10. Will wait for the official release of 10.2


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That be all well and good and informative and interesting and stuff but I'm going with you just not gonna show no love to da poor STL 100-1ers cuz it be way more fun day way. Lmao

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Not fair. Blackberry should release OS updates to all BB10 phones. Where is the love on that?

Posted via CB10

Kris Simundson

BlackBerry does release for all phones


And they most certainly do. But just like you can't get an automatic transmission "upgrade" for a car you bought with a manual transmission, and you can't install Windows 8 on a PC from 1991, some upgrades are never going to be available to you. That's life.


Excuse me!! but this is not about cars' transmission or 20 years old PC trying to run Windows 8. How can an average user spot the technical difference between a Z10 STL100-1 and a Z10 STL100-2?
Both devices were launched at the same time, by the same manufacturer.
As someone else said, there are 3 different iPhone 5 models, and yet the updates (or leaked beta versions) apply to all of them.
So, basically, the STL100-1 is not supposed to exist as a retail device. But lately BBRY loves to dump loads of s**t in the face of everyone.


You have a point there... the launching product should be the best of its kind during launch or when it is introduced to the public market... not the inferior one as in the case of STL100-1... and should well supported as well, to show the commitment of the company... not being left around with its batches... and shouldn't have a short time span, as in the case of inferior hardware design...

How we will know for sure that the first Z30 batches wouldn't suffer the fate as STL100-1?

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Your not supposed it know the difference.

Leaks are taken from blackberry servers and not intended for users. Sooo....

Posted via CB from my LE


By far one of the best write ups on the topic . nice one kris


So, why the STL100-1 exist???


I guess, the STL100-1 is "late" for its kind... so, when BlackBerry still want to produce more, the hardware is already being phased out... by that time, they don't have any choice but to put latest or whatever equivalent hardware that is equivalent to the first batches that have been produced... and obviously it will be a better hardware specs that can be suported for a longer time...

Posted via Z10


It has more to do with the fact that some regions where the STL100-1 is released do not have full LTE as of this time and probably may not for another few months to come


Bravo, well done and explained! Clearly cleanly and to the point!

Now only if the comments on news posts from the cb10 app is directly inserted into the forums thread in the exact same relation this would be perfect.

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Nice, Kris.

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Good that u made it as full time blogger so people won't miss important articles like this. But to be fair, there have been good amount of 10.2 leaks across all models even stl-1 that I think people should just take on what they can get and be grateful for it.

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Keith H. Posted via CB10


Thanks for clarify many thing!
Is the latest leak .1743 from BlackBerry server's, like the .1047? Do I understand correctly?

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