"Why I still hate my BlackBerry Z10"

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jul 2013 10:28 am EDT

He's bacccCK! Watch part deux above. And if you missed part 1, you can watch it here. I like this kid (J_Caloy) - think we're going to bring him on the next CrackBerry podcast if he's willing. 

I'd love to see more members of CrackBerry Nation take to the youtubez to express their love for their BB. If you do it, send us the link. If we like it, we'll blog it up - it's as simple as that.

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"Why I still hate my BlackBerry Z10"



He takes the iphone on head to head, which is what needs to be done. What is great about it, he is of the right age group, he speaks their language, and he concedes to the iphone mentality.....this is what you want, long and slow!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Umm... so you don't think it's pretty safe to assume it IS an example of not-very-subtle viral marketing?

Shut up and get an iPhone then.

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Funny. If this guy is listening, I wonder how many people he's responsible for converting to BlackBerry? This kid can obviously think for himself and has not caved to peer pressure

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My colleague at work actually wanted to try the BlackBerry after seeing my video! She's an iPhone user :)

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His review is way better than all the millions BlackBerry has wasted so far in their marketing.

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I wonder if he lost his text messages in the latest update too, or if he got a android port pushed to his phone as part of the update lol.

ah user error, how we gonna place that then? I clicked update then restart, kinda hard to go wrong, but hey tell yourself that while many others in these and other forums experience the exact same issues as me.

theres being a fan then being blind.

errr no the error is in the software.
also if link was slow and pathetic I might entertain the idea of using it

i know a bunch of android and iphone users that have experience the same issue, is not just a Z10 thing.

Thanks for pointing this out bbthemes but my text messages are gone too! I'm on Rogers! This was an over the air update so there is no reason to backup, not like loading a leaked version. Now what?

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I wish I had an answer for ya, my answer personally is that im considering another platform, but that's not just based on this one incident, but things ranging from the whole BB10 for PlayBook, to this issue, to having android apps pushed to my phone with no warning to other issues on the dev side of things.
I can honestly say any loyalty I ever felt for BlackBerry has been eroded, not by myself but by their many actions over the last 6 months

there is always a reason to back up, what if you drop/damage your phone and need to restore it on a new device? backups are your best friend and honestly they dont take very long to do, backing up my q10 takes about 40 minutes (about 7.2GB of data on the device), if you have the 16GB filled then it would take, what? 2 hours or less?

you could try restarting your BB hub, from within the hub swipe from the top right corner to the middle of the screen 4 times, if that doesnt restore your missing SMS messages it is likely that they have been lost

*Note* all mobile devices have the possibility to lose SMS messages with software updates, sometimes even at random, its not solely a blackberry/bb10 issue

Moral of the story -> backups, backups, backups

I did, but no big deal... not something I will sweat over. I got 99 problems but a phone ain't one! :)

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Watcha nose about dat? LOL
Just showed my 15 year old daughter this video. She loves it, and didn't know about the swipe up to look at the last pic. I'm telling you, BB needs this guy to do a series of commercials.

I've said it when his first video came out and I'll say it again, "BlackBerry hire him"


Have been wanting to grab the z10 and this guy may have pushed me to it. I love the alarm point that he made me aware of.

you can also set the alarm with voice command, just hold down the pause/center button on the and say set alarm for 6 30 am and it'll do it. Can do this form any screen actually.

ya i didn't know about it until my friend was showing me that her galaxy S4 could do that. So I was like eff it, i'll see if i can do that on my Z10. It's actually faster on the Z10.

Ha,ha,didn't. know that either and just tried it. Worked like s charm. Will try to impress others.

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I like this one a LOT more than the first one where it seemed he was trying too hard to be "yo, G." I agree with the above....marketing could learn a lot from this guy....if they made ads like THIS, it would work in the US....the US wants funny, cool, laid back....and yes we love our smartassisms....errrr...I mean sarcasm.
Frank Boulben....you just got schooled by a dude from youtube....lmao

You forgot the BOOM! Who really talks to their phone anyhow! You look like an idiot in public!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

My thoughts exactly. Pepper the airwaves with this. The perfect BlackBerry commercial to cause buzz and interest!!!!!

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Maybe BlackBerry has hired him. Maybe this is there way. Take someone who is supposedly at arms length, get them to take iphone on head to head without corporately taking a risk. You never know!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Get this guy a commercial already!! Seriously, this would help customers relate to the product, and helps to dismiss Apple!! Let's do it!

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Wow learned new gesture. Cb should do a post with all known gestures though and readers can add any they missed.

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Uhh yeah... raise your hand if you didn't know about that camera "last picture" peek. Holy crap that's fast. AND EFFICIENT! I hate it!!!

Great video JC!

Damned after following CB for all this time and having an iPhone, this is the first time i want to try the Z10, this guy really know how to sell this things.. BlackBerry have to hire him or do exact same tv ad

This would be a great series of commercials. Blackberry ought to do something like this... or just download these videos off YouTube.

Didn't even know of the picture preview from the camera. I knew I could click it, not slide it up.

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I've had my z for 6 months and I didn't know you could preview the last shot on the camera with a gesture.

What other dirty little secrets is this phone holding from me?

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Storymaker then share it to your Youtube channel and view it conveniently on FastTube professionally or socially !

It's a hit in my home and office !

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Great video. Learned new gesture in camera app. Love my phone. Something new everyday. Keep it coming JC.

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He did it again. BlackBerry should hire him to do their commercial for the young people or send him on the street of all the big cities to demonstrate the Z10&Q10 how he hates it because it is too fast and the BlackBerry HUB so organized compare to the other brands. I remembered the guy who did commercial for the Dell computer way back; he keeps saying "cool, you've got a Dell". I love that commercial!

Lol, great videos!!!
I like that the gestures he's showing are things I had no idea about, well done.
And the videos are hilarious!
Whether or not JC ends up in a podcast, or part of the CB team, or in BlackBerry marketing, I think we need to hear from JC himself here on CB!

Kevin- does Thornsten know about this guy? If not, you need to tell him. They need a more human element to the commercial and this guy does it. Bring him on Board!

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i can set my alarm faster on ios less than 3 second. here the step :
* hold home button, until mic from siri come out
* talk to siri "set my alarm <insert>am tomorrow/everyday"
* done

The Z10 can do that too, but on both, it takes longer than 3 seconds. In fact, the input for accessing SIRI is to hold the home button for one second. That gives you two seconds to speak everything, have it access the voice server, set the alarm, and confirm. Not happening. On the Z10, you can swipe from the top, click the alarm icon to turn the alarm on and off without every leaving the home screen, or tap the alarm time next to the icon and spin the dot around. It's cool to have the voice assist to do some things, but sometimes it's just quicker and easier to do it yourself.

I'm searching YouTube for your BB10 video. For some reason I can't seem to find it. I know you're extremely creative and can do soo much better.

You, sir, are my hero. I don't give a shit what the BlackBerry marketing team comes up with; it will never be as impressive as what you did for the brand. Keep this up. You are so freaking close to being a star: an even bigger one than you already are with the BlackBerry community. Don't forget the little people, J.C.

Thank you for the encouraging comment! All these positive comments makes me want to release more videos! I have soo many ideas, not enough time!...

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Unfortunately I don't own a BlackBerry Q10... if I did, would have a review for it...

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Absolutely brilliant!!!. Kevin you need to do more than invite this guy to a podcast but bring him and his videos to the attention to head of advertising at BlackBerry. He has without a doubt provided an angle for BlackBerry. I'm sure we all remember the "Dude your getting a Dell" ads before that guy destroyed his meal ticket. Those ads connected with the youth and drove serious sales as they made Dell laptops and computers cool. These ads have that same appeal with its biting sarcasm and wit they have obviously connected with not only the youth but older as well. I strongly believe that this is the way to go and BlackBerry would be wise to consider it. The irony is that with all the sophisticated fancy ads which they are no doubt planning a simple idea has the greatest potential and would cost the least as proven by the very strong response on Crackberry. Love these ads and I am looking forward to another one already. This is how you "Sell like hell!".

What would be really funny is if he beat iPhone at their own game. Get 10.2 and above ( leak obviously) open up the music player and try skipping 50songs as fast as you can in a row on the iPhone (which lags the whole phone) then try it with BB10 ;)

Like in this link http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykl6aDirTQ. Starting at 1:30.

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ain't nobody got tiiiime fo-dat !! Not iphone users, cause they take forever to set their alarms. You got a ZED? You got plenty 'o time for-dat !!

Jajaj this guy wow, just made my day again with the review and the nose gesture he should go patent right away! I never thought of it! Genius and very original! Keep it up!

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I wish I would receive other BlackBerry phones to review them.... but for now, I'll stick with the Z10 reviews :)

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The iphone doesn't suck but it isn't the best phone either. The enormous sale of the phone isn't an indication of its superiority over others but due to its perception as such. That perception can be attributed to its superior marketing. People don't necessarily buy the best but rather what they believe is the best.

I'm not sure if I lost my text messages or not. There were still texts on the hub. Odd. That being said, the video was fun and interesting that it showed me a thing about the camera. I thought I was a power user. Dude - u got schooled

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But it is funny to see him say that iOS is complicated... Wasn't the "dumbed-down" approach that managed to make it the ultra hit it is?

That dudes good.. love the first and even so love this one.. nice and slow is the way to go.. represent, iBone. LOL

Once you go Black, you don't go back. Q10 baby.

BlackBerry should take this simple low budget approach to marketing. Giving in to the media bull and run some "Ya it's true" ads such as blackberry is your dad's phone, but your dad drives an Aston Martin and looks like James Bond, or its for the kid who lives in his parents basement, and that kid is Justin Bieber, or Mike and Jim screwed things up long ago, and show their two rolls royces side by side and Jim rolls down his window to ask Mike if he has any gray pupon.

Tell it like it is and win people over.

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Blackberry needs to contract this guy as their ambassador to be on their commercials to target the younger audience, and use it over and over again (just like how Apple hired Justin Long as Mac for the I'm a Mac, I'm a PC)

Another awesome video J.C, hope you get even more hits with this one. I agree with everyone above, blackberry should hire you. As you can see you have lots of supporters here at crackberry. As with all good things, I suggest you do another one in the near future to complete the trilogy."why I hate my z10 even more!" and do it after the 10.2 os update. You'll have loads of features to talk about, like the ones mentioned above, the fast song swipe, toast notifications, actionable notifications, better battery life, etc etc. Keep up the good work! Blackberry wake up!

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I enjoyed this video much more than the first one. It gets the message across in a way that will appeal to the younger generation without the foul language.

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BlackBerry should get this guy and Kevin Butler (guy from the PS commercials) to do a commercial together.

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What the?? Just learnt about the preview thing in the camera app I didn't know that! Wow! Just tried to preview last picture on my S3, just enough time to grab a coffee before it comes up!

Even better than the first one. Dude makes me laugh. (did not lose my text messages with the update, phone doesn't spontaneously reboot, things don't disappear from the hub - it all just works. As the "great " Steve Jobs so famously said, "Smartphones...have problems. ")
Get him on the 'cast.


Hahahahaha, I loved the first video. Love this one even more. Kevin, let's get him on a CrackBerry podcast.

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Now this is what blackberry needs. Some guy to help show off the bbos 10 feature. Some youtube sensation. This guy is doing a great job at it

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I was thorn between getting an iphone5 or the Z10. I watched this guys video, the first one, and ran to a store the next 2 days. The guy is too coooollll!!!

This kid is awesome and needs to be hired by BlackBerry and Crackberry!!! Has done much better marketing than BlackBerry hands down!!!

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Is it just me, or is anyone with me on that this would make a hell of commercial campaign ?? people love sarcasm, and they could make a secuence of ads revealing each feature of BB10 in a sarcastic way/. I'd use the same guy for the commercials, and a funny girl also.

BlackBerry should hire this guy to promote z10,funny,expressive and with excellent comparison point by point. Way to go.

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I f#@king love this kid!!! ....makes me feel BlackBerry has hope!" this is Cd1105...and I love my BlackBerry Z10'"!!!!..

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This would make one beautiful commercial for BlackBerry....they should hire this kid!!! I inspired jus by watchin this sh*t
....love my z10....all u ios n android users can kick rocks!!!

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Te voy a insultar en mi idioma, semejante hijo de puta inmigrante que estas en los estados unidos o donde putas sea q estes gran pedejo deja de hablar tanta mierda y dedicate mejor a masturbarte con tu puta madre ya aburriste con estos tus videos mierda pendejo .l. te mando un saludo desde mi pais y dejame decirte que comas tu propia mierda....

Blackberry, get this guy on your commercials right away. This is better than the Andriod making fun of Iphone ads man. Giddy up.

Not a fan of his presentation style, but he did teach me three things I didn’t know!

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Much better than the first one! The first would have been great if he edited out all the cussing. We get enough of that today, everywhere and there is no need for it in a humorous video. Very well done second video!

I've read a lot of people who didn't like the cussing, i didn't initially think that my first video was such a hit, so in making my second video, I took in account that the cussing was unnecessary, hence the "clean" review part 2!

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Did anyone else know about that picture preview function on the phone? That's awesome! Take that Crapple.

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Another very witty video - loved it, especially not being able to trust the alarm lolll. Amazing.

Also like many others, thanks for teaching me something new with the preview mode in the camera. That rocks!

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Unfortunately, a lot of the slow things about iOS may be improved with iOS7 making these videos somewhat dated by the time anyone at BlackBerry finally decides to make something of his videos.

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J.C. Nice. This is the best thing i'd seen all day.

This second video could be cut by a good editor and make a fantastic set of BB10 TV ads. Great work, J.C.

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Been standing around with my gun powder and musket behind the cavalry peeking through my looking glass waiting for the zombie trolls I thought I dispatched the last time home boy did his thing.

Where's my Bannerman?

it was a dumb video. To be ffair he ccould have started siri or if on android GoogleNow and simply said set alarm for six pm. Nice and easy. Doesn't Android have a notification shade where you can access all notifications quickly and easily since it is one simple motion? Doesn't the blackberry z10 camera suck?

Let us know when you upload your brilliant video. We know your creative juices flow so much that we're almost bouncing out of our seats with anticipation.

Thank you for answering my questions. I'm simply stating that he didn't give the iPhone a fair representation. When you post a video Like this on to the internet you open yourself to criticism like mine.

if his iphone was an iphone 4 then he wouldnt have Siri (looks like a 4 or 4s in the video) also bb10 has fantastic voice recognition software, he could have pressed (hold) the pause play button and said "set alarm for 6pm" and it would have completed it, he was referencing using the clock app (without using siri/s-voice/other voice software) bb10 is much quicker to set

from my experience with my fiance's Z10 and my Q10 the camera is on par with the average for a mobile device

i wouldn't mind a thinner Z10 with less bezel and a bit more power and bigger screen way more battery JUICE.

oh i guess thats the A10. Should I jump from the Q10 to the A10 its dam tempting!!!

I didn't even know that feature with the picture preview was....well a feature, lol. I like what this JC guy is doing with these Z10 videos. I want to see more things like this across the web.

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Keep this videos circulating. It is amazing. This kid speaks the language of youth and is doing a good job comparing features.
The slow and complicated stuff that's what I want! Lol

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...LOL,..."Long and Slow is the Way to Go!" Man,...I even learned a few things about my camera,...like tap any where on the screen to take a pic,...and slide up to preview! Sweet!

Ha! What a twist,..."hate",...for the Z10 is the new "love",... I too am hating the hell out of my Z10,...it's too freak'n fast like the guy said.

The OS - Too Fast
The Browser - Too Fast
Checking Notifications - Too Fast
Switching Apps - Too Fast
Closing Apps - Too Fast
Downloading/Installing Apps - Too Fast
Typing messages - Too Fast
LTE Radio - Too Fast

All of this "fast stuff" has made the Z10,....TOO FAST!

Why is it every phone i get is worse than the last one. Engineers who think they know what i want in a phone, don't. I recently, yesterday, upgraded my 9870 to a q10, Well they did it again. they took a functional device and turned it into a piece of sh*t. It took three hours and a blackberry factory representative to move my contacts form my 9870 to my q10, and another hours to get e-mail to work. Now instead of just dialing the phone i have to locate some nuisance app. IT"S A PHONE, what don't the mind numbed robots understand about that. I upgraded for two reasons, it was $10 cheaper and it supported flash. I have a need to run flash. so I'm stuck. I use the phone for a few specific things. A phone, to read my email, some internet conferences, (the flash requirement), and read the news. if the GPS works i might use that once in a while, i can still navigate almost any place i need to go. As far as I'm concerned the rest of the stuff is junk. I can't get rid of it, I can't even move it to a back page where i don't have to look at it. I feel as if i am in a George Orwellian nightmare. I should have to add what i want, not listen to marketing weenie.

ON top of that thee need to fix the basic operating system. My first call, tech support, put me in never never land. I couldn't hang up, i couldn't turn the speaker phone. it was a disaster. Today i at least get those options. I don't know what happened, perhaps it got tired of me swearing at it a threatening to throw it down the toilet. I know if i am not happy take it back. I wish i could. I am stuck in a world where dog leashes are required. don't say get an android of an I phone, those are just a bad, I know i have one of those too. they just don't do Flash. I got the Android because i was told wrongly that it did, i just use it for a gps now. I don't even know the phone number.

So does anyone know how i can get rid of all of the doo-dads and gee-gaws and make teh phone do what i want, or am i cursed to live in Alice's wonderland?