'Why I hate BlackBerry Z10 EVEN MORE!'

By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2014 08:36 am EST

It's been a year and our buddy J_Caloy is still hating his BlackBerry Z10. He hated it before — and after a handful of software updates over the last year, he now hates it even more!

Can't get enough of these videos. He sums everything up nicely from the OS 10.2.1 update in this one, so if you have 10 minutes to spare it's definitely worth checking out. 

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'Why I hate BlackBerry Z10 EVEN MORE!'


Worth the time because he showed me 10.2.1 features I had no idea existed. I don't love the persona, but his satire makes a good point.

Like when you upgrade from to an official 10.2.1 and get worse battery life then you did before on a leak? Or how about the battery only indicating a charge to 97% then stops?

Those are great features packed in to 10.2.1 surprise! I didn't even have these issue using the leak version WTF?!

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I do find it funny how the leaks can be better than official (mr update had issues that weren't in the leak then too).

Love these videos!

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At least you don't have ios7's stall and restart issue.

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Funny enough after I did upgrade I quickly started losing battery life so I downloaded the. 1926 radio stack again instead of the. 1899 stack that came with OS. It's so much better on my z10. Regularly get 40 hrs of battery life

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Now battery educated are we? All batteries now load around 97-98%. This is by design. Modern batteries can be overloaded, heat up and blow up. All modern devices stop the charging under 100% and they usually give that as 100%. The bug here is that BlackBerry actually shows the truth.

That being said, with all that positive energy reeking out, you might have enough momentum to head to the store and get a not-even-a-full-day-per-charge Samsung S4. I'll stick with my 24+ hours Z30.

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Love this idea. Just the buzz from BlackBerry doing that would be more non negative publicity than than we've seen in a year.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

He is naturally hilarious, he should be used in all commercials and drive them to this comparisons in a funny way. I can imagine the iPhone users watching someone mocking his lack of features or even worse, how complicated is to perform the same task on his iPhone.

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He has in the past hated on being able to do a battery swap on Z10... if that helps you sleep better...

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I have two batteries. I used to have to swap midday until 10.2.0 came out. Then it would last all day with that os upgrade. But now I'm lucky to get through a morning in 10.2.1.

I don't mind swapping except that I have to kick off all the apps manually which I had running like cb10 and battery monitor and BRON. It would be great if blackberry has a folder called Startup which automatically starts any app in that folder (like windows os).

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Get the battery case, that way you can charge from your second battery without stopping out.

Also sometimes an update takes a while to settle in.

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Yup, mine been better overall as well. Also I have a client that is in a really old building, and my signal there generally is terrible. I was lucky if my battery lasted until 2pm if I was there for the day. Since 10.2.1, it's been great ! Have spent 2 days there since the upgrade, and both times lasted the day with 20 - 30 % to spare :)

Yes get the battery charger bundle. Best 40$ I've spent. Never have to interrupt what you're doing by powering off...just connect it to USB port and you're good to go.

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Buy an iPhone 5s, it lasts me about 5-6 hours and i always carry a charging cord with me. its the good life. its either that or ill buy the battery pack charger. (sarcasm)

i miss the battery life on the Z10 :(

I hate how I forget to plug in my Q10 to charge at night and I still have 50% of battery in the morning...sup with dat?

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Haha I pawned my iphone the day blackberry 10s were available in stores...I liked iphone for maybe 5 months and hated it the rest of the way, blackberry did piss me off with Bold touch screen but my Q10 is the sht. Now AT&T Is pissing me off cuz I'm stuck on 10.1.tooLASTyear...hopefully rumors are right and I will get the 10.2.1 by the 10th.

BlackBerry Q10!

Waste of time you shouldn't bother commenting, that's why I hate blackberry it makes negative and uninterested people still take the time to speak on it, damn you BlackBerry.

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Do a TV commercial with these as a series. It may take off. At least make it a full production as a youtube/web commercial.

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A light-hearted reverse psychology take on all the hard work BlackBerry is doing to stay in the race :)

Well done!

Just like you can adjust ur smart tv's screen settings. Brightness and white balance is adjustable on 10.2.1

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Uhmm he just showed it on its z10 :p My Z30 didn't got the update yet but I'm sure they will provide this feature on every BlackBerry 10 device with the 10.2.1 update ( which isn't releases by voda jet but we have another topic about that one)

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His embedded tutorials make it worth watching. Entertaining and educational! Brilliant!

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This guy is the reason I'm writing this comment on a Z10. BlackBerry need to get this type of message out there that their phones compete and are a lot better in most cases.

Z10 is the best phone i've ever owned and I am still discovering amazing features.

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Why JC isn't getting paid for this yet is a literally upsetting thought. BlackBerry should be kissing his ass that he takes the time to entertain and educate people about their new product. JC, set up an account so that we can send you donations through PayPal. I'd be happy to contribute, especially since you go to school like I do and could probably use the boost. Plus, what you do for BlackBerry is worth every dime.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I hate this guy as much as I hate my Z10, now all I need is a Q or a 30 to hate some more ;-)

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Man!!! I just hate how after a whole day of use my Z30 is at like 50% battery life!! Sup with that!! I like to live my life on the edge!! I like to run around looking for a charger every 3 hours!! BlackBerry!! Not cool!!

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Kevin and the Crackberry team need to in some way get BlackBerry on board to use this guy. He's a genius and after reading the comments I'm not alone here.

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Hey- why havent they introduced the face recognition option?? I have it in and in final release it's not there ?? :/

I imagine because it was problematic. In my experience it made picture taking more difficult the way it worked. Took long to focus properly and even then then picture would in most cases be out of focus and it was constantly jumping around. Maybe they felt it wasn't quite ready for prime time.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Ummmm...why hasn't BlackBerry contacted this kid to do a commercial??? you don't have to bash other phones but definitely use his creativeness. His card bit was good too.

BlackBerry 4Life

I'm thinking his password is the number 2 over the orange circle in the middle... but it's just as likely that's a red herring!

Slide down from the top of the screen to view the quick settings If the brightness setting was added to your quick settings, then click on the word "brightness" not the Icon. But If you don't have the brightness setting in quick settings, go to settings and click on display the screen warmness setting is called White Balance you could either scroll left for cold or right for warm. Hope it helps

I hate these videos - entertaining and informative. I just want entertainment.

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I hate the BlackBerry Z30 even more.. batterylife?? After one day i've 50% less... iPhone? I have to charge it after 8 hours! Thats what I want. I don't want a phone that's holding up for two days.

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Each point should be separated as different commercials for BlackBerry. They should hire him and break this up into a series of ads. This is smart, funny, and informative. Amazing.

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Am I missing something..?? My Z10 STL 100-1 doesn't have White Balance option. I am on

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Based on the comments here, it sounds like an STL100-1 issue. All those without the option seem to have the -1 model.

With all of the impressive updates, I totally forgot to check out the Picture Password! What a great feature! Kudos BlackBerry and JC for this video

Flicked via CB10 on my "D10"

Why? If you can do it on the Z10, you can do it on the Z30. The only quantifiable differences are the larger, AMOLED screen, the larger battery, and FM radio; none of which are available on the Z10. Not enough to do a separate video.

I really hate my BlackBerry Z10. I've had it since Feb of 2013. I don't like the fact that I didn't type this post with two fingers and it was all done with predictive text, all swiped with a flick of my thumb. Jeez BlackBerry get your act together.

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what an awesome video and all that was sad in video was totally real.. i hate also my z10.. this was my biggest mistake wen i bought my z10..

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His prior videos were a tad annoying to me, but this, this has humour and presents quite informative too...
His style is refining quite nicely

BlackBerry please take note of this guy when it comes to marketing and advertising. Such a funny individual can take away from the "business only" aspect that so many people think blackberry is all about. He can attract an audience of any age with his humor all while getting the point across.

+100 for this guy's videos

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Nice to see someone twisting a negative to a positive. This is the sort of thing that would work from an advertising perspective. Pay attention Blackberry.

Fell in love with my Z10 all over again! I had forgotten about the pinch-to-zoom HUB feature. One thing, though; if you have priority contacts setup, it doesn't zoom to your unread emails, it zooms to your priority contact messages. (Probably zooms to unread priority messages, but then again, you shouldn't have any unread "priority" messages, should you?) Anyway, I'll definitely be sharing this vid on my Facebook page.

It's a 4 series one, nothing to brag about. Probably just a hand-me-down, so he can do the comparison.

Don't actually think he's using the iPhone for anything serious. Maybe a few junk apps, that are only available for spyOS.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Wow, now I just want 10.2.1 even more. Picture lock, custom menu and pinch to hide read messages are awesome features. Come on 3 UK, gimme the update already!!!!

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Good job yet again jc. Keep up the hard work love it. just found you in Igrann nice shoe pic and batman. He's talented all around

Vtecberry Z10

He's a genius. Worked out really well, especially the end, with the apps. Saying it while showing it, so good!

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good job j.c always love your videos.. haha... and thanks i didn't know you could change the brightness you from the drop down menu..

It's decal skins, I custom made it, picked a picture and placed it accordingly, so pretty much any design. LV, Chanel, etc

i really like you decal. i try searching for it but i can't find it. a little help please. thank you for your time

I don't understand this guys or maybe because I am a BB fan. everything that he said made me feel BB has done a fantastic job with the upgrade and I actually feel that deep inside he loves the z10 and os 10, I can feel a positive vibes in his voice. After all love and hate are in a very fine line.

(posted this before the end of the video and just realised he actually meant to say he loves BB)

great video

It's called irony / sarcasm and things. Reverse psychology.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I start to really like this guy now. Each time he upload the video, it gets better and better. BlackBerry should send this guy to demonstrate the BB10 phone every large cities. I love you man!

I hate that guy so much!
(you see what I did there? )


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- No select all in email.
- If you select more than one email, no option to delete either from the Hub or Sever & Hub.
- No Auto On/Off. Bedside mode makes no sense, maybe useless.
- No option given to download to media card.
- No option to reset only network.
- No "back" option in the browser (forward exists).
- I have no idea how to remove a favourite from the browser nor do I know how to it from Contacts.

And this was supposed to be the best update for bb10.

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Clearly you have not read many tutorials on this site and have been too used to using an iPhone. Start by clicking the search button and you will find the answers on this site for all your issues.

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Wow, BlackBerry official twitter account just twitted something about him... "Our hater is back, and he's hating his blackberry even more find out why" @Blackberry

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

With "Brightness" I get taken right to the settings screen, no slider on the quick dropdown Z10 -4 with the leaked Is that a Z30 only option?

BTW I tried tapping all the other icons on the quick settings and things like "BlueTooth", "WiFi" do exactly what you would want, "turn it on or off"...

I like it....it reminds me of stephen colbert, how he hates the Democratic...lol

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If an iPhone user watched this they might actually come away believing that this guy really does hate his Z10 and that the iPhone comes out on top because of the dumbed down simplicity and lack of choice!

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

How ironic, for the iPhone user. Falling for the sheep bait, LOL

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Great vid!
All those options, all that functionality at your fingertips, I can see how that is upsetting. If you fail to achieve your goals (or other people's expectations), there'll be no blaming your BlackBerry...

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I have to laugh when people think he really doesnt like BB. Some people really cant see past what he is saying to get what he's really talking about. Some of the YouTube comments are just to funny.

10.2.1 is really good. My Q10 would last 2 days with 30% to think I use bluetooth headset. Though I don't play games just pure communication tool for me. By the way love the keyboard speed dial!

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I've been running a leak 10.2.1 for a while now and i never notices the share/delete feature with the camera. good find!

Definitely liked the video. Loved his blackberry will rise commercial also. Great stuff!!

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Excellent video.

I would share it on Facebook but I don't want people to think I'm a geek.


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Doesn't blackberry get it? Take this guy's approach (sarcasm) and start a " Why Blackberry Sucks" ad campaign. He can spearhead it too.

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Better yet, make a video about "The real reasons why blackberry is struggling" and show off all these amazing features. I bet that would create a lot of buzz and everyone would want to watch it, specially all the BlackBerry haters out there. This would definitely get their attention, including the media. The video is really cool and I hadn't watched it 'till now.


Hey, anyone know how to get the brightness tab to show up on quick settings?

I only get the button for brightness which then opens up the display settings, but in his video the bar to adjust brightness is directly in the quick settings shade...

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This video deserves to go viral...

Posted via the ultimate mobile compu... do I even need to mention it???

well after te update, my Z10 is asking less of the batery, so i can do 14h with one battery and then put an other one in the Phone. grtz, Frank

This guy is awesome and hilarious. He has a great style. Nice job buddy. Can't wait for the next one.

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It's amazing that this guy, doing this for free, is better at marketing BB than the entire BB "marketing team". Is there any way this can get in front of John Chen? I've actually learned more about the Z10 and BB10 from him than from BB or Crackberry. Based purely on this video, I bought a Z10 on ebay, and will dip my toes in the water, perhaps peeling away my 9930 from my steel grip.

Email show how Toyish the email is on iphone eg, Blackberry Hub attachement , attachment email vs the in and out iphone email. How great the BB10 shares , integrated HUb the native file manager vs a 3rd party app where I have to hope and pray if my files will be there in the morning LOL

great video

maybe do a business email have him dressed up in a suit etc....

I love how his two favorite phrases are 'All the good stuff' and 'Took it to the next level' followed by exasperated sighs. Keep up the 'hating'!

WOW, surly the best marketing for Blackberry. Been using leaks since day one and even i wasnt aware about the pinch to see unread msgs feature. I Likes (Y)

I would love to stop hating my BBQ10; allowing it to sync properly with Outlook would be a big start.

Awesome video. Didn't know about these new features incorporated into 10.2.1. Nice! He made laugh, Great video.

Awesome video. Didn't know about these new features incorporated into 10.2.1. Nice! He made laugh, Great video. Seriously Blackberry needs to start marketing and advertising these features. It would convert Android and Iphone users for sure. The problem nobody knows BB10 can do all this.......They should hire this kid.

My battery just lasts 12 hours after listening to music on the train, little bit of videos in between. Is that normal for you guys?

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Just downloaded the latest BB Z10 update this after the last three updates, hate the new format, then tried to use BB link ...... guess what another update required and then tried to do a back up and or sync my phone and guess what ..... BB Link does not work. When will the BlackBerry developers get something to work first time?????