"Why I hate the BlackBerry Z10"

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jul 2013 11:13 am EDT

Watch the video and learn why this guy *hates* his BlackBerry Z10 :)

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"Why I hate the BlackBerry Z10"



Ok, so this video came out a few months ago... little late getting it posted. Just got flagged to me today by a friend. So baddd.. but funny too. 

i Love the video and i totaly agree with him. i am not longer using BB Z10, now am using Q10 and i miss my Z10. of couse Q10 is also top physical keyboard phone. and one thing i would add on his review why i lote BB10, is the HUB, the best way you can have all your mail account and notifications organized.

Well probably not that funny, but I don't think you guys had anything more important to do with your minutes given you were watching youtube so it's not that big of a deal

I saw that video a while back. I think some posted it in the forums. That's some funny ish right there! Love that video.

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Yeah, saw it on the boards a while back. very funny dude.
column on Crackberry maybe? In these dark times, a fresh face and some jokes might ease the depression.
not saying anything, just saying.

Hey J. You're getting massive views with this one :) great work and editing. Continue youtubing.


What about q10 so so fast with type n go and actions. Dang I hate my q10 so fast gets stuff done too fast.

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I saw this was by Kevin on the main page and almost had a heart attack. Goes to show you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

I, on the other hand, was 110% sure it was this video.

A bit late to the party, like Kevin admitted to, but fun nonetheless. :)

Feel pretty good, knowing that a hobby of making videos and my support for BlackBerry both combined came out to be more than i expected to be. Never thought my video would be this popular but is very thankful that it did. Soon to come out with part 2, hopefully receiving similar positive feedback!

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OK, I'm glad you weren't if such really wasn't the case. Altho I'm a blackberry addict, I still have my concerns over the lack of trackpad on the OS 10series, and waiting for a slider which I'm afraid will never come...

Good job on the video, well made. Like the maker said: "Don't take this video too seriously". Did he say "A bombass phone"?

My camera is bad ass on my Z10. You must be using a 4.0 os on the BlackBerry Pearl. I agree. The camera sucks

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Haha, that guy loves his Z10 more than I do I think. I can't believe he has a girlfriend though. Good video

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After she saw that I got so many views... She came back to me :) I ain't saying she a golddiger lolll

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It will have to be an adult version for me. Do you have any of those? If it will make me watch more than 45 seconds of this video, I'll pass. (Y)

Well it can't get less funnier, that's for sure. I lasted about a minute. Racist rap song didn't help either.

Did you even WATCH the video? He didn't say the N word once in it.

Incredible. I didn't know people were allowed to be stupid this early in the day.

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He did say the N word, but he is very funny. I saw it months ago and pasted it on my FB page. BBRY should hire him!

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He didn't say the N word. It was said but it was in the song that was playing, started from the bottom by Drake. The guy making the vid never said it.

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The N word you thought you heard was from the song clip that he recorded. I just listened to the song by Drake and that's where it is. The guy didn't say it.

You must be British. Every society has people who speak that way. Shouldn't be so fast to judge. My favorite from your side of the pond is "Bruh". He didn't even say that word.

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how does that make him british? and i'm sorry but i've never heard anyone on "my side of the pond" say "bruh"... you obviously have a weird idea of what the uk is. please do some research...

Who else says "Yank"? If you would of done your research you would be upset by the false accusation that was made about him using the "N" word, it never came out of his mouth. The person you should be telling to do some research is the person who wrote that using a prejudice term to describe all Americans. It's obvious that person doesn't have a clue to what American culture is. Everybody does not go around saying the "N" word. More surprising that it seems it was alright for someone to say something prejudice about Americans (yanks), the second an American says something back people get pissed. That person complained that the "N" word was used while it was alright for them to use the "Y" word (yanks). A prejudice is a prejudice. I am so surprised to see so much people on the BlackBerry forums with no sense of humor. The person making the video was only having fun. It was just his way of promoting the Z10. Just because he has a different way of getting that done, he should not be critical of him. It's called freedom of speech. The poor guy was just having fun.

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What are you even on about? I'm not talking about the guy who in the video! I thought the video was great - really funny and got the point across well! I don't care whether he said The "N" word (are you too scared to just say nigger..?) I never even mentioned that video. And saying that it's a generic American thing to swear and say nigger IS very rude, but you've completely blown it out of proportion with all this about me not understanding the humour of the video..? I like the video! Yes you're right, that person doesn't have an idea about American culture, and is wrong in what he says, but you can't exactly say you're any different, going on about how he must be British if he said that. So you think that only a British person would be anti-American? Last time I checked America was formed by Britain. I never use the word yank. Never even heard anyone use it. So if your gonna start saying that Britain is prejudice about America, then just take a minute to think about whether your problem is you being prejudice against Britain.

Not prejudice against Brits especially not Pink (super hot). Also America was not formed by The British Empire. Think about it, they tried to stop the colonies from becoming independent. Not only that the tried to use the indigenous people against them. The poor colonist left because they were being persecuted for having a different way of thinking about religion. Yes freedom of speech and expression. Even back then there was trols and haters. Don't forget who has come to your rescue twice. Just be glad your not speaking german now. There is actually several people I admire from Britain, one of them is Margaret Thatcher. If it wasn't for her Ronald Reagan would of been successful against the commies. It's people like her that make Britain what it is today. So don't say I'm prejudice against Brits.

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This was about your comments. Let's leave that behind and agree not to follow others attitudes and comments that are negative on CB. That's one of the reasons I left Android because you could not look up anything on the blogs without a bunch of haters and trols. You are right Pink is not British I was thinking of someone else. On that subject can you keep Madonna over there, we will take Adele full time.

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He didn't use the "N" word? Watch it again. I sure noticed an Asian guy using the "n" word like he is an OG. Still a funny video though

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should use the SoundHound app... the N word shows up because he's playing the uncensored version of "Started from the bottom" by Drake.

oh and Drake is Canadian

LOL, I love this video! Been in my favs for a while. "I actually want a sandwich" haha

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That's what BBRY required, hire Comical but heavy blackberry power users for the Z10, nation wide for théir marketing Blitz.
But hey, now with 10.2 OS due out
And with the Z10 / Q10 and Q5 in the market this would be a great today $$$$

If not the A10 better bé demoed and marketed by heavy BlackBerry Power users and compared to the competion. Show the social and business aspect of the A10

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As he said at the end (really should have started with it):

"Don't take this video too seriously."

Hahaha "whaaaat no msn, you want to see my iPhone 5 instead.

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Awesome video......we need more of these videos......go to YouTube and give it a like.....we should subscribe to his video and make him a proud blackberry owner.....

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

People relax and laugh a little. Please don't take it seriously which is something he points out at the end.

Saw it a few months back but still come back to it every once in a while. Tooo funny. My friends and I joke around with quotes of the video till this very day.

It's so fast it makes me furious!! :D LMAO!!!!

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Some of the comments show No tolerance for different humor. I myself do not speak like the author of the video, however, I understand his point and can appreciate the points made in the video. I loved it. And am going to use the points made when showing off my z10.

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I already watched this Video when it came out Months ago. Since then, it is Number 1 in my Twitter Media Files :)

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This homeboy is sick! BlackBerry's marketing department should feature him in its commercials with hip-hop dancers.

Lmao. He needs to be on the next BlackBerry commercial. Good points and demo on the IPhone slowness!

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I saw the tweet and thought OMG what the hell, has Kevin gone to the dark side??

Then I mustered the guts to watch. The video is a hoot!

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Phenomenal acting and humor. The fact that he said he was a BlackBerry fan for a long time brought tears to my eyes .

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

So funny, I loved it. He should have included the camera, I'm sure he could have done lots of jokes about the iPhone camera.

Lol better advert than anything BlackBerry have come out with so far.

Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd; "STORM"'d at by shorts from hell, "BOLD"ly they typed and well, Into the jaws of Death, To teach them the meaning of SELL LIKE HELL!

Kevin, you could give this guy BB Z10,because he deserves it !
I love this video from first day and I show to every iphones owner
and show him my Z10 why he shold change it!
And BlackBerry should use this video as top commercial!

I almost turned it off, I hated it that much at first. Glad I stuck with it.
An "advertisement" for a BlackBerry phone that actually shows you what the phone can do!

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If u read the comments, a lot of people try to insult him and he gets back at 'em. This guy can hold his own!!

He should probably be hired to fill in for that marketing dude that got fired in the states a while back.

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He's a trip but he does demonstrate the strengths of the Mighty Z10. At this point the iPhone only leads in the app ecosystem. It's simply stale.

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Its a nicer way to show people what a BlackBerry z10 can do...
At least better than the plain demonstration ads of the iPhone...
BlackBerry get some ideas from guys like these and target the youth.... That's where the demand is from.
This guy has a good sense of humour and is hilarious.... I want the slow sh*t. LOL...

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My 1st time seeing this video better late than never. BlackBerry needs this kid on their marketing team, he shows more passion for his BlackBerry than the BlackBerry TV commercials what a shame

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Just saw this...almost didn't watch because of the title...it's definitely a different sense of humor funny. Give the guy a break, he's marketing the z10. This is BlackBerry management needs to understand for them to compete against Android and Apple. They top 2 don't have to do as much,but BlackBerry is at the bottom trying to get to the top...

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Excellent video. He pointed out the best feature of bb 10 compare to competition which is the interface. The same exact reason why i came back to bb. BBRY should do a commercial base on this video and get the masses realize its the interface not d # off apps counts.

STL 100-3 os

Why is future Asian version of Justin Bieber reviewing the BlackBerry z10, does he even know what's he talking bout?
The main reason why the negative WOM spreads is because of these hipsters.

Proudly Z10ing. 24F40D3B

I saw a funny tv ad for surface tablet compared to iPad that had Siri going "I can't do that." And when a pinch gesture was done on the home screen ( which on Windows 8 shrinks the tiles so you can see more tiles) Siri says "Ow. Ow." It is past the time when BlackBerry should take the fight to the competitors, because right now the app gap is the only issue and still BB10 has fundamental advantages that can only be demonstrated not as abstract advantages, but directly against the weakness of the competitors. I d like to see a comparison of someone on a crowded bus trying to ask Siri something "intimate" like "find me a std clinic". But the BB10 user just uses the one handed swipe keyboard to find the info discretely.

Old, but still relevant. I'll bet his YouTube video sold more z10's than any advertising Verizon put out.

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First world problems, lol. I watched it with an open mind and liked it. This video would resonate with a certain generation, but unfortunately that's not mine.

Beside the fact, that Thorsten named it "Zed Ten" and not "Zee Ten" (deal with it, dude) I would testify this guy a good sense of humor...or a brain tumor... :-D Makes more sense than Alica K. as GCD...:-D

Not really a good one since Americans simply pronounce that letter different than most English speaking countries.

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I know dude... Its unimportant (for me)... But Z10 is a registered trademark and I try to find out, whats the correct name of the Z10. I never would use the word Blackberrys (correctly Blackberries) to descripe the plural form of Blackberry cause this brand name Blackberry is registered as a trademark. It makes sense to me to respect proper names.... Z10 (Zed/Zee Ten) would never desriped as Zed/Zee One Zero or Zed/Zee first nil or one love.... In Germany we call it Zett Zehn... Thorsten Heins seems to be a good reference value for me- and he named his product Zed Ten... ;-) But dont take me toooo seriously...:-D

This needs to be the next commercial for the Z10 and hire this guy as VP of marketing!

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Damn! I hate my Zeddy Bear, for the same reasons. Too damn fast! Bloody instant action and Hub are the bane of my life. I don't even go into apps anymore. That ain't fun, I want to actually have a humorous thought, open up the social app of choice and forget what I was gonna write, rack my brains for 15 minutes, then ultimately, give up and pass whatever it was off as ' not that important anyway '.

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K: as in your subtitle comment, the title quote should have been just around the word "hate". Besides, these pseudo-ironic titles are just plain annoying, IMHO.

What a waste of time. This guy is an idiot, Even if he is promoting the Z10.

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Great video! Very funny! BlackBerry should put out more of these videos out! Z10 is really awesome!!

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Hey Kevin ..... since channels will be HUGE, why don't you start a section where people can post their channels? Maybe by category, or in alphabetical order. You can also do some reviews on it as well.

Think ahead... things are going to heat up pretty soon.

Went out for dinner the other night. There were six of us. 1 person had a HTC. One iPhone and 4 of us were rocking the Z10. Times are changing for the better

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If you were in middle America I would be encouraged by a 2 to 1 BlackBerry to non-bb ratio... are you in the US or somewhere more "enlightened"?

wow another jumping around video that looks like a billion other crappy videos on YouTube. get original dude, you look like you're 15 and nice plush dolls on the shelf behind you, it's hard to take you seriously. So smug, thinks he's a rapper but fell flat on his face with that. And shave off that crustache. He is the epitome of Douche. Seriously I just don't like the I'm a baller wannabe attitude.

I searched YouTube and couldn't find your video. Stop hating on the kid. Your comments make you out to be a bully. Be nice bro. Life's too short.

Hahaha, not my generational thing but funny nonetheless. BlackBerry needs more young raving fans like this one

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yo, that is wiggity wiggity wak gdog yeaaaaaaaaaah boyeeeeeee.
nothing funnier than an Asian kid speaking like a rapper and making rapper body gestures (and doing a poor job of it, too, yo)

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And why does it matter if he's Asian? Isn't it just as stupid coming from an Asian as any other race??

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It's a good thing only black guys can rap. You should have told Eminem to fold his tent 20 years ago. Asian rappers? Forget about it.

It's past time to stop being ignorant.

Hilarious! This homie had some good one-liners.

The fact is the Z10 just needs more quality apps and Android Jellybean support. Everything else is right up there.

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Quite possibly the greatest BlackBerry z10 commercial that will never air. Sigh.

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Wow...this guy definitely has some issues...that and all the gesticulating...and worse including audio samples from one of the worst, sub par rappers ever,Drake (Canada has another name to add to the douchebag list to apologise for, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams,
Jim Carrey etc.).
You have that much time on your hands and instead of posting something more useful or helpful, you choose to serenade a phone? I like my Z10 as much as the next guy...but it's just a phone....
Having said all that...BlackBerry should seriously consider hiring this guy for their marketing department!!!!

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Excuse me, your highness. When you have time to come off that high horse could you spare a moment?

Some of the biggest selling artists of all time, yet you're here disrespecting their names and contributions that have helped to put Canada on the world stage. Although I don't listen to his music, Bieber has one of the largest followings in the music business. Calling Drake a sub par rapper only goes to demonstrate your lack of knowledge about the number of people who love the guy.

What have you done to help bolster our great nation in the eyes of the world? Freaking haters. Get a life.

Just because someone is popular that doesn't mean they are talented. Tupac was a talented rapper, Big L was talented, Biggie was an mc's mc. Lupe Fiasco is talented, Talib Kweli, Big Pun, Scarface, Mos Def, Common, Nas, Jeru The Damaja, Bahamadia, Jean Grae these are talented rappers. De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, Black Arrow, dead prez, Nappy Roots, Little Brother, The Roots, Gangstar (rip Guru), Beatnuts,Lords Of The Underground, Eric B. and Rakim, Pete Rock and CL Smoot, Mob Deep, Goodie Mob, Wu Tang Clan, EPMD, Run Dmc, Public Enemy Geto Boys, NWA..that is talent...today's hip hop is a watered down, corporate product, a shadow its former self...a snooze fest...wake me up and call me when Drake comes up with something even close to "Illmatic". Don't even get me started on Justina Bubbles...you say Justin Bieber and I say Jimmy Hendrix...I rest my case.

As for what I do..I work, pay taxes and obey the law...yep, nothing to exciting...but at least I'm not a pretentious f * * ktard who thinks he put Canada on the map! Norman Bethune, Oscar Peterson, Lincoln Alexander, Alexander Graham Bell, Marshall McLuhan, Frederick Banting and Lester B. Pearson, those are individuals that put Canada on the map...not Drake. Read up and learn a bit of history before you make a comment like the one above...

I still think that BlackBerry should hire that kid from the video for their marketing department...he'll probably be better that pretty much anyone they have at the moment.

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Sorry brother, I'm gonna have to go with adonesc on this one. The publicity that Beiber or Drake bring isn't exactly the image I'd want the world to have of Canada. Hater is the new buzzword for idiots (not saying you are one) to make all criticism seem void.

"...You have that much time on your hands ..."
This cliche is so warn out and makes you look like an ass. what, were you driving on your way to saving some babies from a burning building and only had time during the drive to visit crackberry? Get off of your high horse before you fall off.