Why I love my BlackBerry PlayBook now more than ever

PlayBook Love
By Adam Zeis on 9 Mar 2012 12:11 pm EST

Am I a BlackBerry fanboy? Yes, but you knew that already. In the last two weeks I have become an even bigger one thanks to the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software update.

Before the update, I was a fan of my PlayBook, but I didn't find myself using it on a daily basis. I kept it on an end table and it was more of a couch reader than anything else. I'd use it for quick web searches, maybe a game here and there and I'd typically pull it out and use Evernote when conjuring up dinner in the kitchen. Thanks to the PlayBook 2.0 software however, I've been carrying my PlayBook with me much more often. I find it leaves the house with me now and I'll carry it to and from my office. So this is my fanboy post about why I love my BlackBerry PlayBook now more than ever - how the native PIM apps didn't change that and why sideloading Android apps is awesome.

Why I love my PlayBook now more than ever

What didn't change my view - Native Email and PIM Apps

Flash back to CES 2011 - I had countless discussions arguments with Kevin, Bla1ze and others as to why I didn't think that native email on the BlackBerry PlayBook was a huge deal. Kevin's argument was that it had to be there so people didn't complain that it wasn't, and that's a point I would have to agree with. Ever since I had my iPad I never used the native mail client. I'm a Gmail guy by choice, and Google has always provided a great web experience no matter what the platform. Using email through the broswer never seemed like a chore to me. When I'm at my computer during the day I use my web browser for email; when I'm away, I use my BlackBerry. Even when I had turned to the dark(er) side for a three month iPhone stint, I still chose to use one mobile device primarily for email and would then browse the web on my iPad or computer. 

PlayBook Native Apps

Using the native messages app on the BlackBerry PlayBook is a great overall experience. Having native email makes the tablet much more well rounded and is a big selling point to many. For me, however, I look at the native apps (Messages, Calendar and Contacts) as "bonus features". If I didn't own a PlayBook and were to go tablet shopping, these apps would mostly likely not be a deciding factor for me. When I'm out of my house, on the couch or anywhere away from my computer, I use my BlackBerry for email. Lengthy emails are reserved for a full size keyboard, and I believe mobile emails should be cranked out quickly and efficiently, which my BlackBerry Bold 9900 does just just fine. 

I think that the one big downside to the Messages app on the PlayBook is still the lack of true two-way sync for Gmail between phone, tablet and Gmail (which is ultimately a phone/BIS problem - BB10 aims to fix all that). Using an iPad and iPhone together, if you choose to use the Mail app on both you'll get two-way sync along with it. Instantly your messages are marked as read, unread or deleted across the board. BIS email is notorious for not having true two-way sync. After years it still takes minutes hours at times for email to fully sync between your actual inbox and phone. When I open the Messages app on my PlayBook, read an email and then turn to my Bold 9900, I would expect to see that same message to be marked as read -- but that's not the case. While it works great between Gmail on the web and my PlayBook, sticking the phone in the mix kinks it all up. Perhaps, if two-way sync worked properly (and as it should in 2012) I would be much more open to using the Messages app on my PlayBook. As it stands, I feel email on the PlayBook is really something I can live without. If I do find myself with a burning desire to use email on my PlayBook, I'll head straight for BlackBerry Bridge. For me, Bridge email gets the job done as much as I need it to and still beats the native messages app on the PlayBook.

The native Contacts and Calendar apps fall into this bubble as well  -- but to  a lesser degree. Not utilizing email on my PlayBook means my need for a Contacts app is lessened dramatically. Since I'm more of a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of guy, a Calendar app is never a big feature for me.

Why Sideloading Android Apps is cooler than downloading from App World ... for now

What's the big seller on the PlayBook for me now? Android apps. More so, sideloading Android apps; since none of the Android apps I wish to use are in BlackBerry App World. What is 'sideloading'? It's essentially the process of loading apps onto your PlayBook without going through BlackBerry App World, and it can be done from both a Windows PC or a Mac.

I've never been a big apps guy by any means.  I use a BlackBerry as my phone of choice because it is the best communication tool there is -- it has amazing email, simple SMS, makes phone calls and has the greatest mobile IM client in BBM. A full QWERTY keyboard means I can type messages quickly and that flashing LED lets me know when my BlackBerry needs me. During my iPhone trial I fell in love with apps, however. Knowing there were apps for any little thing I could think of made me wonder why I ever chose to use a BlackBerry at all.  After weeks of feeling guilty as my Bold 9900 sat in my desk drawer, I realized I couldn't communicate worth a damn. I constantly had to check for typos, couldn't easily search how I wanted, had no keyboard shortcuts and my iPhone never once blinked red to tell me it missed me. So after more than a few days of debate I reunited with my long time love and never looked back. My iPhone now serves as a shiny dust collector on my desk.

So what's the point? Well, while I realize that I don't need apps on my phone; what I do want is apps on my tablet. I want my tablet to serve as an extension of my phone and give me different options. I don't want my PlayBook to be a direct mirror of my phone - if it were, what would be the point? I like going to my phone for a few apps and heading to my PlayBook for others. It's funny because I find myself using my PlayBook, putting it down, and then immediately picking up my phone to do something else. I keep my social actions like email, Twitter, BBM and Facebook confined to my phone, while my bigger browsing and gaming is confined to the PlayBook.

Android Apps PlayBook

While BlackBerry App World stocks a good chunk of apps/games, it still doesn't have everything that we'd love to be using. Sure we could jump right in and name drop Skype and Netflix, but I'm in the 1% that doesn't care about or need either of those. I use a pretty specific set of apps across all my devices, and less than half are available in BlackBerry App World. With the PlayBook 2.0 software and the built-in Android App Player however, I can find the free apps I need with a little research, load them up onto my PlayBook in just a minute and I'm up and running. Apps I use pretty much every day include Evernote, Cozi Family Organizer (which has since turned up in App World), Wunderlist, Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, Nexia (for my home automation)  and yes, Words With Friends. Sadly only Evernote and Facebook have official apps for the PlayBook. For Twitter there is no official app but a few third-party choices available. Wunderlist, Words With Friends, Pandora and Nexia are all Android apps I had to sideload on my PlayBook - and they all work awesomely (yes, awesomely).

Having these apps truly does make me use my PlayBook much more than in the past. Previously I found myself using it here and there for some games and to jump on the web, but now I cart it around with me and use it much more often. Everything is clean and organized thanks to the home screen dock and folders, and it's just an all around better experience. Granted I'm in a small user set in that A) doesn't use email on my tablet often and B) was able to find the small selection of apps I use without too much effort.

Now keep in mind this is only how things are for now. Developers just need to port their Android apps and get them into BlackBerry App World ASAP. I don't care if any of the apps I use are Android apps as long as I can download them from BlackBerry App World. If Zynga drops Words With Friends into App World and it works on my PlayBook - that's good enough for me. Same goes for everyone else.

Together Forever

Together Forever

So overall it breaks down like this - While I was a fan of my BlackBerry PlayBook all along, it wasn't really a "must have" device for me. I liked knowing it was there for couch browsing, movies on trips and occasional games, but until the release of OS 2.0 I could easily ignore it. Now, I love my PlayBook more than ever. It has the apps I want, can be organized to fit my home screen OCD needs, plays nice with my Bold 9900 and just keeps me wanting more. Every day now I get up and grab both my Bold 9900 and PlayBook (where my PlayBook used to get left behind) and bring them to my office. I use both throughout the day and would honestly miss my PlayBook now were it not to be there. If you don't have a PlayBook yet - shame on you. Go buy one.

Hopefully the releaes of OS 2.0 has brought you a new found love for your PlayBoook as well. Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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Why I love my BlackBerry PlayBook now more than ever


I didn't put down my playbook since OS2, fell in love all over again with it, it's really a great device!

I am so in love with the new Overdrive media app which allows me to download a huge selection of current free audio and text books from my local library and use my PlayBook as an e-reader.

Agreed the OS 2.0 upgrade was great. Feels like I got a new device, that's what an upgrade should do.

I have carried mine since last may. I purchased a curve 9360 to compliment it and with OS 2 the experience

is Excellent.

Before and After 2.0 is no difference to me. I used the hell out of my playbook before and still use the hell out of it after.

I have to say that I am another person that wanted the native email client on the playbook just so that it would be one less thing for people to use as an excuse to dismiss a good device, I much prefer to use my phone or computer for email than any tablet.

As far as other apps, Rim simply has to work harder and/or bribe the relevant companies to get those apps that are basically seen as required on any tablet such as Kindle (especially annoying since the android version works just fine), the various media streaming services, IM clients, Skype and so on because otherwise those who made a big deal about the absence of an email client will just move onto the next omission as their new target.

Blackberry.com has the 16GB for $199 the 32GB for $249 oh and the 64GB for $299. My prices are based on the USA market!

I'll start the bidding at $99. If you want to give it away I'll be happy to take the "burden" off your hands! I'd love to be able to serve HD movies to my TV while also messaging surfing newsing reading and gaming on the other one I get from you. UR loss.

OS2.0 is cranking up the love for me too. (How much higher can it go?) Google maps now works. Remote literally kicks ass. Android Player is far from perfect (this is release 1 remember!) but the ability to run qPDF and Google Sky Map alone make it very worth it. (Insert your list here.)

Do I want more? Absolutely. Am I very happy? Yes! The market has spoken and people want apps! apps! and more apps!! But even more than apps they want options. PB was the best tablet option for me. Picked mine up about 10 weeks ago; glad I did not wait for OS2. But with OS2 my feeling is I will definitely be picking up a few more units.

Some of the things I hear around the house now are - "Hey Dad can I use the PlayBook?" or "Who has the PlayBook?"

I love the new OS. I love my playbook more than ever.

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

A few days after the 2.0 download, I feared that it wasn't playing nice with my battery and there was something wrong. Long story short by the end of the day I have always had 30% or more of my battery left at the end of the day. After 2.0, I was very happy that I had acquired the rapid charger because I was running dead before I would go to bed. But then I started realizing how much more I was doing with it now and there was very little time it was in standby mode. But I'm still getting 8-10 hours of constant usage out of it. The time just passes so much faster now with all the improvements.

And the BlackBerry addiction continues...
Boldly sent from my 9930

I just filled out a Consumer Reports survey sent to me about tablet usage. Humorously the choice for the PlayBook was "RIM BlackBerry Tablet" (PlayBook was missing). When asked where I bought apps from App World was missing from the choices, I had to choose "other" and fill it in. Why is this incredible tablet so shunned by the media along with supposedly objective rating agencies like Consumer Reports? Today's San Diego Tribune newspaper had a non-advertisement article talking about Wal Mart being the best place to buy the new iPad 3 if you wanted to buy more than one. Yes, to buy six or more! This was a news article!

I too can't put my PB down now that it has 2.0. They can line up for their new iPad.

Why didn't you just get an Android Tab? Are they sideloading BlackBerry apps? Is the IPad sideloading BlackBerry apps?
I"m a BlackBerry fan not an Android or Apple fan.
I did enjoy your article though, thanks for sharing.
I am one of the "few" that doesn't want Android stuff in my Berry.
I do use the Calendar, Contacts and Messages for work. It's great and it will get better as you mentioned with BB10, can't wait......BIS intergration. That is what I was hoping all along for my BB device and PlayBook to work together. I will wait patiently.

Dude, I am so with you on this!!! You get two thumbs and two big toes up!!! Well said! BB for BB and Android for Android!
Thank you Artie!!

It's not that I want Android apps, it's that I want ANY apps on my PlayBook. Being able to sideload Android apps is just a means to get that done. I don't care if they come from App World or I have to sideload them or if they are PlayBook or Android apps - if they work on my PlayBook that's all that matters.

Don't get me wrong, I hardly enjoy Android, but it doesn't bother me to port and sideload Android apps if I'm going to use them.

... I just don't look at it like a girlfriend who notices her boyfriend, harmlessly talking to another girl. ;)

Get over yourself. Stop being so linear and narrow minded. I didn't buy my playbook to watch movies on, I bought it to get stuff done. If the Android apps help me get those things done, so be it.

Some of the readers of Crackberry really need to get a grip on life. Oh, by the way, I am not a Blackberry, Apple, or Android fan. I am a fan of ME. I am a fan of what makes my life better. You only live once, all these blind allegiances are laughable.

Flexibility is a civilian nicety and a military necessity.......the more options a system gives the better it can support your mission. Thank god you are one of the few who think that way. Linear thinking is ONE of the reasons RIM fell from the top.

Native email is a bigger deal for the (few) of us still using AOL because both the desktop and browser-based AOL experiences are really a pain. Plus I like the flashing notifications. Us ATT 9810 users also are still left out in the cold with the Remote feature on the Playbook because we don't have the Bridge 2.0 update. (Why?) I haven't tried the side-load apps yet so I haven't taken full advantage of the 2.0 update.

I've got an AT&T 9810 running bridge 2.0 since the day it came out. It is working great. Try going into setup on your phone and updating the software manually.

I do agree that the playbook is now an awesome piece of kit. Indeed I like it more and more as I use it! I woke up in the night and realized that I hadn't sent an important document. I lent over and downloaded the doc from box.com, edited it using docs to go and sent it using native email. Brill.

On top of that I'm using print to go loads (in fact planning to use it for holding questions next week when I'm interviewing the Archbishop of Canterbury!)

Used it for taking videos whilst I was in Kenya which was great.

I just love it!!

Wow... they should make a commercial featuring you and your itinerary! That's a message that really brings it home as "a professional tablet!"

Well we will be videoing it and Lambeth palace (home and office of aforementioned) have asked for a copy to put on their website. Soooo, hoping it goes okay!

sideloading is great, its just that the majority of people don't care about going through that. They want to just be able to download it from app world.

I use my playbook for business, not a toy or entertainment center. That said, it is sure great to surf on, carry around a big chunk of my music library, and take pics and video.

With splashtop running, I am liberated from lugging my laptop everywhere. True mobile office with BlueBox, docs to go, and all the great bridge functions to my torch.

I love my Playbook!

I had my BBPB since April 19th 2011, it is the very first tablet I have ever owned (I test tablets, phones for my company). With OS 1.0 I was very pleased with my overall experience, Mulitasking, DocToGo, Adobe Connect Pro, Bridge, Camera (Front and Back), HDMI output and I can go on and on. To me OS 2.0 is like R.I.M telling me, You know what Trini- because you have been such a loyal fan-boy here's a little something extra for you. Now my BB is a remote control (WHAT), Mouse and Keyboard (WHAT), etc. So I always loved my BB along with my BBPB. Now as far as apps goes, again I am still pleased. For the apps that do exist within appworld and on my device is what I need for work and play. All of this... I need this android app or I need that android apps makes me sick I swear, If you want an andriod app buy an adroid tablet and be happy (sorry that's the old me)!!! But you know what I am saying, right?

I love My New Playbook So much the moment i saw it on youtube. Was not really a BB Fan Back then but now I do, And I always check up here about new updates about Playbook
I just need a nice case to keep it protected and a new BB Phone :) I LOVE MY PLAYBOOK! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Just have to say, the native email, calender and contacts have no value to me until RIM provides the ability to sync to Outlook. The most value would be memo/notes. I refuse to put that stuff in a cloud. The main reason I originally went to BB was phone quality and sync capability which I was led to believe would also be on PB. Starting to think the new relationship with the Google ads on this blog are affecting the lack of recognizing this huge hole for a lot of us users.

It does sync to Outlook. The key is knowing your company's. Proper owa address. Once I had that it synced fine and I had to select SSL on.
I've. Been synced to Outlook. For weeks.

I'm experiencing the same. I'm unable to maintain a stable connection to the server beyond 3-5 min. I’m being told by Road Runner this is due to Outlook not having sync capabilities and that this is a RIM issue; RIM states it’s a provider issue. Either way, I'm not able to use native email. I also have business email that is only accessible through Citrix. Unfortunately, the Citrix Access Gateway does not function even with the new Citrix Receiver. I have been with BB and RIM for years and I bought the PB knowing it wasn’t fully ready for release but believing in RIM’s promise of having one PIM system/tool. This is not the case it has led only to frustration and disappointment.

I cannot imagine life without Blackberry (my 9900 and Playbook (The Dynamic Duo)). I actually am blind to whatever little failing they may supposedly have. I really wish Rim the best because I want them around and to grow and maintain their niche in the smartphone ecosystem. I am a Blackberry fan until the day I die.

Two questions:

1) You say that all developers need to do is port their apps. If sideloading works so well, what is the difference?

2) In comparing this to an iPad for TV viewing, if you are in a Starbucks and want to quickly download/rent a TV show to watch right there, can you do it on a PB?

Sideloading works well, but the average consumer is going to head to App World to download apps - they won't even look for alternative methods. So devs need to port their apps to be in App World.

You can rent TV shows and movies in the Video Store on the PlayBook - so yes, you can do it on a PB.

Personally sideloading free apps is one thing but wanting to pay for an android app through the android player seems a bit sketchy to me. If it were available through Appworld as a blackberry app it would just seem more comfortable then to run to my mac and type in code like Neo in order to put a 150kb free app onto my PB

It depends on the app. If an Android app I really want/need shows up in App World and there's a price attached, I don't really object.

Obviously, native is better and I hope devs recognize that, but right now I'll take what I can get.

Ported apps are fine as long as the developer makes the appropriate changes to make their app run as smoothly and glitch free as possible. As far as TV shows, it depends on what your looking for. Based on the programming you're into and the availability after it is aired you can watch it directly from the playbook browser. I have done this with ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, USA, and AMC, the only drawback is the network themselves, they only carry a certain number episodes for viewing. So if you are caught up on the program or just missing one or two shows you shouldn't have to rent. Now, my favorite show is justified and for some reason FX will not make these episodes available for online viewing, which is kinda diappointing. But please check each network as the episode availability may vary.

I loved my Playbook before OS2 and after OS2, but the love just got deeper.

Like others here, I can't be bothered with the sideloading stuff and am happy to wait for apps to appear in Blackberry App World. My only gripe, which I have mentioned elsewhere, is that it annoys me that Blackberry see fit to charge UK users the some number in £s as it does in $. I feel ripped off that a $1 app is £$1, a $10 app is £10, a $20 app is £20, and so on. Apple don't rip people off in that way and I think it reflects very badly on RIM that they feel this kind of pricing policy is acceptable.

But hey, nothing is perfect.

I am bemused that so many people are willing to pay for an iPad when a Blackberry Playbook would do everything they need and more for less than half the price.

RiM should pay developers to bring the top apps to the PlayBook. The clock is ticking. Once the new iPad Mini hits the market it could be "game over."

Man oh man, you're giving Apple way too much credit! I recommend a sits bath to heal your bottom!

Well done Sir. I agree with the challenges of native email on my PB. I am also very frustrated with my calendar not doing a complete sync with all items. Outside of that, I am pleased and looking forward to a full sync of items on my PB with my blackberry contacts and calendar.

I love my bold 9900, as well as playbook, purchased 8 for friends at the discounted price. It works for me by all means.

But one thing bothers me though, why has RIM not done good work to promote and bring it up to a level to be a iPad rival? Why does not media like PB? RIM should do better job on public relationship.

Now, hardware is perfect, some improvements needed on OS, of course. But with starting price at $199.00, RIM should sell millions of units.

All the best to RIM and Blackberry fans.

I must admit, with the inception of OS2.0, I have a new found love for my PlayBook also. I always liked it, but now it's just about perfect

Very Very Good write up. I couldn't agree more. I always said from the start when folks started talking native this and that. I never really saw a hugh need especially if one has a BB phone. I got my email,calendar and contacts all right there and I'm never without my baby the 9800 torch. I use my PB more to supplement my PC rather than it trying to be an extension of my phone

Adam, when you think, sideloading free Android Apps is cooler, then please answer me a question. Why should i continue to make apps with the native tools? Why? Will You buy a native app, when its cooler to use a free Android app? I will not make a native app when a similar free Android app already exists, thats for sure. So you have to stay with your Android one.
And what does Crackberry to support Developer, who develop native Apps? Not so much. But every day a new story, how great it is to use sideloaded Android apps.
I think, you will see in Appworld 95% Andoid Apps in future. This destroys the complete look and feel of the BlackBerry devices in future IMHO. But You will be happy then?

No you missed my point I think. I said that sideloading Android apps is cooler *for now*. I would MUCH prefer to see native apps that do what I want them to. I'm by no means saying Android apps are better than native apps - just saying that more than 50% of the apps I choose to use aren't available and I have to turn to Android apps for that. For now, I choose to sideload - if they end up in App World, awesome - if native apps get built, awesomist. I would totally love to see all of the apps (or incarnations there of) I use available as native apps in App World - no doubt about it.

I hope you are right and the user will continue to buy apps too. Two points to show why i am concerned.
First: Android apps are mostly free, driven by advertising - and that makes sense, because the Android market is so huge. When these Android apps come to Appworld, the developer can eventually make some extra money.
The market for the native Apps is very very small, so they NEED to be pay apps. There is no other way to make some money. Bad.
Second: There is no way in appworld to find nativly made apps. They are hide under a pile of Android apps. Even if you want to use a nativly made app, you need to try 10 ore 20 Android apps in future, before you find one. Bad.
Hopefully RIM flags nativly made apps in the future.

I've paid for multiple apps for both my kids and my wife. I would prefer to see native identified in app world as well, and would gladly pay for quality apps, especially if it meant getting no ads. Native apps I'd like to see are Skype and the Kindle reader. I'd really love it if someone would make use of the GPS and create Knight Rider in car navigation app - everyone's got to have a dream.

The update I like but Playbook needs more. Here is what they should do to be competitive:

1. Need a 9.8" model. Ya just do.
2. Pay Netflix and Skype to make an app for Playbook.
3. Marketing - need to see more
4. 4G LTE models yesterday.
5. BBM would be huge.

I can only hope at least some of thiS is coming or I just see no traction for Playbook.

We share several of the same views regarding native email and contacts. The android player opened up many new options. Pulse news reader was the hook for me. After i installed that then kindle came around then Wordfeud then Skype. All very useful and productive apps that should be available but might not ever be... hence the sideloading. For example, I'm holding out on Zinio because it's coming out for PB, if Pulse comes out for PB then i'll delete the android version and download the blackbery version.
It all comes down to people will get what they want and I applaud RIM for acknoledging that and putting an official android player out instead of people trying to mess around with dingleberry and dev versions and whatnot. If Blackberrt purists are saying that there is no need for android apps then why did RIM put the player on their device. They were basically admitting that what is currently available for the PB wasn't enough and their customers who are falling victim to companies that say "nah, it's not worth while" and aren't making common apps available. They now can just supplement them and not worry about signing petitions and waiting endlessly for an app that should be there in the Appworld just screaming to be downloaded.

I echo your sediments exactly with this post. I bought a playbook a few months ago when it was cheap but i didn't find a real advantage over my ipad. It really didn't have any apps and it never had that 'red light" beckoning effect on me.

With 2.0, I now carry this device with me every day and i've left my ipad at home. I use my ipad for entertainment and watching videos on my tv via AppleTv and Airplay.

I love the sideloading of apps eventhough not all of them work but i am finding more and more good apps. I'll have to try a few of the apps you suggested.

I just got a huge bonus today and went to treat myself to a PlayBook and no stores in Rochester, NY have them. Not one effing place. Best Buy who has had them all week, all of a sudden doesn't have any. Staples and Wal-Mart don't have them...my best option is Best Buy site-to-store, but that's a five day wait. FML.

So DEEP! Love this post, cant wait to fall in love with a Playbook, ...soon im gonna be able to call a playbook MY PLAYBOOK....

Oh you have taken the words out of my mouth literally. I was almost on the brink of selling my PlayBook, and so angry with RIM for making a brick. Then 2.0 came along and I haven't put it down since, just like my 9900. I also went the iPhone plus iPad way and loved your quote;

" and my iPhone never once blinked red to tell me it missed me."

I different to you sold my iPhone ages ago, and recently slung the iPad too. I have all that I need now, well almost if the apps keep rolling in. I can get by without Skype and company and find the PB so much more productive with the multitasking and size over the "enemies" lol

Totally agree about the native email apps....bridge all the way for me..the last thing I need to worry about is another place to keep my emails organise. I currently have to manage my emails on 9900 and my web account. To add the PB native app to the mix? No thanks!!

My list of core apps is different from yours, but otherwise, I feel you on everything. I really hope more native apps show up because too many of the Android apps feel a little clunky.

totally agree with you adam, totally agree! PlayBook is the greatest innovation RIM has ever had, with a totally NEW platform (QNX rather than sticking with the about-to-be-overdue BB OS), a new UI layout, and with the OS 2.0 today, PlayBook is getting even stronger than ever. I love my PlayBook and.. just like any other iFans or Droid Fans out there, whenever a new PlayBook comes out, I WILL BE AMONG THE FIRST PERSON TO BUY ONE!


One more great app we need is "pdf reader" ................we need an outstanding PDF reader and not that crappy adobe reader.................

RIMpire strikes back.

Omg I had the same issue when I used the iphone I loved apps and wanted to get rid of my blackberry and was so close to getting rid of it but then realised that I would miss the UI, messaging and blackberry as a whole! I shall defend #teamblackberry and #RIMPIRE for ever! Hopefully BB10 will smash all the new devices and heal my heart. All blackberry needs at the moment as a platform is confience from the public and applications but we're/playbook getting even more as we speak.

Have always wanted to get a playbook when they first came out but have never been able to afford it keeping fingers crossed that I win one

BB is such a good product wonder why it fell to disfavor maybe the others just passed it. i think RIM can still make products as good as any other in world. proud its Canadian

I absolutely need one now because my PB is current in the shop (won't boot up). Wish me luck!

Thanks for the contest, Crackberry!

It's a stable and very good device with a superb OS to have and use everywhere. I like the BlackBerry PlayBook because it change the world where we live and work in. Everyone love it and a chance to win it is awesome, thanks!

I found Crackberry when I was looking for a tablet to buy.I mentioned it to my daughter, and she didn't even know BlackBerry made a tablet! Now my "Mac" loving daughter /son/wife are always impressed with my tablet. Something new every day!..... Luv this thing!

Honestly I love it cause of the direction Rim's heading in. Or Blackberry as it should be called. There seems to be this excitement inside Blackberry offices and I think it's working it's way over into the design of the software because when I go through it, I see a breath of fresh air throughout. They're definitely working hard on it and even though I sold my playbook shortly after I bought it, I am sure this one (with os 2.0) will be a keeper. They playbook is slowly turning into an awesome little tablet and I truly am in love with os 2.0. I can't wait to see os .2.1. :)

I had this vague feeling that something was off about 2.0, and Adam, you helped me figure out what it was. It was the native e-mail/calendar/contacts apps! I was using both the native apps and bridge and was pretty unhappy with the experience. But because of your article, I simply turned off push on my native apps and relegated them from the homepage dock to the app drawer and now I love the Playbook again! Thank you for a "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" moment.

I had 2 tablets, a zoom and a playbook. Since 2.0... I only have 1... A playbook.
I have a torch 9860 that I can surf and use YouTube to my hearts content and not worry about going over 500 meg. Along with my $250 playbook, that I now can't put down, make blackberry the best value on market by far.

I got my playbook a month and a half ago when the OS 1 was only avaible and used my playbook everyday for everything, school, videos, games, chating, check my e-mails and everything else!! But once the new OS 2 came out, I RUSHED home just to get it and used with it for 5 hours and I still use it everyday!! Best Tablet ever!!

The BEST tablet on the market. It's portable .... and it fits nicely in my cargo pants. The video screen is awesome !

I had to temporarily give up my sluggish 2.0 to actually relax and read this forum. Now, if you come and tell us that your PlayBook 2.0 is not sluggish and that any Android app or the browser opens smoothly and in less than 5 seconds, you are lying. Tablet OS 1.0.x was way smoother than this. Nice messaging apps, horrible memory management. Sorry, I have a headache.

It might just be your particular device. Even RIM is capable of a few lemons. Or...maybe it's your router. Is it still sluggish using the Bridge?

My 2.0 runs very smoothly and I completely agree about the native e-mail. For BB phone users, it's irrelevant and unnecessary. I prefer the security and PIM experience from the phone, or temporarily on the tab using Bridge. RIM got it right the first time with that. Whats so laughable are these "critics" acting like the Bridge is a bad thing, when it's probably the single greatest feature any tablet can have!! Plus BB users can turn it into a remote control??!! The possibilities are endless with that.

Can only laugh at the Apple/Android fanboys right now.

Excellent article, Zeis. You hit all your points, and I agree with every single one of them. I too do not mind sideloading Android apps as long as they work. I would like for Android developers to get more of their stuff in AppWorld. Until that happens, I will sideload the ones I love, and for the most part work quite well, with great joy.

Why I love my BlackBerry PlayBook because I can access my email easily and I can watch movies anytime. I always playing android games with my friends since they using android phone. I love my PlayBook and my bold 9700.

Adam - thanks for a great article, it answered some questions I have about tablet shopping and you just made it a little easier.


Great article! I haven't been able to put my PlayBook down ever since I got it. I had another 7 inch tablet in the Barnes&Noble Nook, but the PlayBook is just sooooo much better in every way! It's a pain just to delete apps and bookmarks on the Nook, but PlayBook makes everything so easy. I love the virtual keyboard on the PlayBook, such an improvement over other tablets. Native e-mail is a huge plus for me, all my messages in one click and I don't like to check my mail all the time, so that red LED blink saves me that hassle. Love my PlayBook, definitely buying another!

Someone should create a sideloader which basically is one-click. It opens up the android market (or Google Play Store) on Windows/Mac, and you just click whatever you want, and it does the rest.

I had an iPad for almost two years and I got the Playbook as a gift. I am a HUGE BlackBerry fanboy and had been wanting a PlayBook for awhile, but never felt like I needed one. My Dad's boss bought one to complement his Torch 9800, but he just didn't like it. He ended up giving a Playbook to my father and the other one to his son(Yes, he had two Playbook's for a reason I don't know). My Dad knew I wanted it, so he gave it to me. I have to admit, I am more an Apple person and I personally prefer the iPad, but I was really surprised with what the Playbook did. It is smooth and the display is BEYOND gorgeous. I still don't use it a ton, but I will whip it out every once and awhile. It complements my BlackBerry Curve 3G rocking OS6 perfectly. I am leaving the BB community in September though. I had a DROID before the BlackBerry and am officially leaving for... the iPhone. I want to try everything so I know the pro's and cons so I decided I would get everything. So far, the BlackBerry is my favorite. The App's are limited, but I do a lot of texting and BBM'ing so I wanted the great keyboard that the BB provides.