Why I still use a BlackBerry

Why I Still Use a BlackBerry
By James Richardson on 20 Jun 2012 05:51 pm EDT

With most of the headlines surrounding BlackBerry less than positive these days, it almost feels in vogue to give us loyal BlackBerry users a hard time. It's even to the point where I get ridiculed by my iOS and Android using friends for sticking with my BlackBerry. Sure, I have tried and own other devices as well, but they rarely leave the house with me and quite often if I am out and about you may well find me carrying two BlackBerry smartphones. I like a back up, just in case of an emergency!

Here in the UK things are a little different to in North America as the BlackBerry has been the best selling smartphone for the last couple of years and long may that continue. This is partly due to price. You can pick up a BlackBerry Curve here for £130 and BIS is only £5 per month which can't really be beaten in terms of value for money. BBM is obviously what gets the youngsters addicted.

With many of my Twitter friends being in the USA I quite often get mocked about why I am still using a BlackBerry when Android, iOS and Windows Phone have "so much more to offer". The question I ask myself is do they?

The most important thing for me when it comes to using a smartphone is communication and that is where I strongly believe you can't beat the BlackBerry. Knocking out an email, tweet or Facebook message on the BlackBerry takes seconds and I haven't found another OS that can offer me that ease of use and simplistic management. Clearly the hardware QWERTY keyboard has its advantages, although we will have a new 'super option' later in the year via the BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard. I have owned an iPhone 4, various Android devices and also the HTC Radar (which I do carry from time to time), but when I want to communicate quickly and efficiently I can always rely on my trusty BlackBerry.

iPhone and Android users are quick to criticize us on Team BlackBerry due to the restricted apps we have on the current platform. Does that bother me? No, not in the slightest. If I want to play games I have my PlayBook or iPod Touch so I am not really missing out. In terms of productivity applications the BlackBerry has a wonderful selection to choose from and with many now being BBM connected sharing information with fellow BlackBerry users is just a click away.

From using a BlackBerry as a business tool I am forever getting compliments from customers that cannot believe how quickly I respond to email queries. That is the CrackBerry addiction kicking into full effect, as when that LED flashes and I get my email notification tone I respond instantly without fail. I quite often pull over the car to reply to an email (yes, a bit sad I know) but in terms of customer service this goes down well and people appreciate a quick and reliable response.

BlackBerry Missionary.. err. BlackBerry on a Mission

So what does the future hold for BlackBerry 10 in my opinion? After going hands on with BlackBerry 10 last week at the BlackBerry 10 Jam event in London, it's clear I'm going to be able use my BlackBerry the same as I always have done, yet with the added bonus of having a bigger touch screen and better application support.

The days of "well you can't play Angry Birds on your BlackBerry" will be long gone and if RIM can get through the next couple of financial quarters I am more than confident that BlackBerry 10 will be a huge success. As Kevin has said, RIM are not looking to overtake iOS and Android, however looking at the CrackBerry forums it is encouraging to see how many people that have left BlackBerry for Android are now looking forward to coming back to Team BlackBerry. Surely that means that Android is far from perfect?

So while I will never criticize others for choosing their OS of choice (as we are all different) what I would like to say to the BlackBerry haters is just be patient, as I am pretty sure you will be impressed with the new generation of RIM. It may be some months off but good things come to those who wait.

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Why I still use a BlackBerry


same here, my Torch is falling apart (almost two years old) from abuse but I'm entitled to an upgrade and I don't want to mess with that. I will be getting a new BB one month after the release. (I figure it will take a month before the bugs are worked out)

Two years of abuse and the phone is still functional, that sounds like a great phone to me. I've seen a lot of other phones featuring the latest spider-web-glass app and they are less than a year old.

I totally agree with this article. I recently deleted every app from my Torch; only productivity and social apps remain. If I am not communicating with customers, friends and family I shouldn't be using wasting time on my phone. After making that change I found I was communicating better and more often with the people that really count. Games and nonsense apps are still around but they were relegated to the PB.

22 one button speed dials and programmable auto text, those apps made the cut.

I promise that if I had my iPhone and you had your blackberry.. I could get those tasks (facebook, tweet, and email) out faster then you can on your blackberry os.. I find it funny that you say no other os is as simple? lol I will probably never go back to blackberry. I can type 60 wpm on my iPhone andd was about the same on a blackberry.. The os on iPhone runs smoother and is all around more zippy then any current blackberry believe me I have looked.

A new olympic sport perhaps, or maybe someone could put this to the test somehow, would love to see that done, provide each user and identical set of tasks to accomplish then see who gets through them all with the fewest mistakes and highest efficiency. Maybe you could take up the iOS position?

You have to remember I am just voicing my opinion. As I said, I will not mock others for using another platform as we all have our own preferences.

BlackBerry just works best for me. 

Also note that the photo at the top of the post was taken by me, showing just some of my devices, so it isn't me being biased as if I was just a BlackBerry user. 

Hey James,
Great article!! And I couldn't agree with you more. Even though I too have tried other devices, I can't wait to get back to my reliable BlackBerry. It has NEVER failed me. To this day it never fails to amaze and impress me. Am so looking forward to BB10.


- CB

@James Richardson, your succinct comment perfectly summarizes what many of us believe, to each his/her own, we love competition's obvious benefits for the consumer(s) and respect other individuals' choices in this field, in the meantime we love our BlackBerries because they work best for us.

BTW, great OP James.

It would be lots of fun to test the best at each platform to see who really gets things done. A short list of some things to do that would be fun to race at on BlackBerry vs. the competition:

Start a Skype call with your boss.
Watch a video on Netflix.
Get a base config on a FortiGate with FortiExplorer.
Log your time on a company ticket with ConnectWise.
Remotely assist a customer with Simple-Help.

I'm being a dink - almost none of this can be done at all on a BlackBerry. I am excited to see developer motivation and reaction with BB10 (and Windows Phone 8) though. Currently, my job requires the use of either an iPhone or an Android phone since none of our corporate apps or apps that are required for us to do our jobs work on anything else (BlackBerry included). I am seeing this more and more in the corporate space, even Lowe's is a good example where they purchased 42,000 iPhones because BlackBerry didn't cut it anymore. I'm not sure where BlackBerry fits into the space as a competitor at the moment.

But that's kind of the point of the article, preference. Even if Blackberry had those apps I (and probably many others) would never use them. The only things I wish BB had was Words With Friends and Draw Something.

I got the first iPhone model (yes, the non-3g silver and black model) on the day it was released five years ago. since then, i have never wavered from my trusty apple product. 5 years, a college education, an ipad, and a bit of growing up later, and here i am with my week old Blackberry Bold 9900... and i could not be HAPPIER!

you said it perfectly; if i want the apps, i can still use my iphone as an itouch kind of thing... and even though that was my rationale, i still have yet to break out the old iphone (or even ipad for that matter) over the past week to play any of those pricey apps.

in other words, i am so happy with my phone that is just an all around AMAZING communication device. i originally moved over to the blackberry in an attempt to streamline my life and reduce a bit of my fuzziness caused by constant videogame playing and spacing out staring at my iphone's giant touch screen. i wanted to unplug a bit and try using a phone that would make it easier to keep in touch, not isolate myself. and, obviously, voila! the bold 9900 fits the bill perfectly.

i want to thank crackberry for giving me all the information i needed before making the switch. my boyfriend and i made the jump together and we love BBMing, we love the satisfaction of the physical keyboard, and we love the complete awesomeness of personalizing our themes.


Just caught a whiff of bullsh!t,excuse me.
Look its true in the trade off btwn a bigger screen and a physical keyboard the screen wins but it is lame to try to base your choice on the speed at which you can type on glass. You just embarrass yourself. You make it sound like none of us have iphones too.
This thing of quoting exact typing speeds (60 f*cking wpm? Are you real?) is even downright stupid and amounts to insulting our intelligence.

Every mobile typing record has been set on a glass touch screen device (with swype actually, almost all on Android), some over 100 WPM. No one has ever set a typing record on a BlackBerry in the past 3+ years.

I loved Swype on my Galaxy device....

I can copy and paste faster than 100 wpm does that count? How about BB auto-text, does that count?

Typing to me is a subjective task and the right person on one device and the wrong one on another could make any challenge pointless.

The one that is important to me is the trackpad and one handed operation. I hated clicking links on my 4.5" screen the BB trackpad on my 9810 is heaven sent!

A typing record isn't representative. You got geeks there who see it as a challenge to be the fastest and using swype is also not representative as many users just don't use the feature. A record gets set of a person who is highly concentrated at that moment and who needs perhaps a few tries. The average user has no benefit of this. But the average BlackBerry user, and I think EACH BlackBerry user, types as fast as hell after a couple of days with the device, without any help of the system, without trying to set a record. So the point is that an Android device loaded with swype IS ABLE TO BE the fastest if I am a geek who tries to set records in a single moment, while a BlackBerry IS the fastest for the average user who just types.

Ah ha, just another iOS-biased! Keep using your Iphone as noone is making any comparison here. It's just a personal preference/sharing. ;)

And I promise you that I could trounce your iPhone easily with an Android phone. Turn off the lockscreen and put the facebook, twitter and email widgets on the first page of the homescreen. Or I could even place those widgets on the lockscreen.

Maybe you can, and that's great that you can be that productive on an iphone, but I have yet to be beaten on my BlackBerry doing such tasks by any other platform. So that shows that each of us is very productive on our respective devices. :)

Boldly sent from my 9930

At least I can make phone calls from my Blackberry phone without having to hold it in an specific hand position that has been officially sanctioned and certified by Steve Jobs which, if you want detailed instructions as to how to properly hold your phone, will cost you $45.00 plus a special $25.00 Praise Be To Apple Tax. Nor was I required to wrap my phone in a condom just so that it would be able to make phone calls.

What else do I like about Blackberry? Oh yeah! I can just drag and drop multiple files onto my phone without requiring a special piece of software. After all, I have a Grade 1 education and can actually, horror of horrors, manage to understand how to click a file and drag it from one folder to another.

In short - Blackberry forever! Iphone never!

You promise? That's awesome. Your awesome. Ios is awesome. How great. I guess my BlackBerry really sucks. Is that what you were looking for?

Maybe you could do this compared to BB 6 or 7 bet I PROMISE you not a chance when 10 comes rolling out.

Another distortion field victim.

Lets just start with the easy stuff fellow. If I want to call my wife at home I can pull out my phone and touch the H. Its dialing. Can your iPhone do that? No, it can't. I know, I had one.

Lets take it up a notch now. When I get in my car at the end of the day I can turn off wifi, turn on BT, launch Drivesafe.ly and e-mail my wife I'm on my way. All this by just placing my NFC capable phone on the car cradle. Can your iPhone do that? No, it can't.

Look, the iPhone can do some stuff BlackBerry's can't or don't care to do. I could not care less about Netflix on a phone or angry birds. Sure, there are some apps that actually help you get things done but BlackBerry has awesome apps that do the same or better on the stuff that matters to me.

Now, lets pick up an OS7 BlackBerry and one of the OS5 iPHones. Can all the iPhones work in England, Africa, Mexico, etc? No, only one of the three iPhones does that. ALL OS7 BlackBerries do.

If you have an iPhone, and I believe you do, you should know that the menu options are not as intuitive, efficient, or as fast.

Lastly, lets not talk about security. There is no point. Just Google iPhone security breaches and you will have enough reading for a month or two.

My question is why do you come to CrackBerry to dump on our phones just because you switched to something else? Are you trying to convince yourself you made the right choice? You know you did not.

Now go play with your price-fixing, mass suicide of component manufacturers, app restricting, sue happy Apple junk and do it on an apple website.

See ya!

..the Mrs. has never been able to get anything posted, tweeted, and especially emailed faster on her iPhone 4 over my Torch 9860..why? the menu structure on my BB is better, the trackpad/touchscreen combo is far superior...and the social integration is better on my OS 7.1..the 'Social Feeds' app is always running for me o flip back and forth between e-mail, FB, Twiiter etc...hell an when her phone is dead..it's done for at least 1/2 an hour..me? battery awap and I'm out the door...she ALWAYS carries her charger...we even switched phones tonight to try it the other way around, and she beat me with me on her phone and her on mine...I also find one handed use on an iPhone hellish..however I do almost all things on my Torch one handed...iOS 5 isn't any more 'zippy' or smooth than OS 7/7.1..unless maybe on a Curve, then in that case it's lesser hardware...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

you spelled "and" as "andd". if you go back and delete the extra "d" you would have done 61wpm on your Iphone. congratulations!

Would rather not retaliate back to this post with BlackBerry/OS answers. Seems like a troll who wanted to write this post, submit it and get the popcorn out to see what replies will spawn.

…on the subject of iOS and OS, I have both. I can't work without my BlackBerry as it's too much of a business too for me. When I want to do a bit of gaming, I have my iPod touch and sometimes use my 9900's hotspot setting to use my iPod touch over the internet.

Simple as, I say.

@ noaim

Oh come on. A BlackBerry Bold user doesn't care if an iPhone runs smoothly, the 9900 does too and it's even faster, specially communications and the keyboard. IOS and Android-Users who doubt this are ridiculous. 60 wpm - woooow. What are 60 wpm? Half of all words in english got 2 or 3 letters, pal. On my Bold I type 5 LETTERS PER SECOND. It doesn't matter how many seconds you need to push a single message out, it's the sum at the end of a day that counts. With a BlackBerry you can correspond with 5 people at the same time on different channels (e-mail, BBM, WhatsApp, Text, Twitter, Facebook) fluently without any of the recepients recognizing delays. And you can do that even on the go. When a friend of mine corresponds even with ONE person he's sitting there, typing on that thing in landscapemode and you can't talk to him because he's so concentrated.

Lol!! You're so funny. I PROMISE YOU I can fire off TWO TWEETS a FB Status UPDATE and half an email before you finish double pressing your home button to switch apps ;).....OS 9900/ snappy like snapping turtles :O

That is a promise you just cannot keep.
Not to mention, the use of a keyboard always wins, especially when it comes to spelling.
Did you download an app to test your wpm typing skills on both of these devices?
Enjoy your iPhone. BB10 launches in 6 months!

I agree with you Noaim! I am more comfortable with an iPhone than a blackberry even though i have used a blackberry for years. I have no problems with the blackberry (hardware) but little issues with the OS.

In Nigeria, most people use the blackberry for 2 major reasons;
1. Social networking (BBM)
2. Cheaper data subscription.

I used a Blackberry because the subscription was the cheapest (Little cost for more data) unlike the subscription for Andriod and Apple phones.

I was able to transfer my typing prowess from the blackberry unto the iphone and I am more comfortable with the iPhone.

I guess majority of smartphone users dont utilize up to 80% of the use of their smartphones (BBM, FB, Twitter,Mails) and also MISUTILIZE their smartphone 90% of the time (Heavy memory games).

The OS of an Apple phone is really tight and doesnt encourage memory leaks unlike the Blackberry. If the Blackberry can get their act right (I heard that the OS 10 is very good), then I may consider using a blackberry.

Overall in my opinion, a blackberry would be a second choice for me if i have to leave an iPhone.

There are only two of us in my circle of friends who have BlackBerry devices. Others have Android, iOS and one has a WP phone. But it'll be a cold day in a warm country before I let go of my 9810!

LOL... I love the 9810, so much so that now that my contract is over I'm planning to replace my trusty Curve 8530 with a Torch 9810, can't beat the price at Amazon Wireless= one cent.

It's a great phone...I just hope BB10 has a slider phone. I love the physical keyboard. The virtual ones aren't great for those of us with large hands.

ive really been dissing every BB7 devices because they are not competitive in terms of hardware specs, feature, polish and general platform homogeneity, but gosh a keyboard blackberry is still the best communications tool bare none

I honestly couldn't have said this any better. RIM may be bleeding now, but i'm completely satisfied with the way my blackberry works. In terms of apps, the only real app I'm missing right now on bb is Skype. Love my blackberry.

Pretty much in the same boat here, I love my Torch 9810 and how it just works when I need it to. Battery life is obviously better than the iPhone when I have it cofigured properly, and even my android phone as of now is only just able to keep up because it's barely ever used.

Notifications come in quickly, I'm aware of a situation well in advance... I won't even go on to the fact that my bill is cheaper even here in Canada just because of the data compression factor. One of my bosses likes to try to say that iPhone is the future... but I kinda laugh when I see him hunting around my store for a cable to recharge his device mid-day while I'm still barely through the first 25% of my battery. And I easily reply to a message faster than him, even with the time it takes to slide open my device.

This is exactly what it comes down to for me. I use a 9900 because I want my phone to be a communications tool. I don't care about the rest. Good for you if you do and I'm glad you're happy on your platform that offers it, but these are the apps I need to work quickly and effectively: email, BBM, Twitter, Phone, Calendar, Tasks. All of those are most efficient (not necessarily prettiest but I don't care about that) on BlackBerry.

Nice article. I'm a Blackberry fan as well, and pretty much for the same reasons. Life's going to be hard, if I can't get a BB10 device with a keyboard.....Perhaps the change will do me good

I feel the same way. Well expressed opinion of, I'm sure, is a lot of BlackBerry users. I love all my RIM devices. Can't wait until BB10.

yup. true that..!!! BB are still the best on qwerty keys. transition on full touch screen. I am ready for it. BB10 is going to be a success. But Im still keeping my bold 9930, though..!!!

BB10 phones are going to have to really offer something special if I am to be expected to give up my 9930 keyboard. I use it instead of my Playbook keyboard. So I'm set. Just try to impress this old dog.

Because data is cheap and I have friends on BBM but that wont last when everyone starts using Twitter, Facebook and cross platform messaging apps, other than that browsing, apps, games is horrible compared to my iPhone.

Browsing is very close in comparison... trust me, I've seen with the latest devices. Yes, there are now cross-platform messaging options, but each of them uses more device battery than usually necessary to function.

Not as many apps are available on the blackberry in comparison to the iPhone, true, but many of the incredibly important ones are there, often in a more efficient package (not to mention more secure package as well). The iPhone is sandboxed, however it is not infallible. Blackberry is still more secure. Blackberry also doesn't give your location information away at random, tracking where you go and what you type and such (the carrier iQ fiasco that Apple later admitted it was removing from their devices).

If I go somewhere only 2G service is available, Blackberry not only catches a better signal (and better chance of gaining back 3G service), it also ensures that my data gets to me quickly through the use of the BIS servers compressing my data to send it to me. Now at first glance, I'm sure someone will say "But there's nowhere in the world you would only find 2G service!"... Perhaps not in a country like Canada if you use Bell or Telus, but roaming in the USA has shown me that there's large parts of America still covered only by AT&T EDGE service. Places like India are still deploying 3G service. Continuing with the data argument, data is cheap... for now. Verizon has killed off their unlimited data offering. Bell, Rogers, and Telus here in Canada have not had unlimited data for smartphones for at least 3-4 years now (the new carriers throttle usage after a point). As more and more people continue to use data, you will see carriers start to charge more for data in an effort to try to keep their networks a little less congested. And let's not forget, the iPhone's methods for dealing with data sessions have actually been the bane of AT&T's network reliability.

Speaking of roaming... my phone can be far more easily unlocked, and I can find numberous carriers with the correct size of SIM card rather than having to hunt for one that will provide me with a micro sim for the iPhone 4/4s.

Games drain the battery faster, as well. I play games on devices designed to play games, such as my Playbook or my game systems. My phone is my communication system, and that battery has better purposes to serve rather than trying to last through a session of Angry Birds or Temple Run.

Now to be fair, I do have an Android phone that I keep in my back pocket as well, and it's very slick and fast over the network. But you know what? For actual communication (and even browsing I find has been relatively on par), I always go to my blackberry time and again. Always have, always will. I'm glad you enjoy your iPhone, I like to see people enjoy their devices. But don't for a moment think that browsing, apps, and games (which are technically apps, by the way) are the end-all-be-all. They help, but a device can still be great for someone if it serves their purposes best, and for a lot of people a Blackberry has served their purposes perfectly.

Too bad those are the same reasons everyone has repeated since the iPhone was released and it just doesn't cut it anymore.

Really? They're some of the reasons some of my iPhone friends look on with envy while I get stuff done on my phone just as fast as they would but with a smaller bill at the end of the month and a good bit more battery life left to me.

You know, I hooked two guys on BlackBerry last year and they still comment on how many compliments they get from people on how fast they reply to email and take action on stuff.

"People who do" ISN'T just a slogan in our case.

The BB 9900 is a really cool looking phone, it has a WAY better keyboard than the iPhone (I dumped that stupid iPhone in February because I couldn't type on the piece of crap) and OS 7.1 is actually really good. Bridged to my inexpensive Playbook I rock all day long. Yesterday I was sitting with a large group of Doctors and found only one iPhone among them, the rest had various BB's, some were old units but all of them were working them frequently, emailing, texting and calling out all afternoon. A work phone ..... a Blackberry is.

I love my Bold 9900. Even though a BB OS10 device will be available in October, I don't mind getting another Bold 9900 for less than $200 if RIM ever decides to drop the price.

Thats what i saing, make the 9900 with biger touch screen and os 10 and biger battery......and the touch version same material the bold 9900...

Or use direkt WM 8 Microsoft RIM

Love my bold 9900, torch 9810 and my curve 8900

I love my BB, been on one since the 5810 model, but lack of VOIP (skype, tango, nettalk, etc) will probably have me moving to a different phone come time to renew, just sad that it came to a point where I am considering the change, it seems RIM wants to protect the phone companies business, at the end loosing its base customers.

Love the platform, love the os, love the Bold and I especially love being a part of the Crackberry Nation. These are exciting times to be a loyal BB guy. I will bleed BlackBerry until they pry it out of my dead cold fist....and good luck with that. :)

One more article by some cheerleader trying to "save us" from going to Apple or Android. Well, it is at least 5 months until the appearence of BB10 so.....many will certainly leave the "Blackberry cult".

Come on ! You need to chill ! Go play some Angry Birds on your .. whatever ! Dont' you understand IRONY?

Actually, you don't understand the definition of irony: The use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning; a statement or situation where the meaning is contradicted by the appearance or presentation of the idea.

Your statements are provocative, not ironic.

No doubt ,My BlackBerry rocks. I dnt care what people say , once you have a BB , yoi will feel naked without it. I got 2.
When I bought my torrch, I had to chose from a Nokia smartphone, a galaxy tab, and an iPhone. It was only natuaral to get a BB.
I still think the BB is the fon of the Future here in Africa and in any other place just because its cheap to use. The BIS is the trick. If all the other phones can have their own way of providing cheap data , maybe they might intreSt me. That's a BIG MAYBE.
At my work place I have influnced a lot of my pple to buy a BB. And they have never regreted it. So I enjoy setting their phones for free just for the love of the BB. So they call me Mr BB. And evryone who buys a new phone or has a problem calls me for support.

I can't wait for the BB10. I want to be the first one to own it before my boss does. I was the first own a torch when they all had 8520 Curves. Lol.

A very good article in favor of BB.
I think RIM did a good job developing playbook and new BB-10. All they are missing are the applications. But they are coming. I talked to CEO of Rapidsoft Systems (http://www.rapidsoftsystems.com) a major developer of mobile applications on various platforms. He told me that new Blackberry 10 looks like a winner with good features and now will be porting all their popular apps such as Rapid Protect (http://www.rapidprotect.net) to new BB platforms. They just got a sample device from BB. That is a good sign that key developers are moving to BB, but have no plan to develop any apps for Microsoft platforms.

Benjamin Kooper
The Tech Master

With BB10 devs can finally concentrate on making apps for one BBOS instead of a whole bunch. All those different phones with different requirements sure wasn't helping RIM. RIM should only make one full touch screen and one keyboard model.

I am the same way. I have an iPad and an iPhone which I gave to my wife because I prefer my 9810 after having used it for one week.

It is funny to see how an opinion turns into a "mine is bigger" contest disrespecting others' choices.

Why do I still use a BlackBerry? Well, first, I'd think this would make it obvious:



That said, efficiency, efficiency, EFFICIENCY. (And the keyboard.) But mostly efficiency. That book there? And its two sequels? I wrote them on BlackBerrys. I TRIED writing them on Android OS phones and on an iPhone. I managed a paragraph on each and gave up. There is just NO way to type for extended periods of time on an iPhone or Android and actually come out with something coherent. Both offer entirely too many distractions for me, when all I want to do is write, write, write, email, email, write, text, write, tweet, write, email, email, oh and did I mention write? :P And I can do it all bambambam, slipping between one app to the next to the next and then back to the app I use to write with without a thought or any lagging or issues with the BlackBerry whatsoever.

I can't imagine trying to write a novel on, say, an iPhone. And there's probably a reason why you haven't heard stories of people who've done so--because I would put forth the proposition that it's next to impossible to do. iPhones don't strike me as good for anything resembling efficiency (believe me, I have one in my right pocket right now); same with Android. I'm only ever able to get REAL work done with my BlackBerry.

Guess they're not kidding when they say that BlackBerry users DO. :P

My BlackBerry has not let me down and does what I need it to do. I am different from many cell phone users because I actually talk to people and I don't have 6 million friends on Facebook and I don't tweet at all so why switch I like being the underdog. A battery pull here and there is better than going online to make an appointment to stand in a line at apple.

I use my BlackBerry since it:
* offers native PIM sync out of the box (Android and Windows Phone don't)
* has an awesome physical keyboard (iPhone doesn't)
* it has the key apps that I care about (Kindle, Trillian, Google Voice, Google Maps...)
* has decent battery life

I've tried Windows Phone, webOS (RIP), Android, and iOS devices, but I always end up going back to BlackBerry. I'm here to stay as long as RIM stays in business :)

I routinely take my BB when I walk my dog. While doing so I listen to a book on Audible, record the workout on Sportypal, read, post and check in on social networking, chat on BBM, get and reply to email and if needed, open Google maps. Oh, I take phone calls to (Audible automatically pauses so don't bother claiming BS). True multitasking allows background apps and very fast switching between foreground apps as they collect information while in the background.

I choose Blackberry - plain and simple and frankly I don't give a flying f*** if the rest of the world has an iPhone or an Android.I don't care what they think of my BB and I don't give a damn about their smartphones.

BIS will be probably the main reason if I "leave" BBs.

Here in Germany I have real issues with finding a carrier/provider which offers BIS.

BIS costs 5-10 Euro (me it costs 5) per month - which would be ok - but the carrier do not offer the best conditions. If I could choose freely I could save 50% costs for data plan and voice/text (sms) etc.

And my data plan is the main issue at the moment, as an upgrade form my small data plan would cost me just too much, compared to so many other carrier (these resellers etc. and prepaid stuff is so much more less expensive with bigger data plans etc.)

Very frustrating. With a few more apps and flash support for the browser my 9900 would be perfect, and I could imagine using it till it brakes.

BTW 9 points out of 3 games. Who can beat that? ;P

Don't know how much you can afford, but I am at Telekom DE and BIS is free on top here. Same with Vodafone. In case of Telekom you get the Complete Mobile M Friends plan for 29,95 (without a subsidised new phone) a month and the BIS is included for free.

This is exactly the way I see it too - Blackberry being the ultimate communication device. As long as all of the major apps are there (social media, navigation, etc.), I'm sticking with it.

9900, 8520, playbook 16gb user here and very satisfied, Obama has a bb, us military approved bb use, don't you think some powers that be force all this negative RIM press, so more people use ios and android? Please view and leave comments on my blog autotechnolife.blogspot.sg. Thanks.

I have to agree with you. I recently used my upgrade to acquire an Android phone. I wanted to try something else before Blackberry 10 came out. I like that Android phone. It has a lot of nice qualities. The one thing that I have noticed is that on the Google Play Store, there are 600 apps for something that my old Torch did nativly. I am looking forward to getting a new Blackberry 10 phone.

One major factor for me is that I would rather not support slave labour in China. Apple clearly has turned a blind eye to this for years. I have a little bit of a thing called ethics.

I went to a gas station few days ago, the cashier was using an iphone4s, and he look at my bb 9900 and he say I like that bb, I prefer bb over iphone I'm just waiting for my contract to get an upgrade.

Every os have ther pros and cons.

We're a global medical equipment company based in Australia and have been using BlackBerry 9900 as standard issue. Two years ago, we made the decision to go BYOD so that the staff has the freedom to choose. We spent a fortune on IT, accommodating different devices. Soon, one by one, almost all the employees have voluntarily returned to using a berry. We just cant explain what it is, but after trying other devices, our people have reported that using BB just feels right. Just an interesting story to share.

I was a Palm addict for many many years - after my Pre I came to the 9930 and love it! For me - business takes precedence over apps - and this BB has been my left Arm - where the Palm left off!

Id love my 9930 if the camera wasnt garbage, if the battery could last past 5pm on light usage, and if it didnt constantly lock up on me, o and if it hadnt cost me 100$ more than my iphone4s.
Rims quality control is incredibly lacking which is why spme people have great experiences with their bbs and why some people hate them. I want to love my 9930 like i said, but i cant use it for more than a day before i become frustrated and wamt my iphone back. There are things anout a bb that are great, like app integration at the OS level, and the keyboard of course. But unfortunately i want my phone to be able to do more than facebook and twitter and email. Yeah there are more and more applications showing up in app world (many are clones and knock offs of ios titles) but the bb hardware simply cant keep up and run them smoothly. At least not with my experiences. Bb touts getting things done like the competition is incapable of getting work done, many bb loyalists actually buy into this which is hilarious to me and makes me think most must be lying when they come on here with such praise for bb. I find it quite tough to ever "multitask" on my bb as it can hardly handle running applications in the first place, not to mention trying to swap between them on the fly.

Prime example of bb sucking:

Last week i switched back to my 9930 (remember i want to love it). I agree it handles email much better than ios and i hate seeing it sit unused. So i take it to work for the day..as i am working in the office, i decide ill try to listen to pandora, something my iphone and ipad both handle no problem in this office, and something employees routinely lhook up from their smartphones in the next room over. By the time pandora was actually up and running on my 9930 i could have listened to an entire song on my iphone. It ran so painfully slow i wondered why even bother and eventually turned it off after it hanging on most every input and taking absurdly long to play. Connectivity is not an issue as we are covered by wifi. This lasted about 20mins before i gave up.

Other than pandora i used the camera to take 2 pictures as i was working on a graphic project and sent some images to my boss. This and the pandora usage were the only 2 times i did anything on the pone besides text. No phone calls were made. No bbm. Just sms.

I got home around 4 and my battery was almost dead, less than 20%. I live in a well covered verizon area and my iphone routinely lasts me into the late evening (around 10-11) with moderate use.

Not only do i get more done on my iphone for work, i have way more fun using it. It was tough to get over the lack of a keyboard but now i can type almost just as fast. Yes i make more errors, but the tradeoffs a worth it when it comes to multimedia and user experience. I want my phone to run buttery smooth like my iphone does 90% of the time. When im using my blackberry there are no times when im thinking "man i areally getting more done" i am almost always looking for ways to get things done that my iphone handles with ease.

For those crackberriers who are still completely in the dark and lying to yourselves. Antennagate is over, in fact in my personal experience i have noticed far superior voice quality with my iphone than with wither my 9930, or my 9650, or my 9630 that came before it, plus it can make video calls. (a rare occurence but i like the front camera).

I am all for personal choice, and there are certainly instances where blackberry is he best option. But having come from a history of bbs and being the one everyone at work used to ask when they had problems with their bbs (this tech support has since stopped as most everyone has upgraded to ios or android) there is just no way in hell i can believe rims ad campaign touting how bb users are "getting things done"

Dual weilder here of an Amaze 4G and a 9810 Torch... all I can say is you probably either had a bad phone in particular or perhaps the BIS service wasn't correctly set up with your device (which can cause severe battery loss and incredibly slow service).

My Torch, 85% of the time runs just as butter smooth as my Amaze 4G. And trust me, I get worlds more done on my Torch than I ever have on any of my 3 past android phones (all of which broke, only one from mis-handling it). I'm all for free choice as well, but I'm not saying this as a BlackBerry zealot or someone who is anti-choice. I'm glad your iPhone works well for you, and I'm glad you don't have to do so much tech support for people in your office now that most have moved on to other operating systems (I will note, I rarely do any support for any of my team members who use BlackBerry, I can probably count on my hands how many problems I've dealt with over the course of 3 years). But it seriously is not just a slogan. Having a physical keyboard means being able to feel where I'm typing as I walk around the a store or mall or down the street without walking into someone (or something). It also means more accurate typing for me personally (granted, it's know the Amaze 4G seems to be slightly off for key positioning on the keyboard). It also has consistently provided stronger reception against other devices no matter the network (meaning I can actually still do things over the network with my phone).

This isn't me being mindless and thinking that a Blackberry is the only device that can get things done for people, everyone will have their preferences. This is me stating what I have found to be fact time and again from my first blackberry (a Storm 9530 from way back in the day that I still have kicking around just in case... oh and it works) to my current one up against windows mobile phones, android phones, and even a few iPhones that have been used around work. If Blackberry didn't work, I wouldn't carry one. But it does work, and it works better than the media likes people to think.

Correct me if I am wrong, but streaming services do not use BIS. Rather they use the APN for your network. Your third party browsers and apps that need data connectivity need to use the APN.

I believe only your email and RIM browser use BIS.

I don't know what kind of special sucking 9930 you got but what you tell doesn't sound comparable to my Bold 99xx. Battery life - around 25 hrs on 3G with power usage, without WiFi. Multitasking - absolutely no problem. Smoothness - absolutely great.

The point you didn't get is that BlackBerry users DO NOT NEED anything beyond communications and organization. You said you want more than that, so stick with an iPhone. But for many BB users with THEIR kind of requirements towards a phone and THEIR kind of usage, an iPhone simple is a crap phone. And that will never change. Give me 24 hours with an iPhone and at the end of the day I will realize that A: I did nothing but playing around the last 24 hrs or B: I did throw it at the wall because it sucked after 8 hrs or so.

I purchased my 9930 from verizon about a week after launch. I tried to hold off but was too excited and went for it. Since quality control is such a huge issue, i wouldnt be at all surprised if i got a dud. It wouldnt be the first time as i went thru 3 9630s before insurance upped me to a 9650. Loved that bb, 9650 was by far my favorite phone. 9930 had so much potential but my unit clealry is subpar if all you guys seem to be having such great experiences.

I really want to love my bb, it feels perct in my hands. I love the keyboard and i miss not having to slide to unlock. The biggest features that draw me away to iphone tho are imessage and the great camera. I loved to take photos on my bb ut the 9930s camera is worthless in comparison to my iphone. I loved bbm but theres no cross device syncing and all but 3 of my contacts have switched away from bb.

If bb10 really does deliver than i am more than willing to give it the time of day. But i have been repeatedly let down by rim and their products, and repeatedly satisfied with the smoothness of my ios devices. I agree bb is a way better communications tool in regard to push email and the keyboard, and i get that working professionals who dont want games or anything besides business apps really value a blackberry. But the point is, my bb runs like shit, and for 300$ theres no excuse for it when the competition is cheaper. Also i get that people dont "want a toy" but the fact is its 2012 and we have the tech tomake a device that is equal in both work and play, which is whe i feel the iphone is sitting. It has capability of both, and so does a bb and android. The fact is is that ios can do it all and remain relatively snappy and smooth. High end android devices as well, however i own the highest end blackberry and it consitently fails at this.

Not only do I still use a BB for my smart phone with no plans to switch, but I am in the process of picking up a Playbook. For someone who wants to use their phone and tablet as a tool for running a business, I believe BB has been and will continue to be the premier business solution.

I have a Torch 9810 (don't understand why there isn't a bigger uptake on this model), an iPhone 4s and a Samsung Galaxy.

Also have 64 GB PlayBook and 10" android tablet.

My 9810 and PlayBook go with me everywhere and are used to accomplish what I need to do. The others are novelty playthings for me.

I would love to get another 9810 for a spare.

Fellow 9810 user here. Props for rocking the 2nd gen of the Torch. I actually avoided an Android tablet for this exact reason (I carry an HTC Amaze 4G as well). I don't need to worry about having to juice up another device to play with, and the Playbook goes everywhere with me. Been an incredible sales tool at times too.

It will be an uphill battle for RIM. I was at a tmo store inquiring if they had any 9810's in stock at their store. The answer was 'no blackberries are dead. RIM will be out of business soon so we wont be carrying any new model BB's. They don't sell well'. I told him that maybe if they didn't sell the bb's at $250 as an upgrade they may sell more. At any rate it's people like that that is going to make it rough going. I want to stick with BB. I love my berry and can't imagine using anything else. I just hope that the BB 10 devices aren't too little too late.

Contact t-mobile customer service while you're in that store, I'm sure they'll either produce one or the store could find themselves in trouble for not offering all the provided solutions from T-Mobile ;). If T-Mobile itself is moving away from Blackberry, don't be surprised if a fair number of people decide to move as well.

Yea, I'm one of those guys that really just doesn't have enough time for playing video games on my phone (my 60 hour-plus work week prohibits it). Video games are for the few times a week that I have free time so i use my Playbook or my laptop for stuff like that. I rifle off 40-50 emails a day to business clientele so I NEED my BB...All the extra crap is great for someone who has the time for it. I'm a little too busy trying to make a living and carve out a career for myself to be playing games on my phone and I think THAT is what BlackBerry is for!! People that are just too busy for games. I AM A BLACKBERRY USER. I DON'T PLAY. I DO.
Long Live The RIMpire!!!

If you travel often to different countries the only option that you have is BB (data efficiency)
If you need to be connected all day on the road, the batteries of BB is the only option.
I have BB 9900 and Samsung Nexus, and I am Apple user from 2000...
BB reminds me to these days on Apple products in a very simple way...
Just works, bulletproof.... simply and plain... for that very simply reason BB has a very strong core of unconditional users (like Apple had, when you went to Apple store) and all of these customers were professionals, simply "just do" people...

I went from 8330 to 9650 to 9930 for two weeks to iphone 4s. So far I love my 4s but it does need improvement on the communications part. But as for the apps, I can't beat them. Have 5 pages of apps and all are productivity apps. Not a gamer here! So for me in the next year it comes down to who is going to improve their weakness better. Iphone improve their communication or bb10 bring app selection like ios and android?! Time will tell. Even if I would stay with iphone I am hoping bb10 brings RIM back strong!!

Really enjoyed reading your post, James! I completely agree with your well-, civilly-worded post. I never truly understand all this bashing or teasing of those using different OS's. Has individuality in our society completely gone down the drain? Do we all have to be completely iPhone or all Android users? Of course not!

I also do not understand the outcry for hundreds of thousands of apps. Why have the general consumers become so obsessed with apps and in such large quantities? All the apps available at BB World is more than sufficient for me.

And BB keyboard rocks!

Great article.

I'm using BB and android at the same time. For me, nothing in this world can beat BB email system. I'm still using it to work, where my work demands update every single minute.

Hello all! My name is Douglas, US resident with a great BB Torch 9800.
I just want to introduce myself to the forum and say that I am blessed of having a BB. I had a iPhone 4 before this one and I could not take so many bugs, I don't know if it whas just me, but I literally swap the iPhone to this BB 9800. I'm crazy, I know.. Or, am I!? But I am happy and can't wait to have my BB10 but before that I want to try the bold 9900.
Txs again

I have both a 9790 and a 4s. I love both because each serves a different function from the other. But when it comes to social apps, communication/messaging, my blackberry still wins. I had my 9790 first before I had my 4s and when I had the latter, I thought I would finally change my mind (since I really wanted an iPhone years back), but I was wrong. The blackberry's so compact and It has a physical keyboard and I rarely have typo errors with this thing. On the iPhone I get so pissed all the time because I always have typo errors hahaha

The title is misleading, it should be Why I Still Use a Blackberry and IPod Touch. Since you're using an iPod touch to run apps/games that you can't get on a Blackberry, you're not relying on Rim for all your mobile needs are you? Yet that's what the title of the blog would have us believe, very sneaky!

What I always tell em haters.... BB are for cool pplz that like to communicate with other pplz n get things done and IOS and androids users are a buncha loners that like to sit in the corner and play with themselves. BLACKBERRY AT HEART

I have noticed a increasing trend in the number of people coming back to Blackberry from iPhone and Android; I am a member of that cadre. I ditched my iPhone 4 to go back to my Bold 9000 so I could enjoy typing emails again. Compared to my Bold 9000, the iPhone 4 is a great device for media, listening to music, watching video, loading web pages. My Bold 9000 was made in 2008, the iPhone 4 was manufactured in 2010/11; the iPhone 4 should be better.
I recently purchased a torch 9810 from a member of the Crackberry community and I could not be happier. The Torch 9810 is fast, I believe OS7 is much easier to navigate than Apple's phone OS. I love the large screen for media, and I have the option to use a physical keyboard or touch screen keyboard for email or text messaging. I can use the track-pad and touch screen functions in conjunction, or as needed. The 9810 is a great piece of technology and the 9810 is more user friendly than the iPhone 4.
I love Apple computers...phones not so much.

I won't bash anyone for their choice in mobile device; it's a very personal thing.

What I do wonder, though, is whether BlackBerry suffers from a perception problem. My theory: for many in say, North America, perhaps their only knowledge of BlackBerry is from some antiquated device imposed on them at work. Probably at least a generation old, likely with that iffy trackball, and not terribly polished by current standards.

I'm thinking this theoretical user, when first handed either an iPhone or a decent Android handset thought they'd died and gone to heaven. And maybe haven't seen any better Blackberries than a two year old Curve since. So of course they figure BBs are awful.

I maintain that BB6 & 7 phones are decent, competitive devices, but few believe it.

Yawn another my penis is bigger than yours argument . Use what u like. U cannot brainwash iphone users to go blackberry and vice versa.

Hey Thunderbuck,
I agree with your theory. I think most people are comparing two completely different pieces of technology, built years apart from each other, without really knowing what they are comparing. I think your observation is fair and credible.

Just putting in my 2 cents; I can't leave a location without my 9900 playbook and the other phone (galaxy note). I love each device based on what they provide however, I'll always stick with my Bold's while my other phone OS's come and go. My Blackberry is an actual tool that assists me throughout the day. GO TEAM BLACKBERRY!!

I'm on my 11th BB. A couple of weeks a go I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3. Two weeks later I'm back using my trusty old steed, the 9700.

What the hell was I thinking?

Look, I think IOs and Android are great intuitive platforms and no doubt many people love them, but, BB is a workhorse, it just gets things done as a communication tool. As far as games etc are concerned, I have an iPad2. See, it's all about what best suites your needs.

BB is in the brown stuff at the moment but wait 18 months and think we'll start to see the the return of the Rimpire. I think there will be a phone retro backlash. I predict people will buy phones for being a phone and not a mobile 'mission control' in their hand.

Love my 9810, it's great to type with even though it has the smallest keyboard of all the Blackberries. It helps a lot with reading and replying to over 50 emails a day. I don't recommend BB to everyone, because if you want to play or watch movies there are better platforms. But if you are serious about work and want a tool, not a toy, it's hard to beat BB.

Admittedly I haven't much experience with the other platforms, I none the less I am avidly sticking with BB and it may be an entirely emotional stance. That said I know how to get things using BB and am technically adept enough to quickly pick up any of the other OSs. My point and reason for my support is around security, stability and control. Any statement I might make that compares these attributes to any of the platforms would be biased, I only really know the one. I would put myself in the majority of smart phone users in this regard, I just choose to believe what most of you say here regarding BBs superiority on at least the security and control aspects.

I believe most user's don't pay attention to these details and really should! I use only a few apps and a few are games but most are tools that help me plan, organize or mostly communicate. I surf some as well, and I don't want any company tracking where I go or what interests I might have or making suggestions about where I should go next. I want to be secure and private, most people would prefer that as well, at least that's what I believe.

If most users were aware of the risks and which platform provided what kind of protection I think we'd see a different landscape for which mobile platform was most popular. I am not suggesting this as an advertising approach for selling phones but someone somewhere should be educating the consumer about what their exposed to when they use these tools.

I have a question for everyone, when I go to convenience key settings and I scroll through the list of applications, Skype is listed. I have it on my 9930 but I honestly don't use it nor do I really know how it works. Everybody says that Skype is the only application that's missing on BlackBerry and Netfix. Is this version of Skype different from the one that everyone is talking about?

Android? iPhone? BlackBerry is still the fastest and best way to communicate. A legendary keyboard coupled with a fast messaging system and a trackpad and a touchscreen... It's more or less an all-in-one package if you ask me. BlackBerry has delivered and it has delivered well. Nuff said

hey James

great article and I can relate: I have used the Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation, Iphone 4, even had a stint the the HTC 3D EVO, but fell back to my trusted Bold 9900 - it is not without its issues given it runs on a Java platform so the lags, and battery pulls have become something of a ritual but i would take my BB over any other anyday....lets see what BB 10 has for us... FTW...let's rock and roll this RIM!!!

As I have always said each to their own. I chose BlackBerry because it's a great, robust communication tool, that suits my needs. If I want to play games I would get something else. I think this echos what James is saying.

When i read such articles i understand that the honey moon with blackberry is at the END.
when anyone sure and confidence about what he has then there is nothing need to be proved like this article !! :)

i hope BB come back as #1 communication devices .. but i don't think so because they are starting changing their concepts and beliefs .. take bb10 as an example bb will force thier fans to accept the fact that there is no QWERTY kyeboard anymore !! however the QWERTY keyboard was the most important feature which make bb really SPECIAL !!

it is the END .. and this article really prove that and doesn't prove anything else ..

OK, here is a true story. I was talking to an iphone user about the lack of flashing red led on the iphone versus blackberry. I said the light was to indicate a message arrived. The immediate reply from the iphone user was "I wouldn't get any work done if I answered email on my phone. The light would be going off all day." Apparently iphone owners, most of them newbies to smart phones, don't realize that you can prioritize email notification on the blackberry. Only two of my accounts have the privilege of turning on the red flasher. Then I explained what "holstering" does. "You mean the light becomes a vibration when in the case?" Basically iphone owners don't know what they are missing. Granted, there are better fart apps on the iphone.

I have an Android G2. I needed it to communicate to a device over blue tooth (a long story). I don't use it as a phone, but I am well aware of how to use Android as a data device over wifi. If you don't have to enter any data, then Android is fine. But the virtual keyboard on the G2 is useless. And the physical keyboard on the G2, which supposedly is the best Android device with a physical keyboard, is plain crap. I can push keys faster than the phone can register them. This sometimes happens on my 9780, but the blackberry never loses the keystrokes. The G2 loses the data, so you have to slow down to type on it.

The iphone and most android devices are barely readable in bright daylight. I have to crack up the brightness on the G2 just to use it outdoors. The blackberry screen is bright enough to read outdoors while wearing sunglasses, and that isn't even on full brightness.

Try typing on an android or iphone with gloves. You can't even scroll the screen.

Lastly, blackberries are rugged. I get a kick out seeing those poor souls using iphones with broken glass. Android phones also have glass that breaks, but you don't broken Android screens as much as iphones.

I'm waiting for BB 10 on a phone. I've played with the Playbook, and the OS is great. Incidentally, I haven't done a battery pull on my blackberry in years. This was common up to OS5. OS6 is very stable.

Funny-my SGS2 glass is cracked. I really dont even know how it happened. I just woke up one day and boom - spider crack. Although, BB's aren't immune to pressure cracks...

"fart apps"

Definition: a robust app store that blackberry users wish they had access too. So bad in fact that they buy playbooks in order to run android apps, and even go so far as to hack their way into running ios apps.

Hmm now why would people do that? Could it be the fact that app world is absolute utter garbage? Coild it be that bb users actually do want apps but have to lie to themselves and other forum members about how they dont need them?

Over the last few weeks I am seeing lots of BOLD poster ads across Melbourne. Interesting.
Looked at the Galaxy III today but waiting for BB10 to decide.

"I quite often pull over the car to reply to an email (yes, a bit sad I know)"

No, not at all! It's a lot better than the usual dumb@$$es who do this while driving.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S II and a BB 9650 (due to some unusual circumstances over time, I just kept my personal number on an unlocked Sprint BB on AT&T). I agree with you in terms of efficiency - I can bang out texts like a champ. Honestly, for me it came down to the camera, as odd as that sounds. If I posted some of the pix I took with my SGS2, it's jaw dropping.

ok, but a SGS2 is 8 megapixel...
To be honest?
I'm happy with 'but' the 5 megapixel on my Torch...
I mean, if I really want to take awesome pictures I'll just take my Camera.

To be honest? The point is to carry one device. And you clearly missed that.

I would much rather have all my images at my fingers and uploaded to my photostream than to take my digital camera with me everywhere, only to have to then upload the pics to my computer and drag them into my blackberery and view them on a tiny screeen.

What will I do without crackberry. I need my daily dosage of CB. I love reading Chirs's and James's articles. Rest of the team is good too. I just like them more.

And BTW, needless to say, BB ROCKS!!! BB10 will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

This is, I think, a very well written opinion piece that says what I would have said if I was as articulate as James. I too like my BB to the point where I have no interest in switching. I'm retired so it is not a business tool, exactly but I really like to stay in touch. I have family members across Canada who I stay in touch with via twitter or BBM. I have gone from a 7250 to an 8530 and now I am waiting impatiently for the BB10 devices to be released. You can have you iPhone or Android device. I don't care about listening to music or watching videos. Games bore me to bits. I still read books made out of paper but I love my BB.

I just love this article...... Here Puerto Rico BB is a dying brand thanks to the youth owning Android or iOS.... This article keeps my hopes up I'm a proud 9930 and a PB owner my mom owning a BB Flip phone and a PB also... I get use to people critics about bb not having great apps like InstaGram, Temple run etc.... In reality I don't care cause I know once BB10 hits mobile stores RIM is gonna go back to the mobile smartphone leaders.

I still use a BlackBerry, the 9860, cuz I love the way it works and the feel, but the real reason is cuz it has the BB security. I used the browser on my 9860 to do online banking. Two busy kids in university means I quite often get requests for funds transfers during the day. Using my BB I have no concerns about security. There is no way I would do online banking on either an iPhone or an Android phone.

Things I like about my BB's .... sleep clock thingy, easy switching between radios, easy switching between volume/sounds, global search, Internet tethering, internet hotspot. With my playbook + 9900 its easy to control a pc remotely by wi fi, this is great for presentations where a 7 inch tablet is ideal. I like pressing buttons. The touch screen and roller ball combo is great works really well. I like having 'menues'. Most probably more. The 10 looks cool but I hope they get a decent battery life from square one. I have an iphone and have used an HTC and battery life is an issue all round. Citrix works really well on BB PB, its a right pain on the ipad. There's most probably more!

I use a BB9900 & iPhone 4s, I could never leave Blackberry due to the great communication services it offers. I have email accounts on both my BB and iPhone, On the iPhone it is great to look at, but in terms of receiving the email, BB wins. BBM is very addictive, beats any instant messenger out there. Id like to call iMessage, Whatsapp, KIK good alternatives. In terms of apps, yes the iPhone does win, but many of the apps i mean 90% of them are only addictive for the first few days weeks, then you rarely use them. Thats when you begin to reliase that the most important thing on a smartphone is truly Communication, your text messages, your BBMs, your emails, is what you really need. The rest are all secondary/alternatives. I am TeamiPhone but i do have a lot of respect for RIM and what they do. I will not be getting BB10 touch screen as I believe my iPhone will handle that area just fine. But a physical keyboard version of BB10 would be great.

People have been justifying having a blackberry for the sole reason of the efficiency of a physical keyboard for years. Now the flagship blackberry will be a touchscreen. How will things such as "knocking out an email" be faster on this new device??

Yes i have seen the keyboard. So the blackberry advantage will be predictive text on top of keys instead of on top of the keyboard like other phones. Im getting a bb10 phone but yikes that wont convince sheep to switch back.

Just in the past two weeks I've observed people with Android devices firsthand and felt like I was so glad I still had a BB - one said she bought the big battery, which was the only way she could get the phone to last a full day, and honestly the battery doubled the weight of the phone if not more - also, she said the phone did make it more complicated to dash off an email or text. Then, someone wanted to show me a photo on her device, and it took forever - swipe, no that's not it, swipe again, touch, swipeswipeswipe... I could have gotten into a photo faster on my Torch. At this point I'm hoping for continued solid devices from BB so I can keep on with a device that easily supports what I do most, which is text and email and a little web when necessary.

Very nice article James. Thanks for posting.

I have HTC Wildfire and using it since 2 years. Recently, switched to BlackBerry Curve 9360 as I was looking for business phone. Yes, outlook, BBM & security (No OS can provide these features, other than BB).

I got more than my expectation on BB Curve 9360. Facebook feeds are pretty fast, youtube video quality is good, wi-fi connectivity is excellent, voice quality is good, and love the default ringtone.

My typing speed is average and I'm OK with it. None of companies is asking to type 100 wpm and win 2 day 2 night trip to Hawaiian paradise :)

All phones are good. It all depends on individual life style, personal likes, brand conscious and how much one can spend.

P.S: My English is average. Please bear with my grammar.

I believe RIM's Blackberry was not focus on consumers or even marketed to the consumer initially. It was a device built for businesses to run more smoothly thus they would have away where they can be in the communication loop 24/7. When Blackberry was introduce to govt. and corporate worlds as means to literally get things "done' in a "secure" way. Business and govt alike jump on it. Because of that the everyday consumer begin to search out blackberry devices. It was never blackberry so to say marketing to the everyday consumer (I could be wrong in this please correct me if I am) but the consumer seeking out blackberry and making it into the "smartphone" giant.

People fell in love with the fact they could email, text and bbm on the go without having to log onto a computer and hearing the "You got mail" thus you have the birth of the social media on the go. Thanks to whom? A little Canadian company call RIM.

The short side of this is Social media wasnt RIM's nitch therefore they never concentrated on the other aspects of social media. We all know what happen as a result of this it gave open to the question what if I blackberry type smartphone that could have video, games, and music......

In short I compare this to how America was built on landlines while other countries such as Asia was built on wireless. America doesnt hold a candle to some of the wireless technology there are in other countries. Will America's tech catch up to some of the advance tech in other country that has yet to be seen. Why? there were two different focus points in the beginning. The same can be said with RIM. Will they catch up or stay alive to be revelant to the other OS out there who have a jump on them? Only technology will tell. Great tech gives way to word of mouth and it has its way of making ppl addicted to it (case in point the this site's name) as the saying goes real reconize real. The beautiful thing about techology is the day after its release it becomes outdated. Why? because there's always new and better techology that's being built off the current. Mark my word there is some new inventor out there that has inside him or her to make a OS better than any out there today. That is a beautiful thing to me.

Pick the cellphone that's right for you because no matter what "technology" is such a beast
it can make the cellphone you love and adore disappear at anytime.

After writing this I decided to put it in forums to get more ppl input on this but as a mention about technology if it wasnt for James writing this I wouldnt have thought to respond and build off his posting...

Had my BB Curve 8530 for almost 3yrs and I still love using it. I have thought a couple of times to switching to a droid but then when i play with my kids phones i come back to reality and realize why i love my BB and will never switch. I am willing to upgrade to the new BB 10

Dear James,

I used to be an avid Blackberry user. In fact, I was a powerhouse Blackberry user, and have remember upgrading from OS 3.5 to 4.0 on a really old blue brick device. I have always demanded a lot from my Blackberrys and created ringtones and custom backgrounds from day one. I remember I got really excited with the Bold 9000 came out and for the first time I was really able to begin streaming music (although no applications existed) but I was able to download my podcasts at home OR outdoors. To me, those were the haydays of Blackberry. Unfortunately, really not too much has changed for Blackberry since 2009.
Just before the 9000 came out, I went to the local Rogers store to play with the iPhone. I wasn't sure if I wanted one, yes I don't really like Apple, but I really wanted to have an open mind about it! My main gripes with the iPhone was that there was no copy and paste functionality, there was no "back" button (only a home button) and that I couldn't get my ringtones loaded onto it! Plus I didn't really want to use iTunes for anything... So I realized that it wasn't for me.
From the 9000, I got a 9700, but couldn't justify going for a 9780, since there wasn't much difference than the memory. I really wanted a 9800, since I love having large screens. So in December 2010 I got that model, and I loved the keyboard. From that point my love for Blackberry was still very strong. The phone had a half-decent camera, but web browsing sucked, the keyboard really wasn't all that good, the battery wasn't very good (it couldn't last me a full day in the office, I have poor reception in the building I was working in), and there were a lot of features missing in the implementation. Things went pretty slow, but I was really used to all of that, it's what I'd come to expect. The only thing that was good, was the email functionality, but even so, my hotmail and exchange accounts weren't real-time since I didn't have BES running in the environment (i'm also a sysadmin).

One day my friend asked me to check out his new phone. It was a Samsung Nexus S running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). He came over and I played around with it for a little while. I have to admit that it was pretty cool, but I didn't really find it useful, espicially since there was no keyboard on the thing, I asked him "how the heck do you type on this", and his only response was that "you get used to it". (To this day, I still don't believe him). One day I was monitoring some of the other tech websites and came across a review for a phone called the "Droid 3". It was another Android phone, based on 2.3 (gingerbread) but this one was pretty high powered as it had a dual-core processor and a keyboard. I have since moved to watching monthly video podcasts from one of the websites I frequent, and unfortunately at the time, they didn't really work all that well on the Blackberry 9800, so I figured I'd try something out, and if I didn't like it, I could always return it in 14 days.
That was in August of last year... Yes, I have purchased a new phone, called the Droid 4 (unfortunately the Droid 3 didn't have the hardware requirements to run the latest version of Android).

As an avid Blackberry user, I can tell you what you are missing:

- For news, I use a program called gReader Pro. It does all of my podcasts and RSS reading, including video podcast downloading. It's really great since it syncs between my google reader account, my tablet and my phone, so I never have to worry about reading the same article twice or 4 times (payware, but a free version offered, without the podcasting portions)
- Video playback is much smoother on this phone
- One ecosystem, (my tablet is also android) so I don't have to re-purchase my software between platforms
- Dropbox integration; my dropbox is setup that whenever I take a new photo it puts it into my dropbox
- Multitude of VPN client options (some free, some paid)
- Widgets
-> I can easily view the weather just turning on my phone
-> I can easily dial or txt someone by clicking on their face through my home screen
- Web browsing is A LOT FASTER, I also have access to Adobe Flash (but who cares about flash)
- Portability between carriers; it doesn't matter what SIM is in my phone, my email accounts are on the phone, as long as I have a data connection I can get everything (this goes a long way if you like to change SIMs when going into other countries)
- Skype full video chat
- Viber voice
- Remote capability to view or listen to the content I have at home through a simple app
- Google talk with Voice and Video chat
- Access to a software application store with 1/2 a million apps in it, for things like learning how to tie a tie, or an interactive Dr seuss book, of course, there are countless of other titles
- Multitude of 3rd party VoIP applications (some androids also give you built-in VoIP access) (payware)
- Full office-like suite (payware)
- The softkeyboard called "Swype". I'm actually using my physical keyboard a lot less, since the new version is absolutley superb! (Manufacturer specific)

That's pretty much all of the stuff I can tell you about.

For any hardcore Blackberry user, I would really recommend picking up a DROID 4 phone, and running with it for a couple of weeks. If you still think Blackberry is better, PM me.

For people outside of the US, Android QWERTY phones are hard to find. My old phone Droid 3 was only so good, I wouldn't really recommend that one. Try finding an XPERIA PRO and load up the latest update to see how that one works. Both are slider phones, I'm not sure if the Sony has the Swype capability in it, but there is a free beta version going around at beta.swype.com.

After everythign I said, keep all of this in mind, I do have a Bold 9900 for work purposes and find the Blackberry ecosystem is still missing a lot.

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1. Its security is second to none.
2. My sense of self worth isn't based on the device I own. (A bb, iphone, android,...it's just a device).
3. My communication needs come first, not entertainment.
4. I don't need, nor have a use for 99.9% of the apps available elsewhere.
5. My data doesn't always have to gathered and used by third party apps.

All my life I've been using Nokia handsets, I've had six Nokia handsets, including one that was stolen from my pocket, and one hand-me-down from my father. Before I decided on a BB, I was contemplating whether to get an iPhone or the 9900, but then I already have an Android tablet, on which I can use a lot of applications and games. So, I decided to go with the 9900 and havent had a single regret. As my best friend answered to us back then when we asked "Why are you using a blackberry device?" his answer will always be "It just works."

I couldn't agree more. I recentl purchased an android device and after two weeks found myself RUNNING back to my BB. The functionality of the BB makes productivity much easier and simplier, especially the email features which are very important (can't get a read receipt on an android with the eas of a BB). It was an expensive lession but I think I will stick with what works for me B B all the way

I just registered here because of this article, I'm 17 years of age and I'm a very big fan of BB, BBM is just too fun to use, don't get me wrong iPhone games are fun too, I even own an iPhone 4S but socialization, utility, and handiness all in one, is just hands down to Blackberry, I will never give up my blackberry. <3

yes have to agree. Thought that the BB isn't offering enough apps until I realised that I only use a few on my iPhone anyway. And email and social networking is really so simple and I'm not missing anything. I finally woke up and realsied my needs.

Plus the battery life is something that I can't praise high enough as well! Simply amazing.

I'm still on my Bold 9900, the best phone I've ever had. My second love was my original Curve (yes, with the wheel). I switched to an LG Optimux 2x Android only to return to my Bold 9900 a month later. Yeah, I still use a BlackBerry, so what?

Because like in every business you got to have the right tools to succed
So, if you want to succed in what you do , blackberry is the right tool
I own a bb9900 and a playbook 64 g.

Hi, I have an iPhone 4S, I used to have a BB9900 but now I'm going to buy an used BB9900 and I'm trying to sell the iPhone 4S (not too hard, the price is high because I have mixed feelings :) I just like the keyboard and the messaging system. The iPhone 4S has a great camera and tons of cool apps for video and photo, but I think no one here is a director or a professional photographer and even they are, they will probably not shoot their videos and photos on a smartphone. So, iPhone 4S is great for some things and the Bold 9900 is great for other things.

My question is: if so many BB users like to state that their phones are for work and iPhones and Android phones are toys, why are they craving for OS10? Won't it transform their phones in toys too? Am I missing something? Do you think BBS10 touchscreen phones will be some kind of work+toy? Isn't "just work" enough anymore?

One BB9900 with auto-focus camera would be enough for me. I will never trade the 9900 for a touchscreen BB. Because I have one very similar to that: an iPhone 4S :)

I had a blackberry for 4 years then switched to an Iphone in 2011 and will keep that for personal, but for work email nothing beats the Blackberry. I will never be able to type as fast on an iPhone as I can on a Blackberry. Just got a Curve and happy to be back sending out rapid fire emails again.

I've been a Blackberry fan for years and love them, my son gave me an iPhone to try-HUGE mistake. I'm back to my 9900 and look forward to the new Classic. These days it seems those of us who have stuck with Blackberrys are now considered rebels of a sort. I think that's great

I am using a passport as well as a Note 4. have to admit accessing things and reading messages is much more easier on the passport (as well as my previous Curve, Torch, Q10 and Z30). I believe it goes to individual and purpose of having a smartphone... for primary play or work.

I am using Z10 ,( would be nice to have Z30, Leap, Passport, or Classic),with extemely satisfaction. Efficient for work or personal uses. If I need other apps, I have a small iphone ,that is a bit of hazzles for work),and that will do the job.